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  1. The gop and Obama agree with the budget control act in 2011 which cut the deficit from 1 trillion too 430 billion in 2016 now its back to 1 trillion dollars under trump

  2. Whips and Leaders control Congress with Lobbyist money. And that's no way to legislate.

  3. We're already asking Congress again to raise the debt limit to avoid a shutdown of the government. The budget deficit was 1.27 trillion dollars over the past 12 months. The nation's debt has increased by 6% for the past 12 months. Debt is rising faster than GDP growth. The great businessman is actually the King of Bankruptcy. We live in an effed-up world where more debt is good, and nobody cares about next year; never mind our kids' future. I would expect nothing less from the "King of Debt" Dirty Don. More than $1 Trillion deficit. The best economy in the history of economics. Dirty Don was complaining about the deficit when Obama was in office. Now, the deficit is out of control. Drain the Swamp Dirty Don! Dirty Don said he was the King of debt. That is one thing he was not lying about.

  4. Seem like Democrats want to suck this country bone dry before they go down. Time to save your hard-earned $$$ for a rainy day ladies and gents.

  5. We have a government that refuses to step away from the all-you-can-eat buffet. Time for a diet.

  6. Lol… zero outcry over a President who added more national debt than all Presidents combined.
    This comes out, Senate hasn’t voted on it yet nor the President an opportunity to either agree or veto and here comes the outrage on Trump. Lol.
    You TDS people never disappoint.

  7. But what they're not telling you is Donald Trump is saving us billions and billions of money coming now into our country and also all the trade deals that save and it's billions of dollars then he's cutting government Jobs that just push paperwork from one entity to another he is saving us lots of money and there's other deals that were not even here in about where he's bringing money into the country. So he's doing just fine they're not subtracting that from what they say now that we owe.

  8. the government needs to stay away from medical insurance try to control totally completely insane

  9. Ultimate the American people won't bear the burden of debt more than the state of power of the American people. Which is a case to be made for the American people to not bear the burden of debt at all.

  10. That's what happens when the dems bring illegals in to vote for them, you get to pay for them, house them send them to school, pay for their Dr. and meds, hospital.

  11. Shut down the government. Fire 1000 federal employees every week for 4 years until the federal work force is less than a million. Replace some with temp. Get rid of all pensions and benefits for all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and federal employees. I just saved $10 trillion right there.

  12. Bigger the government, the more its unmanageable and wasteful. Our country will fall if we don't reduce our deficit. That's a fact


  14. Who needs socialism. Both parties are way out of control. Let the big players in economy off the hook, so us small businesses people choke.


  16. When the World currency changes from the dollar to something else , they will implement the North America Union , which mimics the European union system of currency and policies. It will be Mexico, United States , and Canada … one system , economy and currency.

  17. 4:25 Rome lasted over 1,000 years right? We've already ran out of money. Need to balance the budget and let the economy grow us out of it. But sadly Congress just spends and spends.

  18. So the Democrat house has approved a 1.3 trillion dollar budget. Okay millennials there it is for you. It's all yours, brought to you by the Democrats.
    maybe they think they're going to win the next election and they are going to need this money for socialism.

  19. Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Our system of checks and balances has failed US.
    Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  20. Democrats are pretty smart on this one. They approved the budget 3 days before the deadline, so Senate will rush to approve it and Trump would sign it right away. If Govt shutdown happened, they will use it against Trump for next year's election.

  21. Make the last 3 years employed chasing this hoax of a chase since 2012. WHY DO WE NEED TO PAY FOR RESEARCH ON GUNS???

  22. Where's the beef?🐄… I don't know but I know where the pork is!🐖 It's in this bloated mess being cooked up by a bunch of political jive turkeys🦃!! Outrageous!


  24. Why the he'll are we paying interest on our own money? We pay for the creation and the ink. Tell the truth… We are paying interest to private share holders of the Federal Reserve, which is not federal at all! Abolish the Federal Reserve and follow the constitution. Congress is responsible for our money. Congress needs to do their job and take back control of our money not private investors. We were put on this debt money system in 1913 by traitor President Wilson in a backroom deal. Abolish the Federal Reserve and stop charging interest on the American citizen's money!

  25. We won’t pay for this debt instead we will take the government out of commission it’s why they want our guns you can’t keep robbing people and expect them to just say okay no problem. While they’re just giving our money away and spending it thriftily.

