Arcusys wishes You Happy Holidays (Case: Santa Corp.)

You might know the guy in the picture He’s the one who has to answer to almost 2 billion kids in the world and travel over 300 million miles on Christmas Eve So you may wonder how does he do it? Well, let me tell you a secret Santa Claus uses Valamis. It’s a Learning Experience Platform used by large corporations like Santa Corp, mr. Claus’ organization Santa’s little helpers have centuries of experience and are part of the culture at Santa Corp. Every year new toys are coming out and Santa’s little helpers need to learn how to build them quickly and efficiently. With robots, and AI entering the workforce Santa wanted to rescale his elves quickly to meet his business goals without losing his dear employees or time. Valamis then aligned learning materials with business goals. Now all Santa’s stakeholders’ learning experiences are personalized based on Valamis learning analytics determined by their learning style, role previous experience, and previous training accomplishments. Valamis saves all this information and can for example tell Santa how many elves have met the new compliance regulations. Even Santa’s toys need to comply with strict regulation so toys are safe Santa and his little helpers can be connected all the time as Valamis has good online and offline features. Santa doesn’t even need to carry a laptop bag with him as Valamis can fit right into his pocket as a mobile app. So there you go; There’s no magic behind Santa’s effective operations. It’s Valamis – Learning Experience Platform You will be amazed what is possible with the right kind of tools and people.

Stephen Childs

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