Atheists’ President Tells All: Bill O’Reilly Appearance & Atheist Fox News Host

during these david silverman he’s
president of american atheists he was on the o’reilly factor we talked on monday
about this segment were bill o’reilly in order to argue that it’s ok for
christmas to be a federal holiday he basically argued will christmas is not
really about christianity is not really a religion it is a full ah sophy let’s
take a look at that clip to jog your memory saying this is an essential truth
he has a fact that christianity is not a religion it
is a philosophy if the company was saying that the methodist religion
alright he deserves a special place in the public square i would be on your
side so you know that i actually telling on live television and christiane and he
is not a religious correct beautiful i was in a fundamentally disagree on that
wall okay said david let’s start at the beginning here work did you know that this was going to
be part of the argument like what was the pitch you god for that appear the tchaikovsky certainly different from that that was a
complete beats apprised uh… somebody uh… actually slipped be some inside
information about what bill was actually going to say at and he was completely
uh… incorrect in what bill sent uh… uh…
no i i didn’t expect that the religion is a velocity thing and as soon as he
said if you watch the clip you realize that i he said it a few times before i
can always stick and uh… i could tell that he was trying to do
exactly what he tried to do last time i was on waste are talking about the tides
he was trying to derail the ca conversation away from the equality but
i want to talk about above when he pushed real hard and i got into some
take that christianity is a philosophy not religion um… what i was going to go for is that the though the concept behind christianity the fault of the and not a
religion is an attempt to usurp the constitution to usurp the right to tell
you tempted to just the in equality warikoo where christian asian so we
deserve special rights that one way to do it he’s doing a different way all all
christianity is not overly in so it’s not the bound by the separation of
church and state uh… is totally fallacious and he knows it um… and of course it’s inconsistent
person with everything he’s already been corrected bio by priest on his own show
uh… as far as whether or not christian as you were is a religion of course it’s a religion and of course
is subject to the separation of church and state of colt s other religion that that is in the at
talks about to both of them they are sect of christianity just as sharia and soon he s sex of
islam islam misery legend just like
christianity orthodoxy conservativism our section judaism judaism is not a
philosophy it to religion so what we’ve got is an attempt to just by inequality yelling funny thing too is let’s say christianity was a full
awesome the since when a federal holidays put in place for full awesome
feet but where else can we point to where that happens in dot and all right but that the same argument can
be used in uh… you know since when our national holidays religious all always
well christmas is the only religious holiday that the national holiday and
they’re trying to justify i’d by saying well it’s not a religious philosophy bolton’s wonderful turkeys celebrated on national holiday you know it they’re just trying to muddy the waters
picture trying to you pickups double think the fact but we’re just looking only here and in fact we’re demanding
equal only and pepper going to get equality katie and whether they kick and
scream or not it really those against their full context of do
unto others as you would have i’ve been doing to you would be a will org uh… were i dont tel aviv it nockard p_m_ and not christmas would they want passover celebrated and not of course not and that’s one of you put that out
that’ll come back with all this is it christian nation which is again just another excuse to check the fighting in equality on
behalf of the federal government we talked shortly after the tide goes
inside goes out you can explain that incident and he said that really bill o’reilly
plays this character on the show and like right before and after you guys
were alive he was like a different person he knew he he was very well aware
of all of the stuff that you study and talk about so on and so forth i’m
curious what happened after this but like did i don’t know if i remember if
you guys want to break or what the situation was but the he carry this
through ordered the character turn-off at like what happened uh… a light switch went off uh… he looked at me smile first of all
we both knew that it was great segment we both knew it was great television and he looked at me any file that i said felt a lot of fun he’s ludlow but i got
your point across and i think we should be to guarantee absolutely and i was
smiled at was cordial list um… and uh… i hope to do is show
again so essentially the the bill o’reilly
that was arguing with you about christianity is not a religion it’s not not only did he not really
believe that we can say that for sure but right it was a character that he’s
playing as as it seems to always be when you’re on the show he likes he likes
