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Chrissa- Hello Everyone and Welcome back to American Girl News, where we are live every Wednesday at 6PM EST to discuss news, theories, and answer your questions I’m your host, Chrissa Maxwell. Ivy- And I’m Ivy Ling Chrissa- Just in, American Girl reveals there new must have list for the 2019 holiday season! Ivy- All according to Yahoo finances. Chrissa- Yeah, on October 3rd Mattel revealed its top holiday products for the 2019 season including new personalized gifts, premium accessories for the brand’s popular be forever line and doll kits that are designed to build self-esteem in girls. All items are available now in American Girl store locations and on the American website. Ivy- So we have compiled a list of products that American Girl has listed as top sellers for this upcoming season. Chrissa- But before we begin, I know it’s only October. Ivy- But it’s never too early to get started on that Christmas or Hanukah list. Chrissa- So yeah, have a pencil and paper ready. Ivy- Because you may want to write these items down Chrissa- Lets begin with product number 1: The new gift box experience Ivy- For a very long time American girl has been known for creating premium personalized products. Chrissa- But now American Girl is taking customization to the next level with its new Gift Box Experience, a custom- put together collection filled with just-right items to fuel a girl’s imagination and aspirations. Ivy- Gift-givers fill out a quiz online that helps them select from nearly 50 different doll options and accessories that match the unique qualities of the girls in their lives, their buying for. Each gift box comes with a doll, two hand-selected packs to play with that include a special outfit and an accessory plus an illustrated story starter that lets girls play out their own endings. Chrissa- The box also features a sincere letter that is personalized by the gift-giver, a doll ear-piercing option, a doll visit to the American Girl Doll Hospital and much more. Ivy- And as a bonus the personalized collection arrives in a signature berry keepsake box. Chrissa- Aww how cute! I love the color berry, Don’t you guys?! Ivy- Another item hot on the list from American girl this holiday season is the bowling alley. Chrissa- Yeah, score a strike (or two) with the American girl bowling alley. Ivy- Yeah, it features a fully functional wooden bowling lane complete with lights, bowling sounds and scorekeeping for up to two players. Chrissa- Motorized pins are knocked down when a ball hits all the pins calling a strike, then automatically reset at the next turn so your dolls and you can keep playing, and hopefully score a perfect game. Ivy- The bowling set also includes two bowling balls, two glow-in-the-dark bowling T-shirts, two pairs of bowling shoes and a counter where your dolls can rent bowling shoes, also complete with a card scanner and pretend snacks. Chrissa- That seems like a strike to me! When are we getting it? Ivy- Next up on the American Girl must haves list for the 2019 holiday season are some historical accessories. Chrissa- Yep, one historical must have is Julie’s Pinball Machine, a doll-sized replica of the iconic 1970s arcade game that works just like the actual game. Ivy- And a few others are Melody’s Upright Piano, Maryellen’s Seaside Diner, and Rebecca’s Sabbath Set. Chrissa- You and many other girls can also build your self-esteem with the new smart guide kits. can also build your self-esteem with the new smart guide kits. Ivy- The smart guide kits are a must have for girl everywhere. They are designed to help girls navigate life when faced with new challenges and changes. Chrissa- Customers can select from six prepackaged kits based on the most popular advice books in American Girls award-winning series: Worry; Friendship Troubles; Sports & Fitness; Digital World; Cooking; and Liking Herself. Ivy- In addition to the book each kit also comes with accessories that go along with the books. These items include a journal, a friendship bracelet, warm and cozy socks, and a choice of one of six mini dolls dressed up in an exclusive American girl T-shirt. Chrissa- There seems like some good advice in those books, so make sure to check them out! Ivy- Our next must have is a limit time offer Chrissa- Yeah, this doll will only be here until the new year, so purchase yours before it’s too late. Ivy- The 2019 girl of the year Blaire Wilson is definitely a must have. Chrissa- She is a young chef- in training- who is very good at gathering others around the table. Ivy- But needs help finding a balance between the digital world and the real world. Chrissa- Yeah she comes with many accessories that are all sold separately so you should also check those out. Ivy- And our final must have on the list of American products for this upcoming holiday season is the limited-edition Nutcracker collection Chrissa- launching on November 1st, this collection features elegantly crafted doll outfit sets for Clara, the Nutcracker Prince and the Nutcracker Snow Queen. Designed to be a timeless treasure, each outfit comes individually numbered. Ivy- Sounds like a beautiful collection. Chrissa- It sure does. Uh I’m dreaming about it right now! Ivy- So which items from our must have list will you be asking for this holiday season? Chrissa- Let us know in the comment section bellow! Ivy- Now onto Shoutout of the week! Chrissa- Every week we will be randomly picking a subscriber who has commented on our last show. Ivy- Yeah so make sure your subscribed so you never miss your opportunity! 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