A Statistics Canada Minute – Immigration and Diversity

The face of the Canadian population is changing.
About 34 million people lived in Canada in 2011.
7.5 million were born outside the country. That’s more than 1 in 5 people. According to projections, and if current immigration levels continue, more than 25%, or 1 Canadian in 4 in 2031 could be born abroad.
If we consider the Canadian-born children of immigrants these numbers become even more significant. And according to projections, this proportion could increase to 47% by 2031. That’s almost one Canadian in two that would either be born abroad or born in Canada from at least one parent born abroad. An increasingly diverse society has a number of implications for Canada. Going forward, more people living in Canada will have family and other close connections in other countries, leading to more international exchanges and relationships. The presence and influence of specific groups of the population is likely to increase; And more public debates on issues such as inclusion, multiculturalism,
cohesion and accommodations are likely to be heard To know more about Canada visit us at www.statcan.gc.ca
A Statistics Canada minute was made possible by the Census of Canada, the National Household Survey, Demosim microsimulation model and the Population Estimates Program.
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Stephen Childs


  1. A plan by the banks and elite 1%
    To force cheap labour and lower the standard of living for every Canadian born citizen
    It only benefits the corporations
    And the ultra rich
    But they will cry racism and discrimination
    If you opoose the replacement plan

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