  26. Back in my day, when they shut the government down, everyone started noticing everything was running great. And that's when they decided to pass the budget…

  27. $25M for gun violence research??? We're not falling for that, your wasting money …

  28. Does anyone ever notice when the government “shuts down”? I didn’t think so. So keep the government shut down, eliminate forever the “unnecessary” services,, Space Force?!? Come on man!!! But one thing that did catch my attention. The military gets a decent and MUCH needed pay raise, how about not screwing our veterans and giving them the same pay increase. 1.6% this year and none for a number of the past years is a killer for vets that gave up limbs, suffer from TBI and numerous other things effectively making them unemployable and as such on a fixed income.

  29. Run out of money??? The fed creates money out of thin air. I'm pretty sure the Romans had the real thing. Laughable.

  30. This is what makes me not want to vote for Trump, we are spending our nation into oblivion and no one has the balls to say "No More"

  31. LISTEN UP! Just from tariffs alone the President has added over hundreds of billions of dollars. The deal with Mexico and Canada will add trillions to our economy and the Chinese deal is also enormous. WHAT ARE YOU FREAKING OUT ABOUT! We have an UNFUNDED MANDATE OF OVER $200 TRILLION THAT IS THE BANE OF OUR FUTURE, YET WE DO NOTHING. ARE WE STUPID? sm

  32. The US is the brokest country in all of history. We're more than $21 trillion in debt. Who is funding this? China? Time to get rid of all public sector unions, pensions, and health plans and benefits for congress

  33. Granny-Nanny children's future is void and becomes a space dust. Junk children's feeding up on flesh n blood.

  34. Mr. President Donald John Trump,
    Cut some of those government groups that Obama made. We have to many people in our offices, and most of them are out for themselves, and care nothing about who they work for, we the people.

  35. POTUS HAS BEEN OUT THERE TRYING TO GET OTHER COUNTRIES TO DO THEIR BIT & STOP RELYING ON THE US – NO MORE HELPING OTHER COUNTRIES – THIS UKRAINE MONEY WAS BORROWED FROM CHINA & THEY ARE IMPEACHING TRUMP FOR WITH HOLDING AID! WHAT A CROCK!Anyway – he has a PLAN to cut the deficit – have patience /that bill will have to be amended – NO money for gun research what do you not know about guns it's been in the US for 200 yrs cut the BS. HAVE FAITH GUYS- WWG1WGA

  36. Make Governments big Again!!! Soooooooo much winning!!😂😭😂😭start sharpening your pitch forks America is going to collapse because of both evil parties. The Democrats and Republicans.

  37. Why does it take 1.3 TRILLION a year to run our government?
    Our President is busy INCREASING America’s wealth – while Congress is busy spending it away.
    Can’t President Trump line item veto some of this?

  38. One problematic issue w/the disbursement of budgets is that "you lose it if you do not spend it". So there's no incentive to rein in expenditure & spending. This results in waste & frivolous spending, redirection of funds, & corruption. This happens not just in America…

  39. So wait. Republicans are not for gun control and are for the trump wall. But then they allow $25 mil in more gun control research and thats fine? Also Trump getting $ for the wall is fine? Wait, are republicans for or against gun control here? What is this game we are playing? This entire thing needs Vetoed. I am so sick of these people destroying everything we worked so hard for.

  40. Democrats have spent the tobacco tax revenue up into the next century, what will happen when they lose hundreds of millions as a result of the minimum age to 21

  41. People…WE are already paying for this! Future tax payers will pay more but please…WE are already paying for this.

  42. Let's break it down:
    The spending bills were 1 trillion when trump snuck into office, so by simple math 1/1.4 = 0.714; thus he has caused the value of American wealth to decline by 28.6%, since big brother needs 40% more money per year to watch you shower.
    This is in addition to turning the US into a socialist state.
    Impeachment isn't enough, he should pay part of that operating budget, if he's a true patriot (and we all know he hasn't paid taxes, ever).

  43. Next year when the president is elected again. The gloves will come off. At least 10 percent cut across the boards!!!! Oh yeah then more. He’s the man for the job. It must be done, or it will do it itself people will not be pretty! I will take the 10 percent cut to my social security right now! That’s how serious this is.

    Don't SIGN the OBINUS BILL


  46. Today on his show Glenn Beck said this Omni Bill that President Trump is supposed to sign today, is a trap!!
    Every nasty item on the Democrats wish list for decades is hidden in that bill, including making the US answer to the UN!

