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February the 18th 2020 strong Han Golden Age 2020s having height bitcoin is the
next bitcoin in motion five digit around we’ll talk about that now your wealth in
bitcoin I’m confiscating ball we’ll talk about that compete don’t complain
hey I’m offended by selling hey you guys hello my elite friends how are you today
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was great on Friday I’m working on a good one for this Friday maybe we’ll
have Bitcoin Tina on I’m trying to trying to work some things out we’ll see
how that goes so let’s and I’m confiscate all is on Saturday I will be
in Las Vegas on Saturday that’s linked to below long beach event is on Thursday
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attack vault-tec h be alt on Twitter and look Robert up yeah I am pumped up about
it and you’re not the only one that thinks it should be called the Bitcoin
need up there’s there’s someone out here in Southern California who was worried
about me going to this event he’s like Adam it’s a bunch of all
corners it’s the other and yeah there are all corners there but there are some
good people there like Roberts and and guests on and other people so I course
I’m in the area I got it I got a speak I out give them maybe they’ll be all
pointers there I’m giving them the hard core Bitcoin truth town that like button
Bitcoin first er they can do they’re all quite thing I will speak about the
Bitcoin I will give them the you know just buy it all day it might sound
boring but remember dudes I was here a year ago do I would say the same thing
and is working out well that’s what I’m gonna say to them there’s my speech you
got a preview of it there Robert yeah but it’ll be great to see you Robert and
everybody in Long Beach now what I have jumped around my note section and I do
not want to forget isn’t known for does your own now I want to point something
out here in America we had a at least the three-day weekend some people made
it a four-day weekend we’ve gone through these periods before in time where
America has a Monday holiday and during the weekend there’s like no Americans
aren’t messing around with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and the price drops the
Fiat price drops and then magically magically the morning that all the
Americans go back to work whoop it goes up we’ve seen this a few times now Hank
I don’t think it’s coincidence I know I don’t think it’s coincidence at all
low volume weekends we’ve had some prices go down
Americans dominate this space maybe that’s what we should conclude cuz I
don’t want you worrying about what’s a 4-digit realm what’s a five-digit bro oh
my lord it’s 9800 oh the world is anything it’s Sunday it’s some type of
reason if it’s one of those three day four day holidays Christmas vacation
just think about that the Americans aren’t doing their thing aren’t silly
trading okay what was the first meetup you ever went to roaming Hugh said Oh
beautiful question I did it large i I went large I decided you know I’m in
this Bitcoin thing it’s 2015 I gotta go to an event now and people
like to talk about Africa being the next big thing in crypto I went to South
Africa I went to the first ever a Bitcoin conference in South Africa in
Cape Town I had never been to Africa before I never been to a Bitcoin event
before and it was a great decision and it was a great adventure and a great
time I met Lori and gammer off I saw Vinny Lynn have for the first time I’m
an aid Cambridge all three of those dudes have been on the show since then
apparently fluffy pony was there and I didn’t notice him but I didn’t know who
he was then either so I went and it’s go back into the archives disrupt meister
at the time you can see me i have like a one-minute video of me outside in cape
town saying i’m at the big point of it I’m at the Bitcoin conference African
Bitcoin conference that was it was a good time it was a five years ago now
Wow so yeah five years ago was the first event I ever attended and then the
second one was in Prague and the third one was in Chicago I met Kohn oh and
those were all in 2015 they were on succession they were all between April
and July of 2015 those uh there’s three events which were great I’m very happy I
went to all three of those events just but after that I didn’t need to go to I
got I got a full range of uh from that Amer
Erica Thoren I’m Africa Europe I got it all and so after that it was when I get
invited to events now I go to events it changed and I grew you know I wasn’t
very well-known back in 2015 at that point I wasn’t that the bitcoinmeister
yet exactly uh-huh but so things things have changed so Cass says you said you
want to have a son one day but without involved it this is not a question for
this show it is a Saturday question without involving a biological mother
when you have Bitcoin you can pay for anything you can pay a woman to have
your kid I mean if you’re a Bitcoin millionaires or whatever in the future
so that’s why if someone if you’re a person concerned about having a son one
day etcetera etcetera and you’re an outside the box thinker your Bitcoin
will be able to buy you a woman in a kid one day so but the rest of the question
you need a father and all that that’s for Saturday’s show man come on
so all right so you try to stick a Bitcoin guys I know pastor you’re
curious but just wait till Saturday your next Saturday because this Saturday
might be a little different all right so let us a steel horse says
bitcoinmeister where were you for the last having I was in New York City I
went to the party in Brooklyn it was like 20 guys it was a sausage fest so
not gonna be this Tel Aviv is gonna be the opposite of that okay but it was a
