Angelina & Liam’s Happy Holidays in London – On the go with EF #110

Hi guys! We’re in London and, I don’t know about you,
but I am super excited for this day. So am I. The city is really festive
and you can feel the holiday spirit. We’re going to take a look at some amazing
holiday decorations here around London. Look at this gorgeous holiday tree here.
Isn’t it beautiful? Very beautiful. A big thing here in London are these
window decorations at Harrods, which is a department store
that you might have heard of. Every year they do something extravagant and I’m really excited to see
what they’ve done this year. Me, too, and we’re off to a flying start.
We are, yes. We’ve got a bear over there.
I hope I get as many gifts as this bear. Have you been nice this year?
I try to be nice. I would say the same thing about me. These are amazing. Imagine wearing one of these …
well, maybe not for you, maybe. But I would wear one of these
to a party or something. Yeah, sure.
I’m starting to notice an animal theme. We’ve got a nice snow leopard here. It’s also got a gift.
They’re all guarding the gifts. Exactly. They’ve got some ferocious animals
so that nobody can steal the presents. Only reserved for nice people, right? Here’s another animal. It’s not as dangerous.
It’s a cute little bunny. I think bunnies can be pretty
fierce if they want to be. They can be. What have we got here?
A nice wolf? I think it’s a wolf.
A nice white wolf. From what I understand, all the
designers have picked which animal they want to have in their window display and
the animal kind of represents the collection. Like the zebra, Carolina Herrera values
family and a unique personal style. Every zebra has different types of stripes, right? They’re not exactly the same,
so it makes sense with the unique personal family and also that they value family
because they’re pack animals. That was a good connection
you made there. Very clever! Thank you! That’s a nice mountain goat.
More animals. Harrods is the biggest department store in Europe with seven floors, 90,000 square metres
and 330 different departments. It was established in 1849 by Charles Henry Harrod
who had a special interest in tea trading. Funny story: it was actually only ever meant to be
a single room store that sold tea and groceries, which is quite funny considering
what it has become today. I wonder how that change came
about from such humble beginnings to a very exclusive department store.
You never know what the future holds. What an amazing and huge building Harrods is, right?
Yeah, and the decorations were really nice. I liked the theme with the different animals. But, to be honest, I’m in the mood for something
a little bit more active. Are you down? Yeah. I’m down. Let’s do it. Okay, this is what I had in mind.
We’re going to go ice skating. Oh my goodness. I haven’t skated in so long.
Me neither. This is the best idea ever. I’m so excited.
Amazing. Let’s go! There’s a beautiful holiday tree in the middle that you can just skate around
and get in the festive spirit! Alright. Are you ready? I think so.
Oh wow. I’m a bit nervous, though, to be honest.
Are you? I’ve never really been good at ice skating
and it’s been a while, so let’s see how it goes. I used to figure skate when I was little,
but mind you, I was six or seven. I’m expecting something magnificent.
Don’t expect anything great from me. Alright. Let’s go!
Oh my gosh. I feel like Bambi on the ice.
Wait for me. He’s really good. Why are you so good at this?
How do you think it’s going so far? It’s going better than I thought. How about you?
Yeah, it’s going alright, actually. I feel like you’re really good at skating. Do you watch a lot of figure skating
or ice hockey or something like that? I haven’t really watched it in a while,
but when they do the Olympics, I think it’s pretty fun to watch
because everyone is so good. Yeah. I want to do a pirouette,
but I will fall over for sure. Oh, yeah. Do it. Are you ready?
Yeah. Keep your balance on one skate and go. No. I can’t. That was close. Hey. Can you go backwards?
I haven’t tried. I’m not very good. Wait. I can do it.
Look at this. Look at me go! You’re better than me. Oh wow. It’s hard, right?
It’s hard. Yeah. I’m going to try to …
What are you going to do? Something properly, you know, when you cross over.
What? No. I can’t. Hey. That wasn’t too bad.
You did it! This is so fun. Well, that was nice.
It was so much fun. I’m impressed by your skating. You are so much better than what
you made yourself out to be. I did surprise myself a little bit,
but you did well as well. Do you think so? What was your favourite trick that you did?
Because you were pretty good. Doing this crossover thing. I don’t know what it’s
called, but when you go like this with your feet. You did it well, too. I did it better than I thought I would.
I definitely thought I was going to fall down. Thanks for taking me here. I loved it.
You’re welcome. It was very nice. Should we sit down maybe
and get something to drink? Yeah. Hot chocolate would be nice.
Yeah. How nice is this? Yep. That’s good. This is real chocolate.
This is just what we needed. Do you have any special favourite
things that you do for the holidays? I like the fact that you take time off
and you spend time with your family. That’s the main thing, I think.
Yeah, that’s nice You sit at home and watch some holiday movies.
Yeah. The Grinch. Have you seen it? The Grinch? Of course, I’ve seen it.
The Grinch is a classic. Jim Carrey is probably one of my
all-time favourite actors. I love the Grinch. Home Alone?
Yeah, obviously. It’s almost socially unacceptable to watch it in
the summertime, you know? That would be weird. Yeah, but I’ve done it, though.
You have? I have. I just loved how festive the ice skating
was with the big holiday tree and all the lights. London is a great place to come
during the holiday season because they really put a lot
of effort into their decorations. It’s really nice to see all the decorations during
the day, but I think that once the sun sets …. That’s when the magic happens.
The sun is starting to go down. Yeah. Do you think we should start
heading over to look at some lights? Yeah.
Let’s go. Okay. So, now we’re on Regent Street. As you can see, they’ve made these amazing
decorations with angels shining bright over the city. If you come here in November,
that’s when they switch on the lights and, apparently, that’s a huge deal.
There’s lots of things happening, lots of people and it’s really fun, so, if you’re
here in November, you’re in for a treat. I wonder how long it takes for them
to put up each decoration and each light? Yeah. How do they even get up there? They must have some sort of
ladder or crane or something. Really tall ladders. There’s a different mood when
you come here this time of year. It’s really the best time to come here, I think.
I agree. I’m just having such a good time. I am really in the holiday mood.
I am, too! Jingle bells. Different tempo. That was bad.
Okay. One, two, three. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a
one-horse open sleigh. Hey! What a fun day we’ve had, guys.
I really enjoyed ice skating. That was amazing. And I loved seeing the holiday lights here, too.
Me, too. What’s your favourite holiday? Leave a comment below and the
best comment can win this gift. Oooh. Nice. Don’t forget to watch the next episode
because our new EF vlogger, Asia, is going to show you her hometown, Vancouver.
We’ll see you then. Happy Holidays! Bye!

