American Holidays – Father’s Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia father’s day is a
relatively recent holiday in the United States having come into existence in
1972 it’s celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year though it’s not as
commercially important as Mother’s Day it’s equally important to many families
Father’s Day can be a bit more irreverent than Mother’s Day in many
regards lots of people call home on Father’s Day
guess which type of calls are particularly popular during this holiday
we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video Father’s Day is all about
showing father’s appreciation for what they do for acknowledging the role of
fathers and children’s lives and in many cases simply for making an excuse to
hang out with one’s dad the holiday tends to have less of the soft imagery
associated with Mother’s Day and in fact it does have a reputation as being an
occasion that is rather light-hearted Father’s Day gifts tend to be not
surprisingly manly in nature it’s common for people to buy their dad’s power
tools neckties sporting equipment and so forth to show appreciation in fact
getting an ugly necktie on Father’s Day is something of a cliched joke among
father’s across the nation it’s been poked fun at in commercials and in other
venues Father’s Day is not quite as popular as
Mother’s Day researchers attribute this partially to the fact that there are
more families with single mothers than there are with single fathers which may
skew the popularity of the holiday the holiday is consistently popular however
and many families find an excuse to do something special just for the father
and the family on this particular day for younger children actually making a
Father’s Day gift is something of a tradition many children are encouraged
to make something that they think their father would like such as artwork or
crafts for example other children may opt to help their father out with chores
and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know what type of calls are popular
on Father’s Day collect calls are particularly popular on Father’s Day
somewhat humorously while fewer people tend to call home on Father’s Day than
they do on Mother’s Day many of them choose to call collect how was this
lesson did you learn something interesting is there a day dedicated to
fathers in your country please leave a comment in English class 101.com
until next time

Stephen Childs


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