Aaron Russo – America Freedom to Fascism (MULTI SUB)

(Aaron Russo the director of the movie) The year was 1913.
Woodrow Wilson was president. Powerfull banking interest have been trying for years.
Finally achieved their longterm goal… By taking control of American government. The first thing they did, to accomplish their takeover,
was convince the secretary of state, to lie to the American people. And tell them that the 16th ammendment, the income tax ammendment,
have been legally ratified by the states… …When it was not. The Bankers knew that this tax
will ultimately end up in their pockets. Because of this fraud, American people were led to believe,
there was now a tax for their labour. Congress and the President, are completely aware of this fraud,
and it was even sided in their recent courtcase. That very same year 1913, the bankers commited their second,
and by far, most diabolical fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. By bribeing senators, to pay us the “federal reserve act”,
without the required constitutional ammendment. They did this during Christmas vacation, when many senators were home,
celebrating holidays with their families, and that’s how the inconstitutional “federal reserve act”
came in to be… They were very clever, and they understood that whoever
issued money for America, will control the government. The bankers won, and the American people lost. Because most politicians, will sell their soul for a dollar. and now the federal reserve, can issue dollars legally… Banker Mayer Rothschild knew, that he and the other bankers
will now control the laws of a nation. Government gave this bankers, one of it’s most important powers,
and now had to borrow money from them,and pay interest to finance the government. So the American people, were forced to lower their standard of living,
and pay graduated income tax to the governemnt. Just so the government could give their bankers more profits. President Woodrow Wilson, who signed “federal reserve act”
into law, later said in regret… (Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve Chairman)-The ferderal reserve
was created by the congress in 1913, and it was entrusted with the power, -,granted originally to the congress by the US constitution, -,to coin money, and regulate the value there of… -What’s your name? – Jane. – Hi Jane Im Aaron Russo
I produce a movie tra… – Is this a Joke? – No no no I produced a movie “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy,
and “The Rose” with Bette Midler. -Im doing a feature film, and my film is about my quest, -,to find out whether or not people pay income taxes.
Do you pay an income tax? -Yes I Do. (AR)- Have you ever seen a law that requires you to pay an income tax? (JANE)-Have I ever read it? you mean in the pages, black and white…?
NO No nooou. -You pay an income tax I assume. -Lately, actually No i didn’t file last year,
but a…. sorry is this on film?! I PAY my taxes !! -Have you ever seen a law that says you have to pay income tax? (Silence, people chattering in the background) – The law is that guy carring ‘n wearing that badge and a gun,
that’s the one that puts you in jail. That’s the law. -Actually I can’t stand the I.R.S. ,they’re evil… -Do You have any fear of IRS?-Uhm… not… not really.
Im Canadian. -I think it’s actually unconstitutional, it’s what I’ve heard. But…
ehm… but to avoid any hassle I pay it. If there was known law, and I wasn’t afraid of them coming and taking me to jail,
absolutely I wouldn’t pay taxes. (Smiling and giggling)-OK then no, I wouldn’t pay income taxes. -I wouldn’t pay it. -Why would anybody? -Because that’s… that’s they tell us we must do. -Would you pay it? -NO! -Would you pay it? -NO!!! -Why would you pay taxes if you don’t have to? -What if I told you, that the money you pay in your income tax
just goes to pay the interest on the national debt? -That’s incredible… that’s truly incredible.
I thought it was for infrastructure and all the other stuff. -The income tax is not legal because it would be a direct tax,
and it is Not apportioned, as the Constitution demands. If it is against Constitution then why are we doing it? -I really expected that, of course there is a law that you can point to in a law book,
that requires you to file a tax return, of course there is. maybe I don’t know what it is as we…
as he was speaking to me…but sure… so naively I agreed to go out and researched it and get back to him Three and a half months later I was at that point where
I cound’t find the statute that clearly made a person liable. At least not Me, and most people I know, ,and I had no choice in my mind except to resign. I had to leave the IRS because I’ve presented evidence that
I had accumulated indicating that the Agency (IRS) was violating the law ,and violating peoples rights, ,and I asked the Agency for a response to my sincere concerns, ,and the answer I got was that they would not response to my concerns, ,and that they woulnd provide me with
the paperwork necessary for my resignation. Fundation for constitutional education put a
full page ad in “US Today” on july 7th 2000. ,and within the body of that ad, was a 50.000 $ challenge
for anyone that could show the law… ,and to me 50.000$ is a lot of money, so I went after that ,and did the research based on the fact that I thought, lets put this(!!!!)(????)
kill two birds with one stone(Idiom that means resolve two difficulties
or matters with a single action.) I’ll answer these peoples questions they’re asking me, and I’ll win these 50000$ ,and you know, based on the research that I did, wrapping the year 2000 Since 2000 Im still doing it, I have not found that law. I’ve asked Congress,I’ve asked a lot of people in the IRS,
IRS commissioner’s helpers… …they can’t answer, because if they answer, the American people are going to know that this whole thing is a fraud.00:10:31:(Aaron Russo)-I was suprised to hear this highly trained IRS agents, telling Me there was no law requiring American citizens to file a 1040, ,or to pay an income tax on their labour. -I haven’t file a federal income tax return since I left. -I have not file a tax return since 1999. Approximately 67 milion people don’t file income tax return. (Aarron Russo)-I’ve made a decision to go to Washington so I can attend the
“We the people foundation” press conference. They were going ‘to submit'(serve?) a “Class action lawsuit” on the IRS sign by 3.000 people ,because the IRS has refused to show the law that makes the American liable to file a 1040. ,or to pay an income tax on their labour.
I was very curious as to why the IRS refused to show the law. As it seems such a simple thing to do. Yet I was skeptical about the foundation claims…there had to be a law, right? I mean we’ve all been told over and over again that we
have to pay an income taxes.breakdown. (People shouting)-No answers, No taxes !!! Most people believe that the income tax system, is legal, , and that the revenue from the tax is used in the public interest. However there is a substantial conclusive body of evidence that proves our income tax system represents the most pernicious form of tyranny. It is the greates hoax ever perpetrated by government against the working man and women in America. American citizens along with the foundation are asking the IRS to specifically provide them with the underline legal fundation upon which, ,they administer and enforce the personal income tax laws in our country. At the national level when people would attempt to contact somebody of a much higher authority, ,for instance the commissioner. It’s the same kind of thing.They would get answers that were in effect, non-answers. (David Cay Johnston form “New York Times”)-There are people standing outside today,who assert that no law encourage to pay taxes, -,and You will not answer their petition to the government, as whether they required to pay taxes. Are they required to pay taxes? -I’ve been paying my taxes ever since I had my first job and I think it’s a… It’s a fundamental construct of our nation that…, -,…that those of us who expect and demand the services from our government, -,that the government provides, the protection of our country through the military, or education of our children, or protection of our environment, We must pay for those services.So Yes I think there’s a fundamental obligation, and that it is an understood and well accepted one. Joe Banister and I had a meeting, in the White House with the President Clinton’s economic advisor Jason Furman He accepted the remonstrants for the president, On June 2nd I called and spoke with him, his words were: “We have decided that the issue of the legality of the income tax is not a high priority matter for the White House, ,and we will not participate in any conference on this subject.” I’ve decided not to eat until my death, or until government agree to send, ,their experts, to meet with the experts of tax onesty movement. -With the help of congressman Bartlett, a deal was made. -Im very pleased that through these several prime weeks, and now months, -,that we have secured the agreement of the IRS (and the justice department, because some of these questions are beyond the preview of the IRS), ,that they will both attempt public symposium, where this issues can be formally addressed Last Thanksgiving,justice department and IRS notified congressman Bartlett, ,that they would not participate. -Congressman Bartlett then, waited until late January. He informed Me that he would not be participating either. -Why do You think you’ve being able to get away with not paying your income tax for so long? -First of all I’ve not gotten away with anything, Im not hiding from anyone. Im simply asking the IRS to show me the laws that apparently requiring me to do these things.00:15:36:and They are suspiciously reticent to answer questions for me, ,and of course there are milions of people, many other organizations who have attempted to get answers. They act very suspiciously when asked to simply sit down at the table with the American people, ,and discuss what their obligations are. (Aaron Russo)-As a matter of fact, dedicated Johnston of the New York Times asked Terry Lemons of the IRS : … This is a very chilling remark, on the governments use of brute force instead of civility and logic. The federal government itself -There is no law that requires the average American worker in a private sector to pay direct unapportioned tax on their labour and compensation for services. -There is no law. -The march will stop in front of the IRS building, (Aaron Russo)-They’re now to submit(serve?) a “Class action lawsuit” on the IRS. Very courageous. -My name is Charles, and Im here to submit(serve?) this complaint from behalf of American people. -The complaint is accompanied by now for…(Man in blue shirt)-No cameras, no cameras…- Robert L. Schulz. -We’ll call you with the case number, case has been filed. Thank You. -Ok thank You. Today affectively the people had said to their government that our rights are not going to be any longer denied. ,and that we’re going to have answers to our petition our legitimate lawfull petition in which we address our grievances, ,so once and for all we’re gonna have the answers. Our courts have made the decision, the government does not have to show the law that it enforces. ,and the press never reported on this. Have we given this judge the authority to overrule the constitiution? The very fundation of american life?report to stations. I believe that in both spirit and substance our tax system has come to be unamerican. Death and taxes maybe inevitable, but unjust taxes are not. (Satire on politics.) When president Reagan was elected one of the first thing that he did was appoint a blue ribbon panel of of bussiness people headed by the Peter Grace It is commonly refered to as the”Grace commision”. Their job was to, research all the various areas of the the federal government and make a report. One of the quotes from the Grace commision is: “100% of what is collected, is absorb solely by interest on the federal debt, , all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickle is spent on the services tax payers expect from government.” -We’ve been brainwashed people have been told that you need income tax system to fund government which is absolutely ridiculous, -My question is: “Well if that’s true? How did we fund government from 1777 to 1913 ?”