5 Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays that don’t cost a lot of money! | Kati Morton

So here we are. In the midst of the holiday season. There are parties to go to. I am getting ready to go to a party. There are gifts to be bought. And I find that many of us can
get really really stressed out, Over all of the expenses
around the holidays. Coz it can be really expensive. So today I’m just going to give you
a couple of tips that I use myself, To help better manage money
during the holidays. And here are some great gift ideas
that don’t cost too much. The first gift idea, Is volunteering. I know that sounds like, ‘Kati that’s not really a gift, I can’t
wrap it up and give it to someone.’ But the cool thing that you can do. Is if you plan on getting together
with a bunch of friends, Because I don’t know about you. But a lot of my friends are like, ‘Lets do dinner this night,
let’s go grab coffee.’ And that itself can get expensive. But you can volunteer together. You can help out at a soup kitchen. You can get up on Saturday
and go make pancakes. I’ve done that many times. And it can be really rewarding to
do that with someone. And a great way to also catch
up at the same time. And another cool thing that I learned, Is that you can volunteer in the
name of someone else. Like giving your time for them. And that’s kind of cool. The second gift idea, Make plans. Do something together. Go for a hike together. Get together maybe and have coffee. Maybe have them come
over and you make tea. Getting together with friends to catch
up and actually doing something. Making plans to do something. Can be so much more rewarding
than an expensive gift. The third idea, Get crafty. I am not very crafty. But there are still things that we can do. We can write poems. We can make cards. We can make those cookies in a jar. Cake in a jar. Where all they have to
add is eggs and oil. You can look those things up. And they are pretty easy to put together. But for those of you who are crafty, We can scrapbook. We can put together different
paintings for people. Or write music for people. There are zillions of ways that we
can be crafty and more thoughtful really, Without spending a lot of money. The fourth idea, And one of my personal faves. Have a pot luck. Many people want to get
together over the holidays. And it can be nice to it all in one place. And each person is only responsible for
bringing one dish, or one drink. And you agree not to exchange gifts. And you do this party in lieu of gifts. And I have done this many times. And it can be even better than that. Because you get to try different foods. You get to have time and spend
some time with each friend. Whether it’s a friend you don’t connect
with that often who lives across the city, Or someone you see all the time. You have one event where
you all get together. And that in itself saves money from
all of the potential dinners out. Or going here for this. Or having a party there. And having to buy gifts. It’s easier when you all come together. And you all share in the cost by
bringing something to eat or drink. The fifth and final way to help
save money during the holidays, Plan ahead. Shopping on ebay can be a great way
to find things for the cheap. And when we plan ahead, We can take note of coupons or
deals that are available. I know that I don’t buy anything
if it’s not on sale. And I love myself some ebay. And when we plan ahead. We don’t feel so rushed to spend
those extra dollars on something. When we know we have time. And we are like, ‘Well maybe they will have the 25% off
sale because they did last year.’ And you can look online for things. And using the coupon
codes you can find, There are tons of ways to save. But a lot of it take planning. And so I encourage all of
you to start now. Start putting things together. Figuring out how many gifts
you may need to have. Or how many events you may need to attend. So that you can budget. And you can plan accordingly. Now I hope that these have
given you some ideas. Some tricks. Some little tools. So that the holidays aren’t as
stressful as they usually are. I know there is a lot more involved
than just buying gifts. But this is just another way to help you reconnect
with those in your life who you love. And who are supportive. And ways that don’t break the bank. Because I’m not a millionaire. Some of you may be. But I have a budget. And I have to stay on budget. And these things have helped
me through the years. And I hope that they help you. As always. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I put out videos five days a week. And you don’t want to miss them. And if you like this video, Make sure to give it a thumbs up. And you know what’s a
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katimorton.com If you haven’t hopped on my website, I encourage you to do so. [Bottom left video] Because of the caffine in them. Our heart rate goes up. Our blood pressure goes up. And that can be really difficult. Especially for those of you
who are bulimic. And struggle with purging. Because when you vomit a lot. Our potassium levels…. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. A "white elephant" gift exchange could also be a way to exchange gifts among multiple people without having to specifically buy for all of them. One $20 gift is cheaper than five $20 gifts, and it can be a fun way to get together and hang out. (I just wanted to add an alternative idea to potluck type things for people with food anxieties.)

  2. Great ideas Kati! Our family decided to skip the gifts this year in favour of spending quality time together, more valuable than any gift 🙂

  3. Hmmmm I'm gonna visit a friend's house, do handcrafts with her and have a potluck together 🙂 Three in one!

  4. something small and quite inexpensive if you go to the right printer machine/store/ or have your own printer, is what my friend gave me for my birthday a little while ago. A bday card with a photo of us , when we went camping together a year ago that I had forgotten about and had no pictures of. Very thoughtful, inexpensive and you can have forever. 🙂 Planning on doing the same this christmas with family photos from my birthday bash to be put in the festive cards, as a little surprise in the mail. 😀

  5. #katifaq  if one more person implies that i am selfish and ungrateful by saying "think of the children in africa, think of the poverty in india, think of the war in israel"….and so on, i am going to IMPLODE, i have tried to explain "of course i feel terrible for those people….but that doesn't change the fact that i have a mental illness, in my brain" and this only seems to make me look more ungracious. HOW ELSE DO I EXPLAIN THIS TO SOMEONE?! Nobody would tell a schitzophrenic to "stop hallucinating and think of the suffering that is going on in the world." UURRGHHHH!!!!

  6. Hey Katie love your videos I posted a link on my facebook group and told a friend 🙂 I have a question what do you do if you are really scared about taking New medications? Many thanks 🙂

  7. I don't do the gift thing personally… Haven't in years. Actually take pride in my Ebeneezer Scrooge attitude… Some great alternatives presented… I actually have a 3d-printer and sometimes think about doing some kind of craft with it for gifts but I'm not really that creative so it just sits collecting dust…

  8. #KatiFAQ  My best friend/roommate is a recovering substance abuse user.  She has other mental health problems as well.  She's been clean since October 5 but recently she's started craving really badly again.  She has support from a team of therapists that visit her 3 times a week and a crisis line but her cravings are getting really bad that she's starting to not be able to sleep.  It's usually the worst when she's not busy.  What are some day and night time activities we can do together for distraction when she's craving? We need more variety other than Netflix or shopping, especially with the cold weather.

  9. What would you recommend for someone recovering from substance abuse ( alcohol ) to do when being around it during holiday family get togethers? There will be non-alcoholic drinks but everyone except for me will be drinking.

  10. Parties to go to??? Uh…. I'm glad you posted this video though. 🙂 I like the non-mh videos. 

  11. Another good thing about planning ahead is that you have another excuse to get into holiday mood early XD

  12. Secret Santa among a group of friends!! You don't need to spend a fortune buying all your friends presents but everyone still gets something

  13. I've been finding hardback books in excellent condition for $2.00 at the Salvation Army. I found a "Complete Works of Jane Austen", "All Quiet on the Western Front", and "The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe", all for $2.00" There are books meant for popular consumption on their shelves too.

  14. Shopping on Etsy is always a good idea (crafty things for those non-crafty people), and they have items of all prices.

  15. Kati, you are a great inspiration to a friend who is a victim of abuse, so I thank you from the depths of my heart for helping her. You have a great way of communicating all this info without ever being boring or patronizing. You are a delight to listen and watch. Mega cute too 🙂  But seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. We just told people "sorry we cant afford to give gifts, so dont give us anything" and people where ok with that.

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