Aladdin – Ep 274 – Full Episode – 3rd September, 2019

If somebody wants to be brave
then they should learn from you. But tell me something how will you face
Aladdin’s spirit? Not a spirit, Ali,
rather a rat. Rat?
That’s great. You are a rat
and he is your genie. Fat elephant. If you were a candle,
he would be your light. If you were an old man he would be your stick. Wonderful! Ali, Aladdin’s spirit
is the rat. Not me. P-Please forgive me. Now, I will chase the rat
out of its hole and capture it. It has been going to Sonminar
since two nights. Now, I’ll go there and once again I will.. What will you do? Tell me, Minister. Complete the sentence.
– Hey! There is no time to talk. Now it’s time to work. And are you going to hide
this plan from me? Neither did we fight,
nor did we face any problems and you’re still hiding
your plans from me. Ali these are the qualities in you
which I admire. You get angry
in a very different manner. Anyway, I will go
to Sonminar because it’s very important
to lay a trap in order to capture someone. He will follow me
and reach there. Yesterday, he saved himself
from Genie but today he will not be able to escape. That is great, Minister. You’re way of taking revenge
is very different. Go ahead. I hope you succeed
to achieve your goal. Ali don’t just hope
but believe in me. Because you are my friend. You’ll accompany me. To know about the amount
of gold that I require to complete Sonminar
and the amount of gold that you need to give me. Will you come along? Absolutely. Awesome. I am going to the bathroom. ‘What is the new twist
in the story?’ ‘I had heard about
two bodies and one soul’ ‘but Ali and Aladdin
are the same person.’ ‘How will they reach
Sonminar together?’ What? But, Master..
– Master.. How did this happen? Hey, what are you all saying? At least, somebody finish
the whole sentence. Master, how can you
and Aladdin’s spirit be at the same place
and at the same time? Master, we have powers. But very limited. Even if we combine
all our powers we will not be able
to fight Genie. And right now,
that wild bear.. I mean, you dear Genie
must be very annoyed. We have to be very careful otherwise..
– So much fear? So many questions? And more than that,
you doubt your master’s ability? Neither are we scared,
nor are we questioning or doubting.
We are just worried about you. I know. And I have already
planned everything. Ali will go to Sonminar
along with Zafar. And Aladdin’s spirit
will accompany them. At Sonminar..
What next.. Stop.
– Where are you going? I-I am going to the kitchen. Kitchen! Come on, Ruksaar.
You are always busy in the kitchen.
Why do you work so hard? You need to get some rest.
Sit here. Please sit down, dear. But..
– I don’t like that you work so hard.
Why do you do that? All of us are here.
You always work.. Wow! Look at this. Ruksaar, you have made our life
so beautiful. The Jalebis, ‘Seviyan’
and Halwa are for you. Please have them.
– Me? – Yes. Oh, God! The headache
is unbearable. Oh, God! Aunt, here you are.
Please make ‘Kahwa’ for me. ‘Aunt,
the headache is unbearable.’ ‘Please make ‘Kahwa’ for me.’ Why don’t you do something
yourself? What..
– S-She is not feeling well. Let me get ‘Kahwa’ for her.
– Wait. Sit down quietly! What!
– Sit down! Ruksaar..
What he means to say is you should get some rest.
You do not need to make ‘Kahwa’. You need rest.
Isn’t it? You get up!
Ruksaar needs rest. She doesn’t need rest.
I need rest. If I do not get ‘Kahwa’, then..
– Then what? What will you do? You cannot do anything.
But if Aladdin’s spirit doesn’t get what it wants,
then it will capture on one of our bodies. And it will kill the rest of us.
Understood? But..
– No ifs and buts. I have found out that
your father is a scrap dealer. And you are not a simple girl
but a liar. So, you will help us
appease Aladdin’s spirit. Ruksaar, just listen
to what she has to say. Aunt, I was going to make
‘Kahwa’ for all of us. I wanted to check with you
whether you want some. Ali, you have inspected the exterior of Sonminar. Let us get an idea
about the amount of gold we need to be able to accomplish
what we want. I thought that you came here
for a fun game of ghost busters. But you are discussing
about entering Sonminar and accomplishing
some serious task. Ali this is not the obstacle but the goal of my life. Let us accomplish our task
while the ghost does its job. Excellent! Let’s go. ‘I will continue with the task
at Sonminar’ ‘and they will handle it
in the town.’ ‘Allah, help us.’ Aladdin’s spirit,
you are going to repent. You will be in agony.
You will try to escape. But, I will not let you escape. Come here if you can dare. It is taking a toll on me
to do Ruksaar’s tasks while you want to have Jalebis! Your back is hurting
by working for a day. Think about me. I have been looking after you
since so many years and I am completely damaged. Keep your mouth shut! Hello, Firdaus.. Did you stop mixing brass
