22+ NEW – USA eBikes you can actually get in 2018!

Hey, what’s up? This is “22 NEW eBikes to the market for
2018”. These are real, honest to goodness bikes you’ll
be able to get in 2018. No crowd funded crap that doesn’t exist
yet, no old bikes from 4 year old internet searches. This is the real deal. Let’s talk about systems: Yamaha is releasing
their new PWX motor. It’s smaller in physical size, and provides
even more torque than before, which compared to their 250w PW model we’ve been using
till now, this should be a lot of fun to take out on the trails! Shimano is coming out with a larger drop in
compatible display, but they are also coming out with a smaller, more torquey motor called
the e-8000. At some point I’m told they’ll have a
rear-rack battery, but I haven’t seen one yet. I haven’t looked too hard though… Bosch recently came out with a video showcasing
some new stuff. A new ‘active line’ motor, which has no
noise, something I think is a welcome improvement, but is also advertised as “Perfect for the
inner city or for tourists in flat terrain”, So I’m guessing it’s a contrast to their
new higher torque system called the CX. Also, they have a bottom drop downtube battery,
which is pretty neat. This information is coming from the european
market, so it’s hard to say what exactly it will look like when it reaches here in
the states. They also talk about an ainti-lock-brake system
that seems to be a prototype… They don’t want you to think it can overcome
gravity, and they mention it will be in rental bikes before it is released to the public
about a year from now. Time will tell, I’m excited to try it out. Easy Motion is adding a bunch of Yamaha powered
bikes to their already big line-up, they call ‘em Rebel bikes. But the big news is their new Atom X bikes. Lots of new stuff for this bike: 36v 20Ah
battery dropped into the downtube, bluetooth display, reactive grip buttons, split pivot
dual suspension, vertical mounted 100% 0 drag brose s motor, and a locking mechanism based
on an rfid bracelet. I’m really excited for these bikes! I’m going to try it out soon and give you
the details! eProdigy, one of the first mid-drives in North
America, has a new carbon fiber folding bike that they have finally finished. They were showing it off last year at the
bike show, but now it’s ready for prime time. By the way, that’s a really gutsy system,
and on a tiny folding bike, that’s carbon fiber, should be like riding a rocket ship. Populo has made a big splash with their cheap
Sport model for a thousand bucks, but they have other ebikes as well, including, you
guessed it! A folding bike. 350w motor, 36v battery, front shock, internal
shimano nexus in the back, really nice for a bike like that I must say. And for 15 hundred bucks, this is a great
competitor. Pedego always has some weird stuff goin on
behind the scenes. A few years ago I saw them experimenting with
an electric kit attached to this road bike. Last year they asked who’d be interested
in a solar powered or a dual motor cargo bike. They’ve been bouncing around the idea of
a three wheeled front loader. I’ve heard rumors of a mid-drive dual suspension
bike, neither of these options Pedego has offered before. But Pedego has been hush-hush until their
special meeting in December where they will introduce new bikes and also throw around
some more ideas. If I were a betting man, I’d guess that
they will expand their ridge rider line into another bike or two. In our shop it’s been a big hit, and I think
there’s a market for a road-ish, commuter focus ridge rider, or maybe a kids version. Surface604, the little eBikes that could. they’ve got an awesome bike coming out this
year that very well could be a big hit. I’ve been pressing them for information,
but they’ve been pretty swamped, I’m told. The new bike is a hard tail mountain bike
includes a suspension seat post and a few other creature comforts will retail for $1,999. Pretty sweet. Evelo is still working on what they are now
calling the Delta. Get this: 750w mid drive with a 48v 11.6Ah
battery available with hydrailic brakes, Rock shock REBA, and FSA components throughout. That’s going to be one very powerful bike,
I would totally rock that! Like the last few years, Haibike will likely
come out with 50 something new bikes that are just the previous year with a different
color and product code, or slightly different specs. To throw a wrench into the gears it seems
Haibike is taking their sDuro and xDuro classifications and crossing over titles from one motor system
to the other. They don’t make it easy for a guy like me… Juiced Bikes is coming out with their Ocean
Wave, and Cross Current AIR… or maybe they already have? It’s hard to say when the bikes are available
for purchase or even release. Juiced bikes are pretty awesome, especially
for the price. But they have a reputation of taking awhile
to deliver. Volton is coming out with a new mountain bike
that doesn’t even have a name yet, it’s that new. 48v 16.4Ah battery, bafang mid-drive, shimano
deore, rock shocks front and rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, 19 and 17inch frame
sizes and they even have a hard tail coming out that they don’t have a prototype picture
for. They’re sliding into home base with these
bikes, but a home-run none-the less. The folks at Luna Cyles are slated to release
their Luna Apex bike. Hold on for dear life with this 45mph dual
suspension carbon fiber fat tire bike that totally reminds me of something from cybernator. You’ll want the fat tires by the way, the
last time I went 45 on a bike the skinny tires almost cost me my handsome good looks. Stromer is coming out with an ST5 bike that
sounds pretty neat: 28 miles an hour, electronically detachable battery, clean handlebars, and
OMNI connectivity that must have a bombin’ display, because it’s described as “ a
color display that renders bike and rider inseparable“. Last, but certainly not least is BESV is releasing
quite a few bikes: The PSA1, which is an aluminum version of their PS1, and the JS1 advance
which improves on the JS1 and lowers the price to 3k. And another awesome bike I really want to
try: The TRB1-XC. Dig this: Hard tail bike with a carbon aluminum
composite frame, 350w Brose mid-drive, a 756wh battery pack (36v 21Ah) all for $3,499. I really want to try that, but I want to try
it on a full day in the trails! Thanks for watching this video on upcoming
ebikes for 2018. I’ll be covering these bikes and more at
upcoming interbike, September 20-22 2017. So stay tuned to the channel for more eBike
coverage, especially at that time. After the dust settles I’ll get my hands
on a few of them and give some longer term reviews and range tests. So let me know what bikes you’d like to
see reviewed, and I’ll do my best to get it in shop. Other than that, what are you excited for? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to buy an electric bike you can
go to our site: bluemonkeybiocycles.com or if you’d like, you can join our patreon
page. I’m Mikey at Blue Monkey Bicycles, and I’ll
see you on the later!