good time in Brooklyn that’s some interesting interesting character that
day but and it just puts it all in perspective she is good am i the
archives disrupt meister comm you can see all this stuff but no the tel aviv
party is linked to below may 21st going to be huge
obviously they having is a few days before that I’ll be in Tel Aviv and to
maybe I’ll just jump out in the middle of the street the second the having
happens at 3:00 in the morning or whatever or I’ll do a live show I I
remember there was a web site where like a rocket way off the minute a cartoon
rocket went off the the minute to 2016 having started there were someone at the
having event again it was a 20-man sausagefest there
were some guy there he didn’t even know what the having was he’s a gab just
coming to this event whatever I heard but I heard about big point I mean
that’s how early on we were everything was back in 2016 Wow good good good
memories okay so we talked that I would talk about the having part okay let’s
get to that I’m glad you guys are asking questions before I could even get to the
meat and potatoes here the things I want to talk about Nick Zak Szabo I
mispronounced his name sorry he has this is this is actually oh this is from
January but I just discovered it but it is good man you can securely control
neither your land nor your digitally centralized financial assets without the
help of government thus the locality and importance of legal ownership in these
things very good point if you’re gonna own stocks and bonds and and real estate
you need to be in a country where you know they’re not gonna steal it from you
okay where they can just change the rules on you one day and this happen
unfortunately in countries that this does happen a lot so that’s why people
like the United States because we assume they know though they’ll never take the
land from us and they’ll never the government will never take our take
ownership of our bank accounts or or our stock accounts okay now but they can
know they can you are trusting in the government and again and it matters if
you’re gonna own land in matters where you’re going to own land it matters
where you live and then his point is you can securely control your globally
seamless Bitcoin without the help of the government okay so you can be in America
and your be a Bitcoin owner you could be in a Zimbabwe and be a Bitcoin owner it
makes it that doesn’t matter at all how corrupt the government is it’s a good
but it does matter it matters a lot in terms of land uh speaking of Zimbabwe
he’s had land redistribution redistribution land land grabs South
Africa is proposed land grab you you you wit that is the beauty and
if and if you’re uncomfortable with your Bitcoin in the country then you just
leave with your Bitcoin and you go to a new country but it doesn’t matter what
country you’re in you can’t do that with your real estate you can’t do that with
your stocks and bonds that it could be its it can be taken away from you your
bank account can be taken away from you so I really like I’ll read it again you
can securely control neither your land nor your digitally centralized financial
assets without the help of the government Bitcoin you don’t need the
help of the government you don’t need the permission of the government you
don’t need to trust the government to own it if you control your private key
you don’t don’t need the government at all and that is a beautiful thing that
that that’s why bitcoin is the asset to hold because the other ones every single
one you rely a little bit on the government on the government being fair
and true and hey I don’t I don’t think I think the United States government this
is pretty well the way the United States is run compared to the other countries
of the world we’ve got some freedom here okay and I don’t anticipate
confiscations etcetera etc etc but we’ve had we do
have a money-printing etc etc so I’m not here to rely on the United States
government I’m here on the to allow me personal responsibility is a new counter
culture that is Bitcoin doesn’t matter where it is and if you get uncomfortable
in a country you take the Bitcoin with you okay I talked about the e be having
and but check out that at tweet good good good thoughts there now here is
another tweet from what do we got here so yeah the television is linked to
below surfer Jim I like the vibe with this tweet but I want to add something
to it personal responsibilities new counter culture says tech ball every day
on every day on the one Bitcoin show yeah I try to say it every day but
definitely worth a watch or listen thank you one day he says this is surfer Jim
Singh one personal responsibility will be the norm
and grifters will be shunned for their mooching no III don’t think person
responsibly will be the norm one day now it done
most people will continue to rely on the government
most people are 80 percenters that’s just the way it is they don’t produce
very much that they want the easy way so and well will they be shunned for their
Meucci well people are if you’re in the Bitcoin overlay you’re already shutting
people for their mooching there are plenty of people that shun the moochers
I don’t want anything to do with moochers I stick I stay away from them I
call out the welfare addicts I don’t want anything to do with them but no
personal responsibility will always be something of the counterculture a lot of
people are gonna get in the Bitcoin a lot of people will learn about personal
responsibility but the majority will always be what they are right now
you can call them whatever they are we want to 80 percenters people who rely on
others haters scapegoat errs etc etc that’s blamers complainers that’s them
