Being The Only Deaf Person At Holidays (American Sign Language Vlog) // Vlogmas Day 19

[pencil writing] [Pokemon game sound] Hello. Today, I want to talk about Christmas,
holidays, family, feeling lonely during Christmas and holidays. Being the only deaf
person at the dinner table. Last year, I made a funny
video about the subject, but this video will be serious. You know a lot of deaf
and hard of hearing people grew up in hearing, mainstream families. I understand as I grew up the same way. But I also grew up with no real family. Biologically, yes, but there is
no personal connection with them. It’s always been like that. I never really celebrated holidays. Or not the same way as everyone else. Now I have a boyfriend so
I fly out during the holidays and we go to his family’s places to celebrate. It’s always weird and uncomfortable for me. I’m the only deaf person there. Nobody knows any sign language. Well, my boyfriend does a little bit, but still. If I’m with anyone else, all bets are off. I understand like others like me feel. A message for those
of you going through the same: I’m here for you. It can suck. If it’s possible, get together
with people who do know you and know how to
communicate with you. Sometimes, hearing families
just don’t know how. It’s like you sit at the table
while everyone’s conversing and all you can do is
just sit awkwardly. It gets awkward and boring. I’m usually on my phone. I really do hope you have
a nice holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate. Again, I’m here for you. I support you. I’m sure others do too. A lot of us understand
what you’re probably feeling. If you drink, drink away. I know whiskey sure
does help me out. And wine. Okay, maybe don’t do that. Happy holidays?! If you want to follow me on social media,
my usernames are right down here. If you want to send a letter,
PO box is right up there. Patreon and last video over here. And I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.

Stephen Childs

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