A day with BOYFRIEND + Hair Makeover!!! ♥️ English sub | Kecia Necelle

Let’s vlog. What’s up you guys! It’s your girl Kecia again, welcome to my second vlog! For today, I’m gonna have a hair makeover—highlights, requested by my boyfriend and of course, sponsored by him! Yey Alright! So with further ado, let’s go!! Let’s just ride a jeepney so we can save money! Lol And of course, it wouldn’t ne complete without traffic. Yiee! So sweet! Lol Let’s go inside Watsons! Moira does it again! Making us sing! At last! We found a salon! So excited I sat on the chair right away. Lol You’re smile look so ugly. Lol Yup! Boyfriend will be paying. Shoutout to the guy who’s doing my highlights. I wasn’t able to get his name, sorry! Kuya is deaf. I admire establishments who hires people like kuya to work for them and with them. I salute you, Kuya. You’re very nice! But before we go home, of course we’re gonna eat first to our go-to restaurant if we’re sooo hungry because UNLI RICE! 😜 Just eat and eat! Solved! What are you doing? It’s so noisy! Alright you guys! We’re done! We’re done with the hair makeover, I don’t know if you can see it but yeah! I don’t know. We’re going back and forth as to who will speak first. Lol

Stephen Childs


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