Brandi Milloy with DIY Holiday Terrarium Centerpiece by Cost Plus World Market

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Brandi Milloy. I have a really fun and easy holiday DIY decor
idea. You know, with one stop to Cost Plus World Market, I got everything I need to create these beautiful, eye-catching terrariums. So you’re going to start with a terrarium
like I have here, or you can use a cake stand or even a lantern. So to create this set-up, all I did was take
one of these adorable little reindeer ornaments, pinned him to a piece of cardboard, and I
tied a little twine on back because he’s going to be pulling a little camper trailer. So I’m just going to tie the twine to our
little camper. And then we’re going to place this right inside. Next, I’m just going to take these pieces
of batting and just separate into tiny pieces– this is going to be our snow– and then cover
the entire terrarium. [MUSIC PLAYING] Great. Next I’m just going to sprinkle this decorative
snow right on top. And I love how this adds just a little bit
of sparkle. This is probably the most fun part, so you
could definitely have those kiddos help you with this. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s already looking so cute. OK. So for some finishing touches, I’m just going
to take these pine cone ornaments, just like this, flip them upside down, and they look
like little trees. Just kind of twist them into that snow, and
place them wherever you want. [MUSIC PLAYING] And finally, our little lumberjack, and this
was also an ornament. So I’m just going to place him right back
there. I love how playful and fun this scene is,
but you could also make other terrarium set-ups depending on your skill level. This one using a cake stand is a little more
whimsy and sweet, or this one over here is super sophisticated and elegant. And you can find all the tips and DIY steps
for these at worldmarket.com/blog. I hope you’ll use all these easy tips to take
your holiday decor up a notch, and remember to visit World Market for all your holiday
decorating, entertaining, and gifting needs. I’m Brandi Milloy. Happy holidays, everyone. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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