Bhakharwadi – Ep 142 – Full Episode – 27th August, 2019

Hello, please call Mahendra. What happened? Oh, it’s you.
– Yes. This time in Mahadev Peth Mr. Balkrishna’s ‘Dahi Handi’
festival won’t happen. Cut the call..
I will call later. Mr. Shinde. You are shocked
because she sounded like a man, right? Obviously.. Actually,
whenever she gets scared then she imitates that voice and tries to show
the other person that there’s a male
with us as well. But, Mother-in-law..
– Yes.. You don’t need to imitate
that voice because we already have two strong and handsome men. Am I right? Absolutely. My God.. How did I forget that they are here
to protect us. Isn’t it, Mr. Shinde and Dattu? Him!
Dattu? No..
He won’t be able to protect. I’m there. Mr. Shinde.
– Yes. Why won’t I be able to protect? I workout every day. Really?
– Yeah. You workout?
– Obviously. You really do?
– Yes.. So come on, let’s test. Fine, I’m up for it.
– Come. I will teach you a lesson. Thank you, Mr. Balkrishna for employing us. Do you do everything
while dancing? Yes. I love dancing. She eats, bathes roams while dancing. You dance while bathing as well? Dear!
– I’m calm. That’s nice. It’s a skill.. Bharti.
– Yes. Introduce them
to Gayatri and Nirmiti and tell them
to teach them the work. Okay, Father-in-law.
Come. What do you mean? Wait. Listen, don’t you want
to interview them? Oh, yes! Forgive me I forgot to ask you
about the salary. What do you want? Love. We just need your love,
Mr. Balkrishna. She means, that we will keep whatever you give
with love, as salary. Am I right? Absolutely. No.. Even you
need to satisfy your hunger. Oh, I’m sorry. Hey you! I’m calm. I meant, that love doesn’t feed
or satisfy hunger. Money is needed for that. How much will you take? My father always used to say that a diamond
doesn’t reveal its price. Wow. Now, who’s diamond? Oh, yes! Ms. Diamond.
– What? I mean, Ms. Chandramukhi. I’m not a jeweller but I still know,
how to appreciate talent. Whether that’s cooking or dancing. So be sure I will make you rich.. I mean, I won’t disappoint you. Okay. Bharti, take them now. Yeah, come.
– One minute.. You said that you both
are in-laws. Yes. – Yes.
– Then what does your son or your husband do? You mean, her husband
and my son? ‘Abhishek, I think,
Shinde is an evil guy.’ ‘When we are not around, he
sends his staff here to steal’ ‘on the pretext of cleaning.’ Dattu, they are inside.
– Yes, sir. ‘Right. And Dattu looks
just like a thief.’ ‘Sulakshana was telling me
that he ogles at her.’ Dattu, is this what you do? ‘As for Shinde..
Chandramukhi was telling me’ ‘that he is equally mean.’ ‘That he keeps staring at her.’ They’ve a misunderstanding.
Let’s meet them and tell them that there’s nothing like that. Yes, let’s tell them that we were hiding
behind the door and overhearing their conversation and that
they’ve a misunderstanding. Right, Mr. Shinde? No..
I mean, they will come to know that we spy on our guests. Then things will get
even more worse. Let them relax.
Let’s go.. Hurry up. My husband, Dhonduba,
was a farmer. ‘Was’?
You mean, he.. It means,
he was a farmer earlier. Now he must have changed
his field. Right? Ma’am, he’s no more.
– Oh, my God! I am very saddened by this. How did he die?
– How do I tell you, ma’am? He was very optimistic. He was poor
but he would always tell me ‘Chandramukhi, don’t worry.
Our good time will come.’ Our good time never came.
But death came in the form of heart attack.
And he passed away. What do I do? Time and death.. It must have been
a shock for you, isn’t it? Jyotsana, Nirmiti is not around.
Ask her what her gesture means. Tell us. Why did you do this gesture
for shock? It was the gesture for
breathlessness during a shock. This is how an inhaler is used
during breathlessness, right? Oh, yes!
