BG celebrates the holiday season around the world

today is our annual community tree lighting
this happens every year just before the holidays start and we’re excited to have the bowling
green state university international program part of this year’s community tree lighting. mayor dick edwards has asked if we could invite
international students to participate in the lighting of the tree so this year we will
have three students two international students and one study abroad student that are going
to assist the mayor with lighting the tree. for the past two or three weeks the university
has invited students and faculty and staff to come into our office and decorate ornaments
representing our 79 countries in which we have international students from or the over
50 countries where we’ve had students study abroad. every international student would come and
would decorate they would make the decorated pieces that represents their country culture
or their own creative idea so the idea was all those ideas to be hung and decorated on
that community tree. i think it’s very important that bowling green
state university helps international students, the city of bowling green helps a lot in bringing
diversity to campus and into town just so that everyone can get a little more of what
the world is instead of just what college and america is. it is also helpful for the local communities
to know that students from all over the world leave their home countries and come here alone
to study so i think it’s a great opportunity for both the students and the community. 5, 4, 3, 2 1, zero! – cheering – congratulations!
the different crowd, different types of people just bringing diversity and culture for learning
and to expanding your mind and everything in terms of college and all this experience. what better way for international students
and community to come together than to decorate the christmas tree.

Stephen Childs

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