At the Doctor’s Office: Differences in GERMANY & USA

You want me to get undressed…like, right
now? While you’re still standing here. Um, okay, but what about one of those little, flimsy
paper gown things to cover up with? Do I get one of those? Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. As you might’ve already guessed from the
beginning, going to the doctor in Germany can be a little different from going to the
doctor in the U.S. For one thing, in the U.S. if a doctor needs
you to get undressed they’ll usually tell you as much and then leave the room while
you to do it. Ummm, from my experience, not in Germany. In Germany the doctor generally asks you to
get undressed and then just kind of stands there and waits while you to do it. I know that rationally it makes no sense at
all to be bothered by this. The doctor is going to see you naked anyway. But somehow to me, there is still a difference
between the doctor seeing me naked and the doctor watching me remove my clothes. Sometimes the doctor turns to do something
on the computer or to get something from another part of the room and then I’ll take that opportunity
to quickly remove as many of my clothes as I can while they’re not looking. Also, in the U.S. if you need to get undressed
you are given this flimsy, little paper gown to put on over your naked body. So the doctor leaves the room, you get undressed,
and then re-dressed in the paper gown thing, and then before coming back into the room
the doctor usually knocks on the door and makes sure that you are ready and covered
and comfortable before they enter. I can just about hear the Germans watching
this video saying: “Why in the world would you put on a paper gown when you’re there
at the doctor for them to see you naked?” As I’ve mentioned in I think the sauna videos,
the nude in Munich video, and probably several other videos, Americans in general, just are
not as comfortable with their naked body as people here in Germany seem to be. So I guess the paper gown gives some kind
of modesty, like a pretense of being dressed while actually being naked. Another thing that’s different is that when
you walk into the waiting room of a doctor’s office in Germany it is polite to say hello
to everyone else in there. But other than that, I would say that the
waiting areas in the doctor’s offices are pretty similar in both countries. You’ve generally got some magazines there
to read, and maybe a small pile of toys in the corner for kids to play with. But another difference that I’ve noticed
is that at my gynecologist in Germany, whenever I go for my yearly check-up, she always offers
for me to get an ultrasound, even though I’m not pregnant In the U.S. I always thought of ultrasounds
as something that you get when you’re pregnant. Those two things were connected. And as far as I remember, I don’t think I ever
had a doctor in the U.S. offer me an ultrasound during my normal yearly check-up. But apparently they can also be helpful for
detecting problems, even when you’re not pregnant. And here in Germany, as far as I understand
it, gynecologists have to offer this service to you at your yearly check-up, and if you
don’t want it you don’t have to get it. But what I understand is that they do have
to offer it and tell you about it and explain to you that it is an option. In both the U.S. and Germany sometimes doctors
will prescribe you some kind of medicine that you have to bring to the pharmacy to get filled. But in Germany sometimes doctors will also
write you a “prescription” for something that you actually don’t need a prescription
for. Okay, wait, let me back up for a second there
because I feel like that doesn’t really make any sense. In Germany the pharmacy situation is a little
different from in the U.S. Okay, actually it’s a lot different. In the U.S. you go to a pharmacy for prescription
medicine and some particular non-prescription pills, but there is also just a lot of medicine sitting out there in the store that you can just pick out yourself. Whereas in Germany there are actually very
few things that you can get in the pharmacy without talking to a pharmacist. You can get sunscreen and chapstick, but even
for ibuprofen and allergy medicine you go up to the counter and you tell the pharmacist
what you want or you explain to them what you’re suffering from and then they’ll
get the medicine for you. So going back to the doctor now, in Germany
sometimes doctors will write you a prescription for prescription medicine. For example, birth control pills or antibiotics. But then sometimes in Germany the doctor will
send you away from their office with a piece of paper that, besides the fact that it is
a different color, looks just as official as any other prescription, but it’s actually
for something that you could technically get from the pharmacy without a prescription at
all. By writing it for you this way, it goes in
your record, and it also just makes it easier for the pharmacist to get you exactly what
the doctor recommended. And often the doctor “prescribes”
you a different dose schedule from what is recommended on the bottle, depending on what
your doctor thinks you specifically need in your situation. So my question for you is: what differences
have you noticed at doctor’s offices around the world? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did, please don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. Honestly I would rather dispense with all the formalities regarding pretending like you're not naked in front of the doctor. All the things that point out the weirdness of the nudity kind of make it more weird. If it's treated more as normal you don't get weirded out by it as much and it's LESS awkward by being made less awkward.

