Amazon’s Horrible World of Joy-Con Knockoffs

Stephen Childs


  1. Nintendo should make or license to hori or powera simpler joycons. Just ones with just rumble and wireless conection and be half price or something

  2. 0:45… are… are you, not aware of the "joycon drift"? the trigger botton problems? there's a 50% chance the joycons included with the system will need to be replaced within the first year of the console, if not earlier, the quality of official nintendo joycons is the most questionable piece of hardware of the switch, there's a lot of nintendo fan youtubers that made videos about it, like Arlo, how could you not know this?

  3. I can't speak for the knockoff joycons, but I bought 2 knockoff pro controllers on Amazon last November. They were $20 and had bluetooth, rechargable batteries via USB C, motion controls, rumble, and even NFC. They had pretty much every feature of a standard Pro Controller, only really lacking HD Rumble– even more than the SN30 Pro or PowerA Enhanced Wireless, technically speaking (those don't have NFC). Build quality on these is pretty cheap, and the D-Pad certainly isn't as good as an 8BitDo or even a standard pro controller, and the battery only lasts a few hours. That being said, for less than half the cost of an SN30 Pro and under a third the cost of an official Nintendo Pro Controller, these things make passable P2 controller. I still prefer using GameCube controllers as my cheap P2 Controllers most of the time, but some games really don't control well with a GameCube Controller, so some sort of pro controller is necessary. Specifically, for games where the controls haven't changed since the GameCube Era (eg Smash and Mario Kart) GameCube controllers work great, but for anything that makes heavy use of the right stick or D-pad (eg 2D platformers and shooters), GameCube Controllers are not good. Even if they're not perfect, aftermarket GameCube controllers are the cheapest Switch controllers I could find on Amazon, so they're pretty good for multiplayer.

    TL;DR: Generic Amazon Joycons seem pointless, but Generic Amazon Pro Controllers make good P2 Controllers. That being said, Generic Amazon GameCube Controllers are the cheapest option if you desperately need another Controller.

  4. Tbh id get them because my joycons started drifting and I don't wanna pay bread again because of a simple issue

  5. i wish someone made a right joycon that had the buttons on the bottom and the stick at the top

  6. I actually bought the controller of one of those companies for the switch for £20 because it was on special and I have to say it's a good controller with the upside I can also use on my PS3 because my original one died

  7. Are you just promoting original joy cons for Nintendo? After also promoting a bunch of other games it sure looks like it. Also, I don’t hate myself. Get a haircut you bum!

  8. Lol someone's salty because let's be honest there's tons of evidence out there showing 3rd party joycons have less drifting issues than the original 1st party ones.

  9. Controllers are made for people that want to buy presents for gamer kids with switches, if you were a mum or dad or uncle (I could go on, you get the idea) and your kid says my joy-cons broke, I need a new pair. You research, see how much the are $60? That way to much ill just look on amazon to see if I can get a cheaper set. Look at these these ones are oval shaped and there only $35. My son will like that. Unimpormed mum buy the fake joy-con

  10. Why would i want a controller that was designed 50 years ago? Tech has advanced we now know that blocky shit isnt good anymore. Comfort is a thing now

  11. its likely that the ones that all have the same font are out of the same factory

    might get those dualies if they drop down to like, 20 bucks, would be good mario party controllers.

  12. i never use amazon, or ebay anymore, i go straight to the source.
    alibaba owns several wholeseller sites where you don't have to be registered as a company, i see no reason to buy from amazon or ebay at a premium, when it's the same hardware 😛

  13. My only complaint with joycons is that they don’t come with a grip for the price. Like it’s supposed to be another controller it should come with everything to act like an original controller smh

  14. These would be great if you don’t wish to recalibrate your drifting Joy Cons every five minutes. I’m speaking out of own experience here.

  15. Joycons. JOYCONS. Pluralize dammit. Every time you said "joycon" where you should have said "joycons" I died a little inside.

  16. For me, a split grip (Joycon/Wii+Nunchuck) is preferred over a single controller. I really like the flexibility of being able to move my arms wherever I feel.
    That being said, I find the official Nintendo Joycons a bit lacking in terms of overall comfort, stick positioning, and button size/quality.
    I would personally be in the market for something of a Joycons Pro. Something like the Hori Split-Pad Pro, but with the ability to play while not attached to the Switch, and a shape optimized for 1 in each hand.