. – The main purpose of the income tax, is not to raise revenue but to redistribute wealth, and control society. -A lot of people might say :”What would happen to education if there was no income tax?”. -They don’t understand that the education is paid for the most part out of state and local taxes , your property taxes, -People might say: “How we’re going to build and maintain our highways?” -Income tax do not pay for highway constructions. -The amount of money that we spend on defense, is excactly equal to the amount of corporate income tax. -Which is quite legal and constitutional. -I think we should not want the income tax for several reasons, -,one is that, it is the instrument of totalitarism, it is the means by which the government can manipulate people, – -Every year you give to the federal government, a form that says ,here is how my money worked. -If you lie, you can go to prison. So you are required to give them a financial statement, -,that under the force of law could put you in prison, if it’s not impeccable. -And under the law they’re supposed to do the same.They’re supposed to give you back financial statement that says, here’s what we did with your money, -…except you comply and they do not. -In fiscal year 1999, department of defense had 1.1 trillion (one million million millions) of undocumentable adjustments. – The following year they had 2.3 trillion of undocumentable adjustments. (Aaron Russo)- I decided to call IRS, I spoke to Anthony Burke in media relations. -He was very nice to me, and i explained him that i was award winning film producer, ,and I was doing a documentary on IRS. -He was a bit stunned by this. He explained to me that no one will go on film to discuss the income tax. But he did say he would call me back. I thanked him for that ,but i could’t help wondering, why was the government making it so difficult, for people to see the law? -So i decided to bring my crew down to the IRS building, to see if i can find some emloyees to interview. -Here’s what happend… (Police)-I said you cannot film here, that’s it. (Aaron)-Just tell me the law that says I cannot film here. (Aaron)-Can you show me the law that says I cannot film here? (Aaron)-Is America a free country?(Policeman)-I said he can’t film here! And He’s asking now million questions. (Policeman)-I told him it’s the federal government law… hey I told him he can’t film here, and he told me he’s a citizen and all that (sigh!). (Aaron)If i can’t film here then, where’s the law that says I can’t film here? (Aaron)-Then homeland security showed up, because I was such a threat to Washington. (Policeman):-Ya’ll have driver’s licence? Put that camera away… (Aaron)After convinceing homeland security I really wasn’t Osama Binladen, I kept wishing the IRS will allow me to interview somebody. Why wouldn’t they show the law? What were they so nervous about? I began to have a frightening thought. What if was our own government we have to be afraid of? With that disturbing thought in my mind, I went to see a group of tax experts. -You can look in the statutes, and look for the law that requires you to pay, and when you do that, -you can’t identify a law that requires the avarage person in America who earns his wage, works in private business, to pay an income tax. -The constitution allowes for two kinds of taxes. Direct and indirect. -The federal government in the constitution can tax almost anything, as long as direct tax is apportioned. -The indirect tax is for example excise tax, i can avoid the excise tax on gasoline I can choose to ride my bicycle. -I can avoid the excise tax on tabacco, I can choose not to smoke or I can grow my own tabacco. The income tax which is being applied now, doesn’t meet the criteria of either direct or indirect tax. (Aaron Russo)-The IRS claims that 1913’s 16th ammendment the income tax ammendment allow government a third form of taxation. (Aaron)What was the supreme court ruleing on that?(Irvin Schiff)-The supreme court in the case of Stanton vs Baltic Mining Co. (1916) (Irvin)-I mean what could be clearer than this? Provisions of the 16th ammendment can prove no new power of taxation. (?) case also said that the 16th ammendment did not impose any new taxes and did not change any of the taxing restrictions of the constitution. -There were also several other major supreme court cases in that same period 1916 up until 1923. -Stratton Independence vs Hobart, SOUTHERN PAC CO. v. LOWE , 247 U.S. 330 (1918) Bowers v. Kerbaugh-Empire Co., 271 U.S. 170 (1926) BURNET v. HARMEL, 287 U.S. 103 (1932) DOYLE v. MITCHELL BROS. CO. , 247 U.S. 179 (1918) -It’s actually very simple. Congress try do an act. The Revenue Act of 1894. (Income tax act) -The supreme court said that’s unconstitutional. When the supreme court says something is unconstitutional, it’s unconstitutional. -They tried again in 1913 and supreme court said, the 16th ammendment confer no new power of taxation. So if they didn’t have it then and they didn’t get it, they don’t have it. -There is no constitutional base for a tax on the wages on Americans living and working in the fifty States of the Union. -Period. End of argument! -I have a letter here, from Daniel Inouyes office of the United States Senat that says… End of story. There is no law. To this date nobody has been able to show that there is a law for the average American citizen working day-in and day-out to pay an income tax. -Definition of income in the constitution was given in the Eisner versus Macomber case, and it turns on gains or profits that are made from some activity. -DOYLE v. MITCHELL 247 U.S. 179 1918 this is what they’ve said… “The idea of gain, or increase arising from corporate activities” -In other words it doesn’t mean wages it doesn’t mean dividend, alimony. It means a gain or a profit arising from corporate activities. -Tax liens recorded on American people are nothing more than allegations. They are non substantive. -They have never been determined by the neutral third-party such as a Court, to have validity. -If you ever get a notice from an audit, the first thing you should do is The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records that they’re using to substantiate and justify the audit. -There’s nothing in the Internal Revenue Code that create any such thing as an income tax evasion or crime, there’s nothing in the code that laws IRS agents to seized property. -The government is involved in judicial black-mail. -Government knows that if it legally seized somebodys property, that person does not have the funds, and he can’t even get a lawyer who can help him. I conducted an investigation in the title 18 of the criminal code (Title 18 deals with federal [Criminal law-crimes]) -And in there statutes and regulations are very specific, as for what is violating the statute. -And the Internal Revenue Code Title 26 there is nothing specific in there.Even FBI is feared of the IRS. (Title 26 is also known as the Internal Revenue Code. Much of Title 26 is administered and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service and is one of the largest portions of the United States Code (U.S.C.) (!)) -You have to understand that an Agency which will unlawfully impose a tax that doesn’t exist, is not going to care. -If we the people don’t know what our rights are, they’re not going to tell us. -Americans just learned that the IRS was actually deceiving them, that would be enough for them to rise up and put a stop to it. -This small booklet includes the constitution of the US: bill of rights, declaration of independance, this is document every citizen should read. -It’s a document which freed entire nation. -This is Internal Revenue Code (title 26) -Unlawfull application of this code by IRS has enslaved the nation that this document attempted to free. (AaronRusso)-I was very impressed by the people in the tax and onesty movement. -They weren’t cooks, they were highly intelligent, researched, and very genuine. -I was wondering why I’ve never heard that all supreme court decision in the media! -So I really wanted the IRSs point of view, because to get a true story it was imperative i hear both sides. -I kept wishing Anthony Burke would call me back. He seemed like an onest man. -I called my message machine, (Anthony Burke on message phone machine)- Let me suggest few people that you might want to talk to. One would be Don Alexander former commissioner he is here in Washington. -Another would be Sheldon Cohen who is former commissioner and former cheif counsulor. All those guys I think will answer your questions. (Aaron Russo)-Well good news I thought. So I called Sheldon Cohen because he used to be the IRS commissioner, he wrote the tax code, – and was also general counsulor to the IRS. -He is a true expert and I cound’t find a better person to answer my questions. -The reason that Im doing this documentary is that there are many people in America today who believe there is no law that reqires them to pay an income tax to file a 1040. (Aaron)-Many people go to jail for it, fighting over it.(Cohen)- The Internal Revenue Code is autorized by the 16th ammendment. (Aaron)-I think it should be clarified I think government should be transparent to people. Why isn’t the IRS commissioner sit down with them explain in clear English why… (Cohen)-I don’t think they really care. I just think they’re playing word-games.(Aaron)-You don’t think they’re sincere to people?(Cohen)-no i don’t think they’re sincere. (Aaron)-What does voluntary compliance mean? and why does the IRS code say it is voluntary to complie not mandatory? (Cohen)-That’s a word that’s an euphemism (an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive) we use… (Cohen)-We use voluntary compliance when we talk about traffic signals, most people… at 2’o clock do you stop at a red light? (Aaron)-Yeah…(Cohen)-Is there a cop there?