Stephen Childs


  1. Thanks I saw my first e bike. Fat bike, powerful mid drive, 48 volts and hydraulic brakes. I have been waiting for two yrs. Hopefully it won't be $4,000.00. I could of had it built, but I want a factory bike. Please Santa $2,000.00 before I need an e wheel chair.

  2. lol e bikes are like Computers when they first came out!!! just wait a couple of more years for them to finalize them!!! or buy a DIY kit…. but patience is a virtue!!!

  3. What about turbo levo from specialized, you did not include in your vídeo, any reason? Can you talk about it? Thanks

  4. Another great video guys! Look forward to catching up on all the new bikes at InterBike

  5. Can you get your hands on the Scott e-bikes? SCOTT E-SPARK 700 TUNED BIKE and SCOTT E-GENIUS 920 BIKE awesome e bikes!!!!

  6. Love all your videos from Blue Monkey Bike Shop. Very clear and to the point. Any reviews for Specialized Vado 5.0 or Raleigh Redux? I'm looking at commuting and prefer more of a city bike.

  7. could you recommend a bike rack to but in back of my sprinter van? Locks? one where I can take off the front tire to make it less of a target for theft.

  8. Love it, 130 miles on in a week (with nowhere to go..lol) . shit loads of power, 20mph, pedal assy.. 4in fat tires. and it has some guts, probably nothing like the mid drives but dam very nice and good looking. Im an avid biker (recumbent trike ya..ya.. i know). But a bit dangerous in the city (really can't be seen). Never road one tried a pedago same system. 750 geared motor (all steel gears) 48v 11.6 mah. i mean 20 miles plus no pedals @200lbs….had 32 with pedal lev2 and still had 2 ticks on the battery….nice…….