  17. I got after market joycons that used different joysticks so I didn’t have to deal with drifting.

  18. Personally I don't like the Xbox style button layout on the pro controllers (played on Ps4 for a long time) anyone know any good Ps4 like controllers for the switch?

  19. If they don’t drift they’re already better than the mainline controller lol, couldn’t even fix it before putting it on the switch light lmao.

  20. JoyCon knockoffs are a dime a dozen. If your going to make a knock off, make some changes. Many wanted a Dpad. I wonder what's wrong with a JoyCon that has joysticks at the top of both JoyCons. Wii U was a terrible system, but the tablet joystick positions was very confortable…

  21. The Reason why there is a market for those Joy-cons is because the $99 price of originals(in Canada), and the constant drift people get. I've already gone though 4 pairs of the original Joy-cons. I'm now looking for a good 3rd party pair. Nintendo needs to fix their shit.

  22. I used to never use joycon. Not even out of the dock. I would just use that switch stand case and connect a clone pro controller I got for $25 on ebay because I couldn't afford an official pro controller, but then I got an official smash bros pro controller

  23. If I'm using my joyconns, it's to use the gimmicks, so theres not really a reason to buy these

  24. The joycons drift and break way too easily, and they cost over 70 bucks after tax

    I literally can not afford to replace my busted up ones with a full priced normal pair of joycons

    I mean if there's a generous 30 dollar one maybe but that probably means he's destroyed it and trying to sucker people into giving him money for trash…

    As long as the controllers click onto the side and are shaped the same so I can put them into ring fit hoop I'm fine

    But screw anyone who says just buy new ones

    We dont all have money to burn when we need to save to also get the 60 dollar games we want

    The controllers ate more expensive than the games for crying out loud

  25. One word: profit.
    A friend gave me a free Nintendo switch and a Mac air, but I rarely touch it.
    Gaming on my $50 used phone is enough for me. Mobile gaming is the answer, there are so many games. If you're a pc pirate like me, you'll understand.

  26. These are targeting parents/grandparents and casual gamers who don't know better, and just see "well, it's the same thing at half the price!"

  27. The market for these controllers is my sister who’s “too cool” to use the strap with just dance
    I’m not losing $115 on an 8yo trying to show off

  28. I only play with split joycons… it's way more comfortable than a pro controller or any of the other classic controllers. controllers

  29. Playing Arms with 3 friends means I need 4 sets of joycons to get the optimal (/only) experience. Mario Party requires me to have 2 sets of joycons.

  30. so in botw a keese jumped out at my sister and she yeeted the controller at the ceiling. no more left joycon

  31. Judging by your amazon history…. did you ever find the coffee grinder you wanted?

  32. "Nintendo tax" — complaining about the only flagship Nintendo item that's sold at a loss.

  33. "I don't understand the need for knock off joycons. The switch comes with two of them."
    Then later says
    "Maybe you lost them or something in which case you should get the Nintendo ones."

    and earlier
    "Joycons are expensive at $80 MSRP"

    Seems like the answer right there. Official Nintendo Joycons are $80 MSRP and any time there are expensive first party controllers there will ALWAYS be a third party least expensive market.


    like an ir camera
    Some buttons
    A vibration motor
    A battery

    The future is now, so futuristic! And technological! And sophisticated!

    It's not like this is technology we've had for decades and is in almost every device we use….

  35. Most motion knock offs don't drift, it's always funny to see 3rd parties do better than the company themselves

  36. "People think that you need Joycons to play…"

    If you want to play in portable mode and not Tabletop mode then….yeah…you kinda do.

  37. I mean it would see it if the frigging game cube one didn't have such a garbage A button!

  38. Wulff Den: Joycons are overpriced at 80 dollars because of their tech that like 3 games use

    Also Wulff Den: Why would anyone buy a cheap knockoff pair of joycons, they dont even have the features that 3 games use.

  39. I bought a 2nd set of joy cons because they are small and light to carry and play with other friends. I used to buy cheaper controllers for my mobile phone but never again, they are just never as good as official ones. the dead zones alone kill them.

