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Sawaddee Ka, welcome to hot Thai
kitchen so the holiday season is coming up and right around this time of year
many people will ask me what can I do to add a little bit of like a Thai flavor
to the holiday table right now I know that there’s always a bit of a struggle
between keeping things traditional and keep introducing something new and
interesting for like your Christmas party so this recipe actually works
really well because we are using a very traditional vegetable Brussels sprouts
and we’re gonna do them thai style definitely a flavour nobody will have
had before this is something my friend actually made for Thanksgiving and I had
it and I thought it was a brilliant idea and worked out really well the flavors
work so well together so I wanted to share it with you so let’s get started
so I’ve got some Brussels sprouts here which I have cut in half and by the way
Brussels sprouts in Thai I just discovered it’s called “Galum Dao” it’s not
something I ever had in Thailand it’s very hard to find in Thailand but people
are starting to grow them now so there is a name and galum dao sort of means a
star cabbage I don’t know why star but here we go
and I always like to pick smaller ones if possible they are better tasting
they’re not as bitter so if possible you know don’t get the huge massive ones
okay so we’re just gonna leave that for now let’s make the Thai part of this
recipe and that is the dressing in my handy-dandy mortar and pestle my
favorite tool in the kitchen I’m going to add garlic Thai chilies and cilantro
stems which I’ve chopped up the leaves I did save so don’t throw away the leaves
we’ll use that in the end I’m gonna make a spicy garlic paste alright so once you’ve got sort of a
rough paste now I’m gonna add some palm sugar nice palm sugar I’m gonna pound
that down to help it melt if you don’t have palm sugar I think if you use maple
syrup for this recipe would work really well people put maple syrup on Brussels
sprouts in Canada all the time it’s a flavor that works so try that out okay
so once most of the sugar is dissolved no more big chunks I’m gonna go in with
fish sauce and yes now is the time to bring out your best quality fish sauce
that you have and if you want to know all about that I’ll link to my fish
sauce 101 video lime juice so for some of you savvy Thai food connoisseurs you
might start to recognize this as being very similar to the classic Thai salad
dressing for general salads it’s just something that works so well one
thing I will add it into the dressing is actually some shallots some thinly
sliced shallots and I’m gonna add it now and I let the shallot sit in the
dressing for a while while we prep the brussel sprouts and while it sits in
there it sort of makes it a little less pungent the favor of the shallot sort of
infuses into the dressing it just becomes a more cohesive dressing rather
than just throwing raw shallots in at the end so give that a quick stir and
just so you can see better there we go oh that looks good it smells so Thai I’m
telling you that’s it let’s make the brussels so it is very very simple the
best way I like to do my Brussels sprouts is to actually just pan fry them
because that gives me a Brussels sprout that is cooked but still al dente in the
middle I don’t like mushy Brussels sprouts so pan frying I think just gets
me that perfect texture one thing is you do not want to be stingy with oil you
want to get a nice coating in the pan because if you’re stingy with oil your
Brussels sprouts won’t brown as nicely make sure they’re really really dry
before you do this because yeah it splatters so I’m gonna add
these in and I’m gonna try my best to flip them all facedown if you’ve got
really huge ones by the way cut them in quarters yes I know they’re dancing it’s
like they’re alive! oh you know what I forgot to do just a tiny little pinch
of salt just to get the seasoning in oh now I have to redo all my flipping all
over again anyway and one escaped. the little ones they’re so cute and add a
little bit more oil in terms of doneness you can really take this as far or as
not far as your preference okay if you like it a little more tender keep the
heat on the lower side so they have more time in the pan so I’m getting some
charring on some of these now yeah that’s it you want like a nice dark
brown on these give it a quick toss and then go and flip all the ones that did
not flip yes beautiful if you want at this point so I’m gonna turn off my heat
now because I know that that’s about where I want them to be doneness-wise
but if you’re not sure just take a fork and poke one of the bigger ones and just
see, you know, is this the kind of al dente that I like do I want it a little
more cooked and I’m gonna transfer these now into my bowls and as they sits in
this bowl they’ll sort of steam a little bit more and they’ll cook a little bit
further so keep that in mind as well how easy is that
don’t need the oven for anything because you know for Christmas your ovens
probably full of stuff so a stovetop side dish is definitely a good idea all
right this is the easiest thing ever so the dressing goes in give that a toss Oh smells good and you
can do this part way in advance cuz Brussels sprout is one of those vegetables
that actually serves well at room temperature so you can let this sit and
it’ll actually give it some time to absorb the dressing better but what you don’t
want to add in advance is some cilantro leaves which we saved you can do green
onions you can do something else you can throw in bacon bits bacon seems to be a
popular thing for Brussels sprouts you can definitely add that in when it comes
to serving I like to serve this on not a bowl like a deep Bowl but a plate
because otherwise I find that the dressing gets all pooled at the bottom
of the deep bowl and then the top pieces get nothing and the bottom piece is
sitting soaking in dressing so something flat with a little bit of
depth will work out better whoo look at that and it looks more festive than your
regular plain old Brussels sprouts oh look at this cute one so cute look at
that look how pretty that is very nice and now I always love textural variety
in a dish so I think something crunchy is important I’m gonna do roasted
peanuts on top you can do cashews if you’ve got nut allergies you can do
sunflower seeds or some other kinds of seeds or again crispy bacon bits can go
on top as well and tada there you go super easy super simple
bright flavors looks great and very different now let’s see how it tastes
let’s see a little one I like little Brussels sprouts there you go on some
shallots in there too mmm it smells so Thai like I keep saying it because
that’s true these are Brussels sprouts like you’ve
never had before you’ve got that robust flavor of the sprouts and the char
smokiness but the bright really you know light citrusy from the lime and it’s
spicy it’s got a garlicky kick crunchy from the peanuts promise you you put
this on the table and people are gonna look at Brussels sprouts in a whole new
way and by the way for our patreon supporters who have access to the show
up to the show today I’m gonna give you some more ideas of how you can do
Brussels sprouts Thai style and also talk a little bit about nutritional
value of Brussels sprouts so if you’re wondering about patreon what that is all
about the link is in the description below you can check it out and that is
it the recipe as always will be on HotThaiKitchen.com and when you make it
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thank you as always for watching and I will see you next time for your next
delicious Thai meal

