70 more people confirmed with COVID-19, raising total in S. Korea to 833

South Korea’s Center for Disease Control
and Prevention announced more new cuvee 19 thesis today a huge jump especially
compared to this time last week the death toll from the virus also went up
we start things off by connecting to our home news standing by on the line for us
when you please do fill us in another coded 19 patient died in Monday at
around 4 11 p.m. bringing the domestic death toll to 8 this patient was being
treated at Kong Brook National University Hospital after testing
positive for kovat 19 his infection route has been traced to Chengdu tanam
Hospital the site of the country’s first current of ours death and it’s where at
least 113 people have been infected with this the number of coronavirus related
deaths their house risen to 6 and 70 new cases of the Kerner virus were confirmed
Monday of afternoon bringing the total number of cases to 830 341 cases were in
tegu and 12 each in chungcheongbuk-do and busan the majority of the cases
overall at least 456 of them are members of a tegu based religious group known as
sin tansy meanwhile the number of cases in the army has reason to 13 in total
with two soldiers nearly confirmed to stop its spread in fur in the army the
Minister of Defense has been outdoor training and ordered troops to find ways
to manage their training schedules flexibly and a US forces Korea dependent
living in Pegu has tested positive for the virus this is the first time a USFK
related individual has been confirmed to have kovat 19 in response the USFK has
raised a risk level too high health authorities are working around
the clock and the government announced measures to be applied nationwide for
the first time could you provide us with more details what the government have
erased a co v 19 alert to highest level critical in its 4 tier system the Korea
Centers for Disease Control will distribute revised prevention rules
those roles include not going to school or work if one has a high fever or
respiratory symptoms it also advises pregnant women and people over 65 years
old to avoid places with large numbers of people the Korea Centers for Disease
Control’s central disaster headquarters announced that it will delay the
part of the new school year for a week from March 2nd to March 9th this applies
to all kindergarten elementary middle and high schools as well as special
needs schools nationwide airlines have begun suspending domestic flights to and
from take uber hundreds of COBE 19 cases have been reported and you we also hear
that the city is struggling to get their hands on face masks yes that’s right we
cope in 19 cases accumulating in tegu south korean airlines are temporarily
suspending some domestic flights there that includes Korean Air Asiana Airlines
and Jeju air cops are also in the worse at low-cost carriers such as t way air
korean air is also suspending flights from Pohang to jeju due to a lack of
demand amid the virus outbreak meanwhile face mask and hand sanitizers are
running out nationwide companies are finding it hard to keep up with demands
even with all their supply chains activated in Daegu a supermarket selling
face masks saw hundreds of people lined up to buy them back to you alright hyung
you’re thank you for those updates we appreciate it

Stephen Childs


  1. for your information, the virus ISNT a "NO CURE", yes there is NO VACCINE, for it, but that is Different from NO CURE, no vaccine, means there isnt something to prevent you from catching it, but there are many people who have been treated and recovered from it.
    Which is why i feel news media should include and report DATA on how many people have been treated and recovered and discharged.
    If you only focus on 2 numbers, the number of infections and deaths, it creates a sense that there are ppl just dropping dead and no cure if you get the virus.
    Singapore has 80+ cases, of which 47 or so have already been cured and discharged with 30+ still in treatment, so the number recovered is higher than the number hospitalised, its not like its end of the world when you get the virus.

  2. The clipboard paper holds bacteria. This is proof these people are not trained for disease control.

  3. Truth over Chinas lies.. Grave concern folks actual fatality rate rising as we speak, and empty store shelves coming soon!

  4. I wonder why aren't they reporting whether the patients are having mild or severe illness. not all are critical, It's like saying that all 800 of them are on brink of death. creating unnecessary anxiety

  5. you need to find out what the Chinese have been working on from all the other countries and I feel of that Italy has to do the same right now everybody needs to start communicating on what they're using to treat them how is it working that stuff needs to start being advertised even for the common Folk how where do I go to find that info seriously

  6. My sympathy goes out to the Korean people until this virus is stopped. The news that a US dependent is positive was not a surprise. I presume that there are many Koreans that work at Camp Walker near Daegu as well as Koreans working at other US bases. There is a 1 day old report online from the commander at Camp Walker here that predates the discovery of the dependent infection. https://www.stripes.com/news/us-soldiers-fighting-to-keep-virus-from-base-at-ground-zero-of-south-korean-crisis-1.619953

    and just posted is a story about the infected dependent https://www.stripes.com/news/pacific/usfk-dependent-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-putting-military-on-high-alert-in-south-korea-1.620023

  7. south korea covid 19 is out of control
    meanwhile N korea is doing better than the so called progressive country
    i guess N kor is laughing now

  8. If South Korea stopped its crimes of torturing and killing millions of cats and dogs, there wouldn't be a virus eating them. But South Koreans would rather die than give up such crimes.

