Best Holiday Tech Gifts For Christmas 2018 – Last Minute Gift Guide!

– I’m Andru Edwards and
you’re watching Gear Live. As of today, we are seven
days away from Christmas Eve, which means you have seven
more days to pick up the gifts that you wanna give other people. At least if you want them to be able to open them Christmas morning, if that’s a holiday
that you’re celebrating. If you’ve already celebrated Hanukkah and you got a bunch of gift cards and you want to know
what to buy with them, this video is for you as well. And if you celebrate Kwanzaa, I don’t really know what goes on for that, but just watch this video anyway, because I’m going to share with you my 12 picks for great tech
related holiday gifts. Oh! And because the holidays and because of the gift giving season, I’ve got yet another gift for you. Just get in to costume here. As you may know if you’ve
been paying attention to the Channel, we’re right in the mist of the annual holiday
giveaways that we do here. I always team up with some
of my favorite creators and we do giveaways. We’ve got another giveaway
to announce right now. My favorite TV this
year, dollar for dollar, the best value is the TCL 6-Series. I gave you a first look at the
TCL 6-Series back at CES 2018 and since then it’s won award
after award after award, again, for being a great value and providing one of the
best pictures you can get in a TV in 2018. So I decided hey, my favorite TV set, I should team up with one
of my favorite creators and give one of these away. So I hit up TCL, I said hey, we want to give away a TCL
6-Series, what do you think? They said of course, do the give away, we’ll provide the TV. Then
I reached back out to them and said wait a minute,
it’s the holiday season. What if we amped it up and we did two, give away two TVs, two winners. So one winner is not going to get two TVs, but two winners are going to get one TV. Reached back out to
them, what did they say? It’s TCL, they said of course. We’re behind you 100%, let’s go for it. So since we’ve got two
TVs, I’ve teamed up with another one of my favorite tech creators, my boy, Jon Prosser from
over at front page tech. If you’re not familiar with him, you need to go check him out. If you wanna know about
the news of the day, the tech news of the day,
check out front page tech. Link down below if you
want to enter the giveaway and at bare minimum all you
need to do is subscribe here to my channel and be
subscribed to front page tech. If you do that, you are entered to win one of the two TCL 6-Series
TVs that we’re giving away. Further details will be
at the giveaway link, so again, drop down to the description, click the link, and good
luck to all who enter. Now let’s jump into my top holiday gifts for the 2018 season. Alright, number one,
first gift on my list is the coolest speaker, the
coolest blue tooth speaker, the coolest AirPlay speaker, and as I’m saying these
words you’re probably like another, a speaker? How can this be? How can this be good? Well, you have never ever,
ever seen a speaker like this. The Lyric Canvas Speaker. The Canvas consists of two
boards lean against the wall, similar to vinyl record jackets. The front board is a screen
which displays the lyrics of the music that you’re
listening to in real time. And it displays them not in a karaoke way, but in a super artsy high tech way. It’s fantastic and it’s mesmerizing. Located behind the screen
board is the second board, which is the hi fi audio speakers. Now you put those together
and you have something that looks like a super modern design, which will impress anybody who loves music and even those who don’t quite frankly. Designed as a high art concept, which will decorate the home, The Canvas allows listeners to live with their favorite lyrics
like a painting on the wall. Now I’ve tried all sorts
of songs with this thing. I’ve tried old songs,
I’ve tried current songs, I’ve even tried songs when
they’ve come out that very day and played them to the lyric
and the lyrics are there. It’s fantastic. You can AirPlay to it,
you can blue tooth to it, you can even use Chromecast as well. So all this is built right in. It costs $1,700, so it’s a little pricey. You’re getting a fantastic speaker with a really cool interface. Alright, moving on to number two. If you thought that was expensive, this next one you’re
probably not going to get for anyone unless it’s yourself or a very, very close loved one. It’s my favorite tech purchase
of the year that I made, It’s the Tesla Model 3. As I said, Tesla entry level
electric sedan is probably my favorite tech item that
I’ve purchased the entire year. The minimalistic interior is super cool. The glass roof gives it
a great feel of openness and auto pilot still feels like you’re living way in the future. In place of the gas tank
are rechargeable batteries that are good for about 310 miles of range and never having to visit
a gas station ever again to pump gas is an amazing feeling. Now Tesla promised the Model
3 would start at $35,000. That $35,000 model has not launched yet. So the lowest price
currently can configure is roughly $45,000. Now if you want to pick up a Model 3 and you want to save a little extra money, I have a link down in
the description below. You click that and
you’ll get six months of free supercharging for your Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, or Tesla Model X. So any of Tesla’s vehicles
