Be Nasty Day – The Holidays

Laura can you teach me how to be nasty? Oh So you a little nasty boy you want me to teach you how to be nasty Yeah I just don’t know anything about being nasty Well we gotta make you look nasty Okay Yeeahhh yes You’re starting to look nasty You know like that New York shirtless nasty look yeah. Say it I’m nasty. I’m nasty. No you’re not nasty I’m not nasty? It doesn’t feel right. Does it feel right to you? It doesn’t feel right Hmmm Maybe it’s just the way you’re saying it Say nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Naaaasty Nasty Laura when you say it you sound so cool But when I say it I sound so white Hey Will were gonna make you look nasty Okay? Okay Let me just take a look at your closet Will Yeah? Your room It’s nasty It’s disgusting [car alarm] [music]

Stephen Childs

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