that’s that’s majority people I don’t see that that changing hey it’s good to
dream that maybe everyone could care about personal responsibility take birth
but no it’s just it’s not gonna happen and day that’s the way of life make the
most of it you’re the Bitcoin overlay because when others aren’t taking
personal responsibility you can advantage over them they’re not emotion
they’re not trying to improve themselves you you are you’re trying to improve
yourself you’re you’re ahead in the game ok so let’s let’s talk about the game no
other no other calm we got people commenting but we don’t
have people asking questions remember you got typing big chrome I sure do the
super chat to support the show oh there we go
Tom K no no yeah that’s a joke he said all right table K as I assume this is a
joke what’s your 2020 price prediction for
Tron I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt but there
and and say that your that’s a big funny joke based on you – I don’t I don’t do
price predictions and I obviously think Tron is hilarious and just it’s it’s
just the flavor of the month type of coin etc all right so giving you the
benefit of the doubt there but that is a funny note if it’s if you minute if you
meant that the ironic and I assume you do okay so it’s steel horse 2020 before
we talk about someone who probably said the bite Ron we’re gonna talk about this
this James I’ve never talked about James Altucher before okay but I I want to
talk about it today but he’s not in the news now but I’m bringing him up so
steel horse says MWC Wallach got hacked on hot bit all trading suspended in all
accounts with MWC frozen including wouldn’t know okay so I don’t know I
just read what you said I don’t know if the MWC wallet got hacked on hot bitch I
had not been told that at all so I just read what that dude steel horse said so
don’t don’t take that as like confirmed by adam meister i just read what he said
there what I’ve been saying for what we’ve all known for a while is that hot
big cheap so I’m shutting down the MWC wallet why anyone would keep anything at
hot bit is beyond my understanding so if it got hacked it got hacked whatever
it’s not really that big of a deal you shouldn’t be keeping anything there in
the first place and at this point I would think that most people that got
that for free already dumped it because the price is so ridiculous at this point
I don’t see how anyone could have held on to it and congratulations for the
people that were able to hang on to it and until you got like a 10% return I
get MWC was a crypto dividend then a bunch of people got that we all got for
free if you signed up for it and so now it’s uh I don’t I don’t know the hotbed
situation I guess I can look into it tomorrow people are curious if you still
have some left and the hope and says he can sell it to the one guy who buys it
we talked about that on yesterday’s show and III hope to dear God so I shot
to Hashem oh mighty that no one is buying that what you got for free
especially when it’s like 26 bucks and there’s only one entity buying it okay
sitting in this guy said Bickle Meister do you think Carano buyers fears will
attract safe-haven investors to Bitcoin a few yeah it’ll make a little bit there
or speculators speculators trying to scare people that oh look look this is
the time when you buy a Bitcoin when things are going bad in China so I think
coronavirus will have a good effect on Bitcoin I think I posit it probably
would be very small but it could be big it could could be bigger so but will
people really use it as a true safe haven asset saying oh man I’m scared
about getting sick I think the world is gonna end I’m gonna I need to buy
Bitcoin just to be safe I don’t know I think it’ll be more just speculators
just telling that story and hoping that people buy the story okay so my good
question there good good good good question and and I can and and a
Saturday show type of note I do not think we will have any problem and I’ve
said this many times in the Saturday show no no problems in the United States
with that they don’t don’t worry about it where wherever you are in the Western
world if you’re watching this right now don’t worry about it don’t worry about
it don’t let it affect your Bitcoin buying don’t let it affect most don’t
let it affect your hey okay because there are bitcoiners out there all
they’re doing is tweeting about this thing they’re worrying about it 24/7 and
they live in Western countries it’s it’s ludicrous to worry about it
okay we have proper sanitation facility it’s coming out but it’s it’s spread
through fecal matter through people who just are not very cleverly oh well and
yeah I think it’s gonna have it’s gonna be it could be really bad if you live in
China that’s that’s on a western country okay so let’s talk about this side G but
I’d like to worry it’s not something out another bless something I’m concerned
with though that’s and I don’t think people really in the Western countries
should be going spastic over this thing strong chances corrective crypto
negative dude I’m talking about your video at the end of this video by the
way it’s linked to below crypto natives video we’re going to talk about it at
the very end of the show it’s it’s it’s in the notes section I’m not just
pulling this out of my backside dude I was gonna talk about you alright so just
change all ulta sure remember him remember the deal with that the fro and
the frizzy hair and he had advertisements everywhere everywhere on
YouTube every it was horrible what rate was 2017 or 2018 it was it was during
the cranes okay it’s probably 2017 doesn’t matter what exactly was so he’s
