50 States of America – First Edition | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello! Right now, I’m ready to teach you the 50 states. STATE is signed like this. AMERICA is signed like this. 50 States of America. Ready? ALABAMA: fs-ALA ALASKA: Handshape-A>5 from forehead to chin to represent Eskimo ARIZONA: Handshape-A down both sides of mouth to represent desert ARKANSAS: fs-ARK CALIFORNIA: Use the first sign shown here, which is for GOLD. COLORADO: 1) Sign COLOR and then fs-DO, 2) Handshape-C to represent mountains (DON’T USE THIS) and 3) fs-COLO (Most Deaf locals in Colorado use this – RECOMMENDED) CONNECTICUT: fs-CONN DELAWARE: fs-DEL FLORIDA: fs-FLA GEORGIA: fs-GA HAWAII: Handshape-H around the face to represent beautiful. IDAHO: fs-IDAHO ILLINOIS: fs-ILL or fs-I-Handshape-ILY-Handshape-ILY ILLINOIS: fs-ILL or fs-I-Handshape-ILY-Handshape-ILY INDIANA: fs-IND IOWA: fs-IOWA KANSAS: fs-KAN or fs-KS KENTUCKY: fs-KY LOUISANA: fs-LA MAINE: Handshape-F on side of chest, repeating short downward movement MARYLAND: fs-MD MASSACHUSETTS: fs-MASS MICHIGAN: fs-MICH MINNESOTA: fs-MINN MISSISSIPPI: fs-MISS MISSOURI: fs-MO MONTANA: Handshapes-M for both hands representing mountains NEBRASKA: fs-NEB NEVADA: fs-NEV NEW HAMPSHIRE: fs-NH NEW JERSEY: fs-NJ NEW MEXICO: fs-NM NEW YORK: Handshape-Y to represent subway NORTH CAROLINA: fs-NC NORTH DAKOTA: fs-ND OHIO: fs-OHIO OKLAHOMA: fs-OKLA OREGON: Handshape-O in circles like briefly shown after the first sign. Do not use the first sign here which is similar to Washington. PENNSLYVANIA: fs-PA RHODE ISLAND: fs-RI SOUTH CAROLINA: fs-SC SOUTH DAKOTA: fs-SD TENNESSEE: fs-TENN TEXAS: Handshape-X going outward and then downward UTAH: fs-UTAH VERMONT: fs-VT VIRGINIA: fs-VA WASHINGTON: Handshape-W from the shoulder to show heritage, history, or generations. WEST VIRGINIA: Sign WEST and then fs-VA WISCONSIN: fs-WIS WYOMING: fs-WYO or Handshape-W>Y for both hands to show mountain or camping Good, now you know the 50 states of America.

Stephen Childs


  1. Here's my few feedback on three ASL for states.

    1. California first one is correct. Rid second one. I am native Californian.

    2. I used to live in Oregon as I understand that Oregenians don't like sign similar to Washington. They prefer "O" in circle. They like their own trademark. They don't like cat copy Washington.

    3. Michigan ASL is similar to ASL for states. Instead of "S" use "M". Because of Michigan state shape look like hand.

  2. Your first sign for Oregon is NO-NO! I lived in Eugene for ten years and they prefer to sign "O" in circle. Otherwise, great job. 

  3. Forgot to add… for Illinois… I-L-L but most people would sign  I-'ILY'-'ILY'. 

  4. Overall, great job!! 

    For Idaho, there is another sign for Idaho when you sign potato, because they're famous for potatoes 🙂

    Kansas – can spell K-S

    For Mississippi – there is another sign – just like 1st sign in california but right below your chin 🙂

    Oregon – ekk youre gonna disappoint many oregonians – they're not like washington, just sign O and sign in circle


  5. Hey, could you add the states name in writing as well? So that those of us, who is not from the US, can identify the states more easily. 🙂

  6. I do see the sign for Delaware signed as "First" because the "D" sign is there and Delaware is the First State

  7. I think your videos are wonderful and clear.  I can't thank you enough for the effort you put into creating them and for having them public, too.  I am an interpreter and teaching ASL as well and, even though I have been in the field for over 20 years, I try to include videos created by deaf educators with every topic I teach.  I always want the students to see that what I teach comes from educators like YOU!  Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It be nice if you would have said with the states are for people who don't know geography

  9. I really loved how this video is comprehensive and beautifully produced.
    I am from Canada so the sign for Oregon is my home province – Ontario 🙂
    But, I thought that Oregon was a lf-hand horizontal B-shape with the rt-hand bouncing 'O' from the join of the index finger to the tip? (hope I am describing that right <blush>)  like the old SEE sign for 'or' (I think)

  10. As a native deaf Coloradan, the signs for Colo is incorrect. It's C-O-L-O. That's it. Just like M-I-N-N or W-I-S or F-L-A. 🙂

  11. Looking forward to your 2nd edition so I can share with those who attend our ASL Meetup…  Cheers !

  12. Ive taken ASL classes and my teacher has signed Colorado both ways but C-O-L-O is more acceptable, also the same as

  13. The 2nd Edition of 50 States of America in ASL is now up on the ASLtree YouTube Channel. Here's the link: http://youtu.be/9CM-fHawoPs Enjoy! 

  14. Good video! Did you know that they have this sign for Wisconsin? You should find out eventually 🙂

  15. привет. ваш рассказал о новости очень отлично.

  16. Does anyone just sign STATE + the 2 letter abbreviation such as "AL, AK, NY, VA, etc."?

  17. Sign for Michigan is wrong. One hand forms mitten and the other hand draws a curved line over it to show both the UP and LP of Michigan.

  18. Thank you so much for this- I’m just beginning to learn ASL but I think I may have caught a few sly interpretations… so much to learn…I really do appreciate you so much!!

  19. Brasil 💕usa 💕thank you 😇are oi happy 😍💖love ASL (ILES

  20. I’m from NH and the sign is starting to lexicalize to look like “no good”. Well – we are the worst in opioid addiction in the US.

  21. Oregon is not “washington with an o”. It’s a circling O. Deaf people from Oregon get grumpy.

  22. Hello

    I am Deaf teacher teaching deaf students.

    I wanted to know and ask how is it said a Maimi city signs?

  23. are you on some movements in the arms and hands and fingers I know half of them so far I don't know I can remember what they are in generalizaciones

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