(Aaron)-Well sometimes I don’t stop.(Cohen)-I do! I do! and most of the time most of us do. -But that’s voluntary compliance. (Aaron)-Traffic was state that is manditory to stop at the red light. IRS code says is vountary to comply. Manditory and voluntary are the complete opposite of each other yet he want us to believe that they mean the same thing. (Aaron)-So can the government criminally prosecute somebody of information put on the 1040?(Cohen)-yes. (Aaron)-So doesn’t avoid the 5th ammendment?(Cohen)-no. (Aaron)-But the 5th ammendment says I don’t have to do anything that incriminate myself.(Cohen)-Well it doesn’t incriminate you to put… to put you in compound. (Aaron)-But you said before I can be put in jail for it. Commissioner wants us to believe, that although IRS demands that you fill out the 1040 -and you can go to jail for it, that they are not violating a 5th ammendment rights of self-incrimination. That is absurd. (Aaron)-Isn’t it true that the word “income” is not defined anywhere in the Internal Revenue Code? -Law says that the government has a right to tax income from any source it derive. (Aaron)-So the word “income” is not defined in the Code it just says income, without a definition. (Cohen)-That’s right. (Aaron)-Correct? -Yeah. -There’re many different kinds of taxes, how can American citizen know what the income tax is if the code doesn’t define it? (Cohen)-Because the court will define it. -Definition of “income” in the constitution was given in the Eisner versus Macomber case, and it turns on gains or profits that are made from some activity. (Aaron)-so the supreme court has ruled. Income is not wages is not labour. Income is gained from corporate activity. -I believe that a mens labour is his private property. (Cohen)-That’s your view but it’s not the law. -Supreme court even said your labour is your private property. When I go to the work for somebody it’s a trade it’s an even exchange, -I do some work, you give me some money. -In 1916 we had a Brushaber and Stanton case,and those cases said that the 16th ammendment gave the government no new taxing power. -Im not going to argue with you… -It came up again in the case (?) vs (?) where thesupreme court said 16th ammendment did not extend congresses taxing power to any new or accepted subjects. -In other words if you weren’t taxable before the 16th you weren’t taxable after 16th… -Today I interviewed (who??) we sat on the case ,and they’ve found the person ungulity for lack of filling 1040. -I asked them why they found her not guilty, and she said because IRS couldn’t show us the law that made them liable to fill a 1040. -All they need to do, if there is a law… is to show us the law. Which of course they never did. (Aaron)-The reason they didn’t do it was why? -As there is no law. -Title 26 requires you to file a return -But doesn’t title 26 have to be in a compliance with the supreme court decisions? -You’ll going to take a 1920 case and superimpose it on the (i dalej to chuja rozumiem…!) I can’t believe in what I’ve just heard! Rewind! no chuja rozumiem:D -Remember he said earlier the IRC was authorized by the 16th am.? (Cohen)- The Internal Revenue Code is autorized by the 16th ammendment. (Aaron)-Remember, supreme court said the 16th ammendment did not give the government any new taxing power! These decision have never been overturned. -Can the low courts overrule the supreme court? -no. -How they putting people in jail today for not paying tax on their labour? When the supreme court said they don’t have to. -But doesn’t the IRS code have to be in compliance with the supreme court ?! That is my question ! -Aaron, this is a waste of time, because whatever i say youre not gonna believe. He is right Im don’t believe him, and neither should You. He wants us to believe we should obey the IRS code! THE IRS CODE WHICH IS IN VIOLATION OF MANY SUPREME COURT DECISIONS! -Supreme court made a decision. -NO no no thank you thank you…-Im sorry mr Cohen for doing that, -Im sorry that you constantly reargue the point, youre liable because the law says youre liable and the court say the law says youre liable and thats why youre liable. :))) (Aaron)-You see now He’s talking about the lower courts, who are not in compliance with the supreme court… as they have to be… Doesn’t lower court have to be in compliance with the supreme court? Supreme court has so held (so held -odbywalo sie posiedzenie sadu?)- Where? -You caught me unprepared! -But let me ask you a hipotetical question? -no. Youre making silly arguements. -Why is the supreme court decision a silly arguement? Because it is inapplicable! (Aaron)-That statement made my heart stop! He just said supreme court decisions do not apply to the IRS.That’s the behavior you would expect from totalitarian country, Maybe China Russia or Cuba, not from America. They just making up the law as they go along. Now I knew the tax onesty movement was right. The IRS thrive on intimidation, fear, not by a law It’s no different than the criminal protection racket (?) using force to extract money from you. Then the former IRS commissioner ,now working at the prestigious Washington law-firm, threatens me… watch! -Aaron you understand Yiddish? Gornischt von helfen! -For those of you who don’t understand Yiddish, that means “Nothing will help you”. -Now it all became clear. I understood why the IRS wouldn’t go on camera and talk about where the law was. -I understood why all those senators I called refused to be interviewed.There is no law. Now you know what our political leaders and courts have known for decades, and have tried to cover up. -The US constitution strictly forbid direct unapportioned tax on wages and salaries of american citizens. -US supreme court has consistently ruled that the income tax is a tax on profits and gains non on labour and wages. (which are a private property) -On behalf of the American people, I challenge the IRS to show me a statute that allows a direct unapportioned tax on the wages and labour of the American people. -And if Im wrong? I would give my most humble apologies to the IRS, and if IRS is wrong and there is no law Then every person that has been jailed should be out of jail immideatly. -If this is a nation of laws and a free country, then the IRS should show the law to the American people. -I felt an overwhelming need to understand, why juries would find innocent people guilty of not filling the tax return, when there was no law requiring them to do so? -So I went to talk to Mossie Brookes a jury who used her common sense, and did not allow the judge to lead jury into a guilty verdict. -He was being TRIED(sadzony) for four counts ,not filling his income taxes, and our question was… …What is to decide? Either he did or he didn’t. It never occured to us that he might actually be innocent while at the same time ,not filling. In the federal government it is not a felony not to file taxes Finally they say ok If we’re gonna get this guy, we’re gonna have to put it in the state. They called up the IRS agent, Agent Craner. (Whitey)-Craner? (Craner)-This is Kent Dorey who is also an investigator. (Craner)-Right… I talked to my boss about that, and he said that my badge is that. -I never wrote anything down. -And yet when we saw the video, there he was writing notes…and so… -Im thinking, OK at this point the judge is supposed to say Agent Craner it is clear that you have commited perjury… it wasn’t even noticed. -It finally came to the climax, mr Harrell looked right at the prosecutor, and he said I will tell you the same thing I have told over and over again to government officials. You show me the law that requires me to file a tax return and I’ll be glad to do it. -The prosecutor, absolutely ignored him! and he started to slandering mr Harrell. -Just started attacking his character. -They calling us fanatics, tax scums, gorillaz, niggaz ain’t your momma pappa daddies, I don’t care what you call me, but I have one question… …Where is the love? Shawn ‘n me’are in love ! -They Can’t let this turn into a rational debate, because if they do, they’ll lose! Sothey have to insult people and say it’s frivolous. We felt like that there was overall arogance and that they were effing with mr Harrell, and wanting us to participate. Judge Cougan, he looked right at us and he said, I will instruct the jury acording to the law. We were sent to deliberation. The judge promised us that he would give us the law. And we looked and it was not there. We wrote a note to the judge, asking for the copy of the law… 10 minutes later we get a note back. You have everything you need. But there was no law. He had promised us. At that point i felt betrayed. This man promised us the law, and that’s what this whole thing is about…law, we’ve requested and he still denies us the law. (Aaron)-And the reason they didn’t do it was why? -As there is no law. Remember we were talking about the Illinois state law here? Which is the law in Illinois, so we got out that law and read it several times. -It says anyone required to file a federal income tax return, is required to file Illinois tax return. -If it is true that he’s not required to file a federal than that notifice the Illinois law. Two people kept saying. He’s gonna get by with it. I said what is he getting by with, but his rights? If there is no law, he’s not breaking the law. -He’s just standing on his rights. Are we gonna deny him that? -It’s fun this one juror sat back, rolled his eyes and said… …You mean… we don’t have to… pay taxes??? (Screams, shouts and outrageous yodeling) -All of a sudden we realise that this trial, was much bigger, and the ramifications of this trial will gonna be so broad, if it actually got out? It’s like we have just discovered this great government secret. So when we came out, for the delivering of the verdict. Judge was… even at this point Im sure he still thought we would pass guilty verdict. And the reason I say that is because of the look on his face, when the first “not guilty” was read. His face just turned white… This second time, you could hear people in the audience in the court-room just going… WOW waahwaahwheeewhaa! and the judge is going red in the face, and he was just livid! and the jugge got up and left… I sat there and i thought, this truly is a victory for the people, and i have never felt more patriotic, and i knew that we’ve done the right thing. I looked at thet man, mr Herrall and i thought, the system might not work all the time, but this time, for that man in did… (Aaron)-In November 2004 the government arrested former IRS criminal investigator Joseph Banister. They charged him of fraud, for telling the american people the truth about the income tax laws. The jury obviously agreed with Joe. Well it just showed me Banister to be honset and straightforward, and working within the law. Cougland, the Federal Express pilot claimed there was no law requiring Americans to file an income tax, she also won in court. 