50 Things That Prove Canada Is a Unique Country

What country holds annual bathtub races and
has a prepared landing pod for UFOs? Also, it has a place where there are so many snakes
that they look like spaghetti on your plate! Still no idea, eh? Ok, I’ll give you a huuuuge
hint: this country produces more than 70% of all maple syrup in the world! Yep, you
nailed it: this awesome country is Canada, and here are 50 cool facts about this place! – Canadians are famous for saying sorry all
the time, even when the other person is clearly in the wrong. In fact, they apologize so much
that an “Apology Act” was passed in 2009. It allows saying sorry in court without being
afraid that it’ll sound like admitting your guilt. – Approximately 90% of Canada’s land area
is uninhabited. Even though it’s bigger than the US, it has only 11% of America’s
population! – At 4,860 miles (7,820 km), the Trans-Canada
Highway is almost the longest national highway in the world, beat only by Australia’s Highway
1. – Also, when you travel along the Trans-Canada
Highway and reach Quebec province, pay attention, and you may see the most cheerful town in
the world: “Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!” Yep, just like that, with two “ha’s” and two exclamation
marks! The town even has a Guinness World Record for “most exclamation marks in a town
name.” – It’s illegal for polar bears in Canada to
break into houses and steal food. So, if you see one rummaging around in your fridge – call
the cops! You can laugh all you want, but there’s even a Polar Bear Jail in Churchill,
Manitoba. Bear-troublemakers stay there until they get relocated. – Canada received its own flag in 1965, almost
100 years after it became a separate country in 1867! – People in Nanaimo, British Columbia, are
fans of a very exciting kind of sport. Since 1967, they’ve been organizing and participating
in bathtub racing! These unusual competitions take place every year and involve bathtub
boats and a lot of fun! – Several of the most popular superheroes,
such as Wolverine and Superman, were created by Canadians! Thank you so much, guys! – The most dramatic weather change happened
in Canada on January 10, 1962. The temperature in Pincher Creek, one of the windiest places
in the country, jumped from -2.2 to 71.6 degrees F (-19 to 22 degrees C) within a couple of
hours! – Canadians LOVE hockey. As they say, these
people breath, eat, and live hockey. But despite their passion for the game, Canada’s national
sport is lacrosse! – One area in the Hudson Bay region has less
gravity than any other region on the planet. So, if you want to jump higher and weigh less,
that’s the place to be! – One crater on Mars was named Gander, after
a town in the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada, to honor its space research efforts. – How about this one: Santa Claus is Canadian.
That’s what Canada’s Immigration Minister announced in 2012. So, maybe that’s why his
famous outfit is made up of mostly 2 colors – red and white, which are the national colors
of Canada. – Even though the Stanley Cup, which is the
National Hockey League trophy, has its own bodyguard, hockey champions still manage to
put all kinds of things in it. I mean, they drink chocolate milk from the poor thing! – In 1930, Canada’s hockey team did so well
that they were put straight through to the final game. They didn’t even have to take
part in knockout rounds, and in the end, they won the gold! – Canada’s territory occupies a whopping 3,855
million sq. miles (10,000 sq. km), which makes it the second largest country in the world
after Russia. For comparison, Canada is bigger than the whole European Union and 15 times
larger than France, the biggest European country! – Ottawa, the capital of Canada, isn’t the
largest city in the country. With a population of about 1 million people, it comes second
to Toronto, the capital of the Ontario province. Almost 3 million people live in that city. – Canada is officially the most educated country
in the world, with 56% of its population having some kind of post-high-school education degree. – In St. Paul, Alberta, they’ve built the
first landing pad for UFOs. Well, I guess you can never be too prepared. The platform
weighs more than 130 tons (118 tonnes) and contains a time capsule which has to be opened
in 2067. – In a 2018 Happiness Report, Canada was ranked
#7. I mean, even despite all that cold? – The number of Canadian lakes is mind-blowing.
The country has more than 3 million lakes, which is more than the rest of the world combined! – Besides, all these lakes contain 20% of
all the fresh water on Earth! – Okanagan Lake is supposedly the home of
