At home with astronauts: Matthias Maurer

Hello, I am ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer and I am currently in my home office because the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, like many other workplaces, has closed. But thanks to computers and teleworking, I can easily work together with my colleagues. I can also work on my own. The main task that we are currently planning is our return to the Moon. I am responsible for the development of a lunar training facility here at the Astronaut Centre in Cologne and this can be organised via video conferencing and online cooperation. At the same time, of course, I want to fly to space in a year and a half, so there is a bit of preparation to do for my mission. I get inspired by the great mission of Luca Parmitano, who has just returned, and of course by Alexander Gerst’s mission. And from space I would also like to take nice photos, just like Thomas Pesquet, who will fly directly before me, and who I hope to be able to work with on the International Space Station. I also have some literature tips for all those who like to read. I also do that in the evenings or on weekends, when I have a little time and I’m done with my work. There are some really great books. One classic book is 20 000 Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne. I read that when I literally lived 16 days beneath the surface of the sea on my NEEMO mission. In my case I was only 20 000 millimetres below the surface, not 20 000 miles, which corresponds to exactly 20 metres and that was in preparation for future missions to Mars. During NEEMO, we tried out new concepts and in my free time I read this book. It really is a great book, and also signed by all participants of the mission. Another great book that I’m currently reading, that inspires me, also has an historical background: The Nebra Sky Disc. This book shows very well, that people here in Germany 3600 years ago, already had a lot of knowledge about happenings in the sky, moon movements, also the Pleiades, the movement of the sun etc. and people had already been engaged with the topic of space and cosmos, that was already very important at that time. It has always inspired people and I think we can learn a lot from this. At the same time, of course I have to continue to study in my home office mainly languages. As I need to speak Russian, I also have to keep up my Russian language learning. I have my books with me, but I also have online language lessons with my teacher. So, that’s how I keep myself busy, and I hope you’re not bored at home either. All the best, be brave and together we’ll make it through!

Stephen Childs


  1. Uma boa sugestão …Para viajarmos pelo espaço já que na Terra se vive um momento de terror!! Como dizia alguém para viajar basta existir, e é verdade!! Viajamos pelo Universo e espantamo-nós com ele!! Saúde para todos …e extrapolar a nossa imaginação…

  2. Here in Brazil, we are going through the experience in relation to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). I think that social isolation is not good for any human being, mainly because it separates us from our loved ones. But we have to do our part, donating a little bit of us. And the best weapon against the virus are two essential points: first, it concerns the information chain, through spoken, written and televised press vehicles, with total transparency on the part of our governments; second and fundamental: it is to get rid of prejudice in relation to race and ethnicity in favor of individual and collective well-being, for a better life.

  3. Freut mich zu hören dass es euch Astronauten gut geht, hoffentlich könnt ihr bald wieder richtig trainieren und für die Missionen euch Vorbereiten. Das bekommst du hin Matthias 👍💪🚀

  4. Herr Maurer und seine Arbeit sind ja sowieso schon sehr inspirierend, aber ihn in diesem Video einfach sprechen zu hören über die derzeitige Situation hat mich dann doch mehr aufgebaut, als ich dachte. Danke, dass du das möglich machst, ESA!

  5. Come on ESA, you guys need VR with some space game on it so the poor astronauts can get their fix. 😛

    Glad to hear you guys are also taking this damn pandemic seriously, is everything shut down now then? Or do you still have some skeleton crew running everything?

  6. Apollo 11 poster is the only photo showing Neil Armstrong near the lunar lander "Eagle " in July 1969 #MoonwatchUniverse

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