  9. At least we will get some true updates about Corona virus unlike the Chinese government.

  10. We are Praying for all Countries that are going through this CoV19. May God stop the way of this Virus dead in it's Track. Be Safe People.

  11. This is a Biological warfare pandemic that was accidentally started by the Chinese Bio Lab in Wuhan China. Quarantine and incubation times need to be set at 40-Days. All flights out of China need to "STOP". This virus is like no other. If you get this virus you can die in as little as three days from the onset of symptoms. This Virus is going to KILL 10,000 to 100,000 people Worldwide. When you die your body will be immediately burned because this virus is that DEADLY. Wake Up People!

  12. When it all started, WHO said not to ban travel. Yeah…thanks to them. Now we are in this situation. Great job, WHO!!!

  13. Trillions of tons of rubbish, throw away rubbish, and it will just get worse, just unbelievable how dirty, corrupt, and stupid human nature really is. Self destructive predators that tweaked the whole planet.

  14. Why can't people just stop eating dead Animal flesh and not die due to an avoidable disease

  15. Just imagine.. a virus is exceeding over human race.. it’s like a horrible game which is played by Nature to punish human for going against Fundamentals of Nature

  16. Don't mistake WHO's "Doctor Tedros" as a fumbling, dithering medical egghead humanitarian; this guy is a cold-blooded, self-serving political animal and he could care less how much of the Earth drops dead from the Wuhan virus. …. For decades Tedros was the right-hand hatchet-man of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, leader of Ethiopia's 'Tigrayan People's Liberation Front,' a brutal military dictatorship rooted in Marxist/Leninist ideology. Many Ethiopians view Tedros as a brutal dictator in his own right. Little wonder then that Tedros is comfortable glad-handing and pandering China's Xi Jinping. …. To ascend to Director-General of WHO, Tedros hired a professional American lobbying firm to campaign on his behalf that, among other things, spin-twisted Tedros' nearly non-existent public health accomplishments (while appointed by Zenawi as Ethiopia's Ministry of Health) into holy water that converted Tedros into a global political darling. The truth of the matter is that, back in Ethiopia, Tedros remains accused of orchestrating several cover-ups of large cholera epidemics, so as not to tarnish his own reputation.

    Anything "Doctor Tedros" says or does is about nothing other than increasing his own political capital.

    And, btw, according to a 2017 AP article, WHO spends $200 million annually on travel expenses, no small part of that on five-star hotels, expensive dining and first-class airline tickets for its entitled bureaucrats. That's more than WHO spends to fight AIDS, malaria, hepatitis and tuberculosis — combined.

    Given all this it's quite the wonder that America foots the largest chunk of WHO's $4 billion annual budget and bows to its constant cries for even more handouts.

    So there you go, now you know "WHO" "Doctor Tedros" and "WHO" really are.

  17. A percentage of health officials in the U.S. are hoping that with the warmer weather and temperatures not to far out ? That they hope those warmer temps . ?? Will slow the progress of spreading the virus at least here in the U.S. My thought on this virus is this. 1. Does any of these global health officials have any real material on this virus as to how how long this virus can and will run. 2. If there is a so called break world wide with temperature fluctuations high and low ? Will it mean ? Next fall the virus will ramp up yet again say ? In a second wave creating a more lethal infection and death rate globally.

  18. Whats going to happen to the 45,000,000 Americans with no healthcare insurance if the virus strikes here ?

  19. this virus is too contagious. can only be delayed cannot be controlled. Pandemic is inevitable.

  20. Should I like the video or dislike,
    If I like I'm happy with coronavirus spreading, if I dislike i.e. I don't like the video presentation,

  21. We fight together the virus stay strong Korean people….. Aja Prayers, hope and love❤

  22. this is getting worse day by day (hopefully things will get better around the world)..

  23. If this virus couldn’t contained all human will gonna die soon! End of the living!

  24. When one of the most strictest and heavily enforced China cannot even contain something of this magnitude. How will the free world react ?

  25. This virus is a con artist of disguise, it not only spreads form people to people, but it spreads through objects like everyday items, even stuff we order online might be contaminated, test out all facilities that ship products and you will get the full picture.

  26. Proof that CCP and WHO CANNOT be trusted. If anyone is still watching Chinese propaganda and praising China, one is brain dead.