Ogopogo, a mythical creature similar to the one that’s said to dwell in Loch Ness, Scotland. – Forests cover more than 40% of Canada’s
land territory. But New Brunswick province is especially “foresty” – trees cover 85%
of its territory! Walking in the forest without a compass doesn’t sound like fun anymore. – Canada has the world’s longest coastline.
If you decided to walk along the Canadian coast without stops, it would take you more
than 4.5 years. No wonder, since you’ll have to cover about 151,000 miles (243,000 km)! – In Quebec, they produce 77% of all the maple
syrup in the world. And Canadians do love this sweet pancake topping. On the other hand,
who doesn’t? By the way, rumor has it that somewhere in
Canada, there’s a strategic maple syrup reserve! – About 10% of Canadians are either vegetarians
or vegans. That means 2.3 million vegetarians and 850,000 vegans. Most of these people are
under 35. – The national animal of Canada is the beaver.
By the way, it’s Canada’s largest and the world’s second largest rodent! – The capital city of Canada, Ottawa, is at
the top of the list of the world’s coldest capitals. – Canada is home to the biggest number of
polar bears in the world. See for yourself: out of approximately 25,000 left on the planet,
15,000 live in the arctic regions of the country. – Canada straddles not one or two but 6 time
zones! They are Newfoundland Time Zone, Atlantic Time Zone, Eastern Time, Central Time Zone,
Mountain Time Zone, and the Pacific Time Zone. Hey –Time out!… – The lowest ever recorded temperature in
Canada was -81.4 degrees F (-63 degrees C)! Brrr. – Tap water in Canada is as good as bottled
water. What’s more, some people are sure that it even tastes better. – While driving in northwest Canada, be prepared
to see license plates shaped like a polar bear! – By the way, there are so many bears in Canada
that in some areas drivers leave their cars unlocked! Why? – you ask. It’s done to make
sure that people have a chance to escape from the bears by hiding inside a car. – The largest mall in the US is the Mall of
America. But did you know that its owners are Canadians? Wait, what?! – If you’re a fan of narwhals, go to Canada!
There you can buy a coin with this “unicorn” whale. On the other hand, be ready to part
with $300 since the coin is made of gold! – Or, if you want to play big, you can buy
a Canadian $1-million coin. No kidding! This largest coin on the market is made of 220
pounds (100 kg) of 99% pure gold. But hurry up! There are only 5 such coins in the world,
and only 1 is for sale! – Ever heard the word “loony”? Yeah, well,
in Canada, this is, in fact, a form of currency! Loonie, and Toonie as well. The loonie is
a $1-dollar gold-colored coin, and the toonie is, as you might guess, s $2-dollar one. – Canadians love their famous interjection
“eh.” What’s more, it’s listed in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary as a real, valid word! – The first British Columbians used fish instead
of candles! Oolichan, aka candlefish, is so fatty that when you dry it and string on a
wick, it’ll burn brightly. – In Canadian McDonald’s, you can buy the
McLobster, sold exclusively in this region. – If your biggest fear is snakes, never ever
visit the Narcisse Snake Dens in Manitoba. There are more snakes in that place than in
any other part of the world. Thousands of red-sided garter snakes are concentrated in
that relatively small area. – In Saskatchewan, you don’t wear a hoodie,
you put on a “bunny hug”! True. – Every spring, the coast of Newfoundland
and Labrador witnesses a stunning iceberg parade, when massive chunks of ice break off
glaciers and make their way through “Iceberg Valley.” Entrepreneurs “harvest” these mini
icebergs to use them in the production of alcoholic drinks and skin care products. – Wood Buffalo National Park, created in 1922
to protect the largest herd of roaming Wood Bison in the world, is larger than Switzerland. – One of the most popular dishes in Canada
is poutine. Crispy fries covered with cheese curds and rich gravy – hey, what’s not to
like? – Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than
any other nation in the world. You didn’t see that coming, did you? By the way, the
Canadians have been crazy about this dish ever since 1845. – Canadians are some of the friendliest people
in the world. You probably can’t find a rude Canadian even if you try really hard! – Lots of Canadians speak French as their
first language. And Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world!
After Paris, of course. Pretty cool, eh? Say, Have you heard any other
curious facts about Canada? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something
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Stephen Childs


