Best Bank for Nickel Boxes – Bank Battle Round 9!

it’s hard to believe it but we’re
already on round nine of the bank battle box series with nickels… hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and as I said in the beginning Rory on round number nine
two rounds to go this is one of the last two as you know
Chase is winning the bank battle for the nickels at 32 nine we’ve got B of a
right behind at 31 three and Wells Fargo in last at 28 five because of the order
that they’ve been going in I’m gonna go with the last place ink first Wells
Fargo then B of a and we’ll finish off the chase when it comes down to it
though we have not found a v nickel out of the 24 boxes we’ve searched
we’ve also only found a handful of Buffaloes – a B of a for it chase none
at Wells when it comes to silver nickels Wells Fargo has given us for Chase has
given us three all in one box and B of A has given us seven spread out pretty
consistently so I’m hoping to see some more buffaloes this week hoping to see
some more silver this week and I’ll always hope to see a vehicle or two I’ve
already checked the boxes for Enders or at least the top side of this walls
Fargo box and the first couple of rolls in these two boxes didn’t see anything
worth mentioning let’s get the Sun started and let’s find us some goodies
roll number two Rover one actually a to 2009 s in there that’s a first for me
two in the same role but I bring in because we got a 40s nickel here and
it’s a 1940 San Francisco and you know what it’s not in bad shape whatsoever
not in bad shape whatsoever good start to the box goal number six
got a 1939 here pretty beat-up it’s one of those ones where you hope
there’s not a bit marked because of the condition but you always hope for a bit
mark on a 39 I think it’s just some damage that might be a 39 s let me wipe
this down a little bit and see if that’s just damaged or if that’s a 39 s I’ll be
right back well it made us a little bit suspicious at first and you can kind of
see where there would be an S right here but that’s just a trick of light the S
should be up here more not down here so it’s just some damage either way a 1939
nickel in the box found two old ones so 439 and a 40-year old number 9 a 1941 and I think that’s San Francisco
it could be Denver let’s take a look at it under the scope it’s definitely a
denver are some oddities around that mint mark let me take a closer look at
that it’s just some damage on the mint mark it’s been pushed around a little
bit the 1941 doesn’t really have any airs of varieties to speak of but it
looks suspicious I took closer look yeah roll 17 out of 1949 here and it is a
denver so we’ll check it for the d / s it is not a d / s still fun to find and
to look for well number 19 got a nickel we don’t see very often
just make it out that’s a 1938 did a double-take i thought it was a 58 picked
it up salt was a 38 put it back down we wouldn’t check the back of it yet hoping
for a mint mark and there’s not one so not a key date needed to be a 38d or 30s
but it’s still another 30s nickel in the box and that’s a good sign
well 22 we’ve got a Canadian here 1988 we’re all 25 and I got a surprise I got
a war nickel 1944 D surprised because I didn’t catch the edge of it probably cuz
it was towards the edge of the roll and I just missed it
so Wells Fargo’s got its first war nickel in its ninth box we will
definitely take that I’m a fan of war nickels they’re 35 percent silver roll
number 28 look we got here again another 1939
can there be a mint mark nope still it’s a nice 39 nowadays
collection call 32 got a 1947 nickel here out of Philadelphia
well 42 got a 1946 here out of Denver Oh 43 another 1949 another 1949 Denver to a
closer look at it it’s just a 49 D still another forties nickel in the box finish
that box of nickels on Wells Fargo and it’s about par for the course for the
box we end up with nine and the 50s of note of 52 D down here which I will take
every day of the week it is a semi key date in the 40s we got two three four
five six as well as a war nickel 44 d can’t get mad at that to 1939 out of
Philadelphia and 138 out of Philadelphia I also pulled aside a pretty nice 1964
don’t find him in too good a shape lately so I do hold on to the ones that
are nice for 2009 s one foreign Canadian 1988 didn’t expect much out of the box
delivered about what it a virgin so pretty happy with it
we got silver now that’s up to the two leaders to see which one can pull the
most weight row 14 I’m gonna finally have our first 40s nickel to be of a box
