A Holiday Message From Us To You -Holiday Collaboration video dissociative identity disorder support

across the world December is meant to be a time of celebration and togetherness unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone for many trauma survivors this holiday season can be paid for and lonely time for one reason or another they may feel they have no one to turn to this time of year it’s easy to feel all alone that’s why we wanted to reach out and tell you that you are not alone we want you to know that I care I can I care okay I can I can I can’t I care we care to each and every one of you we send you glad tidings and remind you that you matter you are valid you are worthy of love so from all of us in England and the Ithaca system from all of us in New Zealand in Edgewood New Mexico for Southwest the UK in Australia forced to California to Midwest no matter our system here in the Netherlands to all of you happy holidays and Happy New Year

Stephen Childs

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