Books to Give 2017 Part 1

[ Music ]>>Hi, I’m Lisa Von Drasek, and I am here today
for Read This Book! And today, I have a
very special guest.>>I am Alicia Kubas. I am the government
publications librarian.>>Who knew?>>Right? [laughter] I manage
our federal collections. So we get documents from
the Federal Government, from all agencies
of the government, and we have a very
historical collection.>>Today, we’re talking about
books you like to give as gifts.>>Yes, and so this is nothing
to do with government documents at all, but this is
a beautiful book. So this is Alice’s
Adventures in Wonderland, which I’m sure most
people have heard of. But what makes this book so special is the beautiful
illustrations in here. Absolutely gorgeous. So even if you aren’t super into
literature, if you’re into art, I mean, it’s just
the neatest book. Just absolutely–>>Now, hold it up–>>Beautiful.>>So we can see, yeah. Wow.>>And so I actually, we
read Alice in Wonderland at a book club over the summer, and one of the other book
clubbers had this copy, and I said, “That is the coolest
copy I’ve ever seen of Alice in Wonderland,” and it’s
one of my favorite books. And so I’m hoping to receive
this for Christmas this, for holidays this year
because it’s very beautiful.>>Whose copy is that?>>This is from our library
here, from Wilson Library. So I will be returning this
later today, and if you want to check it out and look
at it, you definitely can. The illustrator,
she’s from Japan. She actually has some art here at the Walker Art
Center of Minneapolis. So if you like this kind
of art, there’s others, other works by her here that
you can see if you would like. But she’s a very
prolific Japanese artist, very well known in art circles. Yep.>>What else you got there?>>And this one’s a
little bit different. So it’s called Poetry
from Scratch. [laughs] And it’s a
book of kitten verse. And so it’s by Jennifer
McCartney. And it’s essentially a volume
of poetry written by cats with some help from
the author, right, to actually transcribe it.>>How did you find this?>>[laughs] Actually, so I was
looking at a list of cat gifts that — and I’m a big cat person
[laughs] — so I thought, oh, there might be something
interesting on there that I would like for,
you know, the holidays, and this was on there. And so I went to Hennepin
County Library to check this out because I had
to see what it was, and I thought everyone else
needed to know about this book. So what I love about it —
so I really like literature. I’m really into literature. And what I think is fun is
there’s a section of kind of classic poetry, taking those,
you know, very well-known poems from literature and
rewriting them from kind of a cat’s point of view.>>Is there one you’d
like to share with us?>>Sure. So I’m sure most
people know Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.” And so the very first
poem in here is called “The Rodent Not Taken”:
“Two rodents diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry
I could not pursue both. And being one feline, long I
crouched and watched one scurry as far as I could to where it
veered into the undergrowth.” To know more, you
got to see the book. [laughs]>>Poetry–>>So that’s the first stanza.>>From Scratch.>>Yes.>>Well, thank you for
bringing those today, and I hope somebody
gives you that Alice–>>I know.>>For a gift.>>Well, and I would
also take this one.>>Okay, good to know.>>So while I’m talking about
books I would love to receive, for any cat lovers
or literary lovers, these both would
be really great.>>Beautiful. Thank you.>>Thank you. [ Music ]

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