24 people were criminally charged by IRS, because they claimed there was no law requiring them to file an income tax return. The fact is neither the judge, prosecutor or the IRS could bring that statute in there, because it’s not in the books. The jury came back with an equity for everyone. -When the matter is put to the test, which means in terms of court, and enforcement actions, theres a 100% success in shooting down these arguements. -The mafia has a code and they follow it, and it’s a code of honour, but the IRS has no code. (Aaron)-Meet George Dawson a federal judge presiding over the Irvin Shiff tax case, whom denied Irvin the ability to prove to a jury that there was no law requiring american to file an income tax. -He denied Irvin to prove to jury there was no law by stateing…00:48:43:-But the judge made sure that the government never had to show the law as written by telling to the jury… -Nobody can know what the law is, because the law is what the judges say what the law is! Lower courts today will not allow people, especially in tax cases to bring a supreme court decisions as their evidence. (Aaron)-Here we have a federal judge, effing with the american citizens by saying supreme court decisions are irrelevant. And again nothing from the press is defending our freedom. So if you ever find yourself as a juror, on a tax case … be sure to ask the judge to show you the statute written by Congress that allowes the government to tax the wages of the american people. If the judge can’t show you the law, then how can you possibly in good conciousness convict someone and destroying their life… -Let’s see how the IRS treated one of the Americas greatest hero, someone I cherished as a child. Joe Lewis was an American icon, victorious in his first 25 fights he quickly arose to a heavyweight champion. His K.O. in 1938 of german Max Schmeling who represented German aryan ideal, gave him admiration of milions of Americans. Right after Pearl Harbour was bombed, Joe donated his fee to navy war relief. Joe Lewis volountaried for the segregated Army and defended his title while in the service. This time donateing his normal fee to the Army relief. (Joe)-Ive only done what anybody would’ve done. Since the checks were in Joes name the IRS taxed him on their full amount even though he never saw a penny of it… At the end of the war Joe was awarded the “Legion of Merit” but what most people didn’t know is that the IRS was charging him 50000$ a year in interest, alone on his debt. When Joes mother have died leaving him 600$ the IRS immediately siezed it. They also confiscated all of his childerens cross-funds(?) Joe was forced to continuing fighting until he was 37 and out of shape, just to pay off the debt to the IRS which grew to 1.000.000 $ and 100.000$ a year just in interest(odsetki). At the end of his life, Joe was forced to become a “Greeater”(?) at the Las Vegas hotel to make ends meet. (means to live within one’s income) It was a shamefull thing to see a man like him great fighter, great human being. Humiliated and destroyed in this manner, afterall, when you owe a money to an internal revenue no matter what you have thay take away from you. And they took it all from Joe Lewis… (Aaron)-I made a decision to drive to a Virginia beach because ive heard stories about two families who were enbrutalized by the IRS. They were forcely accused by their book-keepeer of being drug-smugglers and tax cheats. and incredibly for me, without any investigation the IRS proceeded to raid their place of bussines and home even though they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. (John)-On Saturday morning, four different riding parties, proceeded to ride the locations, (Edy)- I was the manager on duty, I was up in the Dheli, and people came through the door… (Edy)-About 15 to 20 people, (Aaron)-15 to 20 armed agents? (Edy)-Yea with dogs with guns they made me to get everybody out of the kitchen and customers out of the shop. (Edy)-They took forks out of the customers hands, while they were eating their breakfast, and told them they had to leave. (Scotty)-Ive got the frantic call from Edy, she’s shouting something’s wrong I jumped out of my bed, and immediately took a shower. -Next Thing I know my son is screaming “Daaad!!!”. (Scottys son)- I was slamed against the door, and felt down on the floor, they’re pointing gun to my head. -They said “Where is Scotty Miller?” And all I did was screaming “Dad, dad!!!” that’s all im doing… laying there frighten to death. (Scotty)-Next thing is they’ve pointed a gun to my head while im in the shower . -/there were screams from the girls upstairs at the pyjama-party with my daughter…Mayhem ! (Scottys daughter)-There were men in my room following us, watch us get dressed, and I tried to shut the door, and he puts his foot between the door… -Like he was going to sit there and watch us changing our clothes. I was like”Excuse me! No!”. -Neighbours they were all standing out. (Aaron)-Were you still naked? (Scotty)- They handed me a towel, at that point I had a towel wrapped around my waist. (Aaron)-Did the towel fit? (Scotty)-Hardly… Hahah! (Scotty)-At this point they were talking about weapons, and uhm it’s crazy! Im looking everywhere going through all my drawers, -The agents were like “Don’ttouch it !! don’t move ! stay where you are!!”. (john)-They kept everything, we had to do it out of the shoebox, because we’ve requested these things, -And Im told that the government really not… Once they do raid… so…but they are supposed at least let you, until youre charged with something continue bussiness -This wasn’t the case they’ve kept everything. (Aaron)-So so you haven’t been charged?? (John)-Absolutely not ! Charged? with what??! (John)-When you speak IRS the whole world gets fearfull to the point where, people are saying, “let’s not talk about it” I testified before the Congress… (John)-I would like to know why this dark entity known as the IRS came into my life and refused to leave. -I raised my children with a zero tolerance policy to dishonesty, and now they must hear allegations? That Im a major drug-dealer and a tax cheat ?! (John)-Lot of people out there are being abused, and lot of people says”look I’ll pay it ! just leave me alone !Just go away…” (Edy)-When all that happen We had a bank bancruptcy, cars taken away from us, kept my daughter from going to collage. (John)-Do they ever think about the lives that they’ve destroyed? -We would never thought this could happen to us. We didn’t do anything wrong. -How can this happen in America when ,in my case personally, I thought that i was doing everything right, I served my country! Ive been to collage. -At least I did something in my life. I got a speeding ticket one time, I payed my TAXES for 40 years, Ive never been (?)… what happend here?! (Aaron)I had uncomfortable feeling in my stomach , as i was thinking to myself how did America transformed itself from being a truly free contry with a serving government… …where individual rights were protected by constitution, to being the country that talked about being free, but really wasn’t… The change started, when FEDERAL RESERVE came to existence, and America adopt a major “planks”(głupi jak but pot. ) of the communist manifesto. -By bringing to America this central bank, -The same people that backed the federal reseve system, also backed the graduated income tax, a second plank from the communist manifesto… (Aaron)-Did you know the federal reserve is a private bank and is outside the government agency? (Girl)-no I wasn’t aware of that. -That would scare me quite a bit. -What if you’d learn that the federal reserve makes money out of the taxes you pay? How’d you feel about that?(Girl)-Angry ?? hahah… I would feel cheated by our government. – It’s frustrating that we pay for something that is not benefiting us in any way. -They’re pretty much in control of everything. (Aaron)-I drove back to Washington to see a Congressman Ron Paul I had met him previously at 1998 when I was running for the government in Nevada. And i knew him to be a honest and sincere man. I thought he’ll be very helpful and leting me know what the future holds. (Aaron)-Who owns the federal reserve? (Ron)-It’s secret and we can’t find out whats happening, but the Congress created it, and it’s not authorized in the constitution. (Michael)-Government borrows money from private corporations useing a name ‘federal’ and print United States on it. -And then it (corporations) pays back to the feds which is owned by the private banks, we don’t know who all those private banks are -Themoney that the governemt is paying back to the private bankers is money that comes from us. (Aaron)-Why in the world would government borrow money from private corp. and pays fees on us when it has the authority to make the money itself interest free? National dept of US (6.116.475.366.155$) -Federal reserve is no more federal than federal express . -Did you ever seen a list of ownership of that banks, i dont think anybody has. The Government works for the private banks, and private banks works for its owners, they’re true masters(?). -People talked to me about the issue about the republicans vs democrates, as if they dont get it, and I say look -Heres the way you get it. It’s ORGANIZED CRIME 😀 You call the republicans Genovesies (Italian mafia family name (?) and the democrates th Gambinose (The same…(?) People at the top are treating this like a crapes-game like they’re making a lots of money, occasionaly someone at the table shoots each other, -but the moment anything threatens their “crap-game” 😀 they all unite to protect it. They’re both controled by the same financial and economical interest. -Once the banks get into the picture and they form a partnership with the government, government gives them the legal power now to create bank issued money – money backed by the cohesive power(?jednolity) govern to require everybody to except that bank money. -In the course of the last century, they’ve convert this nation from the nation of independent freeholders, to a nation of employees, -Theyre one step away from being serves, -most people spend the great bulk of their money for taxes, interest, and inflation. -All of that money goes to these two groupes that comprises (obejmuja) the cartel, and they’re partner with federal government, it’s not a coincidence. -(Aaron)So if congress use it’s legal authority to shut down the federal reserve system the American people would be much better off… -Young people today are conditioned practically from the begining that the credit is a wonderfull thing, You don’t want to damage your credit. -You do what you can so you can go to the bank and get a good loan. -There are no people who own their own property, who own their own houses, own their own business, who finance their own business. -They only debters -Avarage young person today has no concept that he’s being drowned into a web, a trap. -He is in Futilist System, only he’s going to like it, he’s going