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Dr.. Bean great English art scholar is here to speak for a few minutes. Not too long dr. On the subject of our new purchase ladies and gentlemen dr. Bean of the National Gallery Hello, I’m dr. Bean Apparently And and my job is to sit and look at paintings So What have I learned that I can say about this painting Well firstly it’s quite big Which is excellent because? If it was really small you know Microscopic and hardly anybody would be able to see it which would be a tremendous shame Secondly, and I’m getting quite near the end of this analysis of this painting Why was it worth this man here spending fifty million of your American dollars on this portrait and then and the answer is Well this picture is worth such a lot of money because It’s a picture of whistlers mother And as I’ve learned By staying with my best friend David Langley and his family families are very important and even though Mr.. Whistler was perfectly aware That his mother was a hit yourself bat who looked like she had just lobbed it up her backside He stuck with her and even took the time to paint this amazing picture of it It’s not just a painting It’s a picture of a mad old cow who he thought the world are and that’s Marvellous Well That’s What I think Oh

Stephen Childs

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