having you want to be you know if it’s good for for ratings well that’s why they happening on
remember them all about money to develop but our
ratings they bring me on because they think they’ll get more rating z cut they bring the on uh… and he wants
to television he wants fire he wants that badly wants to should always keep in an embryo despondent and he walked over that’ll fight back
and uh… i think extremely pleased with the fragments uh… belief but i think from the from the lord
tahiti even afterwards you know we we shook and there was a
good for and shaking thank you for coming on uh… it’s its it certainly the opposite of what they
see if we shop andy which was you know f often go away uh… allowed seems the up cordial guy who’s doing his job which it in uh… two-part radar the horrible character until which
that’s interesting so with that with your running with hannity it was a very
different situation when the cameras were not bullitt but i don’t have it easy you know i haven’t been on any showing
up for purple couple of years uh… but what but i had a show he was polite i’m not afterwards but my goodness uh… i don’t believe hannity affecting nearly
of much of that they were and understand that the other
thing and last thing about this after you get your mike taken off when
you’re walking around we’ve heard stories of times when there’s uh… the
people that are either nonreligious or or if not conservative that go on fox
news and then afterwards i think the entire building is giving them the cold
shoulder as there quietly escorted out is that not the case at all i mean is
everybody at the o’reilly show kind of in on when you know this hold the the
whole point of these segments or people kind of a cold to you there uh… i would have not critical to me at
all uh… i would fail i can tell you why
um… i dated metal point this time uh… talking to her elite makan figured out how many people i talked i talked to fix people during this event and four are above six writer atheist or seriously doubting religion four of the checking out the building is filled with a theater to
new york that they are just two american ups and and um… for some people there but i’m not i’m
naming and because i don’t know if there are there are some people there but becky everytime and then when we recognize each other at
yes they’re they’re their rug really uh… that did not they don’t seem to before they’d uh… and i’m at a couple of another whole
from another portion of a t_v_ show from another fox news tv show and uh… but person seemed to be an
atheist and uh… hopefully albion power her show sometime soon well and that the other email easiest
hosted fox news i wonder who it is i’m looking for a i’d strife is that she
didn’t say if i may be a book but by certainly think so yes and uh… i would i would love to their name i don’t want
to none obscene you would say in a sense of some some people say that they have a
gaidar you have like an eight c_ is dark thank you i had a tough eight oh yes ada uh… i have a doubt why do is our a
lot of people will tell me arm well i believe in this pic bearable even an afterlife now believe
that this is not all that and and the question that i ask is well do you believe that or do you wish that were true and when i get when i ask that question
that’s perfect the question ari canterbury very innocent set of responses a lot of times i get well i really wish that work and man video don’t really believe it but i
really wish it were true and i a at that a lot and that’s what i got the partners um… uh… from some people that we are there’s a couple more things
i want to mention yet uh… and because they call passionate the commish
elena i want to talk just a bit about that only on it so absurd i well you’re going
to bring it up or go ahead yeah well you know i i buddy call okke fascist okay idu levity called me a fascist anil
up but the baby for her regret roller a capital area uh… state
director was called up a terrorist uh… um now where being called fashion
if i was called a fascist because i’d dare to demand equality of prague
armament and might uh… henrik robust called a terrorist because he dared all the rules uh… and legally put up a sign on
public property that with him and boots um… i want people to understand that we need to start liking in when that happens because that is a fine of desperation that is a sign fierer and panic when they cut when they’re calling us
fascists and terrorist he basis buddy but worse than incall then let the grasping with sad eyes and
making comparisons that hitler when things are going away in an argument exactly that exactly what it is and they know they’re on the losing fat i know there on the losing sight of
progress um… i’ve gotten a lot of people of
where a man to our account saying you know what the white you know where your
response to being called a fascist i love it i won’t bother happen over over again key colony fascist ke bunny
characterised you-know-what and we’re going to limits and i’m very very competent all right david silverman president of
american eight this will keep an eye out for the next door i li appearance uh…
thanks as always for being on david thank sharma monday particular ok we’ll
take a break the part about the play more after this date in

