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  1. They should be able to put A electric fence up. Or motion detectors where they start shooting the guns automatically. Just my opinion they will never learn. But they will start dying off. Might not be today next year but it will come.

  2. Let the protesters pay the so called asylum seekers way . Sick to the back teeth of paying for peoples free ride .

  3. The House of Zuniga is a powerful Spanish noble family that works for the House of Bourbon and House of Habsburg which are intermarried and still have an alliance. The Imperial House of Habsburg ruled over Spain for a period of time. I believe the Zunigas are part owners of the La Familia Michoacana cartel in Mexico founded by Carlos Mendoza. Miguel Sierra Zuniga is a Mexican politician today in Queretaro not far from the Michoacana region. The Zuniga family has married in with the Mendoza clan with Alonso Diego Lopez of Zuniga-Guzman-Sotomayor and Mendoza. They likely have part ownership in the Sinaloa Cartel which was recently headed up by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. The Zuniga family frequently married in the Guzman family. Guillermo Zuniga-Martinez was a recent Mexican politician. The Zuniga family have often been members of the Order of the Golden Fleece which is headed up by Archduke Karl von Habsburg and King Felipe VI of Spain. The Zuniga family served the Spanish Crown as governors and military leaders through out the Spanish Empire including in Peru and Mexico. The Zuniga family have also been Knights of the Order of Calatrava and Order of Montesa which are continuations of the Knights Templar of Aragon. They have held dozens of titles of lordship through out the Spanish Empire including the title of Dukes of Valero in Salamanca. Valero Energy is a gas corporation located in Texas and named after their dukedom. The Valero family have made an alliance with some Irish elitists through Eamon de Valera a former President of Ireland whose father was a Spanish Valera. Valero Energy bought Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing which was founded by Irish immigrants. The House of Zuniga and their Beauclerk cousins likely have large shares in Valero Energy which has about 44 billion in assets.

    Valera, Venezuela is named after an agent of their Spanish dukedom of Valero and today Jorge Valera is a Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations. The family also governed in Peru and there is a Valera District there. Peru is a major exporter of cocaine in the world and provides cocaine to Mexican drug cartels including La Familia Michoacana. Gaspar de Zuniga the 5th Count of Monterrey was a Viceroy of Peru. Cipriano de Valera was the editor of the original translated Spanish Bible. The Zuniga family produced several Catholic cardinals. They employed the Jewish Valero banking family which set up the first private bank in Palestine under Jacob Valero who migrated into Palestine from the Habsburg's Austrian Empire financing their interests as well as interests for the Russian government. Jacob's son was Haim Aharon Valero who further developed the bank and made business deals with the Rothschild and Montagu banking families and used the Valero Bank to purchase land for their Zionist takeover. The Valero banking family were agents of the House of Habsburg and House of Zuniga which gained much of their power serving the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V von Habsburg the King of Spain. I believe the House of Zuniga are still loyal to the House of Habsburg. Today Pedro Tous of Monsalve and Ceballos-Zuniga is the Marques of San Fernando and the head of the House of Zuniga along with his sisters Maria Del Carmen Tous of Monsalve and Ceballos-Zuniga and Rosario Tous of Monsalve and Ceballos-Zuniga. The Zuniga family held the claims of Dukes of Bejar and have married in with the Martinez family. Today Duke Rafael Martinez of Bejar holds this claim as representative of the House of Zuniga. The Beauclerk family were Dukes of St. Albans and married in with Spanish nobility. Charlotte Mary Beauclerk of British nobility is the current Marchioness of Valero, Spain.

  4. Some patriot needs to fire a few shots into the air … just to see how fast those trespassers can get off the top of that fence … which happens to belong to the American people.

  5. Just send them back to their countries ; their government has to assume the expenses

  6. The illegal immigration problem can easily be resolved! Instead of demonizing the refugees, how about jailing those people/companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants? It's very simple…they will keep coming because they know they can get jobs in dairy farms, slaughter houses, restaurants, car washes, laundromats, hotels and countless other industries. I see clips of ICE raids rounding up illegal workers at factories and farms, but not one of those arrested is the manager, foreman or owner. Americans are screaming and complaining about illegal immigration but gladly hire these immigrants! THAT'S CALLED HYPOCRISY! Even tRump is guilty of having numerous illegal immigrants working in his golf courses and hotels! Start throwing some of these so called "businesses men" in jail or heavily fining them and you'll see these jobs evaporate and no more migrants! Will prices go up? YES! But what's the problem? You pay an AMERICAN a decent wage to do that job and we get rid of these awful "invaders", right? So before you wrap yourself in the American flag and beat your chest proclaiming to be a patriot, think about the REAL root cause of the problem. There is a simple law of economics…"you can't have supply without demand!" 🤓
    Ironacally, The GOP has refused to properly enhance the E-verify program! Why? Because many of their constituents in farming districts would suffer without ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

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