that they currently sell, six months of free supercharging
if you use that link in the description. Number three on the list, we just talked about this
one a little while ago, it is what I think is the
best value TV of the year, the TCL 6-Series. The moment I saw the TLC
6-Series at CES 2018, I knew it was special. It’s a 4K ultra HD smart TV
with Roku built into the TV, so there’s no need to buy
any extra set top boxes. It supports Dolby Vision as well HDR10 and it’s LED back lit with local dimming and with the included voice remote you can even control it with your voice. So obviously this is my pick for best TV for the money here in 2018. It runs roughly 650 bucks
for the 55 inch version and about $1,000 for the 65 inch model. Up next, another tech product that I pretty much carry
with me every where I go, the Apple AirPods. No matter where I am the AirPods
have a place in my pocket. So if I need to take a call or
if I want to listen to music, or I want to watch a YouTube video, anywhere I am I just pop
’em in and I’m good to go. They sound crisp and make
life a lot more hands free, especially when you’ve
got your hands full. If you’re an iPhone user and
you don’t have AirPods yet, once you get them, you’ll wonder how you
ever lived without them. Now taking a look at a
different kind of tech for just a moment, shout
out to The Notorious B.I.G. Snowtorious here, again,
with the holiday season. One of my favorite books of 2018 is called Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop It’s the ultimate
companion for hip-hop music and photography enthusiasts. Contact High is a definitive
history of hip-hop’s early days celebrating the artists that
shaped the iconic album covers, T-shirts, and posters beloved
by hip-hop fans today. I know it’s not purely a
consumable electronic product, but it does cover some of the early tech and some of the early methods
used for early hip-hop back in the day, If you’re a Fan of that,
Contact High is a great book. Next up, another book,
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild–Creating a Champion. This is a $90 coffee table book that takes a look at the creation of Link for Breath of the Wild. You get a comprehensive
behind the scenes look into the making of the blockbuster game with the history of Hyrule, interviews with the games developers, and hundreds of pages of
artwork showing the creation of all the characters,
all the environments, etc. I’m a huge fan of Breath of the Wild. I still think it is the best game release on the Nintendo Switch and
if you’re a video game fan, a Nintendo fan, or especially a Zelda fan, you should check it out. Up next on the list, let’s do
both of these at the same time before someone calls me a fanboy, we’re talking smartphones right now and if you wanna pick up
a smartphone for yourself or someone else… If your an iOS user I
would suggest picking up the iPhone XR. Alternatively if you’re an Android user, maybe more surprisingly I suggest
picking up the OnePlus 6T. On iPhone XR side of things, if you don’t rely heavily
on your smartphone for watching high res videos and you’re also in the
market for a new iPhone, then the XR is your best bet. It comes in a variety of colors unlike it’s more expensive counterparts, the iPhone X and XS Max. And it has the new A12 Bionic processor and the main camera’s front and back from the XS and XS Max as well. Additionally, the iPhone XR is the iPhone with the longest battery
life ever released. $749, Apple’s doing a bunch
of trade in specials right now as well that can bring that
price down by hundreds. Over on the OnePlus 6T side,
OnePlus focuses on speed and smoothness with a
cutting edge in-display, finger print censor,
fast charge technology, dual cameras with a night scape mode, and 8 gigabytes of RAM built in. When you think of android a
lot of people first think of Samsung, maybe the Google Pixel, some other devices out there. The OnePlus 6T is probably the best, the smoothest Android experience
you can get right now. And if you’re into tech you’ve heard them, but if you’re a more casual tech user, you’ve probably never heard of OnePlus. If you see it around, don’t be scared. It’s not some sort of crappy brand, they actually make
what’s probably the best Android experience out there right now. Next up, my smartwatch pick for the year. Who else is it going to go to? The Apple Watch Series 4. In fact, I think it’s Apple’s
most important product of 2018. The Apple Watch Series 4
isn’t just about the tech, but it’s also about enriching your life, your actual life, your
health, your activity, etc. The new Apple Watch Series
4 is a significant upgrade to the Series 3. It’s got much better battery
life and it will even inform emergency services
if you’ve taken a fall. The screen is 30% bigger,
which is great for those of us with thick fingers or poor eye sight. And the stand out feature
is the built in ECG where you can actually take
an ECG of your heart beat and it will save to your phone, it can be shared to your doctors, and it will even detect aFib. If you haven’t been watching
the tech news lately, someone actually did the upgrade to and enabled the ECG feature. Took the ECG, told the
person it detected aFib, he didn’t believe it. He did it a few times and
it detected it every time. Then he tried it on his wife and it gave him a normal reading, put it back on himself, said aFib again. He ended up going to
the hospital just to see if there was anything wrong and they told him his Apple
