9 Tasks to Automate in a Digital Agency to Help You Scale

Automation is huge
for scaling a company, and I got this question the other day. It was, “What are all of the tasks “that can be automated in
running a digital agency?” And it’s more tasks than you think, so what I did is, I broke an agency into its three parts, and I want to run through what all of these tasks are, that you can think about automating, or hiring someone to fill. So, there are three sections
of a digital agency: sales, marketing, and production. I put them in this Google Sheet. Under sales, there’s
everything that sales does. If you want to think about automation, you want to think about automating each individual part, and I would say, sales does, basically, three things, that could be automated: lead generation, cold emailing, and cold calling. Lead generation, you can automate finding the leads with some of the tools we talk about on this channel. You can automate doing the leads by going to Upwork, and
hiring a freelancer, all that. Cold emailing is the same way, there are tons of companies out there that will help you automate
your cold emailing. Experiment 27 is one of them,
if you’re a digital agency. Cold calling, the same
way, there are plenty of phone farms, there are plenty of cold calling companies
that will help automate that. And the way to think about automation is, how can I break these tasks
into the smallest parts, and then find companies
to fill those roles, or freelancers to fill those roles? And what I’m doing here is breaking down an agency into these parts,
just to show you the mindset. Your business might not be
these exact same things, but you can think about
automation in the exact same way. And that brings us to marketing. So, for marketing, there are three things. Finding channels that
work, whether that is cold emailing, or cold calling,
or PPC, or directories, or SEO, the wide swath of things, finding channels that work. Pitching yourself in emails to the press, or to podcasts, and then
creating the actual content. And all of these three can
be automated, or hired for. Finding channels, there’s a great agency in New York called Ladder Digital, and all they do is use PPC to test different channels for software as a service startups. That can totally be automated, you can also hire for this one. The other one worth
automating are pitch emails. Getting you in front of the press. There are PR companies that are way better than what you have
internal, that you can hire, to help pitch yourself to the press. Or you can hire somebody
to do it, internally. Creating content is another one. You know, some people hire an intern, I like to create the content myself, for this channel, because I think the founder of a company
has a unique insight, and should be creating content. But you can also outsource it, and there are plenty of
companies that do that. And then the other part of marketing that we’re missing is the
execution of the actual channels. Hiring somebody to do PPC, or to do SEO, once those channels are found
for your specific company. Because each company is going to have different success with different channels. Cold email might not work
for you, after you test it. LinkedIn marketing might not work for you, Twitter might not work, so it’s all about testing different channels, and that’s why I have that as the most important thing, on the marketing side. And then, finally, if you’re in coding, or you’re in a development agency, production is also broken into three parts that can be outsourced, as well. Tech architecting is one
of the most important, and the highest value activity when it comes to planning out code. So choosing what language to code it in, choosing how everything
is going to be lined up, and where the data is gonna be stored, and all of the testing
plans, and what to run it on. That’s very important,
but it’s also something that you can hire a consultant
for, you can outsource that. Coding and design, if you’re in America, look at South America, or Eastern Europe. Try to find a designer or coder there, you can get similar quality. Or, if you’re in a big
city, like New York, people are charging $150 to $250 an hour, look at the middle of America, right? Look where I am, right now, Wichita. You can find good designers for $15, $20 an hour whose quality rivals that of the big cities, so
you can outsource that easily. And then quality
assurance is the same way. There are companies like Applause, or User Testing, where you can go, and have all your testing handled. There are also companies out there that will outsource their labor to you. So, using a site like
Upwork, you can outsource your quality assurance that way. So, that’s just something to think about. A good thought exercise
for you to go through is to break down the type of work that you’re doing, similar to what we did, in this Google Sheet
today, and think about what do you not like doing, or what could somebody else easily handle, and then think about whether it makes monetary sense for you to
outsource that sort of work. If you like this type of content, feel free to subscribe for
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Stephen Childs


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