Amir Tsarfati: Special Update: The Coronavirus in the Middle East, USA & Europe

AMIR: Shalom, Everyone,
this is Amir Tsarfati, and I am live here
from my home in Galilee. And with me today is Pastor Brent
Harrell from Calvary Chapel of Rome and Pastor Barry Stagner from Calvary
Chapel of Tustin in Southern California. Gentlemen, Shalom. PASTOR BARRY: Shalom, can you hear me?
PASTOR BRENT: Shalom. AMIR: Listen, we’re
gonna start with what everyone in Israel is
doing right now at 6:00 p.m. We’re all clapping,
we’re all applauding for the medical teams,
the doctors, the nurses, and all the responders, the first aid,
and all of that all around the world. But we’re doing it for the Isrealis
you can do it for your own people. So we’re gonna take
10 to 20 seconds and just clap like — and my
family, come over here. We are clapping;
everybody in Israel right now is outside in the
streets, in the balcony. And we’re all
clapping our hands. Ariel, can you come to
the camera; there you go. Wonderful; so thank you guys. Again, Shalom, everyone,
this is Amir Tsarfati, and I’m live from
Galilee, from my home. With me today on this special
Middle East update, which is no longer a Middle East
update; it’s a world update. It’s Pastor Brent from Rome, Italy, and
Pastor Barry from California, from the U.S. And together,
we’re going to speak on several things. A) What is going on right now in the
Middle East and Europe and in America. B) What is it that we can take out of it, I
mean, as far as what is behind the scenes? We’re gonna also look into what are
the good sides of this whole thing? But at the end, we will
also want to give all of you a very reassuring
message of hope and of peace because this is not
the end of the world. Although it may look like it,
it is definitely not the case. So Pastor Brent, would
you do us the favor and the honor and start it
with a prayer, shall we? PASTOR BRENT: Would love to; let’s pray. Lord, we are just so grateful
for number one, just Your Son, Jesus, the gift that You gave
us in just giving Him as a sacrifice and providing love and
grace and forgiveness and salvation to
each one of us, Lord. We’re grateful that we can use technology
to be together tonight all over the world. We thank You for Amir; we thank You for
what You’re doing with Behold Israel. Lord, thank You that I
could get to know Barry, and just all that are
watching and with us tonight. Lord, we know that You’re with
us; Lord, You are omnipresent. And Lord,
You are in control; You are sovereign. And we just look to You
tonight, even, Lord, today, whatever time it may
be, wherever in the world, Lord, You’re on the throne. We love You, we praise
You, we worship You. And we just want You to lead and guide and
direct our thoughts and our conversations, exhort and encourage your people;
if necessary, bring rebuke, Lord. Just have Your way,
and we just give You this time in Jesus’ name,
be glorified, Lord, Amen. AMIR: Amen, Amen. Okay, so, guys, Pastor
Brent, this is the first time you’re live with us on this
update that we do once a week. At least we used to
do it once a week, now it’s gonna be three
times a week probably. Pastor Barry, everybody knows
you already on this platform. Pastor Brent, you are a
senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Rome, Italy, not Rome,
elsewhere in the United States. And I’ve known you for a long time. I even came and spoke
at your church in Rome, in the suburb of Rome, Tor Bella
Monaca, yes? PASTOR BRENT: That’s right. AMIR: Tor Bella Monaca, and at
least twice, if not three times. Pastor Barry, you are
over there and holding the fort over there
in Southern California minutes or seconds or
days before, maybe, a martial law ordered by your
very interesting Governor. PASTOR BARRY: Great point and
diplomatic way to put that. AMIR: I don’t want to insult
anyone today, but I also — we need to understand, folks, the numbers in
the coronavirus are quite interesting. First of all, over 177 countries have been
already affected by the coronavirus. And the precise number is 177
countries and territories. Not to mention there is still the
Diamond Princess cruise ship that is right there off the coast of
Japan, which is a territory by itself. And we are looking at the definitely
linear way of infections and death that is still on the very sharp
rise up all over the world where the numbers, the official
numbers are 228,708 cases 9377 deaths, and recovered, we have 86,254
cases of recovered people from coronavirus. Gentlemen, let’s agree that this is
not the deadliest disease at all. I mean, by far, it’s maybe
10 to 15% of what the seasonal flu is all about,
am I right, Pastor Barry? You know, you’ve said that for
the longest time; am I right? PASTOR BARRY: Well,
yeah, and, you know, just thinking here in the
United States back in 2009, we had the Swine Flu,
the H1N1 that swept through the country. There were over 30
million infections or virus-positive tests
here in the United States. 12,469 people died
during that time. And you know, the comparisons, you know,
by far, you know, put this in a category which obviously we need to be
concerned when people are dying, and especially the elderly
and those who are already compromised in their health
in some form or fashion. But no, it is nothing close to
things that we have seen in the past. And you know, Amir, I think the important
thing to point out on a positive note is that recent statistics show that
81% of people have mild-to-no symptoms. So what that tells us
is that when you drive up the number of
actual positive test cases, that drives down the percentage
of the fatality rate, and we’re seeing these 3 to 4%, somewhere
between 3%, 4% of a fatality rate. But in actuality, because there are
so many people who are untested, so many people who
would test positive, the fatality rate by some
of the microbiologists and others that
are studying this say it’s likely less than 1%,
probably even down 0.5%. AMIR: I see; Pastor Brent, Italy
is in the headlines right now. Last night it was — what we
were reported — or this morning — was that the last 24
hours was the deadliest of all, with over 400 cases, death
cases over one day, within one day. In other words, this is:
you are reaching point of what China reported
as their total death toll. Now I don’t buy the Chinese
numbers to begin with, but I also think that you can
give us a better perspective of the unbelievable number of
death toll and infected people. So first of all, tell us what the flu
is like in Italy in a normal year. Let’s say, two years ago, three years
ago, how many people died of flu in Italy? PASTOR BRENT: I’ve been
looking at all this for weeks, reading, looking, trying to find statistics,
looking on all the official sites. The National Institute of Health,
the Health Institute here, which is the ISS, and the Protezione
civile, all the official sites. And you know, the numbers
are kind of an average, and what I keep kind of finding
is it averages somewhere. It’s about — the low estimates
are about 10,000 annually. I’ve seen you know, the study that
you and I worked on? AMIR: Yes. PASTOR BRENT: I’m looking at
yesterday, there are upwards of 25,000, but it’s definitely a great
discrepancy between the reaction to this virus, which I think
didn’t do anybody any help, and like what Barry was
saying, I think with the media attention, the sensationalizing
of it, the politicizing of it, it didn’t do anybody any good
anywhere, especially here in Italy. I think it was about a week
ago I kind of asked just to see if I actually knew anybody
that knew anybody that had it. And it kind of provoked some
emotional reactions on social media. But I still don’t know
anybody that knows anybody. But the numbers, you know,
like what Barry was saying, you know, like here I have
even some doctors in my church. I was just talking
to one of them today, and I was asking him about the amount of
kits, you know, the tests, because that seems to be a
big part of the conversation. But I could never find
any numbers for Italy. How many tests or kits
did we have or do we have? And the kind of story I was getting is that
they’re not even really testing people, you know, unless
you come in with grave conditions where you know
you need intensive care. There’s just not a lot of testing
going on from what I can see. So like what Barry was saying,
the numbers of people that may have it that have mild
cases and don’t get tested and don’t get included in the statistics,
the mortality rate is high in Italy. It does kind of freak people out. But at the same time, you