  2. Germans probably don't understand foreplay either. Ohhh…. this sex thing… hey honey…. hurry take of those stupid clothes and lets get this over with. What is wrong with sexualizing nudity…. why not make it more interesting. Life can overall be pretty boring at times, why not make something simple a bit more meaningful.

  3. Naja… Und wenn man etwas verschrieben bekommen hat zahlt es eben die Krankenversicherung

    Oder manches zumindest in Teilen

  4. It's probably already said but we don't get (our upper body) fully naked when the doctor needs to hear your lungs for example. You can leave your bra on.
    There was a day where I had to go to the doctor and it was in the holidays. So I wasn't wearing a bra and I totally forgot about it. One of the most embarrassing moments I ever had. 😂

  5. What I've only seen in France so far, is, dentists who have no assistants and no receptionists. I was at the dentist, she was cleaning my teeth, when sure enough the telephone rang and she immediately stopped the treatment, got up, picked up the phone and fixed the next appointment and continued the treatment afterwards … And that wasn't because the assistant or receptionist was sick, but because she was all by herself, doing everything, all the time. It's very common there, and very strange to me. 🙂

  6. What about the prices in D and in the US? Do you have to pay in Grmny – well you live so long here, you have for sure a Familienversicherung?

  7. My gynecologist has a little screen I can undress behind and usually I'm only nude either from the waist down or up but not at the same time. At the GP I usually only have to remove whatever piece of clothing that hides the body part that needs treatment but I take it of in front of him. He's never stared at me though 😂 usually he takes notes or gathers instruments. I don't think nudity is inherently sexual and I don't think people should be made to feel that their bodies are something shameful that needs to be hidden.

  8. Everyone knows how naked people look like, so what's the issue?


  9. About the ultrasound thing:  not only it's safer to prevent problems (that is cheaper than cure them), but it's very probably included in the cost of your health care, in Germany, while in the States probably it would be an extra-cost of some hundred bucks, that's why your doctors shouldn't suggest you to do it if you don't really need it…  although probably it would be the exact opposite, in the USA…

  10. hab ich gelacht bei diesem video – amerikanerin. lol. prüde und mit der größten …………..

  11. When did my body become the viewing right of everyone on a hospital ward? Privacy and dignity matter and many people feel less vulnerable with clothes or coverage. A paper gown leaves the examination table less contaminated from ( who knows what ) a day of people in street clothes. Is it an exam table or a seat on the bus? I don't understand why a hospital ward should be a free for all. Like there are no perverts there? They just don't have to try, at all.

  12. Regarding prescriptions for "Over The Counter" drugs, It would have avoided the NEED for smurf laws, and how obvious they were when the US got them. It also is nice to have something made to order so to speak, But still I like the current freedom in the US for this.

    If you are curious about smurf laws, it has to do with limiting and tracking down smurfing: https://www.drugtimes.org/methamphetamine/smurfing.html

    Sometimes you just CAN'T make this stuff up. I'm sure people realize it, but that is an English saying lamenting the fact that some aspects of something are SO outlandish that you almost HAVE to believe them because nobody would ever try to tell such a lie.

  13. I think it’s up to the patients rather they want to get naked or not, gowns wasted time I don’t like those at all, especially when physical exam I keep telling em please look from head to toe and private body parts, my female doctor doesn’t do that, i have sensitive skin.

  14. As long as the doctor doesn't start playing this, https://youtu.be/Y2CWfSLyjx8, while you are disrobing, you have nothing to worry about.

  15. Here’s the ultimate job for a young guy in Holland. If you become sexually active as a young woman and need birth control, you undress in a small room and [[OH GOD I HATE THINKING ABOUT THIS!]] you walk out stark naked, climb on the examining table while he sits on the stool waiting, and spread your legs for his eyes and fingers THOSE PERVERTS. Go Puritanical USA and lady ob/gyns!!

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