Stephen Childs


  1. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"
    jeebus, first part of the first admendment. It neither embraces or denies religion. Therefor, there can't be a USA Republic+Religion, cause it's not allowed to take it in consideration.

  2. but the fact remains that "seperation of church and state" still isn't in the constitution. the 1st amendment clearly says that the goverment can't have an offical religion, and that people can believe or not believe as they see fit. it's written in plain language.

  3. Ok Achmed because it takes force to move a object, you are trying to say that the universe cannot exist without a cause? And I bet it is my lucky day to hear from the quran on what that cause is, right?
    So we skip the needed evidence and we pick your god out all the other made up gods?
    That was a quick flush.

  4. Dude, give up. All you have been doing those last weeks is copy/paste the content from some website about an idiotic version of the kalam cosmological argument. Every time someone proves you wrong you move to someone else and preach the same shit. You might as well just post the website adress so we can ignore it.

  5. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,"
    Seems awfully long way from the way you put it "goverment can't have an official religion", oh and "it was mentioned in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a friend." oh yeah… he it totally some random person like Sarah Palin who no one gives a fuck about.

    So… is USA a Christian Nation? Open question to you.

  6. what's the matter, did i burst your' delusional bubble? the fact remains that anybody can believe or not believe as they see fit, the united states law is not only based on the 10 commandments, but other laws throughout time also.

  7. here's one that evolution can't explain, precambrian explosion. going from basically bacteria to fully formed creatures with nothing inbetween.

  8. That would just mean that there are things we don't know yet, not the proof of the existence of deities.

  9. Then you obviously haven't learnt about Phyla or Calcimicrobes. These are two organisms that have fossil record of being the one of the simplest organisms composing of individual cells. Their rate of evolution was accelerated by an order of magnitude, which involves knowledge logarithmic scales. This created the first kind of complex diversity in little time.

    I think you owe it to yourself to research Archaeonassa-type trace fossils.

    Oh, and it's *Cambrian explosion.

  10. We do know the progressive stages though. Terry Carter just hasn't taken it upon himself to research the topic, and witness the mountains of fossil record evidence and beauty.

  11. I know. What I was really trying to point out is that he can't forcefully shove god in every gap of knowledge. It's an argument from ignorance.

  12. really? then explain it, also check out on youtube proof of god, if you dare, or are capible of understanding.

  13. on the other hand i'm very much aware of such things,, but no evidence in the fossil record that shows that, it went from simple celled organisms, to a complex organism with nothing between,check the facts, sorry.

  14. Ok, I'll keep it simple. Not understanding something about our universe is NOT proof of the existence of a god. I bet you'd be worshiping thor if we didn't know how lightning works today.

  15. in other words you were to scared to watch it or you didn't understand,and that's okay. lol, have a nice day.

  16. Translation : I am too dumb to respond myself to an argument. I will just post a video that looks really smart even though I didn't understand it so probably most people won't. Your 'proof for god' is the usual intelligent design bullshit. The universe is NOT tuned for life. Read a book, do some research. Dumbass

  17. let me understand you, if you can't win a discussion, then you resort to name calling,HOW CHILDISH.

  18. so basically, you refuse scientific proof, and resort to snide remarks, i really pity you.

  19. hello, i never said that i was a creationist, you just assumed that, contrary to you i look and ask questions, and not depend on selfdelusions.

  20. Then how do you think life came about?

    Since you so frivolously vouch against pretty much concrete, evolutionary discoveries and evidence.

  21. concrete evidence for evolution?! i asked you to explain the pre-cambrean explosion and you just can't explain it, i'm in search of real answers, not a disproven theory.

  22. Seriously? You are the one dodging the discussion. I'm still waiting for you to respond to the fact that the whole basis of your argument is : I can't explain this, therefore god; this looks too incredible to me, therefore god. All you did was mention some video

  23. I gave you the evidence via science, but you refuse to think clearly, aparently you either didn't watch this video, or you refused to watch it because it answers your' boast. "show me evidence that god exists", and i showed it to you, you either didn't watch or you ignored it. you got your' answer, believe it or not makes no difference to me, i gave you the evidence.

  24. HELLO THE ANSWER IS THERE TO YOUR' QUESTION is in the video if you dare to watch, or continue in your' self-delusion.

  25. So why are you on the " separation of church and state isn't in the constitution." side?
    Inadvertently, you are supporting the biblehumping crowd.

  26. you asked, i'm not a member of the so called"bible thumping" crowd,just simply stating a fact, sorry about bursting your' delusional bubble.

  27. I have already watched and responded to your "proof for god". It's the same argument as yours. Please respond, don't be a sheep, you do have ideas of your own I hope; or if you dare as you like to say

  28. It's * Cambrian. And, it isn't something that can be explained in around 500 characters.

    I gave you sources to look at and all you said was "I'm very much aware of such things"

    Well, if you were aware and embraced the evidence, you wouldn't be having this argument with me.

    What real answers could you want? You're not going to find answers in scripture, if that's what you're getting at. Because it can't be tested, and it's easily repudiated.

    You have know idea what evolution is.

  29. as i see it there is evidence to the contrary to evolution, and evidence of the bible is true. say the carving at ancor watt, or the pottery from i think chile showing humans and dinosaurs together. also if you didn't understand the concept in the video, that's not my problem.

  30. in other words you can't explain it at all,(the cambrian explosian), i just asked for a explanation, and you can't answer even that, oh, i used to believe in evolution, then i started to think for myself, and question it.

  31. Disproving evolution does not prove creation. These are not two sides of the same coin. Even if we didn't know anything about evolution and abiogenesis it doesn't mean "god did it". And seriously if you're the kind of crazy that really believes that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time, I don't see any interest in a discussion with you. Goodbye

  32. well i guess the old saying about horses applies to you,"you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink,or in your' cas you can lead a athiest to proof,but you can't make him think."