have to recognize that one thing that I think that would help
calm everybody down a little bit, and this isn’t, you know, I’m not
happy about it, but just the fact that the average age of people
dying here is like 80 years old. You know, I saw
there’s just a few cases under the age of 60,
and almost all of those, almost all of those — I saw an
article out today that said 99%, but almost all of them had preconditions,
serious, serious health issues like cardiac issues, respiratory,
pulmonary, cancerous type things. So I think that should kind of help
bring the volume down just a little. It is serious. I think Italy is doing
what they need to do. I think it should have
been done way sooner if they were to determine
that it was that serious. You know, there were
thousands of people up in the North in what was
being called the “red zone.” You know, a couple of weeks
ago, people were still traveling out of that zone and taking
it on into the rest of Italy. Those are, I think, just a
couple of things to consider at the outset that might
kind of — it is serious. The hospitals are overwhelmed. We can get into that
a little bit later, you know, maybe as to
my thoughts about that. But yeah, it’s definitely something
that needs to be taken serious. But at the same time, not everybody
is just going to get this and die. Italians are not
dying in the streets. AMIR: Okay, well, that’s good
to know, but this is where I think I want to clarify something to
everyone that is watching us right now. And by the way, just
so you know, we’ve got a record number
of viewers right now, at the moment, watching us simultaneously
from literally all over the world. What people need to
understand is that this is a regular coronavirus family issue of
respiratory system that is known. There’s nothing that is unknown. In fact, all the test kits that
people have now are regular test kits for coronavirus that
existed in the last 15 16 years. They were testing kits
for SARS and for MERS. That’s why, by the
way, just so you know, Israel received in a Mossad
operation overnight 100,000 test kits from a country that we
don’t even have any relations with. And I’m not allowed
to say the country; I will tell you only that
it’s an Arab country. Believe it or not, an Arab
country that dealt with MERS a few years ago with the Middle
East respiratory system failure. And that was also a coronavirus
that attacked them. So we must understand the
coronavirus is nothing new. What’s new about this
particular SARS-CoV-2; that’s the name
of the virus, it’s a 2. It’s the improved version that
I believe was engineered very well to be able to spread faster than
anything we’ve seen before. Why? Because it shows no symptoms
while you can still spread it. In other words,
outside of everybody’s house right now, there could be what
very well is a bunch of people that are — they
look perfectly healthy. They might be strong, they might be even
young, and they play around. They go to the movie theater,
they play in the basketball arena, they go to the marketplace,
they go to the supermarket. And these people who look
super fit and super healthy, they spread the
virus everywhere. And the only time
you know that you have something is when you
start developing symptoms. And the problem right now is
that because you can actually walk with it without
symptoms for two, three weeks or you actually can walk with it and
no one will ever know you even had it because you recovered from
even without being treated. The problem right now is that
people must stay home in order to stop the contamination,
and they just don’t do that. That’s the problem, and
Pastor Barry, you told me that it’s a summer or spring
vacation right now in Miami, and the cameras over there are showing
the beaches are full of people, am I right? PASTOR BARRY: Yes, they are,
and that’s been a problem in Florida. And, of course, any resort-type area
where there’s a heavy college population or it’s a destination point for
spring break is gonna battle this. And you know,
young people are out there. And like you said, Amir,
they feel great, don’t have any symptoms,
so what’s to worry about? And you know, we,
knowing what’s happening around the world and
the stats I quoted earlier are coming from countries
where there is widespread testing, unlike here in the United States,
and that is what the problem is. I think what you just said is that being
without any symptoms, yet being contagious is why there’s some validity to the
shelter-in-place order that has been given and just being cautionary in these things
is just basic common sense wisdom. But you know, when you’re
hunkered down with your nose in the books for
weeks and months on end and you finally get
a seven-day break, you know, getting outside,
getting outside the dorm, heading down to the beach is very
desirable for young people. And they’ve really been
having a problem down in Florida with this issue of A) The
problem is exactly what you said. You know, you could go home and
kiss Grandma and pass it off. And you could feel
great the whole time. AMIR: You gave her a death kiss in a
way, in some cases, because, you know,
the older people and, you know, obviously have a
much weaker immune system. And by the way, Pastor
Brent, just so you know; only two days ago the EU imposed a
complete closure on the Schengen countries, which finally enabled the EU not to
receive or not to spread this all over. This is probably another
reason why everybody will have to re-examine
the EU to begin with. If Italy was just a
sovereign country that was not part of any other
body such as the EU, Italy could have close its borders and
banned people from coming in instantly. Italy, as far as I understand,
couldn’t even do that because the EU has the final word
here on the Schengen countries. Am I right? PASTOR BRENT: Yeah,
and you know, I mean, I kind of have my own
perspective and opinions on you know, the fact that it
was kind of, I think Italy; they were a little too slow
to action when it came to you know, even flights that were coming
in and out of China, the flow of people. I think, you know, obviously that people
that are beyond Italy and America, you know they had
the opportunity to kind of watch, you
know, what happened and make some of those decisions
a little bit more in advance. And hopefully everybody will kind
of follow the example and see that it is serious, it can spread quickly,
it can kind of get out of control. People can be, you know,
like what Barry was saying, if you’re not thinking that — well,
you may be okay, but you may be a carrier and you may be infecting somebody
that may not be able to handle it. But at the same time, coming
back to the border issue an idea, Biblically speaking — obviously,
that’s a very interesting discussion. AMIR: Which we will
definitely discuss here. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I mean, I think it was all — and that’s the thing about having to
deal with this big kind of bureaucracy. The idea of the European
Union countries not being able to make their own
decisions and act sovereignly. Obviously, everybody’s
starting to kind of rethink the whole border
issue now, you know? So yeah, it’s all very
interesting, but I saw, you know, they were talking
about putting some militant (Audio Froze) different things like that,
so it’s definitely become quickly an issue. AMIR: Yeah, gentlemen, we will have
to address the elephant in the room. And that’s where this thing started. I know that in America
it’s a touchy thing right now to say
the “China virus.” Immediately you’re being
accused for being, you know, racist or whatever, but I
wanna tell you something. A couple days ago,
the president of Serbia; Serbia, it’s obviously an
Eastern European country. The president of Serbia,
which is part of the EU right now, he basically blasted the EU
for doing nothing to help Serbia. And he thanked — listen to this —
he thanked the Chinese for helping them. He thanked the Chinese
for sending them protective equipment and for sending
them testing kits and all that. Do we see something
strange here? Do you understand who is that
biggest winner from this whole thing? Guys, to the best of my knowledge,
80% of the generic medications in America comes from China,
to the best of my knowledge. Maybe I’m even downplaying it,
maybe it could be even worse than that. I’m talking about medicine
from the whole world. Do we understand that
if you really try to look at who is winning and who
is losing in this whole story, we are finding out something