You are right. Bharti, stop it now. Let them speak. Right.
I admit that your husband is not alive
but where is your son? Son? Oh, my God!
Did he pass away as well? No.. I’ve ousted him from our house. What else could I do? Ousted him from your house? What else could I do, sir? After my husband’s death,
I used to do farming using traditional methods. I used to plough the field
with the ox. Even my daughter-in-law
used to toil with me. But one day, Raghoba told me ‘Mom, the traditional way’ ‘is outdated.’ Did he say so?
– Yes. Moreover without informing us,
he went against my wish and cheated me. And in the name of change..
– What did he do? He bought a tractor
to plough the field. I felt very bad. I felt deeply hurt. So, I asked him..
‘Raghoba, what have you done?’ He told me, ‘Mom, I am doing it’ ‘for our family’s welfare.’ ‘Hereafter, I’ll do farming
in my way.’ ‘And bring about a change.’ Did he say so?
– Yes. A mother’s pamper
spoils the children. Come again..
– When a mother pampers children gets spoilt. Right.
A mother’s pamper. With a heavy heart,
I threw him out of our house. Along with the tractor. But what’s wrong
in buying a tractor? The tractor is not the problem. His method was wrong,
Bharti. He deceived them. It’s his fault.
Jyotsana, isn’t that right? Say, yes.
– Yes. But why is your daughter-in-law with you? Didn’t she leave
along with her husband? Why would I do that? I mean, I did love her son but I married him because of the ideals and
traditions she inculcated in him. So, how could I abandon her? You are right, dear. I have kept her along with me
since my son left. I regard her as my daughter. Wow..
That’s amazing! Sulakshana, that’s amazing!
You did the right thing by supporting your mother-in-law. And Chandramukhi..
– Yes. You did the right thing
by ousting your son. Children
who disrespect tradition deserve to be ousted. But you said,
you owned a farm. Then why are you here
looking for a job? We sold our farm, ma’am. Well, everyone else
endorsed the change. They started using
water pumps, solar electricity tractors and technology
to do farming. So they progressed
and we became paupers by carrying the burdens
of our loans just like our bulls. Our farm got auctioned. But Mr. Balkrishna, we never
let go of our tradition. We have no food to eat today and we’re helpless..
– No! You are not helpless. Don’t worry.
Chandramukhi, Sulakshana you got the job. Dear! – Jyotsana,
you’re meddling a lot these days. It is my duty to help the people
who protect traditions. Chandramukhi, Sulakshana,
go and start the work right now. Bharti.. Take them..
– Yes.. Come on. Hold on, Bharti.
Footwear. All right, come on.
– Come. Wow.. The fritters swirl with joy
in the frying pan. The fritters pierce
the hearts of the foodies. Come on, beloved.
Let’s make fritters.. The fritters swirl with joy
in the frying pan.. The fritters pierce
the hearts of the foodies.. Come on, beloved.
Let’s make fritters.. The fritters swirl.. Wow, ma’am.
You have an amazing style. I really had fun. I am so happy
after a long time. You cheered me up today. The fritters swirl with joy
in the frying pan. Come on, beloved.
Let’s make fritters. ‘Oh, God!’ ‘What if father-in-law
starts crying?’ ‘We will get caught.’ What’s wrong, ma’am? Why are you tearing up? It’s nothing. She’s missing her son. Isn’t that right,
Mother-in-law? You’re right. I thought,
I did something wrong. No, dear.
You didn’t do anything wrong. None of us are to be blamed. Everything depends on timing
and destiny. My son has been estranged
from me. But when I saw this girl
dancing and singing I was reminded
of my daughter. I mean, I was reminded
of my son. He’s exactly like you. My son, Raghoba. You also remind me of him. Do I look like Raghoba? No! I wasn’t referring
to your appearance. I was talking about your nature.
– Okay. He is a happy person
like you. He’s just like you. I miss him a lot. You must miss your husband too,
don’t you? I request both of you please don’t ask
anything about Abhishek in front of Gayatri.
Please. The fritters swirl” “with joy in the frying pan. Come on, beloved.
