Alex Sampson – Stay Here (Official Music Video)

*Music playing in the background* Ritchie: “Remember that part in Shrek when
he sees like the babys?” Alex: “Oh yeah dude I love that part also the part where he’s like you know uh he’s on the ship and everything– *Cell phone rings* and he sees Donkey like” “Oh” Alex: “I got uh” Ritchie: “Alright see ya” Alex: “Hey whats up?” Sarah: “Hi I just got home from work are we still hanging later?” Alex: “Uh I’m, I’m kind of in the middle of
a thing right now how about tomorrow?” Sarah: “I have to study for my test tomorrow what about the next day?” Alex: “Uh maybe I can–” Everyone at the god damn party: “HEY ALEX” Alex: “Uh I gotta go they’re calling me okay, ss talk to you later” Sarah: “Bye” Alex: “K bye” Lyrics: You like your coffee sweet You shower and brush your teeth at the Same time but I got used to it I’m out at 10:PM Got the night shift til 6 and then Breakfast is all the time we get Sometimes it gets hard to Tell the truth Simply put I want you To stay here Stay here by my side By my side I just need you To stay here Stay with me tonight Right by my side I just need you We used to talk bout life and Stay up til the morning light but Now its just hi and bye you know Jack Newsome: (You know you know yeah) Sometimes I don’t understand what Happened to all our plans It feels like a million years ago If time just slowed down We’d make things right Really I I want you To stay here Stay here by my side By my side I just need you AyYyyOo To stay here Stay with me tonight Right by my side I want yoOoOuUuUu Jack Newsome: “AhhHHhhH” Another day goes by Ships in the night You’re still on my mind Still on my mind Not a day goes by Or a sleepless night Where you’re not on my mind But you know that I Want you ( I want you ) To stay here ( To stay ) Stay here by my side By my side I just need you To STAAAAYYYY HEEEEEEREEEEEE Stay with me tonight Right by my siDeeEe I want you (Another day goes by) Ships in the night (Do do do do do) You’re still on my mind Still on my mind (Yeah) *Walks away dramatically*

Stephen Childs


  1. I hope everyone enjoys my first single! Huge credit and thanks to my boys Jack Newsome & Josh Vida
    who helped make this song possible!
    More music coming soon xo

  2. I think that this guy is absolutely amazing but A why do I picture him walking in anywhere and every female 9 to 90 staring at him B I'm a guy but his voice sends chills down my spine he's that great and C the Canadian in me loves more talent from the old Country as my father used to say.

  3. why is not viral or famous yet? im here for the first time and hell surprised how come i did not hear him before

  4. Thailand

  5. I didn't know the dude's from Tik Tok. And 15 years old. Just found you today lol. Love your work! ❤️

  6. ตามมาจาก TikTok 🇹🇭🥰

  7. When will you release your album? Can't wait for it… your damn cute… seems like, you are my crush ☺️ …

    Thank you for song like "All that we could have been"❤💓

  8. i saw this on my recommended and I decided to listen to it, the best decision I've ever made I subbed and press the notifications I love your music!!!

  9. Whats the song in the background while hes talkin with his partner in the beginning?

  10. I love your music….. especially "ALL THAT WE COULD HAVE BEEN" You're the best

  11. I love this song very much(Thailand)😍😍👍 follow you in YouTube and tiktok naaaaa😍

  12. Anyone know what is the song tittle of his background songs? From the beginning i mean

  13. ไหนคนไทยที่มาจากติ๊ดต๊อก 555

  14. I would of never found such an amazing singer without tik tok so im soooo thankful:)

  15. I hope that u remain like this FOREVER! Many of the singers who started off like you became famous but gradually destroyed their names by doing certain things which arent/weren't expected outta them.. i hope u be successful in whatever you do in your life! And also hats off to the Sampson Family.. they have raised a gentleman in this world which we hardly find nowadays..Thanks for sharing your love and urself with the rest of the world! Stay blessed Buddy!XOXO

  16. Omg you're voice is so soft and strong in the same time !!! Keep doing 🤩🤩❤❤👏👏

  17. I love this song! Alex has an amazing falsetto. And his voice is so mature for his age. I could listen to this for hours. I graduated from high school in 2019 and I wish I had that mature of a voice.

  18. Though my day wasn't good but right now my mind is converted by this song 😌♥️♥️♥️

  19. no one:
    nope not anyone:
    alex sampson and friend: yOu kNOw tHaT pArT iN sHrEk–

    sorry i found that humorous

  20. Found you on Instagram and decided to play this song, and it reminds me of when I was at high school.

  21. 0%naked girls 0%no alcohol 0%curse word 100%talented Nice music video Alex keep it up

  22. I finally just watched this for the first time and this is soooooooooooooo amazing! Alex, I know you're only 16, and yet already you're so incredibly talented! You have such a bright future ahead of you, and I can't wait to see what happens for you– keep being amazing!

  23. I just need you, stay heree!!! Omaigoddd, seriously that girl so lucky!! I hope i can replace, i want you to stay by myself alex😝😝

  24. This hits on two different levels. Relationship wise, as it is in the video and probably the intended meaning. But it also hits when you're concerned about your best friend's state of mind.

  25. I just need you!
    I want you to stay here by my side

    These lines are awesome dude🤘🤘❤❤❤

    Love from india!

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