very, very, very scary. Pastor Barry, what do you think? What is the mindset? Because I’ve been hearing from the
White House over the past 48 hours, and you know that because
President Trump is tweeting. He tweeted that “I wish China did
something about the virus earlier.” Three weeks of doing
nothing about it could have, you know, changed
everything now, all of that. But we’re watching
some, you know, people are now thinking and
asking themselves: Okay, who is the biggest
winner from this whole thing? And why would even China allow such
a thing to come out of its labs and say nothing for two-and-a-half to three
weeks and allow it to spread that fast? What is your take on it? PASTOR BARRY: Well, the benefits obviously
are significant, as you pointed out, and there have been steps have
been taken by the President of late to free the United States from their
dependency on Chinese medications. And you know, there’s all kinds
of concerns that have been going on in the world because so many
products are imported from China and, you know, carrying
the virus and knowing it can survive on the
surface for nine days. And all these other things you
know has a negative implication, but at same time, you know,
it’s a supply and demand world. And when people are,
as we have seen in all of our stores, they’re panic buying and they’ve gotta
have their products and all that. You know, there’s a
benefit to that, without question, from products
that are made in China and making their way here. And you know, it’s kind of
curious, Amir, because 1) you know, there’s been a
lot of talk about bio-weapons and weaponized viruses
and all of that kinda thing. And, you know,
simply having something in a test lab where hopefully the
implications were positive results in finding
vaccines and all that. All you have to do is let
it out, and it doesn’t need necessarily any synthetic
resurgence in order to weaponize it. You know it just like releasing
Anthrax or anything else into the culture and society,
it’s going to have its impact. So you know whether or not
this has, you know, basically reading in their stories that
are coming out lately about that and the U.S. seeking to eliminate some
of the heavy burden of Social Security by having the coronavirus
widespread in the United States, doing away with the
elderly population, the greatest generation
here in our country. And these are all things that,
you know, I don’t think that we could just simply sweep
them under the rug and ignore them because there was some very definite action
inaction, I should say, in China. And the report that just came out
yesterday was that had China acted earlier, 95% of the cases in China
would have been prevented. So you know, was their motivation behind
this to just let it go on, run its course and become, you know, outside the Wuhan
area, you know, just community transmitted? That’s really where
we’re at today. And that’s the big concern, I think,
in our country and other countries. It’s not necessarily
the origin and whether it’s the seafood market
or bat soup or whatever. But now it’s moved into the community,
spread, and that’s the real concern. AMIR: Yes, you know that
every — we believe that our battle is not against flesh and blood,
but powers and principalities. We hold on that because
most of the world chooses to just look at the
things that they can see. The biblical perspective
of the believer is that there are things
far above and beyond it. And do you guys agree with me? And you can actually disagree with
me; you can say that, by the way. But I’m just asking you now. Honestly, do you also
see that if we take the camera of the things
that happening in the world and we zoom out to see the global
implications of this whole thing, do you see how the globalists can actually
use this pandemic to promote their agenda? Because, I mean, I’ve seen two
things that bothers me right now. One thing is, of course,
the idea that cash is contaminated, so we better move to
a cashless society. And I’ve seen that already being promoted
in many different places around the world. But the second thing I’m watching
is that there are, at least in America, there is a big, big president
and White House who is a big opponent of the
agenda of the globalists, and it seems like they’re
going to use this as the best way to get him
out of the White House. And by the way, I see the same
thing happening in my country with Benjamin Netanyahu
who is also standing in the gap, trying to stop the complete,
crazy, Progressive Liberal Left from taking over
Israel’s Prime Minister’s office. Now, what else do you guys — by the
way, tell me if you disagree with me. But if you see more things that are on
the global scale in the hidden realm that will eventually come
together as fulfillment of what we see in Bible
prophecy, what else do you see? I mean, Brent,
what is it that you can see? I know you talked
about it earlier. Is there more that you
can see in this whole thing that can play
perfectly into Bible prophecy? PASTOR BRENT: Well, I definitely,
you know, if you adhere to the idea that Europe is the revived
Roman Empire spoken of in Daniel, and you expect something to come
out of Europe, the antichrist, and the things that you see kind
of unfolding in End Times prophecy, then these kinds of
things, what’s going on, especially with this idea
of the tension between the European countries right
now, Germany, France, Italy, you know, just kind of this where, you
know, you see the clay mixed with sand, the weakened kind of revived
Roman Empire, as it were. And you know, any time things
like this happen, I think your mind starts to try to figure out
how could this play into that? And here, you see not
only the weakness of Europe or the division,
that kind of a thing, but you also see the potential
for these power plays, things that are going on
with the economy because this is gonna destroy
the Italian economy. And one of the debates, I
think, that’s happening within Italy right now politically is the fact
that Europe doesn’t want to help. You know,
Europe doesn’t want to cover Italy, and so you kind of have these
individual nations, where they kind of been trying to pay their dues
and try to make this thing work. But then all of a sudden,
when there’s something like this that goes down, they
don’t have the support. And so in my mind, it’s like,
wow, this could really play into, you know, the idea further down the
road you see in Revelation, you know, where, you know, one is taking over
power from several of the other countries and where some of the
other countries are gonna eventually be giving
their power over to that country kinda led by the antichrist,
that kind of a thing. AMIR: Well, obviously
what you what you say is that the EU as-is right
now, it’s not working. They will have to come
up with something more efficient that will give
them more security in a way. PASTOR BRENT: Exactly. AMIR: Daniel is not
speaking, about 30 or 40 countries; he’s
speaking about 10. PASTOR BRENT: Right. AMIR: And that might lead to that. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah. AMIR: Yeah, Pastor Barry, do
you have more to add to what we already said about how
this can play into Bible prophecy? PASTOR BARRY: Absolutely;
I think with, you know, whatever the cause, if it was
intentionally spread or whatever, that’s to a degree irrelevant as it
pertains to the things we’re talking about. Because there is no question that this
is being exploited by the globalist. And, you know, looking back as
we mentioned earlier, the H1N1, there was nothing done in the United
States until there had been 1000 deaths. And you know, some people are throwing
that out there in an accusatory fashion. But you know, it reached a plateau to
where, okay, now we’ve got to step in. You know, we’ve had
160 deaths here in the United States, 50 of
them through repatriation. And so technically
we’ve had, you know, in a community sense, some
110 deaths in our country. and the reaction: locking
down cities, putting people, you know,
nearly under martial law, our governor has implied
that is a next step possibility. And he even packaged it under the banner
of, you know, doing humanitarian aid and using the National
Guard for those purposes. And for me, I think the
fascinating thing about that is it reminds us that
everything that the antichrist is going to do is going to be
packaged with a positive spin. You know what? We’ve got this rampant
disease sweeping the world. We’ve got all — you know,
you include the rapture of the church, and then you’ve got the
financial aspect of it. You’ve got bank accounts that are now