watch probably saved his life. That’s what I mean by
technology actually enriching our lives and not just being
something that’s cool to wear. Alright, let’s round this
thing out with game consoles. It’s hard to pick between
the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One X, because all three of them have their pros and there aren’t a lot of
cons for each one either. It’s just more of a personal
preference kind of thing. Starting with the Xbox One X, this is a flagship gift for
someone you really love. Xbox One X is the most
powerful game console in the world elevating the visuals of all Xbox One games. If you have a 4K TV, the latest games will look
even better than any where else outside of a seriously high end gaming PC. If you’re looking for a
game with the Xbox One X, Red Dead Redemption 2
has a great storyline and it continues the best
content that you can expect from a game developer like Rockstar Games. Moving on to the Nintendo
Switch side of things, if you want a console that
you can take with you, the Switch is the one
you should be looking at. Originally the Switch
was a must have console for playing Nintendo’s own titles, now the Switch is just as likely to play the best third
party games as well. Big publishers and indie developers alike have embraced the console
and maybe this holiday you might want to do the same. Of course for games,
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just came out and is likely going to be the console’s best selling title. With more than 70 playable
characters, story mode, and more, this title will be at the top of Nintendo fans lists. And finally last but certainly not least, there is the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is the perfect
gift for any Sony fan who just bought a fancy
high resolution 4K TV or a PlayStation VR. It can still play every PS4 game, but packs the extra
processing power needed to play games smoothly
at higher resolutions and with high dynamic
range lighting effects. It’s rare to find one
feature that single handily justifies the price of a game, but Spider-man’s web
slinging does exactly that. There’s a sizeable story here and a lot of depth to the combat
system if you hunt for it, but there’s nothing out
there that’s going to match the sense of momentum and flow of zipping through New York’s skyline. There you have it guys,
that is 10 distinct items that I recommend you
add to your holiday list at all sorts of price ranges. Starting from very small to very large. Let me know if any of
these resonate with you. Let me know what I missed. Again, I only wanted to pick 12, so let me know what I’ve missed as well. Drop ’em in the comments below and I will meet you there
for further discussion. Don’t forget, we are giving
away two TCL 6-Series TVs. Link to that giveaway is down
in the description as well. Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks so much by
the way for your support. The reason we do these
giveaways at the end of the year as I always say is because of
the support you guys give us, all your views, your comments,
your likes, your shares, your subscribes, everything
you do helps us do what we do. So without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to do
the job that we love to do. Shout out to Jon Prosser
from front page tech for teaming up with me on this giveaway. Again, good luck to all
you out there who enter. And by the way, if your a Channel member, you do get five bonus
entries into the giveaway. Check the community tab post. There will be an exclusive code there to apply those five bonus
entries in the giveaway page. If you’re not a member yet,
link down below to that as well. You get exclusives like
early videos, custom emojis, custom badges, extra
entries into giveaways, and a bunch more. Thanks so much for
watching as always guys. Drop a like on this
video if you enjoyed it. Happy holidays to everyone
out there, happy shopping, I hope you get what you’re looking for and I hope you’re able to find the gifts that you want to get for
all the people in your life. Until next time, I’m Andru Edwards and I will catch you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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  1. That speaker is incredible! I would save up money for that! (I'm typing as I'm watching this)& I must say, Mr. Andru you have the best Christmas sweaters!

  2. Thanks for the list, and the contest! We just saw the new Tesla models this past weekend.

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    Also, to anyone who watches this and is not subscribed or a member yet… I highly recommend it! I will forever continue sharing this channel on my Facebook page! I stand by this channel 100%! Definitely subscribe!!!

  4. LOL you have my top 3 things I want for Christmas on your list. I need a new phone ( I want the One Plus 6T ) so that I can get a Switch just to be able to play Smash Bros Ultimate LOL

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    I think that the Air Pods are worth it, but I don't have one yet. I heard they were doing a Air Pods 2 though.
    If I had the Switch, I'd get Zelda Breath of the Wild.
    I'm still using iPhone 7+ and I think I'm going to hold off for the 2019 iPhone models.
    I've never had an Apple Watch either and I was going to buy one, but I don't have the money.
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