Stephen Childs


  1. Dear Squad, Please send Joyce's jumpsuit back and get at least one size larger so the poor woman doesn't choke herself. Love, Adel.

  2. These three are some of the only people that have a genuinely interesting personality that aren't completely fake and can maintain a unique personality without being like crazy and overpowering:)

  3. The only thing is wrong with their outfits is the fit and colors. Forgot the guy name. He look like a Raggy 70's pimp. Joyce's pants suit is just plain black and flat. And Jazz's outfit looks like every day. She would have killed it in a fuzzy (not too fuzzy)/tight knit half sweater. A skater skirt. Knee high boots/heels. A half leather jacket in a popping color.

  4. I've been asking for this video I mean this is truly a Christmas blessing I need squad to have they own weekly show where they makeover people because I need a makeover for the new year literally I wanna be part of the hoe squad

  5. Joyce needs a white fur to make it seem like that light ass piece of fabric was purposeful

  6. i love watching them order clothes together as all plus size people i don’t know why that brings me so much joy but i will never get sick of it

  7. Y’all need to spill the tea on these 30% discounts because this stuff came up to way more than $100 pre checkout but ended up being way less.

  8. Jaz’s outfit was clearly more expensive. That jacket alone cost more than $100.

  9. You guys should try to go out of your comfort zone Jazz outfit is her everyday look, Joyce honestly didn't achieve rich bougie auntie more like rich bougie grandmother with that itchy looking lace, and Ryan outfit gave me "hopefully this will look together and if it don't I'm still not changing"…so yeah you all dress too damn well to be selecting basic outfits.

  10. Love the winged liner on Joyce, so pretty. Could see some colorful shadow/liner with it, would really make it pop.

  11. If they were personally happy and comfortable with their looks who cares what you guys think what "fashion" should look like? Lol. Fashions about individual expression that bares no obligation to the standards of others just get over it and move on.

  12. Jazzmyne looks like Jazzmyne but not too much holiday party. The other ones look trashy & cheap.

  13. am I the only one who awed when Joyce started singing and then laughed so hard when she said merry Christmas to all your h*e friends. I love this golden trio

  14. Must be just me, but Joyce always comes across as super insincere and just never seems genuine at all

  15. More of these three in my algorithm pls!!!!!!

    Also taking every fiber of my being not to shop on ASOS right now bc sponcon even tho delightful is still sponcon

  16. Please another one of these!!! I love these three together and I love when they get cute outfits and like them 😭

  17. I want jazz in Joyce jump suit because she would have warn it with out the white piece in the middle. Jazz keeping the faux fur collar jacket. Joyce I'm the red shirt jazz had on and Ryan's black pants with the fur coat. Ryan in the see through shirt zebra pants with some over sized shades thrown in a faux black neck fur

  18. Loved this episode!!! You three work great together. U bounce off of each other in such a chaotic way that it gives an amazing vibe to the episode.

  19. 😂😂😂don’t show up to none of my family gatherings with them on cause you will fasho get roasted

  20. Jazzmyne looks so freaking classy w/ her blonde hair, hoops, and red lips. UGH I love her

  21. Love, love, love that black rumper, just wish the lace sleeves were longer. An Jaz love that look!!

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