and properties that are now vacated. And you know what, we’re just gonna need
to make sure that we’re tracking everyone. And we’ve got things ramping
up rather interestingly. ID 2020 is now on the
radar where there’s a digital identification point for
every human on the planet. That’s the goal to actually
identify you every single human, which is obviously a precursor
to allowing you to buy or sell. If you don’t have this digital ID and
possibly the bio-tech that goes with it, that allows you to go to the
marketplace and conduct commerce. So yeah, there’s a ton of things that are
very, very interesting and unprecedented that
are happening with the spread of this virus, even here
in the United States. AMIR: So we agree the
virus is being exploited by the globalists
for their own agenda. We agree that it’s not
the virus that is a problem as much as the hysteria
that is being created so it can be exploited for the agenda
of those globalist? Am I right; is that what we’re basically saying here? PASTOR BARRY: Yeah, I
believe so; you know we don’t want to downplay the loss of
life for any of those things or the seriousness of this virus
because it is taking human lives and that’s something that is tragic
and something that we ought to take those steps that are being
taken in order to prevent its spread. But at the same time, you know,
looking at what has happened, and I was telling someone the other
day who asked me this very question, if we look at what’s happened right here
in the United States in the past 30 days, we have shifted from
self-rule to government rule. Basically we are now being controlled
and told what to do, when we can shop. The things going on
here at the local Costco’s and places like that has
just been unbelievable and hoarding and all those
things that have taken place. And now yesterday, I
happened to go to the store like a bazillion other
people looking for eggs. AMIR: So, the toilet paper
is no longer a problem. PASTOR BARRY:
Toilet paper is still a pretty rare
commodity out there. PASTOR BRENT:
We’ll send you some from Italy; I think we’re
doing okay with it. AMIR: I mean, it’s so crazy. I’ve heard so many –there’s so many
jokes here in Israel about this thing. Gentlemen — PASTOR BRENT: One quick thing,
Amir, before you move on, just with this idea of globalism
and now this thing is either impacting or could even be playing
into the globalists’ hands or not. One of the things I was
thinking of; Barry, I think, was just touching on
it there right at the end. What he was talking about with,
you know, you go from just normal life to all of a sudden, now nobody
can move, nobody can do anything. Think about on a global scale what
was happening when this thing hit? I mean, the timing of this
thing in my mind is impeccable. You had Hong Kong that
was basically just upside down, revolution, you know,
which is not good for China. You had — people don’t know this,
I think by and large, at least in America, I know the mainstream
media doesn’t cover hardly at all, even here
in Italy or in Europe. But in France, they’ve been
protesting in the streets for a year. AMIR: I know, and the French
TV does not cover any of this. The French TV does
not even cover it. And you know who covered it by the
way, Pastor Brent? You know who covers it the most? The Russians, RT, the Russians
cover it — I mean, as much as I don’t like the Russian propaganda,
but at least there’s a camera there. Don’t listen to what
they say, but look at what is going on and,
yeah, I agree with you. PASTOR BRENT: But my
point is just that you know, a lot of the European states after what
happened with Trump in America, this idea of kind of nationalism
or getting away from globalism, trying to get back our
sovereignty kinds of things, that was really starting
to bubble up and take root. And all of a sudden with
just a little virus, now all of a sudden, no protesting anywhere
because the government’s now — So in just in that vein,
I think the globalist that they could be using it to
their advantage in that sense. I think it could also play
against them in other ways. But I think… AMIR: Interesting, yeah, guys,
both of you are pastors, you have churches. I know, Brent, you have a smaller church. You’re in the front lines there in
Europe, in almost godless Europe. You’ve been sent or you actually
moved out of the United States. What state originally in the U.S.
did you came from, what city? PASTOR BRENT: Boise, Idaho. AMIR: Boise, Idaho, exactly. And you came all the
way to Italy with your wife. And at that time you had no
children, am I right? PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, started with zero, yep. AMIR: Yeah, and then
Pastor Barry, you have a much larger church
in Southern California, and both of you are unable to
teach at church in front of people. I mean, we moved to a different era where
the new church is the online church. Pastor Barry, how
do you take it after all those years where you
said exactly the opposite? PASTOR BARRY: Yeah, we were talking
a little about that off-camera. That you know, for years we told
people, “Get up and go to church. You know, watching online,
is not going to church.” And now we’re telling people,
“Hey, get online and go to church.” And hey, thank the Lord
that we have this medium to reach out, otherwise,
there’d be nothing. AMIR: Has it been working for you guys? Have you tested it; it’s
working, the online teaching? I mean, do people log in? And are they watching? Is it really working? PASTOR BARRY: We
haven’t had a service; last week, we
had a live service. We had bodies in the sanctuary
because we hadn’t received a directive from the Orange
County Health Department that we have now received
that there are no gatherings allowed whatsoever
outside of the family unit. So this Sunday will be our first test. We’ve seen, you know, positive responses. You know, we’ve kind of shut
down our Wednesday night service just because, you
know, there’s so many things to do in order
to get this happening. And, you know, so Sunday will
be our kind of our test flight. But one thing that was interesting. One of our pastors was down
at the church to tell people, you know, “Hey, we’re not
having a live service tonight, at least not bodies in the sanctuary,
and not one person showed up. So social media
got the word out. So we’re hoping, you know, Sunday
morning, we’ll have some good attendance. AMIR: Pastor Brent,
you have the same thing, I mean, in Italy,
obviously, very strict. You cannot go and teach at the
church, am I right or am I wrong? PASTOR BRENT: No, we’ve had two
full weeks of no public gatherings. AMIR: Are you
using social media? PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, yeah, so
the way we’ve been sending ours out, live-stream via YouTube, which
we always record that way anyway. Our services are all
in Italian, but we’ve actually had more people
watching our service, our teaching than we even
have that come to our church. AMIR: Because your building is
very small; I remember being there. Yeah, it’s amazing,
amazing, amazing. Here it is a pure American
boy that speaks Italian and preaching in Italian
to the Italian people. Wow; I remember that was a real thing! How many years ago
did you move to Italy? PASTOR BRENT: 20. AMIR: Twenty years ago. And you have three
children, am I right? PASTOR BRENT: Three children. AMIR: Two daughters,
one son. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, my oldest is almost 18. My middle daughter is 15 and my son is 12. AMIR: Okay, Are you allowed
to buy guns in Italy? PASTOR BRENT: No. AMIR: Okay, because
I know your children, I know your daughters;
you do need a lot of guns. PASTOR BRENT: I would
love to have one. AMIR: Yes, and your lovely wife, you
know, she’s carrying that burden with you. Tell us about her for a few seconds. PASTOR BRENT: Well, you know,
I first I want to publicly claim and I don’t want to
embarrass you at all here, but I do want to publicly claim that my
wife did give you the term, shenanigans.” AMIR: Exactly; I was
about to say that. Ever since she taught me
the term “shenanigans,” and she actually talked
about the Italian authorities that are giving her the
headache of trying to read or get something
released from your customs and she said it was shenanigans,
and I’m like shenanigans? Wow, I love that word! I’ve been using it ever since. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, that’s funny.
We’ve seen you use it. PASTOR BARRY: You
appreciate that word, huh? AMIR: You know, guys, for
anyone was watching And if you ever hear me saying
