American Dad: Let Them In – American Dad Holiday Special [CLIP] | TBS

Schmanta, the Smiths
are at the door. What? Why didn’t you let them in? Well, you told us
to keep them out. Well, that was before
they learned their lesson, which they clearly now learned. Let them in! What’s up, dicks! Welcome to the South Pole. Bring it in, bring it in. I’m not mad at you dicks. Roger, we’re not staying. We just came for your suit. What? Just do what they say
and give them your suit, Mr. Uncle Roger. No, I’m never giving
up being Schmanta! Fair enough. Will you at least accept
our parting Hanukkah gift? Oh, is that a razor scooter?

Stephen Childs


  1. 0:34 Just like what was in the big wooden horse there's a not good surprise inside in that gift

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