Ace Of Spades DVD – Extra – A Piece Of Lemmy’s Mind At The Rainbow

Here we are in the Rainbow indeed. – ls it your regular hangout?
– lt’s one of them. How often do you come down here? You know, on national holidays
or of a Sunday afternoon, just before l go to church for evening mass. Or evening mess. l come here about three times a week,
it’s only two blocks from where l live. And it’s downhill going home. – That’s important.
– Yeah, it’s handy, that. A guy in Wales carved it
and presented it to me. Fucking great lump of granite. l told him l’d bring it here, see if they’d put it
in the sidewalk, and they did. So hooray. – Hooray for me. And him.
– Yeah, cool. Where you are, Joe DiMaggio
met Marilyn Monroe on a blind date. This used to be called Villa Nova,
it was an ltalian restaurant, where Sinatra and his mates all hung out. lt’s changed because time’s changed. lt’s like another planet now
from when l first came here. People are different,
they think and act different. They are different. So fuck ’em. That’s what l say. You know, the old days weren’t always worse. The old days here were better, to a very, very large extent, believe me. We were optimistic, instead of being
fucking doomed like they are now. – This doom thing is…
– lt’s fear, man. – lt’s a bit fucking uphill.
– lt’s fear. The government programming fear
into everybody. They were frightened then too,
they used to have riots. The cops used to beat them up
with billy clubs in the ’70s. They weren’t scared then. – They were up for it.
– They didn’t have Starbucks. – Yes, and thank God for that.
– On every corner. l believe they’re gonna outlaw booze
in bars soon. We’re all gonna sit and drink
fucking Starbucks and not smoke. Or we have them smokeless fucking cigarettes. l don’t know what’s the matter
with everybody. You can’t be safe. A car might run you down any second.
Think of that. Never come out the house again.
l don’t need you on my street, you afraid motherfucker. What’s the matter with people? They just want to go to work, come home,
and lock themselves in. Big fucking thing around the garden
like it’s a medieval fortress. Who are they hiding from? lf the guy wants to get in, he’ll get in. They just boost each other over the fence. A jumbo jet taking off from LAX, right, is like 2,000 smokers smoking
200 cigarettes a day for 30 fucking years. And they want me to stop smoking this? Fuck off, be serious. lf you’re gonna be serious, ban automobiles. Then l’ll give up smoking. l’d volunteer for it. Unless you’re gonna do that,
then don’t be fucking futile. Slogans. The charts were always crap, man, right from when they started having them. All this shit was up there in the top ten. Might get a few rock-‘n’-roll things
in the bottom half of the top 20 but not a lot. l did like it when you could get The Yardbirds in the same charts as Barbra Streisand, cos you only had one chart to try and get in. We went number one in the national chart, not the heavy metal chart, or the alternative chart,
or the postmodern chart, or the urban renewal chart, or the one man with a leg on a donkey chart. What’s the point of going to the top
of your own little chart? Doesn’t mean anything.

Stephen Childs


  1. no entiendo como esta soltero lemmy siempre rodeadi de bellezones jajajaj

  2. righty first- then lefty next- i think ill leave the one in the middle xD

  3. @friddavalhalla estar rodeado de bellezones y estar casado creo que son completamente opuestos!! 🙂

  4. @dondondokken they are obviously whores its no great achievement to "go home" with a couple of prostitutes..

  5. Fucking Starbucks….ha ha ha ha.
    Lemmy is just as funny as he is cool!

  6. Or they gave him $100 to wear the shirts on camera, and fucked him stupid all night long for free. Believe it or not, 20 years ago their moms probably did the same. Fucking kids these days don't know rock band groupies. They look at that and expect them to be humping some flash in a pan rapper.

  7. We cant be all like Lemmy..cos the world would be either Heaven on earth or complete mess and anarchy 🙂

  8. some sad comments scrolling down.. if you want to lose all faith in humanity just trawl the comments section on YouTube..
    for those who are unaware Lemmy loved women and was no misogynist

  9. I love hearing Lemmy's opinion on things, no matter what it is. He's got a very good ability to look at things from a different angle than most. Rest easy big boy.

  10. If one truly listens to him in his interviews, he is realistic and absolute genius! Plus, you have to love those hardcore orange-tinged nicotine stained fingers! Lol

  11. Common hot chicks tell us 3 motorhead tracks just only 3

  12. That blond looking to give head to his jawbreaker size wart. Hope Lemmy stoved in both those birds.

  13. Poor Lemmy in a world he doesn’t like… He’s so endearing 😄🎶🎸♠️🤠

  14. The two girls are bar maids at the rainbow, the director put them in the shot for eye candy.

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