Any One of Us (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

in mountain biking
was living every kid’s dream.ANNOUNCER:This is 29-year-old,
Paul Basagoitia.
This guy is such a legend
of the sport.
It seems like we’re rock stars.
It’s a pretty good living,
that’s for sure. You almost need something
very bad to happen to you…to appreciate the little things
in life.
PAUL: I can’t move my feet. DOCTOR: We got this nasty
burst fracture.There is a solid chance
that he’s not gonna walk again.
I’ll never be back on my bike. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ First thing that you hear
when you open your eyes after a spinal cord injury
is, “You’re never gonna walk again.” What do you mean
I’m never gonna walk again? That’s when we launched off
the overpass. I dove off the back of the boat
and hit the bottom of the river. I fell out the window
and hit the ground. It’s everybody’s worst
nightmare. PAUL:Everybody’s here at
the hospital for the same reason
and it’s, you know,
because you’re paralyzed. PAUL:This isn’t a broken bone
where 12 weeks
I can cut a cast off.This is a lifestyle.From here on out,
it’s gonna be a rough road.
Just want to walk, man,
just get these legs moving.
MAN:If you sustained a spinal
cord injury and you survived,
you’ve got a second chance.You shouldn’t waste it.I could beat this,
I can do something. I’m better off failing,
opposed to never trying. WOMAN:Reality of life
is that there’s human suffering.
Suffering is something
that you endure. NICOLE MUNK:
It’s gonna get better, babe.
Love you so much.
PAUL:She made it clear that
we’re gonna do this together.
MAN:I just have a whole
different outlook on life.
I try to be thankful
for what I do have. PAUL:Everybody thinks there’s
no hope with this injury…
♪ (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) ♪I truly believe there is.♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

Stephen Childs

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