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Today on Travel Unravelled we’92re getting dangerous. Hey what’92s going on guys? This
is Tom from Travel Unravelled, the show where we take a look at the weirder side of travel
and on today’92s episode we’92re going to take a look at the 8 most bizarre travel insurance
claims ever.
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Sea sickness can hit even the strongest of stomachs and this was definitely the case
with one unlucky pensioner. While feeling a little queasy over the side of their cruise
ship they lost their dentures along with their lunch. And the claim was for lost baggage.
I just really, really hope they washed them if they found them.
The trip to the beach wouldn’92t be complete
without trying to bury your parents in the sand. Trust me, it’92s not as sinister as
it sounds. But two kids decided to go one better and bury their parents’92 video camera
when they went playing in the sea. And I mean, it’92s a great idea right? Pirates did it
so why not two kids? Well the difference is that kids don’92t make treasure maps and
couldn’92t find the camera upon their return. Sorry lads, ’91ard luck!
A trip to the alpine slopes was a disappointment
for one keen skier. Loaded up with a brand new set of skis she just bought for the occasion,
when she arrived there was so little snow she couldn’92t ski at all. Her attempt to
make a claim for a brand new set of skis was later rejected.
At the other end of the spectrum it’92s the
family who went to Scotland. Unfortunately their week long getaway was spoiled by a week
full of rain. They tried to make a claim because the rain was such a pain but the rain claim
was in vain. It got rejected. I wonder if they went again?
One couple travelling through Malaysia returned
to their holiday lodge only to find monkeys had rummaged through all of their luggage.
Those cheeky monkeys! They’92d strewn all of their clothing all over the neighbouring
rainforest. But the insurance company did pay out on this one.
Who wouldn’92t want to get married in the
Caribbean? You’92ve got sun, sea, sand and a bride on fire? No, not the latest Instagram
trend but one bride’92s day turned ugly when her dress caught fire on a barbecue. The heroic
groom bravely scooped her up and dumped her in the ocean, ruining both their outfits in
the process. But the insurance company did pay out on this one, so’85
One British holidaymaker was devastated to
find the two coconuts he was bringing back from his travels had been lost en route. So
devastated was he in fact, that he put in a claim for ‘a31000. And this is a particularly
bold claim given that coconuts sell for about ‘a31 in the UK and bringing this type of
food back into the country is technically illegal. But you’92ve gotta respect that
moxy. He was coconuts.
And finally another coconutty claim. While holidaying in Sri Lanka a woman was resting
under the shade of a coconut tree. It sounds delightful doesn’92t it? You’92ve got the
waves lapping at your feet, the warm sand all around. And that is until her holiday
came crashing down. Quite literally in this case as a coconut bounced right off her noggin
leaving her needing hospital treatment. It just goes to show that whether a lion, tiger,
honey badger or coconut. Everything wants to hurt you.
And that is a wrap on the 8 most bizarre travel
insurance claims ever. Have you ever had an accident on holiday? Let me know in the comments
below and don’92t forget to like, share and subscribe for more great travel videos every
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Stephen Childs


  1. Have you ever had to claim on your travel insurance? Let us know below.

  2. Gee what a great video. Poetry, ugly shirts and coconuts. What's not to love?

  3. Coconuts are very similar to humans. If you crack them open and scoop them out they make for a great costume.

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