Let’s make fritters. Father-in-law,
to tell you the truth when you shared
this idea with me.. Yes.
– …I wasn’t confident that this will work. But this is working like magic.
– Isn’t it? This is just a trailer,
Abhishek. There’s a lot more to Sulakshana
and Chandramukhi. Just do as I told you.
– Okay. You handle Gayatri
and I’ll handle Mr. Balkrishna. Okay?
– Done. The fritters swirl” “with joy in the frying pan. Oh, Lord!
I have a balance of rupee one in my phone.
I wonder when Mangesh will reach the recharge counter
and get my phone recharged. Urmila used to realise
the extent of my illness even if she heard me over phone.
But today, she is unable to identify me
in this get-up. Wonderful! Mr. Balkrishna.. Hey, mister! Are you talking to me?
– Yes, I am talking to you. Please stand here.
Right. The thing behind you..
– What is it? The one that is visible
even from this side. You will have to pay for it. Well..
– Really! Even the last time,
you used the crowd at my shop to steal stuff worth Rs. 900. Did you expect me
to forget about it? I had come
and paid that amount to your husband.
– Is that so? Hey, don’t lie! He is lying.
He never paid any money. He is talking advantage
of your husband’s absence. No, that is not true.
– You keep quiet and stand right there. Indramukhi..
– Chandra.. – Yes, Chandramukhi. That’s alright.
How do you know that my husband is not here
and that this man is lying? It’s evident from the look
on his face, Urmila. Ms. Urmila.
Moreover, I do not know that your husband is not here.
I didn’t see him at the shop so I mentioned
about his absence. Did you ever see my husband?
– No. I have never seen your husband. Then how do I know? The wedding album. Yes.
I saw a photo of your husband in the wedding album
at Mr. Balkrishna’s house. He is such a powerful
personality. Wow.. A nice suit with buttons sharp moustache beautiful eyes
and facial features. It is evident from his face that he is an artist. Anyone may fall for him.
– That’s enough.. I have understood. Ms. Urmila,
how can you do this? You are not letting me go
because of what she is saying. Here you go.
I have kept your wares here. And I have paid your husband
for the last time. Now, let me go. He is a thief
and a liar. Wait a minute. Come here. I will do something. I will make everything clear
to you right now. I will call
Mahendra’s college and I will call him
and ask if you’ve returned our money. Is that okay? ‘Oh, God! The number saved
on Urmila’s phone as college’ ‘is the number Mr. Balkrishna
has saved as Chandramukhi.’ ‘If this call connects’ ‘then Abhishek’s and my secret
will be out.’ ‘I have to do something.’ She has created
a mess in this house. The fritters swirl with joy.” “Knife cuts through..” Shame! And your father-in-law praises her. He asks me to learn
something from her. As if I have never done
anything. Mother-in-law, if Chandramukhi
deceives father-in-law what if she takes our shop away
while helping us prepare food? Hey, say positive things,
Bharti. Okay. What if Chandramukhi deceives
father-in-law and takes our kitchen away
while helping us prepare food? Were you just being positive
right now? No, they cook well
in the kitchen both Chandramukhi
and Sulakshana. Whose phone is it? Doesn’t seem like ours. Bharti, pick up the phone
and check? Okay. Yes, it’s nice. I mean, ask who is it! Hello.
– Hello. Call got disconnected. Then go
and give the phone. I hope she gets a new job
to cook somewhere else and she leaves.
That will be beneficial for us. Yes. But, if she gets another job
then how is it beneficial to us? I will go and give this. Hey, why did you snatch
the phone and disconnected the call? Ms. Urmila, don’t
call your husband continuously and disturb him. Didn’t he ask you
not to call him every ten minutes? Yeah, that is right. He did ask me not to call.. Hey, how do you know
that he said this to me? I had a husband too. Mahendra? How can he be my husband? I am not as lucky as you that I’ll find such a strong handsome and good looking
husband. I am talking
about my husband. And whenever he used to go out
he would tell me to have patience and not call him repeatedly. Ms. Jyotisena
was right about her.

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