shenanigans, it’s your wife. PASTOR BRENT: Think
of Rome, Rome, Italy, pray for the saints in Rome,
and pray for my wife. AMIR: Yes, and so, Pastor Brent,
how many people can the church – and what are your main things
that you’re dealing with over there? Because it’s a heavy Catholic country,
I mean, the birth of Catholicism, It’s where the Vatican is and all of that. So what do you say? PASTOR BRENT: Well, you know,
right now we’re running about 30 people. But you know, we have three
churches now in the Rome area that we started over the last, really
mainly the last 10, 12 years. We started the first
church about 20 years ago. But you know, the churches
in Europe are fairly small. Typically, you know,
a mega-church is 100 people, that’s a
pretty big church. But usually we
would get it up to about 50 or so and
start another church. So now, by God’s
grace, we’ve got several churches
in the Rome area. They’re bold; they’re all three small and
just plowing the soil and trudging away. You know, I mean in Italy
were considered a cult. AMIR: I know, I
know, I’ve seen it. All the neighbors,
even in the village where you live outside of
the suburbs of Rome, in the very beginning, they
thought that, you know, a very strange guy with a strange
philosophy coming to our area. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah. AMIR: It’s amazing that these
people call themselves Christians, and it’s the Christians that
are being held as a cult. Yeah, I must admit,
having been to your church few times, and I love
speaking in small churches. I’ve seen great respect that you
have in your own neighborhood. They learned to respect you guys. They’re no longer suspecting you as
someone who’s trying to steal souls. And little by little,
you see souls added to the kingdom over there. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, if I
could just say something on that while we’re talking
about it and thinking about it. You know, when it comes to
biblical Christianity in Italy, you’re talking about something that is
very, very, very far from the reality of what’s going on
as far as Catholicism is concerned. You know, if you look like world
operation, a book like that, you’re talking about maybe
they don’t even give us a 1% as far as people that are biblically
born-again in this country. So when you’re talking about the
gospel, the true gospel of grace, Jesus, God who became
man, lived a sinless life, died on the cross,
rose from the dead, and now offers eternal life
as a free gift of grace, if you just receive it by faith,
that is totally foreign in this country. It is heavily works-based,
and even in this situation, this is why I brought this
up, Amir, is because even in this situation, you know,
everybody’s kind of watching. You know, there’s always the stereotype,
and then there’s the news media. Like right now, we’re
all singing off the balconies and things
like that, and that’s great. I’m glad that, you know,
the Italians aren’t just sitting around all depressed and
dying in their houses, as it were. But at the same time, I
think, in my mind, my prayer is that God will use this
situation, as grave as it seems, to humble people’s hearts, to cause this
nation to turn to God in repentance. The conversations I’ve been having with
people that I know that are Catholics, you know,
you gotta understand the Pope here. You know, this last week,
the Pope was going to the Maria Maggiore, the big
church of Mary here in Rome, to bow down and pray before the statue of
Mary, you know, before images of Mary. And so the conversations I’ve been
having with friends and Catholics in the neighborhood and throughout
Italy is that this is idolatrous. This is not biblical. There is only one mediator,
and you need to repent and turn to God, find salvation in Jesus Christ,
and know the goodness of God, the deliverance of God,
the forgiveness of God, the presence of God, the
indwelling of the Holy Spirit. And these things are
like nutty, foreign to the Italian public in general,
as a Catholic nation. So just hopefully everybody
that’s listening that is a believer will pray that we don’t just
kind of do the typical pride, national pride, whether in
America or in Israel or in Italy. That tends to be the
knee-jerk reaction to a situation like this where we’re strong
and we’re gonna rebuild. We’re gonna be better than
ever; you can’t get us down. But I just want everybody
to pray that this doesn’t just get excused is like,
oh, well, we got over that, when God can use this to draw
people’s hearts to the Truth of Jesus Christ and the cross and marked
repentance, if not a great awakening. AMIR: Amen; gentlemen we’re wrapping it
up in a few seconds, in a couple minutes. And give me; each one
of you give me three good things that can come out
of this coronavirus crisis. Pastor Barry, three things you
think that can come out of this? PASTOR BARRY: Well, I think
the first thing is oddly enough because of the directive that
came out here in Orange County, you know,
families are staying home together. And you know, we live in this world where,
you know, so much has entertainment value and all these other things that
we rely on to keep us with a sense of satisfaction are now kind of
getting pushed back into the home. I think also one of the
positives is I kind of like the fact that it’s caused the
church to think outside the box and that’s something that we’re always
wanting to be aware of at our church is that to not just — to
be a church, not to do church, but to be reaching
out into our community. And, you know, I have
long believed and said that the largest portion of
our congregation is online. I mean, there’s more people
watching online than are sitting in the pews, and
that’s always been true. And so, you know,
to take it kind of next level, I think it’s an opportunity to get
the Gospel out further in the world. And also, I think this
has raised awareness as far as where we are in
the prophetic timeline. And I think that is so
crucially important in these days that we recognize
we talked about earlier. That I think my personal
take away on this thing and how quickly things transitioned
into where we’re at now just reminds me constantly of what Jesus
said in the opening verse of Revelation that John was having
things revealed to him that were going to happen
suddenly or in quick succession. Yeah, this pace that is so
escalated where things went from you know, we had
few cases here in the United States to now
we have over 9500 cases, which again, still doesn’t
even come remotely close to the H1N1 or previous viruses
that have impacted our country or just the general flu
that comes every year. And yet here we are,
with a different America. What I was going to say earlier
about going to the store, they were letting five people in a time,
and there were limitations on products. You know, we’re talking
socialism here in the country all the time because one of
the Democratic candidates, but now we saw it actualized in the
sense of only five people in the store, mostly empty shelves, and
rationing, in essence, of the goods. So yeah, there’s a lot of negatives,
but there are positives too. And as Brent was saying,
people turning to Jesus is crucial. AMIR: Yeah, Pastor
Brent, what are the three good things you can
see in this whole thing? PASTOR BRENT: I think one of
those last things mentioned there, you know, in my mind, I’ve been
thinking about this last couple of days. You know, this is like a
gift of God to the world. You know, it’s like people
never get the excuse, the permission, the
opportunity just to slow down, to take some time to be
at home, to be with family, to be in prayer or, you
know, just thoughtful. And to me, that’s kind
of a scheme of the enemy, the devil that just can’t let
people stop one minute and take a breath in order to realize
priorities, things that are important. And so I think that’s one of
the best things that’s gonna come out of this is just people
getting to take a breather. And however you look at
it, you are either getting to or having to think about your
life, your soul, your priorities and get priorities rearranged
and straightened up. You know, it’s like what if you
did — what if we did all die? What if this was the worst
pandemic ever to hit the globe? You know,
are you certain of your salvation? Would you go to Heaven? Are your kids saved,
are your parents saved? Are your neighbors saved? And I think that leads me to the second
thing that I would say is a positive, which is you know, just trying to reach
out, love someone, serve someone. You’re gonna have plenty
