Border Pickup | America is an Idea, Not a Geography

– Yeah, we need to sponsor ’em for four, for just a few days. – (speaks foreign language) oh hi, hi. (background noise) – It’s a family that just got released, so they let ’em out right
through those doors right there and then they close the doors behind ’em and tell them to get off federal property or they’re gonna detain ’em again. Just another way to create chaos, to try and deter them from coming. – [Jules] That’s where they
drop them off like at night, they just kick them out right there. – [Mark] See which family it is. You walk up to some very scared people (foreign language speaking) that don’t know what to do. And there’s really good
people looking for ’em and there’s also really
bad people looking for ’em. – [Jules] There’s actual human traffickers that are seeking out these people. These people are in danger
because of the way our country is doing business right now. – [Mark] What’s the cheapest one? – [Jules] 500. – [Mark] For all of ’em? – [Jules] Yeah. – When does it leave? – [Jules] It leaves tomorrow at 6:30, that’s perfect. – Yeah. (speaks foreign language) we’re doing very small things that make a difference to these people because they’ve gone
through so much trauma and the change in them is immediate. (speaks foreign language) – [Mark] These are human
beings and they’re here and they’re going through
a process that’s legal, we should treat them like human beings. (speaks foreign language) – [Jules] From the time we
pick them up at the border, to the time we put them on the plane, we take care of everything. You know life is good
in that window of time. Unfortunate that’s the only window of time we have any control over. And we don’t know what’s
gonna happen after that. (baby fusses) (speaks foreign language) – Bye.

Stephen Childs


  1. Since when did Lyft become a political organization. How about helping your drivers. So hypocritical

  2. Did anyone notice that that youngest child in the video when riding in the car was not in a child seat. Now under Lyft TOS that is a violation and California state motor vehical . Also there was 2 adult and 2 children in the back seat with only 3 seat belts.

  3. worry about your drivers and how the pay is poor..driving 20 min to get someone and then taking them 3 minutes for 3 dollars isnt worth it..get out of politics!!!!

  4. aiding illegals..wonderful. i should just cancel my lyft driver/rider accounts now. so glad the Decline option is available

  5. WELL im never using Lyft EVER!!!!!!! Can't just to shop up at the border and except to get a vica and a free pass! Best regards from Norway

  6. How about you do the one thing you actually have under your control and stop cutting your drivers’ pay? These pathetic PR stunts aren’t working. Hope Lyft and Uber both go out of business.

  7. America is the greatest country in the world, the last bastion of freedom…and lyft is a terrible comoany that will be out of business in 5 years… Let me help by deleting thr app and never using your service again. You're welcome

  8. It would be a shame if the U.S. Department Of Transportation investigated Lyft over this video

  9. Canceled my Lyft driver/rider accounts, don't want to support them anymore

  10. 😂 good job Lyft , haters can cancel or deactivate your accounts, this is helping humans, if you are from Europe then go back to your caves…

  11. What is this? Lyft getting involved in politics and the wrecked immigration laws. Firstly, people should immigrate into this country in a proper way; the way my ancestors did. No one "deetered" (sic) them. Secondly, Lyft ghouls focus on its treatment of its drivers and fixing its app'!
    The Border Crises was created by Congress' inability to correct the laws. The sanctuary city, state, etc. is bull-shit! States playing it should be ripped of Federal Aid until they get their shit together and dump the idea.
    Illegal aliens should be deported and the jobs they hold should be provided to the citizens who deserve them.
    And, Lyft . . . Get the hell out of politics!


  13. No asylum shopping. It's turned into a modern game overwhelming the system with fraud and getting released while the claim is pending.

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