Stephen Childs


  1. My mom used to cook them with a little brown sugar. Its the only way i can eat them. I'll try your recipe.

  2. Can you try to make a Japanese pizza. I just saw it in strictly dumplings channel and it looks amazing

  3. I forgot I have got those Tom Yam dried shrimps, it might be perfect to sprinkle over the Sprout once mixed with the dressing.

  4. Hi , I can only find palm sugar in balls sizes, do they sell in small chunks or you have to break them yourself?

  5. My we have come a long way with Brussel sprouts. It seems like only ten years ago our grandmothers only boiled them and we begrudgingly ate them. If only they knew how much better they taste when roasted!

  6. I love Brussels sprouts in all the ways, so will happily try this! But honestly, my favourite way to eat them is to finely shred them and then throw handfuls of the raw shreds into whatever bowl of East/Southeast Asian-style noodle soup I'm making. It gives you a nice fresh crunch, and the hot broth takes away the bite of that acrid mustard-y/cabbage-y aroma, so they taste great without being too pungent.

    I've also added them finely shredded into laab, and that's also really yummy!

  7. Please, do not add bacon. It simply does not fit, it disturbs the unique Thai flavor.

  8. If you live alone or the so called fresh is rubbish…. buy frozen. Way better quality and you don't need 1kg for 500g of waste.

  9. I'm vegan and my cats are having a chicken for Christmas. See vegan is a personal choice not to foist upon others. I'm looking forward to cooking it for them and they have a wonderful day. Personal choice people, it's not a religion.

  10. I wanna know if red paste can be used as a base for Massaman curry paste with my spices for Massaman spaghetti or in general whenever I am currently on a budget, and is it okay to leave out thai thin soy sauce as I wanna reduce the saltiness for thai stir-fries?