of time on your hands. So like we’re doing
right here, get online, talk to some old friends,
reach out to somebody. Maybe your family; call the on the phone. You know, I recently lost
a really good old friend to health issues and
just died way too young. And even in that situation,
I was being reminded of you know, how people take for granted the
people around them, the people they love. AMIR: Yes. PASTOR BRENT: So I think
that would be a positive. And then I think like what Barry was
talking about the church and the way — you know, I was thinking
today of how, in the Book of Acts, you know, the
persecution that hit the church. Jesus told them to go into all
the world and preach the gospel. And they were sitting there,
huddled up in Jerusalem, having a good old time
until persecution hit. And then they were
forced to go to, you know, Judea, Samaria, and
the uttermost parts. And that’s what took the gospel out. And I think this has
definitely given the church an opportunity to stop meeting
inside the four walls of the church and get to know your neighbors better,
pray for them, intercede for them. Talk to them off of the
porch or the balcony. Or, you know, today I told my
wife; I said, I want to put a banner on our balcony that says something
about Jesus and the gospel. You know, people are — AMIR: They’ll have the
time to look at it now. PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, yeah. AMIR: And respond even.
Guys, I want to remind you something. In 2001, I was in New York City
before the Towers came down; I was on them asking a friend of
mine, Pastor of Calvary Chapel, What’s gonna happen if something
is going to hit those buildings? The next day,
something did hit those buildings. They came down and days
later, when I was exposed thanks to my connections
on the Israeli side, when I was exposed to what
was originally the plan — I’m not talking about
what happened, but what should have happened if
everything worked perfectly, then I realized,
okay, it is bad, but I am actually watching
God’s mercies here. Not God’s judgment, because what really
the enemy was about to do was way — I mean literally 95% of the people that
were supposed to die that day did not. And so the same — and
now this coronavirus came. I was thinking to myself,
if that virus would have been anything close to
the real flu or the Ebola or something much,
much stronger and it would have spread that
wide all over the world, we would have seen what I
believe is reserved for the Book of Revelation when a quarter of
the population of the world will die. And yet, we are not seeing
that by the grace of God. We’re seeing a foretaste. We’re having a
foretaste of that. So I choose just like I did
in 2001; I do that today, 19 years later, I choose to look
at it as the mercies of God. And you know what man
had in mind for evil and plan, kill and destroy and steal,
God can use it for His glory. And so this is what
I can see, and all that you said about
finding more time, about being nicer to people, being with family people now, fixing all the things in
the house that you never had time to, and, of course,
reaching out to people. And these are all great
things that we would have never had time
to do if it was not for this. So I’m looking also at this,
as the great opportunity as well. Great, listen; it’s been an hour
that were we’ve been online. Pastor Barry, I would like you
to conclude this with a prayer, and at the same time,
before you do that, remind everyone that
Pastor Barry and myself will do a live Q&A on Saturday,
8:00 p.m., Israel time. If I’m not mistaken,
it’s — what time is it in California? PASTOR BARRY: That’s 11:00 a.m. AMIR: 11:00 a.m.
California time; you do the math. You can look on my
website, Behold Israel.org, you see the countdown clock,
it’ll tell you exactly when. I will also tell you guys that I believe
that now that everything is online. We will suffer from the big
giants such as Facebook and YouTube with
censorship and stuff like that, because now everything
we used to say live in churches, we
can’t do that anymore. This is why on my side,
I just opened a Telegram channel. Telegram is an app
that is super secure. And it’s like a Twitter
account, but without having to like someone
else, follow someone. It’s basically my way
to communicate to the rest of the world without
anyone controlling it. So the Telegram is an app,
you can download it and you can find — we will publish the link so you
can actually join us on Telegram. It’s already posted on my Facebook,
on my Twitter, and on my Instagram, and I actually encourage
you guys to do the same. It’s a wonderful and secure way to
communicate to a large number of people. It’s a channel that is
yours, your channel. Now we know that
there was His Channel, Barry, and we won’t
take anything from that. But I’m just saying,
for all of you, just you know, cue on or sign up for
our newsletter, and Pastor Barry and myself, we
do the weekly devotionals. And you can do that
on BeholdIsrael.org. And of course, Pastor
Brent, I will also ask you to give us your
contact as far as website so people can look and
get your newsletter. And I pray that they will also
support your very important ministry because you’re in the
front line and I’ve seen it with my very eyes, and
you’re doing a wonderful job. So before Pastor Barry prays,
can you tell us how to reach you? PASTOR BRENT: Yeah, we’re on — we
have a website CalvaryChapelRome.org. AMIR: CalvaryChapelRome.org PASTOR BRENT: Yeah. AMIR: And through that website,
can they sign up for your newsletter? PASTOR BRENT: That’s a good question. AMIR: How can you sign
up for your newsletter? Do you have any an email address
that you can give us, something? Is there an option on your website
that people can click and register? PASTOR BRENT: There
should be an email on my website that people
can communicate to me. And if not, you know, I’m pretty easy to
find, I’m on Calvary Chapel Rome. You know, we’re on YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter @BrentInRome. AMIR: Okay, so guys,CalvaryChapelRome.org,
CCTustin.org; am I right? PASTOR BARRY: That’s our
website, correct. AMIR: CCTustin.org. PASTOR BARRY: You
can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and all that,
just under my name. AMIR: And Behold
Israel.org; Pastor Barry, let’s conclude this
with a wonderful prayer. PASTOR BARRY: Father,
we are so thankful to know You. We thank You that Your
Word has told us You’ve given us all things pertaining
to life and godliness. And Lord, that includes living
in a season such as this. And Lord, we lift up those who are
suffering the loss of a loved one. We pray for the comfort that could
only come from You over them. We pray for those who
are battling this virus, even now Lord, in ICUs, in hospital
rooms around the world. We ask You that Your
healing would intervene. And Lord, we pray also for
calmness within the masses, that Lord,
people would look to You for hope and that the church would be
a channel through which that hope would be communicated
in this ever darkening world. Lord, we’re grateful that by
prayer we can enter into the throne room of Your grace and find
the present help in time of need. So God, we give You praise
and honor and glory. And we believe that all
things do work together for good even in the midst of
dark hours and difficulties. And Lord, You could bring
the wondrous work of saving a human soul out of
perilous times such as these. So use us, God,
we pray for Your glory. May others come to know
You by the millions because of the prayers of and actions
of Your saints together, Lord. Jesus, we thank You for this time and we
pray Your blessing on all who are watching, and Lord that You would keep us in good
health and strength to do Your will. And we pray this in Jesus’
name, Amen. Yevarechecha Adonai
Ve yishmerecha. Ya er Adonai panayv
eylecha vi chuneka. Yissa Adonai panayv eylecha
ve yaseym lecha shalom. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine
upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance
toward you and give you peace. That peace that surpasses
all understanding that can only come from
the Prince of Peace who can give you peace now and
forever, here, and everywhere. And His name is Jesus, Yeshua,
and in His name, we pray, Amen. Guys, thank you. God bless you. And I can’t wait to see you face-to-face
that our joy will be completed. We feel like in biblical times where we
can’t really reach each other that often. And thank you again. And God bless you. And we stay in touch, okay? PASTOR BRENT: Thank you. AMIR: Okay, bye-bye.