got I discovered well I’m gonna think spot think spot is the social media
competitor Facebook and YouTube and everything that Jordan Peterson was
supposed to put together that was supposed to be so great and finally I
got permission to be on there and so I’m searching around it I’m not too
impressed with things spot okay not to impress it all it’s like a blog with a
it’s a nice looking blog for a bunch of people who Jordan Peterson I guess liked
one of whom is this copy and so this guy James all teacher who some people like
okay you can like you I I read this blog post which is also and it’s from like a
half year ago and this is what I’m reading on things spot now it’s also
about everything James puts on think spot is on James’s blog also so this
kind of doesn’t make things about very special ways you can read everything if
everyone’s just using if these so-called thought leaders or whatever you want to
call them at think spot or just using think spot to repost stuff they have in
other places I’m not saying all of them are doing that but that’s what James
Aldrich are doing it then what’s the point of think spot okay that was kind
of like a Saturday tangent there but I mean some people they asked me what I
think is think spot well now you know not too much
at this point but like you know by my newsletter to learn about my own what my
altcoin picks and all this nonsense and he does admit in this blog post that
after the ads ran he did become depressed ER it really affected it did
affect him so he had guilt he knew that these ads were served and he admits it
you read the blog post I want everybody read his blog post because some of it is
definitely coming from the heart okay he made he thought it was scammy looking it
was scammy looking he admits that the the nice guys aren’t gonna get attention
so he had to hire a marketing agency to make it as like gross as possible now I
always considered this Jane when I saw these these advertisements and just go
back to it it really painted a scammy picture of the guy I thought he was just
like a Thai Lopez make it fake it until you make it type of guy that he was just
getting into cryptocurrency because it was a hot thing and you know I need to
selling a newsletter about it and he’s I mean you can still say he says he spent
sixty million dollars on the ads he’s not sure if it was sixty million dollars
or not he’s that story exactly dude you should have just bought big coin with
that sixty million dollars and then you wouldn’t be you would’ve feel me being
feeling guilty and I think part of the post is you know there’s some mind games
he’s trying to play to make the 80 percenters I’m bringing this up he says
the ads were slimy and that’s how you that’s how you get the intention of 80
percenters he basically said you need to calm 80 percenters and he does say that
the slimy it worked everything he did that he feels bad about it worked it got
people to buy his thing it got him the attention he wanted I get I think
spending millions of millions of dollars on those very annoying ads it would’ve
been better for his health and his wealth to just buy the big point but it
worked and this is what you must remember people slimy stuff it works
with the 80 percenters there’s a lot of slimy individuals there are a lot
liars in this space and they use similar techniques to what he used and they all
work they all work so always use your head when you’re watching this stuff if
it’s slimy it isn’t worth your time okay and this is how some of the project was
so called you know the ego coins the the fake Toshi’s this is how they stick
around because people bought people buy this but they don’t kick it they don’t
think it works the slime works read his thing he he he takes some responsibility
but I would not say he’s a personal responsibility type of guy he tries to
say well I did this try I was doing this project to help the space ok dude no
take responsibility you were trying to sell a newsletter you’re trying to you
try to make money and you went by any means possible you were trying to make
money and you really would you went beyond the line and and a lot of people
got angry at you and you have to deal with it you have to do this where the
big boys play people hate you people hate you
and I have to deal with it if he wants to return to the space and do crazy
things like that what we’re gonna have to deal with him again I would just
ignore him like I did last time because it was a while though at the time when
he was getting his a problem I thought myself how can anyone believe a word of
what this dude is saying and it appears that he really might be on a higher
level than like a Thai Lopez person he might actually be a smart guy but this
really just like brought him down so many levels and just you’re not gonna
think much better at him after reading this thing but I do want you to read
this thing because it gives you insight into how you make these 80 percenters do
ridiculous things get into all coins think you’re a guru think you know so
much about the Thien know he was making it all up he says he he says I was just
trying to keep people away from the 95% scams well but then he was pumping other
random all coins that you know had no basis in reality
alright so hey I was glad to find this post and read it get a little bit into
his mind because I was always I I did always have
my mind League what was that dude thinking but if you’ve really spent and
he doesn’t know that he spent sixty million or not that’s a that’s hard to
believe that’s that’s really hard to believe no okay so say it’s a good read
though it’s a good it’s interesting brief and if you’re interested in
psychology of the 80 percenter and why guy they’re gonna be more and more