  47. Red Alert!! Don't sign the Omni Bill. It's a trap!! It puts the US under UN control!

  48. Money which is actually Federal Reserve Notes are not real. They are only digits in a computer. It’s backed by nothing, except debt…nothing good. I suppose that is why China, India & Russia are buying up so much gold in preparation for the digital collapse. They can’t pretend forever, can they? This was intended to collapse in on Itself when this insane system was created. Of course it wasn’t insane to those whose plan was to get extremely wealthy, and they have done a fine job of that. Someone’s quote which sounds like the private entity named The Federal Reserve…’Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws’. Rothschilds mother back in the 1800’s said, ‘If my son’s did not want war, there would be no war’. This fiat money system we live in would have collapsed much sooner without computers, in my opinion.

  49. 25 Billion for gun violence research?! What that’ll get is just more biased research saying the 2nd Amendment should be abolished! Just like the climate change BS research. This is how it works.

    Funny how we invest in research for everything but end up with bogus research & solving nothing! Wasted taxpayer money!

  50. The markets will be manipulated like crazy until 2021? Printing billions to keep the engine running. Inflation. Think reset. Federal Reserve? New paradigm coming.

  51. Why not cut spending, send all House members Home, we just do not need those trouble makers! They are there do bankrupt America.

  52. Nasty Pedosi's botox work will need extensive and expensive refilling and repair following her 3 years of chronic oral flatulence pushing the poorly and illegally produced "impeachment Inquiry" which should have been on her own dime.

  53. I assumed (wrongly so, it seems) that once the economy improved (& it has done so dramatically under Trump), we'd use that money to start paying down our debt. That's, at least, what the normal, average citizen would do if they got a significant raise at their job. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any Paul Ryans among our Congressmen (although we do need those people to be non-RINOs).

  54. There's also things in there that didn't pass a vote. If Trump signs that trap he will have big nightmares later. Congress handed over their 2400 page budget that even the Congressmen had no time to review before the vote. Pelosi and her crew are trying to pull a real fast one. BETTER TO SHUT DOWN THE GOV UNTIL EVERYTHING IS READ AND REVIEWED.     God Bless America and grant the senate and Trump the wisdom to turn down this budget bill.

  55. Outrageous when president Trump said he would never sign another budget bill like this one, look at the billions of dollars tax payers lose in interest payments.

  56. Still Funds Planned Parenthood. Trump asked for 9 billion for Wall, only got $1.4 b. Corporations get welfare. Federal gun research worthless projects. Lobbyists are very happy again.

  57. They are crushing the American people with their reckless spending. I did indeed get a pay increases last year…this year health insurance went up again, cost of living went up again, utilities went up again. Grocerie bill is so freaking much. And for crying out loud, what is with all the surcharges and extra fees on everything? Last year I get a little raise and then everything else goes up a takes that little raise and more.

  58. Didn’t Trump just give military billions to fight ….ah….um…Soviets no….hold on….ah…

  59. 1.5 trillion dollars divided by 350 million residents/citizens/illegals etc is about $4200 per person.

  60. Why did Trump give a massive tax cut to the rich? If your so concerned about the budget!

  61. The rich Romans also fell! Due to corruption misuse and abuse by self-enriching government leaders and over spent Military! It wasn’t the poor working class farmers and fishermen! Mismanagement & corruption by narcissistic politicians & crazy rulers who could not see how truly unimportant they were and not invincible.

  62. Well for Democrats trying to impeach a President who does not get paid to do his job. Costing the nation $100,000 /day for the impeachment process. Not to mention the millions spent to investigate, and no evidence. How Democrats are seeing the attempts to this process. As crazy as he may be it is wrong to remove the President who has kept, our nation for starting a war. US doesn't start wars, we them, this is what he told his general's. Which would put the nation a deeper deficit. Stock market growth values are at historical highs, he has kept the nation and perhaps the world from a 10 year cycle recession. Technically, we should have started a recession in 2018 at around September.

  63. This bill should not be signed. Not down for this. All these additions will hurt everyone. Immigration amnesty? Don't think so, may as well rip the wall down. Needs to veto, cut the extras out before signing

  64. We really need to hold our politicians accountable and demand a balanced budget. This runaway deficit spending plan hurts us all.

  65. SHUTDOWN THE GOVERNMENT DO NOT PASS THIS BILL – They are planning to create another bust so that we have to bail out the banks AGAIN, and then the banking cartel is going to call in our debt note – it is the Globalist final move to take over America…Please Trump do not sign this bill.

  66. Lol why would he need flexibility on where he can build the wall it’s the border the wall goes there no matter what….

  67. The CDC researching guns is a joke that will definitely come back to haunt all of us who support our 2nd amendment

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