  33. don't believe me, just look it up, just google or bing the things i mentioned,if you dare.

  34. haha you're funny, if you dare, HAHA. You actually sound like you found this revolutionary proof for god. Dude this stupid "theory" has been around for ages. Only crazies like you take this seriously. Google it, haha you're hilarious

  35. well if your' ego can't handle the truth,then i pity you.really. maybe next time you shouldn't ask a question if you can't handle the answer.

  36. He also orders you to kill apostles and treat women like dirt and stone them to death if they're raped.

    Yeah. Beautiful.

  37. Yeah the truth, the one we all laugh at. I should be pitied for laughing at the crazies, you're right.

  38. honestly,if your' ego can't handle the facts,maybe you shouldn't ask a question that your' not prepared for the answer.

  39. You know cause having influences means we look at them as God yeah that makes just absolutely perfect sense

  40. HAHAHAHA…… god? logic?…… where the fuck do you even get the balls to combine the two?…… you must be the bravest man i've ever heard of

  41. Athiests are against Christmas as a holiday? Why? Because they REALLY want to work that way? Shut up already. Sheesh. I am offended because we all are equal and need to not be offended. It's OFFENSIVE!!!

  42. I myself being a believer in our Lord Jesus, just have this to say, I don't care if we have a day/holiday to celebrate Jesus or not, for me I celebrate Him everyday to begin with..!!! What I find interesting though is why is it Bill who wants to debate this.? I know he calls himself a Christian but it is "Christians" like him who gives real Christians like us a bad name…He continues to be sarcastic to his guest, and when he can't get his point accross, he overtalks them..!!!

  43. Bill does it for the show, he's a jerk to those perceived to be "from the other side" because that's what those who watch him like, they'd love to see the "enemy" humiliated. They don't really want to have a discussion about anything, they just want to ridicule them.
    This is bigger than religion, it's because the very very big majority of atheists are left-wing, that atheism is seen as part of the enemy of Fox News, it's not really because they see atheists as dirty heathens.

  44. The closest you could get to making such a claim would be in Buddhism. The real difference is life vs. death. If what you do pertains only to this life, "philosophy" could be argued… but once it moves away from secular ideas, such as next life-it goes beyond philosophy and is more arguable as a religion. As a Buddhist American I would never wish to usurp the Constitution even though it is more of a "life philosophy" than religion. But for a death religion to do it, is ridiculous.

  45. This makes me happy, to be honest. Yeah, Bill's an idiot, but it's nice to know he's exaggerating his idiocy for ratings. It's a little greedy, but hey, I'd do it.

  46. He is neithe misunderstanding not misrepresenting his argument. He is a bot who pastes the same bullshit argument onto several atheism related videos and tries to pass it off as his own.

  47. People there are many gods with the exact same bio of Jesus Virgin birth,father is god ,born on dec 25 rose from the dead .Just more regurgitated bullshit If your gonna make Scientific,Biological claims that are against everything we know you better come with some proof especially if your threatening me with eternal torture if I don't believe your crazy story! Think about how Heaven is described I don't want to be a slave for eternity to a god who requires consiant praise and thanks. No Thanks

  48. 7:48 Greta van Susteren isn't an atheist, shes a Scientologist and they're crazier than the fundamentalist Christians.

  49. Methodist is not a religion. It is a sect of the Christian religion.
    Who honestly takes O'Reilly seriously?

  50. …therefore, Superman is real. He saved me. See how ridiculous that line of thinking is?

  51. well clearly there is doubt otherwise you wouldn't be arguing about it

  52. "perishable energies?"… right at least you know your psuedo-science

  53. There can be no "chain of causality" under naturalism. Everything that happens under naturalism is a result of nature interacting with itself, a fundamentally circular phenomenon. You can never reach any "primary cause" that way, you'll forever spin in circles. Under naturalism, nature is the stuff that exists, it merely changes form – you can't ask naturalists to somehow "account" for things that are predictions of theism and that naturalism will say are false.

  54. In particular, nobody "created primary matter". What we refer to as matter is a configuration of an eternal nature. nothing is ever "created" in the sense you're talking about and this is one of the major blocks in the brains of theists. When we say that a carpenter "creates" a chair, he merely reshapes existing matter from one form to another. This is what "creation" means and it has nothing to do with the "ultimate creation" you're looking for. That is an imaginary process that you made up.

  55. "You who believe in the law of causality, answer us Ws: if matter is the ultimate cause of all things, what is the cause of matter?"

    When causality is a circular process, this is a meaningless question. Partly because "matter" is the word we use for phenomena that are causally connected with the macro phenomena of the world. When we dig deeper we still call things matter(like "dark matter"). So "matter" is a synonym for "nature". Because of this there is no cause of matter.

