Australia Vs. USA Breakfast Cereal Swap

Stephen Childs


  1. As a Canadian I'm so confused bc Canada and USA have like the same food but USA has more flavors and they act like they don't know Rice Krispies and Fruit Loops like I used to eat those all the time 😕😱🤔🤔

  2. clearly american cereal tastes better… it’s full of sugar 😂 there wasn’t a single cereal that looked healthy 💀


  4. Americans pretending they don’t know what Froot Loops are doesn’t make sense to me

  5. yay America, where cereal will give you diabeetus lol can't stand most of their cereal, waaaay too sweet. I like having half cornflakes to half crunchy nut or 1/3 coco pops to 2/3 rice bubbles 🙂

  6. I stuffed 2 tablespoons of Milo (the powder) in my mouth almost every day.
    P.S: I'm not an Aussie.

  7. ok, y’all need to stop acting like you don’t know what fruit loops are, we have them in America

  8. Pretty much everything in Australia is off brand of the original artificial America yeeyeet.
    God bless good America

  9. when they ate the weetbixs they didnt even mention the classic north eat south west thingy,
    N- NEVER
    E- EAT
    S- SOGGY

  10. We actually have Weet-bix in the UK, but it’s called Weetabix and you warm it up and let the Weetabix cook into the milk. Similar procedure to making porridge (oatmeal)

  11. Are the Americans gonna pretend they don’t know what foot loops are? I’m pretty sure front loops originated in the US but ok

  12. When I eat rice bubbles I put honey on them you should try it! It’s sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

  13. R we gonna ignore that fact that Ryan and Jes fell in love during this video?!? Cuz they do did.

  14. I-
    why aren’t the Americans recognizing the basic cereals sold here in America……

  15. When you said my-lo I was so angry because even though I’m not Australian I know it’s pronounced milo and DONT say it’s your ‘unofficial national food’ because it originally comes from GHANA 🇬🇭 💩

  16. Boiling water and 9 weetbix every morning in winter. So Fucking good.

  17. Interesting how australian milo looks like koko krunch. Milo in my country is spherical like trix or the all berries in this video.
    Also cookie crisp in my place is not that sweet. I actually like it because it's a little bit salty and it tastes good as is without milk

  18. The way you lot spell “froot” in fruit loops is actually so interesting😂 y’all might wanna consider that they’re spelt different bc it’s a rip off so that usually meannsssss they DONT taste the same 👏 well done everybody x

  19. I've never in my life even heard of the cereals in America (I live in South Africa)but all the Australian cereals are like so popular in South Africa😂

  20. Every time like every single time as a kid, my mom bought lucky charms and I only ate the marshmallows and threw away the cereal, now I just eat the cereal and save all the marshmallows for last lmao

  21. ok but why does milo looks like KoKo Krunch? im from Singapore, if anyone knows what koko krunch is

  22. Is it just me or did you used to spread Vegemite on dry Weetbix
    No just me ok

  23. I grew up eating froot loops and I'm from Michigan. I didn't know froot loop were Australian

  24. I’m Australian and I can’t eat neutral grain anymore because I get cramps and I dunno why

  25. Ummmmmmmmm. So, basically most of "Australian cereals" are American cereals that are put in slightly different packaging (as in how the box is decorated), and renamed. Why did all the supposed Americans act like they didn't know what all those "Australian" cereals were?

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