  1. I’m African-Canadian and I can say that this is true 😂😂😂👌👌👌👌

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    Bright side:WhY CAnAdA Is A UNiQuE COuNtRy

  3. Yeah I did it’s that me a Canadian know that we never say eh we only say it as a joke

  4. If you are Canadian make the thumbs up button blue 😃😄😀😇😜😛😌🖒🖒🖒

  5. Every other canadian in the comments is saying that we don't say eh that much. . .
    and then theres me who says it like 50 times a day😂

  6. I think I'm the only Canadian that doesn't like hockey.
    If you're Canadian and you don't like hockey leave a like to see if I'm not aline lol.

  7. First of the video they said Canada produced 70% of the world's maple syrup but later on they said Quebec produces 77% lol.

  8. Just been to Toronto and I saw some aggression aimed at a slow paced walker, the faster walker seemed annoyed and shouted “move please! PLEASE MOVE!!!” Until a younger bystander shouted “HEY! Calm please”. So surreal, in England we would just knife each other!

  9. Make all the “like if you are cAnAdIaN” comments gray if you’re an American.

  10. Does anyone know that the famous…🇮🇳INDIAN BOLLYWOOD ACTOR (akshay kumar) is a Canadian🇨🇦…

  11. 49 is a very true Canadian are the nicest people and they love to help as well! proudly Canadian

  12. I apologize all the time and I’m Canadian but I think it’s about of a stereotype because a lot of people don’t apologize very often

  13. Ottawa is 6th in Canada for population
    Here is the order

    1. Toronto
    2. Montreal
    3. Vancouver
    4. Calgary
    5. Edmonton
    6. Ottawa

  14. Why are you describing Canada’s temperature in Fahrenheit when Canada uses Celsius

  15. Thanks for saying this about me, I mean Canada hehe. Edit: who lives in Canada? I DO!!

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  17. There's a polar bear jail. I'm just dumbfounded.
    Edit: Bathtub racing. How did I not know this about my own country?

  18. im a canadain and pronounced poutine worng lol it seems like the usa can never get it right

  19. I’m American but I have Canadian cousins since I live near the border Canada is a beautiful country I love it SO WHERE MY CANADIANS :3 I love Canada tho I don’t live there it’s very fun there I stay there for the summer Canadians are my best friends just like America and Canada are if they were people tho they are because we are the people

  20. I'm proud to be Canadian I think 😅 but why do we need a UFO pad 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  21. No longer trust tap water anymore, 1000+ times over the conc of lead which result in mental retardation and depression.
    Btw, I'm at mtl.
    check this tip at around 8:25 and fix it plz.

  22. I heard about those canadian ice dancers/business partners…the strangest ´platonic´duo I have ever seen..lol…probably dont really know what it means ..

  23. About the population, you're not counting the Natives. where you said is uninhabited I live in the area

  24. The Only time that Canadians say eh is when we explain to Americans that we don’t say eh a lot

  25. I am from Canada
    BRIGHT SIDE people: a place where there are so many snakes….

  26. I believe that it’s not just Canada that is a very apologetic county, Japan as well is (or should be) known for how often they apologize as well. “すみますん” (sumimasen) “excuse me” or “sorry” is used all the time. It’s used when you start a speech, moving past people in a train or even in normal conversations. My point is Canada isn’t the only country that apologizes quite a bit. 🙂

    P.s. if anything I said was incorrect please tell me 🙂

  27. CORRECTION! Wolverine was NOT created by Canadians. Superman was. The three creators of Wolverine are American. However, Wolverine himself is Canadian.

  28. CORRECTION! Hockey IS Canada's national sport. Lacrosse is Canada's official national summer sport and hockey is Canada's official national winter sport.

  29. Also, Canada is a clean country with tons of cool animals and birds… Please don't hurt our geese 🇨🇦

  30. Canadian prairie boy here. I always thought it was called “iceberg alley”, not iceberg valley.

  31. I watch three other YouTubers and they’re names are Moosecraft, Shark, And Unspeakable and they are friends and they all live in Canada

  32. Was I the only personified who heard only Canadians have loonie and toonie not the rest of the world
    I'm Canadian I thought the whole world has that!

  33. Newfies say eh, but few other Canadians do.

    We love animals more than most.

    Poutine is popular but nothing beats good tourtières at Christmas.

    Superman and wynnie the poo are Canadian creations.

    Some of Hollywood’s top leading men are Canadians. Some if the funniest comedians are Canadians. We welcome immigrants but protect our identity.

    Ottawa has the most politicians in Canada; municipal, regional, provincial and federal.

    Ottawa has one of the longest skating rinks.

    We have more public parks than most.

    And not all Canadians like maple syrup.

    The DeLaurian was a Canadian car. The Avro aero was a Canadian plane that scared the Americans so much they forced the government here to destroy all traces of it.

    The Canadian-arm is the most used space tool.

    Canada defeated the USA soundly when they tried to invade.

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