to think this is wonderfull, Ive got my new red Corvette and im in debt for the rest of my life. -Decision was made, let’s get all the debt up let’s move the jobs abroad(?) and instead of reengeneering your skills we’re gonna dumb down the America so the middle class would dissapear. -What most of the people of this country have become is food for the dead machine. (Aaron)-When a person borrows money he puts a new rope around his neck, and then he’s serving for the lendor. -Which is excactlly what the federa;reserve system is design to do. -And now Our government dominated by the banks, is helping them to entrap people even further, by passing new bankruptcy laws Making it more difficult for the people to declare a bankruptcy and get a fresh start. -While at the same time allowing the banks to charge very high rates of interest. This is the way democrates and republicans, are working with the banks, legally enslave the nation. (Paul)-Credit card industries are huge political contributors, and unfortunatelly a numer of… (Host)-Can It be that…It just seem so bold(adj.?odwazny) this idea that credit card industries gives a lot of money to the government so they will protect them even to the abject (podly) disinterest of their own constituents. (Paul NYT)-Umm… that happens kind of a lot. Board directors of federal reserve system, are chosen by the president from a list prepeared by the bankers themselves, -Process of finding the Alan Greenspan (born March 6, 1926 is an American economist Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006.) -Is ongoing and have been managed by the small group of people coming up with a list of nominees. -(BUSH!)-It’s important that whom ever I pick… -Is viewed as an idependent person from politics, -So the federal reserve is actually illegal entity functioning within the government? -It’s illegal and what we have given to this so called “Agency” is the authority to counterfeit(falszowac) money. Do you have any points of view of how the federal banks operates? They just enter something on the computer, ohh “You need 20 billion today?Here’s 20 billion” ,but they’ve got that out of thin air. -Money goes to the treasury, and treasury then pay s the bills. Federal reserve destroyed the purchaseing value of the money. -All coutries who have ever, attempted to create money out of thin air, the currency is eventually destroyed. -Why we gave monopoly to creating money to private corporations? -Money (paper) were a receipt, evidence that the money existed. -Government disconnected paper money from tangible(namacalny) substance. Now we have a piece of paper money that is evidence of nothing. .. In the past people could exchane paper money for gold. this limited the amount of money that could be printed, thereby protecting the purchase power of your savings. (Bush)-You don’t have to worry.(Woman)-Good, i work three jobs He said that before he was working with Federal Reserve System, now he want you to believe the receipt is the real money. (The Federal Reserve has never been audited by the government. In 1975 a bill H. R. 4316, to require Federal Reserve audits, was introduced in Congress. Due to pressure from the currency-controllers, it was rejected. No audit of the Federal Reserve has ever been done.) I was told that the federal reserve has taken control of the gold as collateral for the dollar they print. -How can federal reserve, has gold in (what???) Barrel (?) Battleships 😀 Theyreholding that for the treasury. So FRS could easily have taken all of the americas wealth, -that’s a possibility. -There’s no audit… Congress ignores their responsibilty to do any oversight. -tHE PRESIDENT HAS no control nor the congress have no control it has apperance of control. Until government doesn’t shut down FRS the frauds will continue. Do you think america is going deeper and deeper into becoming a police state? and if so, in what ways do you see that as a congressman? -O think we’re moving in that direction because there’s not much we can do without permission, -The absence of the police state is when people are free and if you don’t commit crimes you can do what you want. -But today you can’t open up a business, you can’t develope land, you can hardly do anything, you can’t go to the doctor without government knowing what you are doing. -They talked about medical privacy, that is gone. Financial privacy, that’s gone. The right to own property, that is essentially gone, You have to get permission from government on almost everything, and that is a definition of a police state. -This is something people will eventually get sick and tired of and say enough is enough… -You must understand that FRS is a cartel made up by the major banks in America, and they are the ones that are running the show, not the federal government. -The power is to be behind the system. Financial interest are able to excercise(wykonywac, sprawowac wladze) dissproportioned amount of influence not only on the economic structure, ,but the political structure O beautiful for spacious skies,For amber waves of grain,For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America!God shed his grace on thee,And crown thy good with brotherhood,From sea to shining sea!:D This would be the ultimate , reaching the government into our personal health lifes, which would be unbelievable, and not even our government but, some bureaucratic multinational secreative government. Executive Order 11000 ASSIGNING EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FUNCTIONS TO THE SECRETARY OF LABOR The Secretary of Labor (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering civilian manpower mobilization, more effective utilization of limited manpower resources These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States. Executive Order 11921 Adjusting Emergency Preparedness Assignments to Organizational and Functional Changes in Federal Departments and Agencies What happen if your own government is using more force on its own citizens on purpose of acheiving it’s political interest. We’re losing the right to property, (…) (???) (…) It’s easier for prosecutors to make an accusation and confiscate your property even though they have no evidence that you’ve done anything wrong. Your innocence doesn’t really matter that much cause it’s very inconvenient for the government. Unfortunately what is sold to the american people today as “americanism”… if you peal of the label you’ll find so much similarity to What we were fighting against ,when we were fighting communism, natzism, fascism. Goverment wants to put a National ID card and checkpoints, We will be carrying our papers and they had recommended there’d be checkpoints, throughout the country. -Isn’t that what the natzi did that everybody in America was against of ,Checkpoints… “Papers please !” The new legislation of National ID Card is And it will be connected with our drivers licences, the states will be instructed on excactly what they should do… Social security numbers will be used some type of a phisical proff, such as fingerprints retnal(?) prints have to be on it. (aaron)It is time to wake up America. These ID cards are not about defeating the terrorism. But they are all about controlling the american people. I arranged a meeting with Katherine Albrecht a leading authority of an ID chip. Her book entitled “Spy Chips” is the definite book on this subject. – I wanted to find out how dangerous these chips are, just to our liberties. (Katherine)- RFID is a technology that uses tiny computer chips the size of the grain of sand or even smaller. Hooked up to minature antennas to transmite the information about items at a distance, Back in 1999 Procter & Gamble (Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including personal care, household cleaning, laundry detergents, prescription drugs and disposable nappies.) and Gillette MIT got together… …to find a way to commercialize this technology, and make it small enough,make it efficent enough, and make it cheaper. Essentially their dream is to put one of these tiny computer chips on every phisical item manufactured on planet earth. The latest technology for identifying people,when they making purchases is actually the implantable chip. that you can actually embeded directly into human flesh, it’s a tiny glass capsoule about the size of a grain of rice. It contains RFID computer chip with a coiled antenna and it can transmit the information also at the distance. Can a microscopic tag be implanted in persons body to track his every movement, there is actual discussion about that “You will rue on that” (Jeszcze tego pozalujesz), mark my words before your tenure is over. Homeland security folks, DOE and others have expressed interest in being able to more closely monitor the US populates, and one way to do that is of course being able to determine who buyes what, and where they take those things. – Radio waves can travel through walls they can travel through wood they can travel through things we normally rely on to protect our privacy. for example your purse, backpack, pocket anything you’re wearing or carrying Philadelphia Cream Cheese co. has been tag a RFID and sold it to consumers…(CUTTED TO ANOTHER CLIP)…as have Mock 3 razor products and other Gillette razor products…(CUTTED TO ANOTHER CLIP)…about the knowledge of the consumers. One of the tiny chips could actually be a dot of a letter “I” at the back of fine printed package that you purchase. They were talking about having reading devices in every airport on every bus,train,on every port, dock, One of the most worriesome afflications of RFID is our proposals to put them into cash. Meaning that you would be able to track every banknote where it had been, who it had been issued to and create an essence of auditrail(is a paperless audit system for monitoring and checking business facilities and premises.) That would essencially take away the anonimity of cash, that we’re enjoy today. -The ATM machine itself… as the money would came through the roller device, the device then would be reading each number, ,and they would know who you are because, of course you identify yourself at the bank, before you take the money out, ,and down the road when you go to pay at a major retailer it would also be possible for the them as they putting the money into the cash drawer simply feed it through the reading device. It would tag that number and transform possesions, say from Aaron Russo to Walmart. Once everything you do is tied down to a single number and there is no longer the ability to pay with cash, ,then all it takes to render you a non-citizen is to simply turn that chip off, you will no longer be able to participate in any function in society, including buying food. (Aaron)-So through the implementation of the FRS the American citizen has gone from being, private individual who had real money, gold in his possesion that was private. -To a citizen who has no privacy, because all those money have now been digitalized. They can deduct any amount of money they want out of your digits. -Whatever they want, they can trace you whenever they want, you’ll be at their merct, god forbid that you allow this to happen in America. (Katherine)- This is absolutely Orwellian, mean we’re talking about Big Brother looking over your shoulder at absolutely everything you do, every purchase you make, every place you go. -Every company you interact with, all of that would be reported back potentially to the government. (Phone ringing) (Mary from the custom service)-Pizza Palace (…) this is Mary can i take your order? (Mr.Kelly)-Hi…um… Mary, yes I’d like to order.