Stephen Childs


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  40. Isn't this the part of the plaque and famine? If everything Will be ok every time then it contradicts the end times you're preaching

  41. Cashless, Political Rightless, Military Controllness and more Panicness with Super Statistics Fakeness. And more New Agendaness. Jesus Save us from all Evil.
    And what is with Anti Hoardingness??? How you living?

  42. In Australia all our schools are still open… And I am perplexed that nobody knows anyone that has tested positive for corona… I have asked so so many people but nobody knows anyone!!! Where are all these infected people??
    We were in Europe.. Israel.. And Rome.. Just 3 weeks ago… And we never saw or heard of anyone who had this virus… All we have seen here in Australia is complete craziness of hoarding food and toilet paper.. The media is scaring everyone… Is this a plot from the one world order to crash the world economy get rid of small business and take over the world economy.. And usher in the cashless world and one world order… Before the Antichrist takes over!!!

  43. Could it be, God allows the Corvid 19 to happen to wake up all the human races to turn from our wicked way. Who can put the whole world on halt except God. All drug trafficking, red light district, adult clubs, all put are force to stop for a moment. I think God is giving the world a warning, Jesus is coming soon. As God has done to Judah before allowing Babylon to destroy Jerusalem. He called Jeremiah to warn the people to return from their back slide. God even proclaimed, "If you can find a man, If there is anyone who executes judgment, Who seeks the truth, And I will pardon her."(Jer 5:1) Today, he asked us to repent, to turn from our wick way. Turn back to righteousness, to Justice. Pray that God can find one person and pardon the sin of our world.

  44. L. O. C. K. D. O. W. N.
    is a time to:

    L – isten to God’s voice and reflect. Let go and let God.

    O – bey His Word and His teachings.

    C – all on the name of Jesus and be calm.

    K – now what is the purpose of all of this.

    D -well in His presence.
    Do not panic.

    O – ffer a prayer for everyone’s safety.

    W – ait and be patient.
    This too, shall pass

    N – urture our personal relationship with Him.


  45. Revelation chapter 13 world government goes down the shot in the head is the world government going down at that time antichrist takes over and it will be a total of 5 months , Mark 20:13 God cut the time short and in revelation chapter 9 gives you the time cut short from the 7 yrs

  46. No worries, this means the rapture must be coming soon to a body near you. God blesses His children. youtube/Christwatch

  47. Psalm 2:1-5 1Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 2The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. 5Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

  48. My long-time Jewish friend asked me about the Rapture this week–completely on her own initiative. I've prayed for her and witnessed to her for years. I believe she and others like her are the reason for this crisis. (And, of course, to make "progress" in Bible prophecy.)

  49. Know that the stockmarket is plunging, China is rescuing our industry and not only the ones in the U.S. but all over the world. Did they have a vaccine ahead of time to stop the virus when it was profitable?

  50. Put your house in order. When it is your time it's your time. The pandemic is a decoy. Watch for what follows.

  51. This isn't just the flu! It is much more contagious. Much more deadly. And happening in clusters that crush the medical system. How many people die from influenza in Italy in one 24-hour period vs. 800 who died from COVID-19 yesterday? And the reason they're not testing in Italy is that they are way beyond testing. Every resource is going toward treating the critically ill and dying.

  52. Thank you Amir, Brent,and Barry..I pray the Lord bless you and keep you..the world needs more men of God like you..

  53. Shalom to you people

    Psalms of David
    Sons of Korah
    Moses and also son of King David Solomon…I so loved to read them.
    YAHWEH bless you guys

  54. I find it very interesting that the most vulnerable to this covid19 are those over the age of 70 (Israel especially is now confirming this is the case). Why do I find this very interesting? Well if it is correct to suggest that the re-birth of Israel as a nation in May 1948 represents the fig tree putting out new leaves, that would mean the people who were alive to see that happen would also see all the signs that Jesus described just before His return ("Surely I tell you this generation shall not pass away until all these things have happened"). So this “generation” that Jesus is referring to would be everyone who was alive to see Israel become a nation again (ie. everyone 72 years of age and older). Hmmmm – Is Satan trying to kill off the remnant of “that generation” in order to try and stop prophecy being fulfilled?

