Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash over climate change

We should have clear actions
an agreed plan and a road map for the year of action
but we do not. So why is the prime minister
failing so spectacularly to measure up to the scale of
the climate crisis that this country and indeed this planet is facing? – We are delivering for the people
of this country, we are reducing greenhouse gas. All he will produce, I’m afraid,
is a load of hot air. – But this country isn’t meeting
its target and it isn’t due to meet its target and I think the
prime minister should recognise that. – Mr Speaker, this is beyond satire. This government is delivering a fantastic
agenda in tackling climate change, we lead the world in going for a zero
carbon approach. In 1990, this country was 70%
dependent on coal power. We are now today … And, by the way,
he’d want to reopen the coal mines. Today, we are down to 3%. – The prime minister is quoting things
that happened in 1990 and afterwards. During that time, of course, he was
a climate sceptic. He might recall saying that climate change
is a primitive fear without foundation. His former minister has described
preparations in Whitehall as “Whitehall knot-tying, in-fighting
and obfuscation, petty political squabbles and black-ops briefings.” No wonder the prime minister
is shutting newspapers out of number 10 because he doesn’t like the briefings. – I don’t … I … Mr Speaker, I am a journalist.
I love journalism and I think the people of this country, Mr Speaker …

Stephen Childs


  1. Its much more convenient to state "it is what I say" rather that see then say what you've seen. Saying what you've seen is much more troublesome.

  2. Labour is just wanted to condemn conservatives.
    Despite Labour didn’t have deliverable climate change solution.

  3. Once I read the reasons for denying climate-change laws. Not the fact itself, but the laws put into place. They are indeed a money-grab with no background or reason with little to no effect. Wish I could link it here but it might get deleted as it's on reddit.

  4. Typical arrogance from Boris.

    His problem is that he's told so many lies for personal profit he can't remember which lies he told when, to whom.

    His problem now is that half his supporters don't believe in Climate Change at all.

    So Boris blusters his way through by admitting it exists, but not enough to do anything serious about it.

    Vote for a clown, expect a circus!

  5. What do you expect when dealing with right across the board perfidious scumbag politicians!!!–This scandal in Falkirk, Scotland sums up (The eco boilers that cost families £5K a year: As Ofgem reveals plans to ban all gas boilers) the renewable disasters looming and OFGEM are behind some of them!!1!?

  6. Climate change is the only legitimate issue leftists have remaining….and now, since they've broken everything else, it's even harder to deal with.

  7. Corbyn: Poor people are bad for breathing, eating, breeding and wanting to afford going to work.
    Johnson: Wtf.

  8. Go away Corbyn… if we do have a nuclear war. There will be only Corbyn left… moaning and putting our country down…

  9. The most manipulative lying and untrustworthy prime minister we've ever had in charge. Says a lot when you look at those that have had the role before

  10. There is NO climate crisis. We ought not meet unrealistic targets. We need to take Trump's example.

  11. wow The guardian nice cut, in every single boris intervention hahahahaha

  12. Corbyn accuses the PM of failing………….. the irony of steptoe, the four times loser who will not go away.

  13. He hasn't done enough when it comes to climate change because that would displease the rich.

  14. The last time Labour was in power was in 1974 (that's if you consider Harold Wilson left-wing and New Labour centrist)
    At the end of this government it will be 50 year's since Labour won an election.

  15. Every politician in that house has failed to address the REAL CAUSE of climate change. And that includes the scientists, the activists and the news media. The real cause of climate change is the explosion in the growth of the human population. It needs to be addressed before someone decides that the only way to bring it under control is to start a pandemic. Oh!?

  16. Corbyn speaks so much truth and facts Johnson just waffles his way out of answering with hardcore facts

  17. Climate change is a myth it's a polar shift and the elites are using this as a cash cow for themselves

  18. Someone tell Corbyn to collect his bus pass and take up fly tying or something…. the man is about as much use as arm bands at a barrymore pool party 🤦🏼‍♂️

  19. This is a no-deal Brexit,
    This is a stichup,this is illegal,,if u really want climate to change ,turn to Nicola Teslar, energy,,so if they don't go Teslar, s way it so ,it proves the government act only to big companies,,and all of then should be investigated for crimes against the world's population,,
    We know about agenda31,,
    And u are being watched ,,,

  20. “This is where we were in 1990 compared to now”

    “Wow he’s talking about 1990 when he had a different belief even if it’s changed” proceeds to talk about 1990

  21. Why are the least educated suddenly stating they are more knowledgeable than the experts in just one science? The experts have been stating the same general things for decades.

  22. So did you make this weeks payment of £350.000.000 to NHS 😂😂😂

  23. It is so sad that the peoples on both sides of the Atlantic are being willingly led by conscience devoid liars, and yet many public commenters here, the daily mail and express are lapping it up. Are they forgiving their leaders so that they too can join the mass of lawbreaking society vandal? Why emulate a hero when you can emulate a crook?

  24. Jeremy Corbyn: PM is 'failing spectacularly' on climate crisis ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/05/jeremy-corbyn-boris-johnson-failing-spectacularly-on-climate-crisis

  25. In just 3 minutes, with the help of 3 reputable sources, I show how warm it is currently in the world. Click on my name!

  26. The guardian is ridiculous. This is cut so Cleary in favour of labour its embarrassing. You call yourselves journalists? Pathetic.

  27. "We should have clear actions…" Yep. Simple, factual.
    "This country isn't meeting it's target." Correct.
    This country is reliving a fantastic agenda…" Does not answer the question.

    But agreed that the UK is doing much better than Donnie and the US. Trump rolled back all proper efforts and is producing far more CO2 now after years of a drop. Will trade you Trump for Johnson any day.

  28. Guys watch it unclipped. This is a piss take. Stop spinning now please. You guys have lost. It's OK though. You will be ok if you start telling truth. Or you will inevitably fail and close. It's happening all over the west. We are rejecting fraudcasters

  29. There are two ways to tackle climate change..
    Technological solutions brought about by innovation, or returning to living in caves.

    Im up for whatever

  30. clear plan and action a roadmap but we do not


  31. "Climate change" is all a big con.    The "elite" are engineering the next money racket…..

  32. I agree that it is vital that the UK, and indeed the world over, reduces it's carbon emissions as a matter of urgency.

    But I think it is also vital that the Labour Party reduces it's Corbyn emissions as soon as possible.

  33. Climate Change just like Labour, is now a cult. Reality does not matter because they KNOW they are right.

  34. 1960's oil gone in 10 years

    1970's another ice age in 10 years

    1980's acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years

    1990's the ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years

    2000's the ice caps will be gone in 10 years

    The question I am to ask is, What am I being fed now for ten years!

  35. "He's a climate change skeptic…" – Yes Jezza, and he's not the only one either. Climate change is not global warming, it is not us causing it, it is cyclical and the Vstok ice cores will tell you…..the planet heats up BEFORE CO2 rises…in fact, CO2 lags behind by thousands of years.

  36. comments against Corbyn deleted… comments with Boris deleted… every other video on youtube shows Corbyn being humilated in the commnets… oddly accept this one… The Guardian has also just done a piece of freedom of speech from the press regarding Boris not allowing certain members on the press into No.10… how f ironic

  37. Climate change is perfectly normal. Co2 levels are historically low. Co2 is NOT a pollutant. Life on earth requires Co2. If you can't accept these climate facts then you are a climate denier and likely a stupid liberal.

  38. In relation to important questions, this failure of prime minister, eludes, plays and pretends that his country is a marvel.

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