Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

no I knew it yeah oh I’m a little nervous my stomach is fickle so we’ll see how this goes could end badly I’m excited to have Americans try this food I think it’s an acquired taste and some of the things are like very different I actually don’t like some of the dishes but I’m excited to see what the people think / – I do my Christian say it looks kind of like if you a deep-fried a mouse it’s basically just chicken wrapped in like breading and there’s just a chunk of butter inside and they sort of wrap it around the bone so it’s like an empty bone and they wrap it this was my favorite favorite thing as a kid oh look at the grease oh my gosh it literally just spills oh my God look at this oh my gosh there is so much butter in there here all right so it’s like chicken noodle soup inside a chicken it’s pretty standard like yeah I need it for lunch I guess Oh another piece mu – that was amazing we stand like the crust I took shot to chew it though that’s good there’s the hardest you know what to talk about politics and family can just chew this a lot this doesn’t look good here we have I live yeah which is the most probably traditional salad you can think of what’s inside so usually it’s carrots potatoes green peas mayonnaise maybe like pickles pickle and you can have like chicken or ham and like sometimes it’s a lot of mayonnaise depends on how you like it this one doesn’t have too much mayonnaise I love this salad yeah there’s a lot of different flavors that I can’t really quite get a read on it’s delicious fish potato salad it’s not bad I taste like potato salad but there’s some extra here you want any more there’s nothing left it looks like cake but I know it’s not it’s like a lot of different shades of pink which I don’t really know how that works so you octopods subway which is herring under a coat mm-hmm so on top you have sliced eggs cheese a layer of mayonnaise then you have beets potatoes then you have hairy pickled herring pickled herring and then more potatoes uh-huh yeah I think for this one we just dive in mmm it doesn’t taste bad oh fish mayonnaise you know how Willy Wonka crafted like eye candy that was like dinner in your mouth and I went through courses yeah I feel like this is a worst dinner you could possibly have because at first it starts out in your like oh you just ate a bunch of mayonnaise and then you start tasting like pickly stuff and then there’s just as nasty aftertaste in the back of your mouth it’s a hard pass yeah please sorry thank you I don’t want to see anything is it little it is a tomato we have the pickled tomato Russians pickle everything you can have like pickled watermelon apples apples they pickle apples the whole thing is that not how you eat it what I love this this is like a pickled tomato whoa [Laughter] I think y’all just witnessed me discovering my new favorite snack as traditional as you can get white bread with some butter and some acknowledge is maybe eggs fish eggs yeah they would go to the movies or something and and in the Soviet Union when they would go out they would just get like some bread with it crolick that was just like the snack that you would munch on all the time when I went to the beach with my grandparents it was a blue egg cucumbers and that ripped them like really what happens when they get high that’s growing up brushing do you like you guy I do it’s a it’s you have to be in the mood for it I enjoy personally not to be bougie yeah cabbie er it’s not as fishy but it’s just a lot saltier than typical I feel like I need to drink a gallon of water with everybody I take I don’t hate it but I don’t think I’d actively be like oh I want this now egg bread but yo y’all want to meet up and do that bro sardines on white bread butter we’re simple people I think I used to love these as a kid but I have not had them in years they’re golden Sardis oh sorry sorry dark gold are they don’t they look like covered in gold they do look kind of golden do they always look old I swear to God if these are gold-plated sardines you’re wasting your money this is delicious literally it’s like a nice smoke like salty fish it doesn’t taste like caviar it doesn’t taste like the pickled herring it’s not fishy it’s more like oily and salty mm-hmm it tastes like a small like just little cooked fish I’m gonna finish this whole piece of tell us this is great it looks like cake smells like fish No this is your favorite cake right this is called in the pudding on the taste I like creamy stuff like lobster tails and all that stuff the reason I really like this cake is cuz it’s not too sweet this feels like very light very flaky and just like you can eat a lot of it without getting sick that’s good that’s good cake okay there’s a pastry this fish potato salad this is my bread so that’s basically like the most iconic things that you’re gonna see at every table you know maybe I just won’t go to that many Soviet holiday parties airing out of the coat it’s canceled pickled tomatoes you got you got renewed for another season at home if you’re bored go to a Russian supermarket near you buy some weird or interesting looking stuff try it let us know if you liked it in the comments below you

Stephen Childs


  1. the asian girl just isn’t into the food. get over it butt hurt comment section russians, you’ve been through worse

  2. Most Russian food is straight garbage so it doesn't surprise me that they only displayed like 2 good items and the rest is from a chum bucket.