  55. Imagine if the covid19 pandemic continues to escalate over the next few weeks, so that by Easter it’s still not under control. It’s very plausible that governments around the world would continue to enforce everyone to stay at home over the Easter long weekend and not go out, don’t go travelling, don’t visit family or friends, don’t go to church, stay at home. Households all over the globe would be self-isolating and not going anywhere. Even supermarkets are usually closed over the long weekend, so most people would already have enough food to last the weekend, eliminating the only real reason to leave the house. Imagine if God decides to rapture the church on the morning of Good Friday. Most of the world wouldn’t have a clue that it had taken place. How crazy would that be. But the idea gets even more interesting. This year Easter and Passover both start the same week, so that Maundy Thursday is accurately the night of the Last Supper (or the Passover feast in Israel) – And the Passover Feast is to remember what? … the Exodus – when the following morning God rescued His chosen people out of captivity. An interesting thought 🙂

  56. The cashless issue which has been discussed by governments = control , and the virus = released with a purpose = a trial run on reducing world population. That's what my inner man tells me, and my discerning spirt confirms. just to mention 2 points of the one world government plans! Sadly nothing will change for the good after this monster pestilence has been brought "under control". My consolation is that God uses evil for good! Blessed greetings from Austria, We need to bow down before the Lord God our maker, humble ourselves before His Throne and pray in petition for His mercy upon mankind. Shalom

  57. Our church just went online this week, shutting down all activities at the church itself, what concerns me is when social media platforms such as YouTube make it harder for people to view it, right now it's free, but later? And what if they shut down all Christian based programs? Very uncertain times we are living in

  58. Why was the impeachment delayed for a month. Was it to keep trump busy while the virus is spreading? Why was the timing so perfect to keep the world's attention focused?

  59. Looks like all pastors are in denial. They can't understand that is not the problem with the virus. The economical system will collapse in the next few weeks. It is a perfect time for the Anti-Christ to show up. It would be also a perfect time for the rapture because many people are at home and the damage to the world wouldn't be so bad. The rapture would intensify the economical problem making it perfect for a great leader to show up and reshape the world's administration and financial system. Am I the only one that can see that? There is no human way to recover the world from the economical recession and turmoil.

  60. They are listing deaths of people here in the USA from stroke as well as other things that did not have this virus & as Covid19 deaths. Not saying this is happening but I’m saying do not necessarily believe these numbers being reported as all true. I’m not saying this against these pastors are saying false things as I believe they are reporting only what their sources are reporting, I’m saying this is a known fact by some here. Just saying China is not the only being false on things here.

  61. There are no solid churches within driving distance of where I live in Oregon. The online churches from Calvary Old Path and Calvary Chapel Pasadena, CA are life lines for me.

  62. Please stop comparing this to the flu. On one hand your point is that this is blown all out of proportion because so many more people have died from from flu than Covid-19. On the other hand you talk about how serious it is and protecting the elderly. The message and the conspiracies are confusing. I'm not afraid, but very much at peace because Jesus is in control. I hear of so many people in my community helping each other, and the elderly. Our schools are shut down, family members have been laid off and we are basically sheltering in place. Our church services are online. Can we talk more about Jesus and less about the conspiracies and globalism? We all know how the story ends. So many people are frightened right now and they don't know Jesus. But so many people are shining their light. Isn't that what we need to be doing right now?

  63. Holy Jesus be with all the doctors, nurses and patients give us all strength, patience, love and remove all our fears though we walk in the shadow of death, surround us with your Holy Spirit Holy King Jesus Christ and Forgive Us For Our Sins Amen

  64. I don't understand the worldwide need to close businesses and quarantine all communities when this virus is no different than the many in the past 20 years. Something very nefarious about this. A global agenda. God is still on the throne and men remain mere men.

  65. I really believe this is bio terrorism, the question is WHO has done it? China? The CIA/deep state? This seems that it’s been designed to bring on a global recession or depression to usher in the NWO?

  66. I just saw something about the coronavirus not being able to survive under hot temps.but thrives in cold and freezing conditions. Let’s prey for a heat wave everywhere the coronavirus is spreading.

  67. Why is this information about the coronavirus not being able survive under hot temps being surpressed?

  68. The church is not a building; our bodies are the temple of Yah!!! Yah said not one of these buildings will be standing when he returns. https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Where-Two-Or-More-Are-Gathered/ Thy shall not kill!!! A servant can defend themselves, but not kill. Love you all and thank you brothers for sharing this information. I do not fear no one and noone. Yahuah and Yahusha Hamashiach (aka to most God, Lord and Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit are present with the Ekklesia. They will never leave nor forsake us. Be blessed all and rejoice in them!!!

  69. Where can i find this research showing how vivid this virus survives, like up to nine days on a surface?

  70. Let all of us rest on the Lord . he remains in control.may God bless and continue to give us his mercy. Amen

  71. What great spiritual words shared everyday by these mens of God to all pilgrimages'…Amen

  72. EVERYONE is getting attached to the global technology to access welfare.. Google is continuing to launch the 200 satellites that can monitor very square inch of the Earth and no doubt every person in the world.

  73. Oh no! How are the muso's going to sing at everybody. Can't have church without the xfactor and drummers. 😕

  74. What is interesting, in 2015 Bill Gates, the pro – globalist, he spoke of a threat, a war. It wasn't about a nuclear war, but a war against a virus of influenza. He used the image of a virus, an image, we got used to now, thanks to the media. He spoke of WHO , to have a system that 'protect' the worlds healthcare. He could even predict how everything would go. (Bill the prophet, who would have thought about that) . He even had a plan , how to contain this virus. Its available on the interenet , on Ted talkshow (you can youtube google it). This was 5 years ago. Now 2020 , he introduces he's ID2020. He was surely prepared. China supplies not only America , but also the Europe nation. In Belgium we are now waiting on masks and everything to help out, and China is sending them over ASAP , with free doctors to 'fight' things thing. While over here, its getting as worse as the movie left behing. Remember that one? People fighting in stores, people selling out others to the authority's who 'trespass' the obligation in the street of keeping your distance. It goes that far, that if one wants to visit his father, coming from another distant town, they get reported. So , i think, the freedom of going outside for just a walk, will soon be taken away from us, if the death numbers go up again and contamination's . Luckely we know, Christ's taken us out of here, is very near, the more, we need to share the gospel with the world. For those who hear, will have peace in the Lord. Thank you Amir , Brent and Barry for your insights , may the Lord bless you and behold Israël.

  75. Do you guys also have a window underneath the posting of corona updates that links to the updates of the government? (or maybe that is just European policy)

  76. It spreads easy OR
    It was PLANTED from the HUGE market from,China.
    I don't believe anyone. Who BENEFITS off Covid19…. Follow the $$$

  77. What Pastor Brent said is exactly what I noticed when Calif. got shut down. We have an election coming and the Globalists know Pres. Trump will win and they are pulling out all the stops to get the focus off of this and make our President look bad. Remember what ol' Chucky Schumer said, " We have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you". Well, here it is along with all the shinanigans of the liberals since our President was elected. They have great fear of something that will hang them because of all the evil they have gotten away with for decades. They are trying to kill us all. Don't be surprised if they spray us from the planes to take millions out.

  78. A Cristo Gesù che ci ha donato una grazia meravigliosa ,nell'amore del Padre e dello Spirito Santo sia la gloria l'onore e l'imperio in ogni secolo, amen.
    Dio vi benedica per il lavoro che portate avanti alla gloria del Signore.

  79. Precursor/trial run by Government to control people. Government will study/decipher/take apart all of this to bring more population control.

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