(Mary)-This is mr. Kelly? -Yes… -Thank you for calling again Sir. (Mary)-I see your National ID Number is 61020… is that corect? (Mr.Kelly)-Ekhm… yes…? (Mary)-Thank you mr. Kelly I see you live in 736 Montrose Court ,calling from your cellphone. Are you at home?? (Mr.Kelly)-I was just leaving work so I’m… (Mary)-Oh we can deliver it to “Bob’s Auto Supplies” it’s at 175th Lincoln Avenue right? (Mr.Kelly)-No… !! um… I’m on my way home. How do you know all this stuff? (Mary)-We just got wired into the SYSTEM Sir… (Mr.Kelly)-Oh… well… I’d like to order couple of your double meat special pizzas. (Mary)-Sure thing! There’ll be a new 20$ charge for that Sir. (Mary)-Sir the SYSTEM showes that your medical records indicate that you’re high blood pressure and extremelly high choresterol. -Luckly we had a new agreement with your National Health Care provider that allowes us to sell you double-meat pies, as long as you agree to waive all features claimed in the liability. -(Mr.Kelly)-What…?! (Mary)-Do you agree Sir?You can find form when we’ll deliver, but there is a charge for processing. The total is 67$ even. – 67$ ?!! (Mary)-That includes the delivery surcharge of 15$ to cover the adress to our driver traveling through an orange zone. (Mr.Kelly)-I live in an Orange zone? (Mary)-Now you do. Looks like there was another robbery on Montrose yesterday,hm… You could pay 48$ if you order our special Sprout Combo-mambo-jumbo… comes with tofu sticks, they are very tasty and good value too. (Mr.Kelly)-But I want double meat ! (Mary)-Well I’m sure you can afford the 67$ then you just bought this ticket to Hawaii, they weren’t cheap… ee? -Ohhh… but I see you checked out the “100 ways to Vacation in the Cheap” on the library last week…hmm… up to you Sir. -Allright I’ll get a sprout sauce, – Good choice Sir gotta watch that weight if you’re going to the beach… ee? -42 inches… wow… maaan that tofu and sprout is like required! -Anyhow I’ll put that and it’s 19.99$ even. Whoa! looks like you maxed out on all your credit cards… bring cash okay? (Aaron)-Have we become so controlled and ignorant about our rights, that big institutions and big governments can do whatever they want with us?-Even without our approval? -I knew for certain that Founding Fathers would resist it to the death what is happen in America today. -And I will not accept the National ID Card. -And if nobody accepts the National ID Card and nobody can board a plane without one, well let the airlines go bankrupt. -And if you can’t open a bank account in a big Money Central Bank, then open account in a small local bank. -And if we can’t walk into a federal building I personally consider that a blessing. -Don’t allow all those institution to dictate to us, on how we conduct our lives. -This is America and we have free choice, We the people have all the power… not the government. -Government gets its power from us. Not the other way around. -Think of all the men and woman in wars fighting for freedom, not for the Reserve bankers. -Do you think they sacrificed their lives, so americans could be chipped like dogz?! -So we all could have a homing device inside us…? no… -This ID card is the last step before they implant us, and that’s precisely the reason nobody should accept one. -And you know what they’ll gonna do? They gonna use(?) the propaganda machine, The MEDIA, and try to sell this, as it was in everybodies best interest. -They working on a product that we have called an INTERNAL PLD. -The hybrid of the two of these products, being “Digital Angel” and “Vera Chip” is what we called a PLD. -PLD should be in prototype form by the end of this year, by December of 2002, and we’re already working with the Food and Drug Administration, as well as legislative agencies, (FUCKING LOBBYIST!) -,with these products and ultimately with the PLD. October 14 2004 We had a forein family, we were really pioneers of the brave new world, they’ve volunteer to be the first ever, to have microchip identification devices implanted into their body. After 911 i was really concerne, with the security of my familiy. I wouldn’t mind to have something planted permanentely in my arm ! That would identify me. (Aaron)-Talking about identification papers, watch what happens with a woman in Florida, her licence was suspended… -All the power is in the people, in to the extend that the government becomes alienated from the people that does things(?) and the people don’t want (?), power is transfered till you finally come into a police state, totalitarian, however you want to name it. -Where the desires of the people really have no consequence. -They go out and vote, doesn’t make a difference which candidate they elect. -Im a programmer. I worked for NASA. Worked for “Exile-Mobile(?)” -Mr.Curtis are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections? -Yes. -How can you know that could be the case? -At the company I worked for “Cos tam Florida” that dids’t that. -It would flip the vote 51 to 49… to whoever you wanted to go to, -And would that program that you design, be something that election officials that county board elections could detect? -They never see it. -So how would such a program that fixes the election how could it be detected? -You would have to view it either in the source code or you had to have a receipt and then count the artpaper against the actual vote total. Other than that you won’t see it. -Now we can see a new world coming into view. World in which there is a very real Prospect of the New World Order. (Ron Paul)-Here’s a group that get together internationaly and they “sort of” play God with our money. -You think that’s the part of what George Bush said was the New World Order? (Ron Paul)-They can’t have a NWO only with world police military no… I think the financial system, ultimately is even more important than guns. (Aaron)-The Central bankers of the world are working together to create a world ordered government. A global police state as sinister as anything George Orwell ever wrote about. -A world where every person on the planet earth will have a RFID chip implanted. Where the bankers and governments can monitor every transaction you make -A chip in everybody would be an universal monetary system. Because it’ll be no escape from it, you’d be totally under the control of those who issue the electronic impulses in that chip. -Their strategies have been accomplished through the WTO, IMF,BfIS. -Which is the central bank for all of the central banks of the world. -Most people don’t have a clue that these unelected private bankers, actually control the governments of the world. -They had finance and profite through every war since WW1. Without the concern for the humanity. -The war in Iraq is an attempt by the Federal Reserve and their partner The Bank Of England to control the middle east and to make it apart of The NWO. “To defend the NWO, US soldiers will have to kill and die” Arthur Schlesinger. Now lets listen to this quote by Robert Reich a member of President Clintons cabinet and one of his most trusted advisors. “The dirty little secret is that both houses of Congress are irrelevant, Americas domestic policy is now being run by Alan Greenspan of the FRS… …Americas forein policy is now being run by the international monetary fund. When the president decides to go to war, he no longer needs the declaration of war from congress…” “The powers of financial capitalizm have a far reaching aim…” “In the next century nation as we know it will be obsolete. All states will be recognize as a single global authority”. All these suppose free trade agreements NAFTA, CAFTA,FTAA are truly nothing more than the governments of the world and Central Banks working together to create one world government. They are not free trade. These treaties are government manage trade. And they’re destroying the American worker. Through these treaties Bankers are actually begining to control the laws of the world. The fact is that this relationship between the bankers, government , and huge multinational corporations, is the very reason of why government no longer enforces it’s emigration laws. The bankers wants one world government without boarders, and the american government is obeying them. If the government was so afraid of the terrorism, why they’re leaving the boarders open? But at the same time, telling american citizens they need an ID Card with RFID chip??? Osama Bin Laden could not come over here and limit your rights or my rights, to free speech from search and seizure, from all of these elements in Bill Of Rights. Imposible for him to do that. They could never accomplished that on their own, but through our government they’ve apparently accomplished that. Look what happen in Europe.People that voted down the European Constitution (…)??,and yet the private central bankers are pushing the governments forward to make this constitution happen. -Even though the people voted against it, and clearly do not want a world government nor one European government. Now pay close attention to this quote by David Rockefeller and you’ll understand what is happening in the world today, and where the american people are heading as a nation… -Mussolini had a great quote about fascism, Fascism should be called corporatism, more properly ,because it’s a perfect merger of power between the corporations in the state. -That’s how we define Fascism. That’s what we’re seeing here. -The media controls the information of the (…)?. In various ways they can make sure that the avarage american watching the tube or reading the newspaper, -Is going to come out with a certain mind set. His going to say “this is good”, “that’s bad”. and that’s all they have to do. -You look at the ownership of the corporate media in this country. Who owns the CBS – Viacom, Who owns NBC – General Electric, who owns ABC – Disney. Americans have been taught to expect salvation from the government, instead recognizing the government as a most dangerous threat they’ll face in their lives. (Jay Leno)-And the US putting together a constitution now for Iraq. …It served us well for over 200 years, we don’t appear to be useing it anymore so… What the hell !! (Laughter and applause in background) I think that the ultimate choice that’s being presented is to mankind is that , it’s time to either evolve or perish, grow up or die, become an adults. (Ron Paul)-I liked the old idea where you could do what you thought you could do and what you wanted to do as long as you didn’t hurt other people…