it is in 1948 Philadelphia we have found four 50s so far but that’s about it
rule 19 I’ve got a 1947 nickel here out of Denver where all 22 scored our oldest
nickel the box it’s a 1940 didn’t make the 30s but it
is a 40s with just some lint on it goal 25 we’re in another nineteen forty
here 1940 Philadelphia we’re all 34 and look what we got here again first of
this box we didn’t find a lot of these lately 1939 hopefully there’s a bit mark
and there’s not but you know what we need to check it for the doubling on the
word Monticello which I don’t see let me try to Crispin this up a little bit and
on the word five cents it’s pretty damaged so it’s always hard to tell when
they’re like this but I don’t see it it’s pretty pronounced and I don’t think
it’s they’re still 1939 to the box we’ll take it
roll 45 got another 1947 facing us and this one’s out of Denver rule 46 we’ve
got a 1942 year doesn’t appear silver though and it’s not but it is a 42 d
take a quick peek at that 42 d mark looks normal
alright 1942 d well we finished hiding that box of B of a nickels and for being
in second place I feel like I let the door open for chase to get a further
lead on it because no Silver’s no Buffalo’s no foreigns
no proofs we didn’t get 139 we got 5 in the 40s and 10 in the 50s Plus 209 s
which will help out I also pulled out some coins that I thought could be
checked against the album just some 60s but either way not gonna score a ton of
points so chase cannot increase their lead or will they falter as well we
won’t know until we get into this box so let’s get into it
rule number 7 of the chase box we got our first 40s nickel here it’s a 1941
philadelphia we’ve also got a couple of oh nine so far rule number nine got a
40s nickel 1941 good yeah same as the last roll number 10
it’s another 40s nickel a 1948 Philadelphia roll number 12 and I think
we have some old ones in this roll and I’ll show you why here’s a 1940 out of
Denver we also have another 1940 out of Philadelphia so it looks old me just
make sure it’s a 64 this one looks old it’s a 1941 out of
Philly and that might be it yeah three oldies roll 21 got a 40s nickel the 1947
Denver rule 23 and I’m fairly certain that’s gonna be an oldie with a demon
mark so I figured I would expose it live 46 D roll 24 look what we got here a
1938 praying from one of the key dates Drs need to meet mark and it doesn’t
have 138 p though I’ll take an old Jefferson any time over 37 just cracked
it open figured I’d bring you in cuz that’s looking like a civil war
nickel right here push you could always be wrong on these but man it just has
the look and it is first silver of the Box Philadelphia Mint 1945 we’ll take it
and hopefully we can find some more roll 43 finally scored another 40s nickel and
this one is in 1940 Denver rule 46 we’ve got a toasty 46 Philadelphia we finished
hiding that box of chase Nichols and you know what it wasn’t too bad not a lot of
Jefferson’s 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 including a 51 it’s not a D it’s a Philadelphia but
still a nice find then we got 1 2 3 4 7 10 in the 40s Plus can’t get mad at
fighting some silver 45p we also found a 1938 Philadelphia
and only 209 got them in the first 10 rows and then never saw another one let
me go and get these points in the stat sheet and see who won round 9 I believe
Wells Fargo did but I won’t know actually plug these in so you plugged in
the stats into the data sheet here and as expected
Wells Fargo 35 and a half points takes the round wins the first one in the
ninth one to make it interesting chase came out with 32 and a half thought what
he usually gets but came in second that round in B of a another slow box at 23 5
so now we sit here with Wells Fargo at 29 3 made up a little bit of ground
chase is got a pretty comfortable lead @ 32.9 MB of a second @ 30.4 it’s still
anyone’s game but man it’s gonna take a big box from either B of a Wells Fargo
combined with a bad box of Chase to make this final round interesting still one
more round to go and the good news is I’ve got the final round the boxes
already from the bank’s hopefully you’re enjoying this Bank box battle series
with Nichols we’re almost drawing to a close and I’m sure I’ll start another
one with a different point system if you’re enjoying the bank box battle
series at Nichols I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching

Stephen Childs


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    The name of this series – Battle of the Bank Boxes!