Stephen Childs


  1. Hi, my favorite Holiday is Christmas first of all because I love the atmosphere is so magical. I really love to go out and buy gifts for my friends and see the amazing lights arounds the streets.
    I love make the Christmas tree with lovely decoration and beautiful lights and the nativity scene ( mine is magical because is
    I really like Christmas day when I put some Christmas music in the background and with my family I open the gifts. After that I love to drink a hot chocolate in front of my wonderful fire place. I love Christmas for me is traditional and magical!! Thanks for your vlog on the go I love it.😁

  2. My favorite holiday is new years day. Because I like eat food. In Japan we cat eat osechi, which's like tower box in various Japanese dishes.

  3. Hi, my favourite holiday is definitely Christams because it is a time of my family reunion when we can spend some quality time together. Atmosphere is amazing with snow, lightening, smiling people. Giving presents and seeing how it made my family happy is unforgettable experience. And I love putting Christams decorations and eating our specialities😊😊

  4. In my opinion, it would be great to say that my favourite holiday is Christmas. It is one of the best holidays because families reunion every time and spend time together. By the way, there are lots of things I like about this holiday. First of all, shining decorations are everywhere so it makes special Christmas mood. Then, I usually meet my friends and go for a walk with them. And my favourite part is singing Christmas songs with people I know: relatives, mates and close friends. Besides, I'm fond of watching some films: "Home alone", "the Grinch" and others. To sum up, it is obvious that people like this holiday. ❄️😍🧣

  5. My favorite celebration is the good night, because I can share with my family, besides it is a party to help. others For me the most important thing about this celebration is love and reconciliation than a gift.

  6. My favourite holiday is Halloween! It's the best of the bests! I really love it, because I enjoy dressing up, doing make up and feeling the atmosphere of all that nice stuff like witches, goblins, pumpkins. Well, maybe not that nice, but spooky…hehe. I love the colours – orange and black, also, the tradition of carving Jack-o-lantherns and playing spooky quests. This all is simply outstanding! Halloween is my second favourite day in a year after my Birthday haha)) However, here in Russia people do not celebrate it everywhere, but I definitely do) Thank you for the atmosphere of joy and Christmas that you shared through the video, because here we do not have snow and no atmosphere of Christmas or New Year at all…


  8. My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is simply the most wonderful time of the year !! I love it for its precious moments with family, the food, decorations…

  9. Actually, every holiday is my favorite holiday. I like traveling on holidays.

  10. Hey ! When I think about holidays, I can say that each of them is special for me . But my favorite holiday is New Year’s Day and every year I look forward to celebrating it with my family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🎄🎄🎄

  11. My favorite holiday is Christmas bc all my family get together and we can do activities like cook or karaoke.

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