  3. The American dude was soo cool and honest.. please bring him back but leave the girl at home.

  4. My parents are russian but we live in Germany and this video is questioning me what Americans actually eat lmao

  5. Oh! Please, just wrap it in a used McDonlds hamburger wrapper and they will be singing all the way to Grandmothers house.

  6. Good thing the Soviet union doesnt exist so she wont be at any "Soviet parties". Not that shed be invited anyway.

  7. Remove the girl!! Even just for review, her reaction is not fun to watch

  8. Lol. Girl have you seen your face? You make fun that It looks like a mouse, I think where you or your family is from eat it along with dog or cat. Oh god im going to hell for this. Don't make fun

  9. If they didn't like that potato salad they could expect to get jumped in a back alley by a couple thousand slavs one night.

  10. Может всё таки приготовите нормальную селедку под шубой?

  11. Это может показаться плохим, но мой первый раз пить алкоголь был в 8. У меня было похмелье на Рождество.

    (Random Story for Russians 😂🇷🇺)

  12. All these buzz feed taste testers on every
    video I’ve seen have the palate of 4 year olds who eat chicken McNuggets 24/7

  13. Honestly any family gathering: a platter of kielbasa and various meats and cheese. And maybe some cucumbers.

  14. I was scrolling the comments thinking that there would be a million people swearing in Russian …I guess not

  15. Kvass is my new go-to drink. Since Kombucha is so darn expensive, I’ll glad that i have a less expensive option to satisfy my probiotic requirements! 😀

  16. The Olivye actually is pretty similar to Trinidad’s mayonnaise, which is a potatoes salad served during the holiday, only it has eggs in it instead of ham.

  17. please pack that woman in box and send her to wherever she could eat her favorite food, so at least she could be grateful and respect of food she eat.

    I think you should find someone with open minded to review foreign food and I don't think she's your best choice.

  18. Oh ny God, all of these are EDIBLE food and they kicking up such a fuss? That salad had some really ordinary standard veggies, so I'm like ???

    "a fREaKiN fiSH" um yeah have you never had fish before?

  19. Selyodka pod shuboy i actually prefer with smoked herring. Pickled fish has a bit sour taste, maybe thats why they didn't like it.

  20. I am American. This girl needs to learn some manners. Have someone a little more open minded.

  21. Бля это девушка бесит
    Но техасский норм
    hey the girl pisses me off
    But the guy is good

  22. I need all this in my lifeeeee especially thw sardine toast thingy 😍😍😍😍

  23. What their saying Is polish aswell,I'm polish and it basically means enjoy

  24. I’m Ukrainian i love Russian food also

    Эта девушка была стервой

  25. If it wasn't tasty, it was badly cooked. I impressed a lot of my friends with Russian festive receipts. Especially selyodka pod shuboi! Some come for Christmas and can't wait for the shuba.

  26. I think I'm the only one who loves the girl in these comments. She is a realist and as close to most girls I really know. She isnt trying to be anyone or anything but herself. I love her, she is a gem ☺☺☺ I would love to see her again.

  27. FFS uncultured McD deep fried swine, the first dish is known in USA as Chicken Kiev, and my girl Red Reznikov from Orange is the New Black dreamed of making this in season 1 XD

  28. Им следует показать чудесные пирожные и выпечку. Эти предметы были грязными и неаппетитными

  29. Some of the food looks delicious, some looks disgusting. Of course it's personal preference.

  30. The Russian guy in the grey shirt constantly bashes Russia and other Russian You tubers. He's a jerk and a self-hater when it comes to Russia.

  31. DAMN…they love mayonnaise ! I always wondered where white people's love for MAYONNAISE came from: RUSSIA !!! This is a darn shame…Northern European….Brits, Irish, German, Russian, Nordic and Slavic types can't cook!!!

  32. Americans are over dramatic, if u got your asses out of mcdonalds maybe you’ll eat good food🤦🏻‍♀️

  33. These salads were probably made by Americans. It’s not going to be as good as it should be. If it’s made by your babushka, it’s going to be a good meal.

  34. Why won't you give these poor unfortunate souls some bread!? I mean…I can eat an entire tub of olivye without bread but goddamit give these people bread!

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