Ancient Government : Quaestor

the roman senate the Questor The Queastor was
a public official serving in the senate of ancient rome this world varied in
responsibilities throughout the centuries but would be seen as an early
step on the political ladder of the senate the earliest-known Questor was a
questa with judicial power this office dated back to the Kingdom of Rome where
Queastor were chosen to investigate Capitol crimes this role was likely
appointed as needed rather than being a permanent position it was during one
Republic that questioners were usually a former broad striped Tribune Quaestors
were also regarded it’s been the first official post in the course of offices
they are almost always a member of the practition group who were the upper
class of Rome once you were elected Quaestor you earned the right to sit
in the Senate and begin the process of climbing up the political ladder in this
timeframe that could only be two Quaestor duty of these two questioners
was to simply maintain the public treasury located in the temple of Saturn
this involved taking in funds and deciding who to pay them to these roles
would continue in much the same fashion this was until 421 BC when a number of
Quaestor was doubled to four while two questions continued the same duties as
before these two new Quaestor had additional responsibilities with each
being service to one of the consuls when these consoles went to war
each was assigned one Quaestor when in service to a consul the Quaestor main
responsibilities involved a distribution of war spoils between the public
treasury and the army however the key responsibilities of these Quaestor was
the administration of public funds to higher ranking officials in order to
pursue goals of the office these goals would involve even military conquests
requiring fundraising and pain armies or public work projects during the time of
the Roman Empire the office was reorganized into a judicial position
known as the questio Sicario Poli this office functioned as the primary
legal adviser to the Emperor and was also responsible for the creation of
laws during the Byzantine Empire notably under the Emperor Justinian the first an
additional office named Quaestor was created to control police and judicial
matters in Constantinople in this role the Quaestor was responsible for wills
as well as supervision our complaints by tenants regarding their landlords thank
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