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Are you cutting off your nose to spite your
face? Hey everybody, it’s Jay Baer with Jay Today,
where I give you a piece of my mind three minutes at a time. Still in Orlando, out here
for the SocialMedia.org Brands-Only Summit at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel. Interesting thing here at the Grand Floridian
Hotel, apparently this is true all over Disney World in Orlando. If you buy a soda, like
this one right here, on the bottom of the cup is this microchip. So the way this works,
as you get your soda, you have to put your soda on a special shelf in order to fill the
drink. If you don’t put it on the shelf, it won’t actually dispense any soda. When you do that, there’s actually a video
screen above your cup, and it says, “You have three refills left until 2:00 this afternoon.”
Or, “You have two refills left.” It actually counts the number of refills and gives you
three refills within three hours. Pretty remarkable technology. But I wonder: What does that technology cost
to implement? You have to have all kinds of lasers and computer screens at every soda
machine, plus every single cup has to have a microchip on it. I’m like, “Geez, is there
such a problem at Disney World with extra soda drinking that they have to install technology
that is this robust and expensive? What does it cost them to give away a soda? Is it like
six cents or five cents? It can’t be that much in terms of raw materials.” Then I start thinking, Scrooge McDuck is a
Disney creation. It just seems a little bit, I don’t know, cheap. It made me remember a case study from my book,
“Youtility,” from Holiday World. Holiday World is a family owned amusement park in Santa
Claus, Indiana. Not too far from my house. Their stock in trade is the exact opposite
of this. At Holiday World, they actually give you soda
for free, as much soda as you want, whatever kind of soda you want, as many free refills
as you want, with no microchip. You can drink soda until you pass out for free at Holiday
World. Obviously, there are a lot of other differences
between Disney and Holiday World. But just out of curiosity, I looked up the TripAdvisor
ratings. For this hotel, Disney’s Grand Floridian, 57% of their TripAdvisor reviews are 5 stars.
For Holiday World, 80% of their TripAdvisor reviews are 5 stars. Sometimes I wonder, in our zeal to be cost
efficient and effective and make sure that no one is pulling a fast one on us and drinking
too many free sodas, I wonder if we don’t actually cause ourselves more harm in terms
of our relationship with our customers than we are actually causing good. To me, I think
Holiday World is on the right track and maybe we can do without the microchips in the cups. Today’s Sprout Social Shoutout is for my friend,
Andy Sernovitz. Andy is the CEO of SocialMedia.org. Puts together this fantastic event here, among
others, and had me come out and speak to the good folks in this organization. You should
follow him on Twitter. He’s a New York Times best-selling author of a book about word-of-mouth
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Jay Today. See you soon. Thanks.

Stephen Childs

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  1. *Are You Cutting Off Your Nose? – #JayToday * 

    Are you cutting off your nose to spite your face?

    I'm coming to you from Orlando, FL, where the feeling of @Disney World roams wild. And I noticed that one of the things Disney has implemented is a #technology system that measures how many refills you get on the #soda you bought. Using a #microchip on the bottom of the cup and a video screen above that displays how many refills you have left.

    This reminded me of a case study that I did for Youtility on Holiday World. At Holiday World, you get soda for free. It's true: You can #free drink soda until you pass out at @Holiday World 

    There are a lot of differences between Holiday World and Disney World, of course, but how much do you think this fancy soda #measurement cost to implement? And it is really helping their bottom line or their customers? 

    Sometimes I wonder if we don't actually cause ourselves more harm than good. And maybe we could do without microchips in our soda cups.

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