people like him and I don’t think he was trying to be he was not trying to be bad
he was not trying to be a bad a bad actor some of these people are
definitely trying to be bad actors and they’ll be able to do they’ll be able to
fool people because they use the same techniques that he uses it used in there
the slimy like guaranteed profits and where have you heard that before on
who’s on who’s Zimbabwe coring website have you heard that before
now sand luxe but hey it’s real simple dudes long-term thinking don’t be
impulsive to the buy into stuff like that and you’ll be fine with a big coin
alright in your experience what US city is the most crypto friendly well the
most crypto people that I encounter is Los Angeles that yeah there’s not
different there you know there’s no crypto friendly would kind of implied
regulation and the regulation is the same within the United States what
Seattle was fun that I like the I thought Seattle was that that was a good
meet up Dan up there what’s up Gary and may I was saying I’ll just go with Los
Angeles I’ll tell you my hometown of Baltimore is like there’s nothing it’s
not crypto friends we don’t know about pretty I don’t think they found out
about it impossible read the yeah la is cryptic LA as many meet LA as LA is the
answer because it has many meetups and you said crypto friendly they’re also
they’re all coin freaks here too yeah La La’s decentralized baby LA is
it’s the very representation of what bitcoin is supposed to be it’s
decentralized and it’s a it’s a unique beast la the
people our unique beast okay fellow world citizen says looking
forward to the day bitcoinmeister will have 17 K subscribers that would be
super bullish waiting for over two years now yeah Matt it takes a while doesn’t
it man in this when you’re when you’re talking Bitcoin and you’re not doing
fancy sets or graphics you know I’m glad you’re monitoring my subscribers for me
are you one thing you don’t value your wealth and subscribers that’s and you
know that fellow world citizen of course you value your wealth and Bitcoin and I
can tell ya I get value my subscribers have been stagnant definitely well new
people come old people go etc etc but you know my Bitcoin that that that
hasn’t been a steady or going down that’s that’s been going up that’s what
that’s what it boils down to baby you got a value your wealth and Bitcoin so
uh the alt corners get the they get the subscribers definitely we definitely the
fancy sets and graphics get the yes subscribers but do they get the Bitcoin
I practice what I preach here baby I tell you to get that bickering and I get
that Bitcoin crypto dividends baby thank you all right I’ll see what happened at
Al Casey’s question al KZ says I did a fantasy football draft at the B they
have a good Wi-Fi in their conference room suites well it’s gonna be on the
12th floor I would I was told we’re healing the twelfth floor I stayed at
the D and my hotel room back in 2016 linked to below is around September 11th
well not will check out the archives it’s not directly linked to below this
row meister like calm i remember it was a pretty good connection inside the
hotel room so i’m really i’m you could do a show from there strong hands well
that that’s what i I hope so out out Casey III really do hope but I don’t
I’ve had bad experiences in these communal spaces at various events before
where it’s it gets really bad so what were you on the 12th floor
there were you in the conference room on the 12th floor of the of the D does that
I mean that’s right I might be mistaken about this 12th
the person who’s playing this all out for me said to go to the 12th floor
maybe that’s just where I pick up my bad yet I don’t I don’t remember I don’t
have the perfect memory when I was at the D I don’t remember what the elevator
said you know the only elevator is his Lobby level workout level pool level I
don’t remember a 12 special 12 being a special floor but I who can remember
such a thing I do remember I do remember going to the workout there and that was
one of completely that was like on the third floor or something like that who
wants to hear me talk about my my memories of the B but thank you let’s
let’s hope we can do some some wacky fun different stuff and I’m bringing my good
camera with me so I can tape maybe I can take some shows and upload them later
yes I have one nice thing I had that one camera that was part of a project that
never got off the ground but hey whatever now let’s see you’ve seen me do
shows with that camera I’ve uploaded shows a big camera in the past and do
disrupt meister comm go to go to those old ones some of the teaching videos i
did with that camera where i was talking about best practices or something with
good bitcoin 2018 2017 and did this alright deferral of gratification video
from crypto native is link to below he talks about sacrifice that’s that’s
one way of of saying what the furrow of gratification is it’s good it’s a good
video i like when people talk about the furrow of gratification because that’s
if you’ve got good a deferral gratification skills you’re gonna end up
with a lot of bitcoin and so he’s he copied me on his tweet i retweeted it
and so it’s linked to below people all right that is it
I don’t think we’ve innate we’ve got people we got a benching in there we
don’t okay no one else asking questions that is the end of the show i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister that this maestra remember to subscribe this
channel like this video share this video check out the links below pound that
like button bang that Bell button and I will say hi to you dudes in the chat
right now

Stephen Childs


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