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    " Thanks for sharing this recipe with your viewers ! "

  12. haaaaaaAAAAaaaa!! brussel sprouts! my kryptonite D:
    but ok, I hate to hate something, I will try to like it, the better way is to try your recipe 😉

  13. When I am about to croak I am a Buddhist, but still breathing I am a Carnivore. Where's the " beef"?

  14. Hooray Pailin. Finally somebody has made brussel sprouts taste really good. Congratulations !! Now I can eat more of them.

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  16. Here in Australia I wait for Saturdays for your latest video, I love your vids but brussel sprouts??
    OMG I was force fed thesse devils vegies as a child!
    Still couldn't bring myself to thumb down but oh wow I was so disappointed LOL

  17. Not a Brussel sprouts fan, but I'll definitely try this with green beans and cherry tomatoes!

  18. Hi Pailin, your biggest fan from Australia, just wonder if you can make pla lui suan please!!!

  19. Another terrific recipe! Thank-you, Pai, for all your hard work (which, obviously, is a labor of love)…and I look forward to receiving your new cookbook. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  20. I use this dressing in yam mamuang :p … I would never had expected i would long to buy brussel sprouts after all the bad ones i ate at school …

  21. Brussel sprouts are super food. Some people don't like it. Hope this recipe would change their minds.
    This vege is my favorite 👏😋
    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone 🎅

  22. A great recipe, thank you. Have one question, though. What should I substitute fish sauce with – salt? soy sauce? I am asking because I want to give the idea of this particular dish to my son who happens to prefer the vegetarian side of things. So how to get rid of fish sauce in the mix and at the same time maintain the Thai character of the dish?

  23. Pan fried Brussel Sprouts, why haven't I thought of that before? The sauce is a no go in this household. There are too many people who can't stand hot food. Looks good.

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  25. I've thought about doing a Thanksgiving turkey gai yang style. This would be a perfect side dish. Next Year!

  26. I made this tonight and it was wonderful! I didn't change a thing but wondering if you have some advice for shaving the very hard piece of palm sugar. I put it in the microwave to soften but wondering if there is a trick I don't know about. Thank you for this recipe! Both kids loved it (one Brussel sprout lover and one on the fence).

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  28. Dear Hot Thai, This is not a sprout related comment but i wanted you to know I've just finished eating Chicken Adobo, I've made it four times now and I can't believe how tasty it is, and so easy to make.. Tonight for a change i had it with potatoes carrots and broccoli (western style) .delicious . Thank you for passing this recipe on. You've made this falang very happy, Stephen Wilson, Ubon Ratchathani . PS, It has now taken over from Soup Mun falang Gai as my favourite dish..

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  31. Thank you Pai! This recipe is magnificent! My wife and I had it four days in a row. :o) I even forgot the cilantro leave last night, but it was still delicious. We did try a variation with jalapeno instead of Thai Chili's (we ran out of them ;o> )and it tasted "fresher"?…if that is even a descriptor?

  32. I love brussel sprouts! I usually make mine with oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce ( the trinity of sauces)! Can't wait to try this recipe out!

  33. Hello Pailin, if you don’t cut the Brussels Sprouts in half it’s more bitter for the lack of a better word. In half they are sweeter and tastier.

  34. I do a version similar to this with fried shallots to top it. No palm sugar in mine , also finished with a little lime juice. Love this

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  36. i'm sorry but i like my brussel sprouts cooked in butter and bacon chucks raw and cook until crisp and when done so are your sprouts too

  37. Amazing video footage! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we like to notice this amazing contents. We produce Travel & Food videos too, across the world, and therefore we are habitually searching for inspirations and also techniques. Thank You.

  38. I always eat the same Thai pepper dipping sauce with everything. I decided to this dish for dinner and I’m hooked!! So delicious hot and cold. Sometimes Brussels sprouts can taste very dense but it was delicious.

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    Thank you for watching!

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