Boris Johnson says he will withdraw Brexit bill if MPs reject government’s timetable

I will in no way allow months [Interruption]
No, I won’t. … allow months more of this. If Parliament refuses to allow Brexit
to happen and instead gets its way and decides to delay everything
until January, or possibly longer, in no circumstances can the
government continue with this. – Prime minister, give way.
Give way. – And with great regret I must go
directly to the point that the honourable gentleman raises: with great regret I must say that
the bill will have to be pulled, and we will have to go forward,
much as the right honourable gentleman may not like it, we will have to
go forward to a general election. – Hear hear. – I will argue …
[Interruption] No, Mr speaker. I will argue at that election,
“Let’s get Brexit done,” and the leader of the opposition will
make his case to spend 2020 having two referendums — one on Brexit
and one on Scotland — and the people, Mr Speaker, will decide. Mr Speaker, there is another path. – Prime minister, give way.
– No, I won’t. And that is to accept, as I have done,
that this deal does not give us everything that we want. – Can you give way? – And all of us can find clauses and
provisions to which we can object, as we can in any compromise,
but it also gives us the opportunity to conclude that there is no dishonour
in setting aside an entirely legitimate desire to deliver the perfect deal in the interests
of seizing the great deal that is now within our grasp.
– Hear hear. — Of seizing the opportunity to
begin healing the divisions, and to satisfy the aching desire
of the British public that we would just get Brexit done and to move on
to do what those who sent us here want us to do, and that is to address
their priorities.

Stephen Childs


  1. If and once an extension is given to Article 50, Corbyn MUST support an election if Johnson puts one forward again.

  2. The Brits thought it would be sooo easy to leave haha. They have the most undemocratic parliament in the world that never gets anything done. All spoilt public school boys. Real people have no say in the matter AT ALL.

  3. Tractor prosthest in Germany.

    Tractors blocked large cities.

    Merkel does not know what to do with this. The EU economy has gone into a dive. Protests in France and Holland.

  4. 17.4million people will not be defied again and again, bring on the general election !

  5. Johnson threatens to scrap Brexit bill and seek election before Christmas ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/22/soft-brexit-tories-might-back-deal-if-wto-loophole-closed

  6. Corbin doesnt want a GE because despite what the news tells you he cannot win meaning Boris will get his majority.. this is a win win for Boris

  7. Cor-bin isn’t the answer. He’s like a dog chasing cars. he’s an ideologue that vowed to vote against Boris’s plan before even reading it! I’m no bojo fan, but that my friends is terrible leadership.

  8. So the moment parliament seek to scrutinise a rushed arrangement that will affect future generations (arguably worse than its predecessor's thrice rejected), the government are up in arms and against parliamentary democracy. Maybe there would have been plenty of time for scrutiny if parliament hadn't been unlawfully suspended during such a critical period, and government wasted tax payers money on losing 11-0 in the Supreme Court.

    The ditch is very ready. Boris must ensure there is also space for his own sycophantic cabinet.

  9. Johnson has to resign on 31st if brexit doesn't happen. Remember he promised "no matter what"

  10. I have failed. For that I am sorry. I am a man who keeps a promise. I will step down if Brexit is not delivered on 31st October. Do or die.

  11. Boxed in. Game of chess.
    Shame on these underhanded tactics. Democracy?
    Spirituality .. values we dearly need

  12. Boris🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸love from the states, stay strong Boris💪

  13. Just get out. Quit the EU cold turkey. It's going to be better in the long run

  14. The level of disrespect they show is stunning. They sound like children talking over each other and making stupid noises.

  15. This great deal?? The one you made from the scraps of May's deal? The one you called a surrender bill? Blobby you really and truly are a revisionist historian of the highest order. You're followers with eat this up, although if you get your no deal way it may be the last thing they eat..

  16. He thinks this is a bad thing? That the people don't want a general election?

    I suspect many of the "here here!" calls were from the opposition who welcome an election.

  17. Oh yes Boris?…So you intend to pull the Bill and call for a General Election?? Ahh brilliant I say bring it on! Since I haven’t voted for you to begin with, I know I will be voting you OUT!! I can’t Wait!

  18. If it comes to a general election, it will be the most interesting one ever! So many different scenarios to contemplate. But, I would bet on Boris not getting the result that he hopes for. AND, I bet as the election approaches, and polls start predicting outcomes, the Conservatives, in particular, will start changing/softening their position on their no second referendum stance.

  19. Why does Boris think the people are so gullible. Why not just let the people decide. They are the ones most affected.

  20. Do it boris. The silent majority are right beside you. We've brought great shame to this country, a clear out of the self serving MPs is on the cards. 🇬🇧

  21. He knows he would pull this bill he knows if a general election is called no deal party will win jeremy corbyn has no fkin hope of winning

  22. I will not let you read it and realize it's exactly the same deal I spent years complaining about how awful it was and I only put it forward to be voted on to look like I actually did something.
    To late, Boris. You're a stooge. Then again, I'm not even from the UK and I realized that. I'd like to make fun of you all over there for letting him in office but sadly, I'm in no position to talk with who we have.

  23. Cannot wait for an election. My two rabid Rottweilers will be coming out for a nice chat with the labour and Lib Dem canvassers when they knock on my door 🤪

  24. vas y boris libere l occident de l europe fa&sciste et de la retraite a 70 ans d emerkel la folle

  25. So bored of Brexit, its been 11 seasons now and nothing has happened since season 1

  26. Why doesnt he just revoke it? Put it in another referendum, deal, no deal or revoke?

  27. Why does EVERYTHING political contain so many threats when each side does not get what it wants.

  28. What difference would a GE make? If the Tories win, we back to where we now. If Labour or Lib dems win, Brexit will be scrapped. If the Brexit party win, Farage will do another runner. Either way, Boris has hit a brick wall.

  29. No deal, no Brexit. Another country-wide referendum is needed to settle this. If the vote is above 60%, then go out with no deal. If it's less than 60%, you have to come up with a deal and voted on. If less than 50%, halt everything and rethink this disaster decision that was hastily made by a very, very small percentage of difference that can shape the country's direction for decades to come… for the worse.

  30. A general election is the only answer.. I will empty my bank account and hand it over to ladbrokes on a conservative win..

  31. He got the backstop removed and now the Remoaning losers still deny the people’s vote. Shameless arrogance from Corbyn’s mob.

  32. After the election it will be spot the Labour MP in the house of commons sorry I mean communists.

  33. Let's be honest: Brexit was a bad joke, many people voted for it because thought it won't happen but same time wanted to show middle finger to some politicians.

  34. Priminster Boris Johnson can you tell the speakers of the palament to stop the noise all the noise the MP making when you are speaking it's out of order their no respect for priminster inclosing the palament MP it's ridiculous law that must stop emediatly the world talking about the behaviour of the Britain palament is out of order more than that tell Jeremy Corbyn to try to be clever remind hem two years ago 80 percent of the Lebour party MP dosent want hem to be the leader of the Lebour party this man's trying every thing to destroy Britain the Same other Tony Blair who destroy it and we did got it back and now Jeremy Corbyn trying again definitely will not be sexcecfully what ever he is trying to do Conservative government Conservative Cuntry never Lebour again. ?
    Mo RAAD political madical sicoligest Judges on Google youtube International? Mo?


  36. I fully understand that the UK people voted for these MP's, and ONLY these MP's, to rule their country.
    Any interference from outside can only disrupt this perfect harmony.

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