Budget 2020: Rishi Sunak lays out UK coronavirus response

I know how worried people are. Worried about their health,
the health of their loved ones, their jobs, their income, their businesses,
their financial security. For a period it’s going to be tough but I’m confident that our economic
performance will recover. Taken together, the extraordinary measures
I have set out today represent seven billion pounds
to support the self-employed, businesses and vulnerable people. To support the NHS and
other public services, I am also setting aside today a five
billion pound Emergency Response Fund and I will go further if necessary. Whether it’s research for a vaccine,
recruiting thousands of returning staff, or supporting our
brilliant doctors and nurses, whether it’s millions of pounds
or billions of pounds, whatever it needs whatever it costs,
we stand behind our NHS. Statutory sick pay will also be
available for all those who are advised to self isolate, even if they haven’t yet
presented with symptoms. And rather than having to go
to the doctors, you will soon be able to obtain
a sick note by contacting 111. But of course not everyone
is eligible for statutory sick pay There are millions of people working
hard, who are self-employed or in the gig economy.
They will need our help too. So, to support them during this period
we will make it quicker and easier to access benefits. Those on contributory employment
and support allowance will be able to claim from day one
instead of day eight. And to make sure that time
spent off work due to sickness is reflected in your benefits,
I’m also temporarily removing the minimum income floor
in universal credit. And I’m relaxing the requirement
for anyone to physically attend a job centre. Everything can be done
by phone or online. I am also creating a £500m
hardship fund, distributed to local authorities
who will be able to use that fund to directly support vulnerable people
in their local area. For businesses with fewer
than 250 employees, I have decided that the cost
of providing statutory sick pay to any employee off work due
to coronavirus will, for up to 14 days, be refunded by
the government in full. I have asked HMRC to scale up
the time to pay service allowing businesses and
the self-employed to defer tax payments over
an agreed period of time. Banks will offer loans of up to
£1.2 million and, to support small and medium-sized
businesses. The government will offer
a generous guarantee on those loans,
covering up to 80% of losses with no fees so that banks can lend
with confidence. This is a budget delivered in
challenging times. We will rise to this moment,
we will get through this together. This budget delivers security today
but it also lays the foundations for
prosperity tomorrow.

Stephen Childs


  1. The science says that asymptomatic carriers spread the virus.
    Checking people for temperatures isn't going to stop those people entering the country!
    Shut down all flights down like Israel has!

    The science says covid19 is so infectious it can infect someone who gets on a bus 30 minutes after someone infected left the bus, even if they sit in a different part of the bus.

    The virus can survive on surfaces from 9 hours to 9 days!
    There's evidence it stays in the air from aerosol droplets.

    Close down schools and public travel!

  2. £30 billion pledged to combat coronavirus compares well to the €25 billion pledged by Italy to fight the virus….

  3. While still making sure British military is able to kill people hundreds of miles away against people who had and have no way to attack our lands and we still call it defending our freedom……..

  4. The plastic tax should go further. Look at buying milk millions a day of plastic containers. You can go to a diary farm bring own container and buy milk from vending machine. Every supermarket should have these. Fill up you own milk. Thing like this ate easily done and saves both the consumer and the producer money

  5. Smoke and mirrors. Bread and circuses. Promises are one thing…

  6. Corbyn complained about building more roads because of environmental reasons , doesn't he realise EVEN ELECTRIC CARS NEED ROADS ?

  7. …And Just When You Thought That All You Had To Worry About Was 'The Long Term Effects Of Global Warming'. What A Difference A Day Makes…….

  8. Italy has over double hospital beds available to every 1000 people compared to the UK. If only the conservatives were in power the last decade..

  9. Full of bogus this is a very big game for the ones who are in control they are upto something and all this Corona virus is all planned

  10. To think all this was caused because of the last labour government between 1997 and 2010

  11. "Chancellor Sunak" is the most Star Trek senior cabinet minister we've ever had. Just saying.

  12. ONLY a self serving Tory toff government would tell everybody everything is fine and dandy in the SAME week as the Health secretary is diagnosed with Coronavirus!

  13. Testing whole UK population Inmediatelly is a must to stop spreading coronavirus.

  14. I bet he stood in front of his mirror last practicing this dribble last night, and bet it was written by some arsewipe spin doctor or script writer. If wages go up, but so does rent council tax and energy, exactly how do working people get to keep more of their wages🥱

  15. They are still figuring out what to put in their vaccines (poison) before they tell the world we found the cure so all of human beings can go and get it even the ones that don't have corona…

  16. It’s like watching a skinny version of mr potato head if your stoned 😳

  17. So many coughs can b heard.. Who knows what'll happen later…
    Hope for the best

  18. Budget for super rich… am working class person and this budget wont help me at all…

  19. This wont help u even if u got mortgage £70 is not enough for employment allowance….

  20. Rishi looks like a proper Bart Simpson, with homer sat next too him, lol………..


  22. Coronavirus is just 5G radiation sickness

    Do your research on 5G

  23. Give amnesty who 9+ years overstayer here==close border next 5 years=stop asylum+refugee=involve young british with work=all ready enough people==clean mess inside uk=do not invite people to make more mess

  24. Prime minister as a man of word you say about amnesty 0.5 million undocumented people who live in uk 10 years /a decade.

  25. I dont understand why the uk doesnt just close all airports and boat ports besides ones from imports and things cus wr obviously we need the food. Honestly, the reason its progressing here is because of the people coming back here from holiday infecting people!

  26. Well he's better at the despatch box than that Sontaran we had previously.

  27. so a great budget will solve it all. i have been hearing this for years, im self employed and wont get any sick pay in the corona episode, they will never give me benefits this is a joke, folk on benefits that do not work will ring in that they are ill, honest its a joke

  28. This government is a joke! They want people off of benefits and are now claiming that you should "claim benefits to tide you over. That's if you on 0hr or self employed!" To all those voters that voted for their, so called brilliant government. Thanks a blooming bunch…. NOT!😠 They care nothing for the working class. This budget is for the middle classes.

  29. Oh the Brits are so droll. After throwing money at the problem they'll throw the Chancellor's box.

  30. My sister was asked to come into A and E in spite the fact that she had the symptoms of the virus then they said how she could have coronovirus and then locked her in a room for the rest of the day gave her dirty looks. So before people start banging on about the doctors and nurses lets establish one thing they aren't even remotely intelligent on top of that think they are above the law on top of that there is no cure for it so we will now see how many people die because it wasn't taken seriously enough stopping flights now is pointless it is here now they are trying to tell people not to panic when you should be no cure for it she didn't go to China or go on holiday just on a train to work came home one night and started developing the symptoms

  31. There are millions of Brits. who have 0 faith in this man whatsoever – where does he originate from anyway?

  32. Key points from budget 2020 – at a glance ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/mar/11/key-points-from-budget-2020-at-a-glance
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  33. Current statistics show that the mortality rate of people who catch the virus is at 6%.. to put it in the prospective if 50% of the worlds population contract the virus the death toll will be in the region of 225000000 people.

    Thats is about 3 WW2 of deaths.

  34. I heard people caughting at the baground… let’s hot the Virus 🦠 is not already in the parliament..

  35. So, now we have it £Billions for this and ££Billions for that, while UK Interest Rates have sunk nearly too ZERO.
    With UK Banks now awash with Cash, while Savers are getting Rock Bottom Interest upon their Savings Accounts and Investments it is now time for ALL Savers to remove their Savings from Banks until they can be guaranteed a return of at least 5% upon their hard-earned Savings, for why should Savers even bother to Invest for a misery Low-Interest Rate just too please Large Corporate Borrowers.

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