Stephen Childs


  1. I'm thinking, that – Upon becoming an employee of a CORPORATE Company, you become liable to pay Federal Taxes, because the Corporate Company is Liable, By Law. Not the individual mind you. But once you are put into the system, you become part of the Corporate company, and then are thus, liable.
    THAT'S How they Get You! —- Anybody Know this For sure???

  2. American protesters, the world is watching you and praying for you to do the right thing. Just think of all the Americans that died in all the wars fighting for your freedom, now it is time for you to fight for your own freedom, to show the rest of the world that they to can do the same. God bless you.

  3. @flickelly Unforunately, they will NOT do the right thing because they do not understand what the right thing is – at least most of them. Few of them understand the value of the free market, few explain the left-right political spectrum or the concept of negative vs positive government. I hold little hope for OWS, there needs to be another movement…

  4. I'm sorry, but the fact a fucking youtube video with a fat black girl singing sitting on the toilet can get over 15 millions views in a couple days and this barely got 100,000 is pathetic. I feel as though every American needs to watch this

  5. At least we have some proper services that still somewhat work. Right or no. Free education to a person untill highschool. Then pay for a college education. At least lower it and provide a descent life to its citizens with a simple house and family. Just stop stupid wars frauds of money inflation with only hurt the working coming up like a college student. A little hard to acomplish but still possible right or no.