  40. You look like if Keanu Reeves had a terrible heroin addiction and just got clean a week ago.

  41. Just Dance with people who are neanderthals with delicate OEM controllers. Like little kids.

  42. I mean, I've never seen this channel, so maybe the way he's presenting this video is done as a joke, but to me it comes off as either uninformed, pompous or both.

    Not everyone buys "cheap knockoff" joy cons to be cheap. In handheld mode, the 1st-party joy cons are the most uncomfortable controllers I have ever used. Granted I have big hands and Nintendo was trying to make their controllers compact and versatile, but I can't go more than 15-20 minutes without wrist pain. I know there are full wireless controllers to use, but when you're on a train, bus, etc. and don't have a surface to set the switch down on its joke of a kickstand, you gotta hold it.

    That all being said, most of the controllers shown here seem to suck. For the games I play (Dark Souls, Doom, Stardew Valley), I don't need motion or even vibration. If I could find ergonomic joy cons to slide into the switch that work reliably, I'm sold and I'll probably rarely use the Nintendo joy cons at that point.

  43. Pretending drift doesn't exist was surely a ploy to generate more comments, nevertheless I'm here to yell at you some more for ignoring known issues and acting like anyone needs IR sensors in their life.

  44. I'm surprised to hear you say you don't even use your official joycons! I have wired pro controllers (wire doesn't bug me at all) but I almost always play with my joycons unless im playing smash bros, which is the only reason I have a wired controller in the first place

  45. I dont usually comment, but I'll make an exception.

    (not arguing in favor os third party joycons, but first party ones)

    I agree with most of the opinions on the video, but it is only looking from the market that Bob is in.
    I'm from Brazil and there aren't alot of options of third party controllers in the market.

    The joycons and por controller that are first party retail here for about 105$ instead of the msrp.
    There are options of third party controllers but not near the quality of the ones that Bob mentioned.
    And the third party controllers that are quality and you can find here, the stores that carry them overprice them because is an imported product
    Even if I try to order one from amazon US to ship here, the taxes that are piled on make the option almost undoable

    I considered buying joycons, but because buying controllers here are so expensive.
    and the joycons have the option to divide them up.
    Of course I would prefer to play smash with a controller apropriate, but buying the joycons for cheaper would allow for more people to play at the same time.

  46. So, I feel like the point of the Nyko controllers was completely missed. From their size and shape they don't look like they were designed for one person to use both. They look like they were intended for the games where each person uses one. Which strangely, was talked about for other ones but ignored on the Nyko….

  47. I'm 28 and i have 6 joy cons because i like the colors. I like to switch them with my switch in hand held mod. I just like being extra af, love you channel 💖💖.

  48. Official joycons are a con. Paying so much for garbage that will start to drift in a couple months isn't worth it. That's why I have one official pro controller and my spare, a knock off pro controller.

  49. I have the Jalvde and honestly I love them. I use em as a replacement and since i rarely really used them split its fine. Plus only time i would need to play split is for smash but since the screens really small i hook it to tv and use gamecube controller anyways.

  50. $40 for a pair, $20 for each controller. Still the cheapest for 8 player smash

  51. 99 percent of knockoffs come from China. That isn't to say China can't make decent items, but lets face it they're known to flood the market with complete crap.

  52. Good thing i wasnt silly enough to buy one. Considered it, but then thought back to Mad cats.*shudders*

  53. Just buy regular joy-cons on Amazon. They're only around 60$. Heck, the Pro Controller is worth around 50$, so just buy that instead, it'll save you around 25$.

  54. I see no issues with some of these, cheap replacements isn't a bad thing also no drifting is good.

  55. I think this video would've been better without the Dicky Elitist commentary. Since most people only have 1 Switch, not 3 or 4 like most youtubers coupled with the fact that Joy-con drift is still a thing in 2020, I think it's fair to say that a mass majority would be looking for the cheaper alternative to play in portable mode

  56. Even tho I do Have an Nintendo switch but I'd agree that Nintendo switch Batteries are quite terrible because it runs out quickly and the joy card of the Switch is absolutely Awful

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