  56. But what you don't seem to get is this: You can't turn the tables here, because it's you who are positing all these ridiculous infinite regresses in nature and you do it for the purpose of introducing something else. In this situation, it's entirely appropriate to ask you why the "something else" you just introduced plays by entirely different rules than everything else. You then settle for *exactly* the same explanation naturalists have for nature.

  57. But, it turns out that you settle for this explanation *after* having made the irrational move of making up creatures for which there is no evidence. This makes your model of reality objectively worse than naturalism from a rational perspective. Anyway, the reason for asking what caused God is to inform you of this error, we don't care about your answer or your excuses. There is no way to save your irrational nonsense except demonstrating that your god exists.

  58. But here's the thing – your worldview is irrational as it stands, because you can't demonstrate any kind of manifestation of your god or its actions that is not also explained by the simpler theory of naturalism. because of this, you shouldn't even want to try to make shit up to justify your god, you should happily embrace the simpler worldview because it has vastly more explanatory power and is therefore much more capable of helping you make good decisions.

  59. We can only go as far back when time still exists, because before then time is a meaningless concept and as such god had no time to create the universe. You are producing a circular argument which cannot be solved so try and think of a "good" argument please

  60. That doesn't make sense. If everything needs a creator, what created gods?

  61. This is a monotheist problem. In norse mythology for example, there is an account of the creation of the gods. (not trying to argue, I just like how idiotic theism is, monotheism in particular)

  62. You still have the same "what created the creator of the creators" problem, it's just moved yet one more step away from humans.

  63. That may have been Allah sending his Jehod tornadoes into America's Bible belt…

  64. Patience. We'll figure it out and when we do I'm confident the answer will not be 'God did it.' Simply not knowing the answer to life's toughest questions doesn't mean we should shoehorn in God to fill the gap.

  65. A philosophy is something that advocates certain ways of thinking or living. Therefore,all religions are philosophies.

    The thing that separates such philosophies like Christianity,Buddhism,and Islam from other philosophical ideologies is that they involve the worship of some sort of god or supernatural force. We classify these kinds of philosophies as "religions".

    Having said that, the government only recognizes x-mas out of practicality. Most people celebrate it and want time off on the day.

  66. Nah, I think it was the giant spaghetti monster extending a tentacle.. They just happen to be in the way..

  67. Why do Christians get mad when people poke fun at there beliefs?Maybe they should re think there funny beliefs.NO>>>I think God may have a multi personality disorder>>>What if God don't speak english?>>>When prayer fails,TRY pissing on a live spark plug>>>

  68. No kidding, I thought Jebus spoke Aramaic.. Isn't that a dead language? I don't think there's a Rosetta stone for that.. I guess they're all fucked..lol XD

  69. absolutely right. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks without much guidance. dont think its funny, why cant you invest just $40 to make $100000 for experienced guidance?. i found it here -> bit.ly/15wKETZ?=bsyknj

  70. I believe in God and dislike religion. I believe in God and if you don't I am fine with that, it will not effect my faith and I will not tell others what they should believe in. I am here to live my life not yours. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want to.

  71. Christmas has about as much to do with Christianity as do Santa Claus. If you read up on the individual traditions you see as "Christmas-like", you'll notise that most of them date back to Nordic "Yule-tide" and Roman "Saturnalia". As a matter of fact Scandinavia it is STILL to this day refers to this time as "Yule Tide", allthough the spelling-rules have evolved to make it spell out "Jule tid". Have fun celebrating our Nordic, hedonistic tradition. ^_^

  72. Tie goes in (to the washing machine)

    Stain comes out

    ….you can't explain that. ^_^

  73. He's a well paid puppet that does not care about the world around him. A sociopath.

  74. fun fact, Buddhists don't worship anything, they follow the teachings of Buddha, but don't believe he was a god.

  75. I tend to think Silverman is but a marketable version of atheism. I've seen better responses to religious thinking in the comments sections of youtube. Silverman brings the language down to simple terms, whereas when you're dealing with scientific evidence to back your arguments, pure superior intelligence is the way to deal with it. I don't doubt Silverman is informed, I just wish he used arguments and vocabulary that would just shut the theists up out of ignorance

  76. Jesus is fake. Do your homework, Jesus is a creation of the ruling Roman family of the time to keep the Jews from rebelling.

  77. Wtf, when did Christianity transition from being a religion to being just a philosophy? I sure didn’t get the memo, and I doubt the multiple billions of actual Christian for the memo from Sexual Assaulter O’Reilly either!

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