  6. what Americans have to do is stop being pussies and fight back. Riot if we must, in the end of it all we need to let the government know we run our country, not a bunch of uptight suits in the gov.

  7. Thank you for your reply.
    However I am well versed in the communist manifesto and its principles,
    very sadly I feel you are not. Forget all you think you know. Its design is to take away individual power and freedom of choice and replace it with ideas and concepts that are supposed to be for our own good. Carl Marx was part of a much bigger program to de-humanise us under the pretext of all for one and one for all, when if fact that could not be further from the truth.

  8. Research the true history of this man and his comrades and you will find the real motives behind this insidious and evil plan.
    Kind regards,

  9. very bad subtitling … not accurate and partialy fun making … not appropriate considering the seriously of this issue
    the video is cool all you wind heads should take a look at it!

  10. @Jhak0Lantern They are too busy watching that fat black girl singing on a toilet! LOL! Along with American Idol!

  11. Its no easy to start a revolution people. This shit is all fuck up. They took the rights from the people. They have the all money and control of everything. Media, politicians, army, law makers, judges. If you iniciate a revolution you can be secretly arrested, acused of terroris, communist and other chargers and you can also get killed «secretly» . This is serious shit, but most of the people dont fully understand the real dangerous of this laws. Americans are constantly brainwashed.

  12. I agree with the irs commissioner.. there may not be a law but without paying taxes we wouldn't have solid military protection or services we have police firefighters n such

  13. also if you like being able to call 911 for emergency help or safety then u should pay taxes.. if u dont want an army dont pay taxes then let us get run over by the rest of the world

  14. @voteobama2012 If that's all you got out of the video you do not understand Aaron Russo at all. He even says he does not advise anyone 2 not pay taxes because it's like not paying the mafia, you should not give the mob money but they can do real harm to you and/or your family if you do not comply.

  15. @michaelpausa your the stupid one for believing thats what the federal taxes are spent on. lol moron get informed you zombie bafoon

  16. You can do all of that if you don't waste money continuously on wars (yes even wars – even though that is something reserved to the federal government), entitlements, payouts to unions, etc.

  17. this should really have alot more views.. im not even american and i already knew all these wrong doings

  18. If this is true, Kent Hovind shouldn't be in prison.. spread the word please.

  19. Aaron Russo = The entrance to the rabbit hole.

    You've been warned (for all those that enjoy their individual apathy).

  20. If you liked this check out "Naomi Klein" [Shock Doctrine, No Logo]

    Fight the good fight folks!

  21. His problem is his IGNORANCE and maybe some Education too…learn to read the Constitution, thats a start..oh wait, maybe that's to technical for him, lol..

  22. The Powers That Be are the ones w/enough money to control everything from all main stream media & advertising to printing text books for elementary school children & everything in between-follow money trails.

    Their belief is that they are superior to the rest of us & deserved of the entire planet without all of us in the way & until they can be rid of us they will keep us in servitude through taxation, inflation & increasing regulation. They adhere to the occult & believe this to be God's will.

  23. State and local taxes are worth paying ~ Federal taxes are criminal. Research the inception of the Federal Reserve and who willed it into existence before you fix your mind on what is or is not foolish.

  24. there is no one close to fixing the situation like Ron Paul! Some may disagree slightly with his foreign policy, some with certain social issues. But his fundamentals are radically different than any other candidate. Try and name one?

  25. The answer is: Occupy the White House, occupy the Capitol Building and occupy the Supreme Court. Place the president, congressmen and justices under house arrest until they can be tried for treason and high crimes.
    We are fast coming to that, like it or not.

  26. Ron paul has over 70% of the people support,is always that 30% of brainwashed idiots pay to vote.elections have being fixed for decades u turd

  27. They never do answer, do they? people should watch this and then come back to answer.

  28. "The Naked Communist,"
    The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals………….Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

    39 years later, you should be shocked by the events that have played themselves out.

  29. Wesley Snipes is in Jail illegally another Black man being abused by injustice in America, is Obama doing anthing about it.

  30. yeah yeah yeah, law or not, fraud or not, don't pay….go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars!

  31. there is only one human culture? what's that? I'm not being sarcastic, I'd actually like for you to enlighten me on that matter.

  32. Hell you think this is bad checkout the history of the federal reserve. I love my country but a majority of our government is downright evil.

  33. America – The world is watching you and WE are behind you! Please stand for what's right – FREEDOM!

  34. I wonder what would've happened to America if they hadn't have been scammed out of it's money in the Golden years. How high could they have become? We are talking the systematic stunting of the most powerful nation in the world and most technologically advanced at least for a period. How powerful would they be if they got rid of the scam and ended the IRS?

  35. The most important thing mentioned, was at the last of the film. The military personnel and police personnel; PLEASE, honor your oath to defend the constitution and PLEASE, defend us, the US citizens.
    I mean, you have moms & pops, right? Sisters & brothers? Children?

  36. We need to kill the bankers. If they want terrorism we will show it to them. It is the only way. keep cutting the head of the snake until it stops regenerating.

  37. Richest yes, technologically advanced yes. Powerful – not, there is quite few nations who have proved it.

  38. it has never being the majority of the people that change the world in the past,it has always being a small minority of courageous people,that were call crazy and other things by the majority of the people.

  39. Ez szörnyű ! Az amerikaiaknak jövedelemadót kell fizetniük !
    Úgy rémlik pont az USA-ban nincs is AFA, jól rémlik ?

  40. This govt is only part of the problem we must overthrow the fed along with the banksters

  41. You need to overthrow those who control and work in White House, Banks, FED, Wall Street, Jewish Lobby (AIPAC) and Mainstream Media.

  42. USA should disconnect itself from Israel and ban its lobby and all lobbyist. Take over FED and other major Banks & Wall Street, then take over Mainstream Media also.

  43. Bloody-minded bankster (bankers+gangsters) brought many countries to ruin. Recently it was the Republic of Ireland's economy brought to its knees by the Anglo-Irish Bank swindle!

  44. just imagine 20 yes from now when we have no rights left and no guns to protect ourselves, they will totally enslave all of us!

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  46. what's going on? Well basically it's a few powerfull banking families in the world that pull the strings on everything. Money means nothing to them, since they controll all. Their goal is creating a future in where they have absolute control.

  47. With so much money they have, i think they could just made a fake law that makes you pay taxes and not just pay some president to overlook a law.. They could just say that all the states vote for the taxes and just simply "correct" the law. MAybe it;s something else going here

  48. Visit losthorizons(dot)com and see what happens when American men and women rightfully stand upon the authority of our Federal tax laws and turn the tables on the IRS!

  49. Tim Leary once said that the USA is the most efficient fascist country in the world.Well i guess he was right… Jesus people, you got guns, so fuckin' use it! Hang those bitches from IRS on the trees, shoot them but don't let them go inside your homes and illegally destroy your lives!  But you know here in Europe similar bitches made it even easier for them. They take away income tax money automatically from your wage before you got them on your account…


    1) Nanothermite (aka paint chips from PPG)

    2) No flight 93 (despite 95% of plane debris recovered)

    3) No flight 77 (even though over 130 witnesses saw a plane)

    4) Marvin Bush WTC security (never happened)

    5) Free fall speed (absolutely no building collapsed at freefall speed)

  51. Occupy the Federal Reserve getting rid of the Fed will as a Aaron Russo mentioned solve 95% of the problems the Fed are MAIN reason for all of this

  52. wooow to the United kingdom their have 3 times worth then United State tax system ,one of them called council tax ?!! all government now they doing the same even tho in Middle East and Asia.

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  54. What wu you have against bi taxation cavaliriaaaa enchelo is you commu?
    She left the house and she's the witch dalí si ti da da more
    Washington said> gave A
    manufacturing process
    There I saw, there is no ha

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