    We'll be hunting these boxes of nickels for Silver, Buffalo Nickels, Proof coins, Old Jefferson Nickels, V Nickels and 2009's for their low mintage. We found several semi-key date coins and silver nickels in these 3 boxes so it was definitely one of the better hunts!

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  2. Rob I did a box yesterday and found my first buffalo and first proof and I found one that has "Gun Rights" stamped on it.

    My second box I ever hunted I found a V nickel third box was my fist buffalo lol

  3. I'm not sure why but, hunting nickles is my favorite of the coin hunts. Then half dollars then cent pieces. Loved the video awesome as always. Thanks. P.S. Charlani ? Did I win anything ? LOL

  4. My Wells Fargo still has a slim chance 👍🏻 Another great battle Rob💥💥💥💥💥💥

  5. I did the same thing with my 1938 found yesterday! LOL. I love your video!

  6. Hey Rob I got a pretty wacked out Shield nickel out of my last box. Looked like a metal detector find.

  7. 10:58 on the war nickel, clipped planchet? Also it had some major lamination on the obverse

  8. Been invited to look through my sister in law's father's tote of coins. He passed away and before they get rolled up I get to sort. It's decades of coins. Any great finds I'll let you know. I'm super excited

  9. Did a $100 box Friday found a 1904V, 1945P silver , a dateless buffalo, 1936 buffalo and a Gem 1946 full steps along with a handful of 40's and 50's one of the best boxes iv ever hunted.

  10. I got a chance to hunt a donation bucket of change. I told the guy at the counter I would double anything I took out of the bucket he agreed and I got eight Buffalo nickels 16 War nickels 2x 1939 and 24 wheaties. I threw $10 extra in the pot.

  11. I was looking at a bag of Penny's that I have searched for wheat pennys a long time ago and I looked through them again and I found a 3 wheat pennys

  12. That last silver nickel looked like a clipped planchet,I could be wrong though.

  13. You keep rolling the dice on those 1938 and 1939 nickels. Eventually you will score big with a key date!

  14. Love these hunts! Do you think it's a bad idea to deposit throwback coins to a different branch of the same bank I get coins from?

  15. Yo Rob I got some change at a dollar tree today and got a 1925 S wheat penny.

  16. Just getting started watching…but had to tell you that I picked up a box of quarters today when I got my halves. All your fault due to your recent success 😉

  17. Hey rob! I just found my first silver CRH. It was a 1964-D Dime when I bought a mixture of coin rolls at my local bank.

  18. Rob, I hunted a nickel box yesterday and found a bunch of 50s and around 10 40s (not counting silver war nickels) I found 2 silvers. Is that common to find 2 per box? Also. I found 0 2009s is that common to find that little?

  19. The gas money and time he's spending to get those boxes of nickels someone please go on eBay and purchase him a roll and just drop them in the boxes for him oh my God if your hunt enough you can get them dirt cheap

  20. Do you think you could do a bank box battle with half dollars?

  21. Awesome hunt, good job! I hit 230 subs today! My next GAW is at 250, hopefully you can join! Also, I went to my LCS today and picked up some awesome stuff! The video will be out tomorrow, could you watch it?

  22. Enjoy watching the bank box battles. Thanks for sharing and take care.

  23. never asked if you keep 82s/ 83s. you know no proof sets so hoarding high grade is so much lower?

  24. Wow. Lots of 30s. I just did my first box of nickels and got an AU 1938 Denver.

  25. I have learned so much about nickels watching your videos. I got lucking this weekend and found a 1938-S

  26. I love the way you do your videos Rob, you've inspired me to get started on my own Chanel, released my first video yesterday, found 2 40%'s, hope to be on your level one day, you have really pushed me to follow what I've been wanting to do for awhile!

  27. Cool chart Rob!! Using one right now to sort finds by date. Not to be pushy, but it would mean a ton if you checked out our new video. A crazy buffalo was found that i'm sure you would love to see(over 100 years old!!) Keep up the good work!

  28. Does that 1938 nickel at the 4:25 mark look like it had been nik-o-dated or something?

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