  27. This proves ..corno virus spread even before you detect in patient
    So you wont even know you spread it too how many before you find it in yourself

  28. This wouldn’t have happened if there were travel restrictions or a ban since january ( to and out of China) but weeellll who is a slave of china

  29. Okay, but still "It's too early to tell" if coronavirus is now a Pandemic.

  30. Don’t worry Iam here to read and listen
    I come from far away where humans are one
    You call me many names but Iam a simple man who only cares for my pets
    Your governments need to be taken out you need to stand together and fight for your lives at all cost
    I don’t believe in war but the war has been turned on its head by infecting the human race
    If you do not listen then I shall see all of you soon in a better place apart from those who will go to hell and that’s a shit hole

  31. Warm yourself, DrINK some SOJU, Whisky or RHUM, Brandy or COGNAC at Night… Also VODKA with FLAVOR…. don't tire yourself much…..don't get DRUNK…..
    May GOD help you….

  32. Now i will post this video to offical who team through mail and post card ..

    I hope they get some dosage of virus to taste.

  33. And we're still not imposing travel ban on South Korea. SmH. Pretty sure most of these people already escaped to other countries, they already saw this coming. Not being racist here but just being cautious.

  34. Seems military should ban indoor training. Outdoor training you can spread out etc. Seems like a very stupid ban.

  35. that means these people were sick for while now and hid it from the public.they need to block daegu and quarantine people.

  36. Dr. Boyle “the coronavirus that we’re dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaked out of that Wuhan BSL-4 [lab].”

  37. Only good Sunlight and Heat above 40 degree centigrade can kill the Corona virus. So start taking sunbath,steambath or sauna bath regularly.

  38. I really love that Arirang News includes transcripts of its news reports in the description of their videos. Reading is a lot faster. Keep up the good work, Arirang News!

  39. Geez…where's trump and his racist travel ban when you need it 😅.
    Jk 😂.

  40. Many people say south korea is the second epicenter but what about north korea they are the closer to china?

  41. அல்லாஹ் எல்லோரையும் காப்பாற்றட்டும் இந்த உலகில்

  42. Infection rate in Korea confirms that its highly contagious and numbers given by china are totally made up. Its spreading so rapidly, china must be blamed for downplaying initial outbreak and providing nations with false informations about spread. Also when this is over WHO should be brought under strict questioning, they facilitated china's cover up by urging nations not to close borders instead of declaring this a pandemic.

  43. Korea supplying reliable information is important to the rest of the world. Thankfully they are honest people. 👍

  44. Korea doomed.. Haill Kim jong un.. The first country banned China the others pussy to banned China.. Include S Korea

  45. Has the World Health Organisation Opened Itself Up to Corruption?
    11 jul. 2016


  46. Please stop with all the utterly useless thoughts and prayers. Religious disease kills all it touches. As evidenced by one obstinate old woman super spreader in SK. Do you need more proof? I don’t.

  47. It's amazing that the only country being honest is South Korea. Ccp and the rest of who have been fraudulently messing with the true number. If the Chinese had been honest it would have saved lives but they were hiding the truth for 7 weeks and the only reason now ccp are admitting mistakes is now the rest of the world is seeing the truth about the spead and that it's airborne and it's South Korea being the beacon of honesty wish my government was honest.

  48. At least thanks to the South Korean news we are able to determine better the rates of infection and the spreads. Imagine if China, the globalist and the WHO had done their bloody jobs this may have helped to better prepare other nations. Instead we have open borders, flights and still trade with these countries. Disgusting.

  49. How come the US and the UK apparently don't have the numbers rising as fast as China or South Korea ? Is the media marketing bullshit to gain control of the economy?

  50. This has jumped out of China to numerous Countries in a month. It's probably a matter of time before it starts spreading in US.

  51. Clinical research shows that Collodial Silver (Ionized silver) KILLS one type of Coronavirus in 24 ours!!! Please Spread the word??? Especially to the offiicials. Knowledge from Sweden

  52. Thanks to Korea for providing truthful info about how serious this virus is, unlike the country of China, the root of all this and a freaking liars about the real numbers of affected citizen and trying to hide the truth by silencing people who reveals the real effect of COVID-19 in China…

  53. Mathematically this is a global killer and numbers don’t lie. 1 + 1 will always be 2

  54. I dont believe only 2000 have died from this in china. I believe it's much higher. I pray folks will turn to JESUS CHRIST, the only way to salvation. 🙏❤❤🙏

  55. im gonna reserve judgment on this new viruse until i start seeing those world leaders wearing masks and goggles too.
    If it's man made these same world leaders will be just fine. However, if it's from our creator, don't want to think about just how bad it could get in a few months…..?

  56. North Korea has a very good drug against Corona, called KUMDANG 2 and ROYAL BLOODFRESH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kURx8aGSQsQ&t=304s

  57. Before China was having an Outbreak pandemic and now its in South Korea.. what in the World a biological weapon indeed.

  58. The virus is running riot, killing people in korea and all the comments are all sarcastically bashing china. the virus indeed needs to infect and remove some of the lowest of the low human specimens starting with most of the commenters here.

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