in gold? That voice is coming
from that grave. Aladdin’s ghost is here! Ghost! G-Ghost..
– Ghost.. Aladdin’s spirit!
Aladdin’s spirit is here! What’s happening.. How.. Throughout your life,
you fooled innocent people. Today, it’s payback time. Help!
Help me! Please help me.. Master, spill the beans
about everyone. Ashfaq, are you happy after capturing
your brother’s land? Come on.. Uncle Mustafa!
– Yes, dear! Yes, dear..
– Yes, dear.. Aunt Naazneen is so fortunate. Throughout her life she fooled people
into buying trash. Now, her son is married
to a ragman’s daughter. There are many people among you
who are wicked, sly and traitorous. You loot innocent people
and you deserve to be punished. I can tell you the truth
about everyone. But only the truthful people
deserve to know the truth not immoral people like you. I was innocent
yet I was buried alive and everyone watched
the spectacle. You cursed me.
You hurled stones and taunted my mother. No one listened to me
back then. Now,
I will not listen to anyone! I will punish all of you! I am glad there was no malfunction. This machine which imitates
a person’s voice has been extremely useful! Bulbul,
I will use this to execute the second part of the plan. Yes! Bulbul!
I’ll go now! It is delicious, Minister!
It’s splendid! I have travelled the world
and I have seen a lot but I have never come across
a hostile person.. I have never come across
a hospitable person as you. You have setup an ambience similar to a
palace, in Sonminar. It’s amazing. Ali.. I can stop time for my friend. This is not a big deal. Genie of the ring,
it is already dark and you are turning up now! I thought you are in trouble. You are so concerned
about me! I am here,
so is Bulbul’s invention. And your gift is also here. A gift? Jalebi.
– Chilies. Minister.. Min.. Gulbadan, this is my chamber. This is not a garden
that you are roaming around. Minister, I am sorry to disturb you. But the news is such that people happened
to see the spirit of Aladdin in the market. He not just
threatened everybody but also broke the wall
of his tomb. People are terrified. You had promised
that you will confront him. So, I came
to give you the news. Minister, please come with me. Aladdin’s spirit
must still be there. Gulu..
– Yes. I mean, he is right, Minister. Before our enemies
make the next move we must attack them. Go to the tower..
Let us go to the town. Attack him..
Stop it. Someone else
would have said this. Someone else
would have said this. But, I will not say this. You will come,
will you not? Listen, as of now,
increase the security. Did you understand? When will you come? I will come. I will come
after completing the work here. Greetings! Minister. Do you not think
that the people need you? Your presence
will give them courage. No. My presence will encourage
Aladdin’s spirit not the people.
– I did not understand. Ali, I mean, Aladdin’s spirit wants to play game with me. He wants to make a move
and then I should make another. And it should go on that way. He wishes to play a game. But if I do not make any move then the game will be over. We had come to Sonminar thinking that his spirit
will follow us here and we will capture him. He did not come. We are here and the spirit
has reached the town. Ali, I think he got scared of me. I will not scare the enemy
who is already scared. In fact, I will finish him. Genie of the lamp! Genie of the lamp,
I have got this information that Aladdin’s spirit
has been seen near the tomb. Near his tomb! I want you to get rid of this matter forever. What are you thinking, my dear?
– Actually.. Master, I am thinking
what to do if I find
Aladdin’s spirit today. Excellent! Love is poisonous!
Genies are disastrous! Chand and Genie Meanie,
are you ready? Ali, do not worry. Please have your food. ‘Good that the spirit
left for the city.’ ‘Let the subjects
get scared or even die.’ ‘I do not care.’ ‘I just have to worry
about myself.’ ‘The genie of the lamp
will take care of the subjects.’ ‘May the hungry eat a dozen.
May the person get frozen.’ ‘I am a wicked king
in the diamond ring.’ ‘Let us set an example
with our wish.’ ‘Let all the torches
of Sonminar extinguish.’ Minister!
– What h-happened? W-What happened?
– T-This.. Why did it get dark? It is night,
so it would definitely get dark. What happened?
Oh, God! I-I am feeling scared.
Please save me, Zafar.. In fact, you should..
I mean, control yourself. Fear not. The torches might have
turned off due to wind. No..
What is this sound, Minister? Look, Ali, we are in the desert that is several miles away
from the city. It is obvious to hear
such sounds. Zafar, I hope Aladdin’s spirit
has not come here! H-His spirit is in Baghdad..
How can it come here? Minister,
it is not a human being like you or me.
It is a ghost. It can go and come
whenever it wants, right? Minister!
– What happened? Take a look. Blood!

Stephen Childs


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