Australian Government National Retune Campaign Stay tuned for the retune TVC 30 second

Hi, Roy the Remote here, reminding you to
keep your remote control close, because soon you’ll need to retune your digital TV, set-top
box or recorder. Oops, sorry mate. For most systems go to MENU, then follow the
prompts to retune. To find out your retune date visit Australia.gov.au/retune
or call 1800 20 10 13. Stay tuned for the retune! MVO/SUPER: Authorised by the Australian Government,

Stephen Childs


  1. Glad I don't watch Television, There isn't anything good on T.V in Australia anymore, so this doesn't effect me one bit. 

  2. Australian media is controlled by British. Australians are the same as Americans except Yankees are independently patriotic and Aussies are controlled by UK. We even have to pay UK government. US got independence from UK 238 years ago, Canada 151 years ago, India 71 years ago but Australia is still under a UK government. Aussies will never be independent or patriotic. In future China will control us instead of UK. Time for an independent republic of Australia. Patriotism will help our people to work harder for a better Australian economy.

  3. I honestly came for the "Authorised by the Australian government Canberra" part

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