  9. i also have a gary fisher thinking mid drive. can you recommend a good kit fair price?

  10. Mikey, check out MOUSTACHE from France

  11. You like power? Check us out at www.stealthelectricbikes.com! Check out our new P-7 Road Legal Electric Commuter/Weekend warrior! Still the meanest Electric Bikes on the planet for the power hungry!

  12. Mikey – I have a new stump jumper, is there any company that can modify it for an 'e' motor ? or is it too much and risk is too high. I was thinking on selling it and just upgrading to a top of the line 'e' bike. Specialized has one, around $7,500, have you tested or reviewed this one? I may look into one the 22 you just reviewed as well.. thanks…

  13. Thanks for the mention! We're working very hard to make sure we're keeping up with demand. We just got a shipment of the OceanCurrent Cruiser models with a number of upgrades and CrossCurrent AIR is also in stock featuring a 500Watt motor and an $1195 price tag – with free shipping. Our awesome new CrossCurrent S sold out pretty fast on the first batch but we'll be back in stock in early November. Keep an eye out, we'll keep em coming.

  14. This is the specs of a bike I would buy. Mid drive, hydraulic brakes, 48 volts and front shocks. Wider tires but not Fat bike. Saw some in this line -up.

  15. Mikey-
    Good Job!
    The new Yamaha ebikes look pretty cool with the new motor upgrade. Not sure what price point is yet, but hope to see them in a more competitive range for affordability. I see they received the Interbike award for 2018. They must be pretty good to get that!
    The motors are also lighter and a bit smaller. Should be interesting though IMHO.

  16. ALL BIKES GREAT !but you cant just go any were on them with the value being what it is they will be stolen no matter how you lock them etc.untill they solve that problem to a better degree(not just better specs) it cant be that jump on transport to go like cars:(

  17. Just found your Chanel and digging it. What do you recommend for an ebike for mostly errands within a 10 mile radius. Money is no object and would like a throttle as well. Thx

  18. What about Addmotor?? Just bought the 750watt fat tire 20in hub motor in Orange and black… $1600.00
    Waiting for it to arrive.
    What is your thoughts??

  19. what happen to Bulls or Focus Bike any Up to date news ..thanks.I am always looking for lighter ebike than big tire and huge batteries .  hope some more manufacture will pay attention That will put ebike back to the regular mountain bike weight .

  20. I want to know more about the electric hunting bikes. Like are they water proof, I ride through 2’ of water on a quick river crossing and are they low torqued?

  21. Why is Europe so far ahead of America,, I am looking for a high end e-MTB like the Rocky Altitude, with Di2 components

  22. I just bought a cheapy Ancheer bike for commuting due to the low price and reasonably good reception of its quality. I almost went with a crosscurrent air, but couldn't quite justify the price. I was betting on awesome options like these in the future!

  23. Probably not your cup of tea, but maybe a small include Tadpole Trikes in an e-config.

  24. What do you know about rad power e bikes. I'm 64 year's young, limited mobility and the rad power wagon bike seems like a good primary mode of transportation ?

  25. Do you think the PW-X would mount where a PW motor is.. looks like 2 of the mounting holes are in the same place?

  26. Flat terrain means,, you crap out of luck on any commute up a hill as it will possibly burn out.
    The big problem with most of these bikes is they are all moulded types that need specific motors to specific bikes.
    Personally I want my bike to be changeable to what motor I can put on the bike, mid or rear drive, and of which as a choice should be at my hand, these moulded bikes cant compete with bike kits from china that are half the price,, with a price of what bike is added as cheap or as expensive via the buyers pocket and not what is being told you have to have to buy from the "add name here brands" that will never give any real choice to the buyer.

  27. You're charging $10 to read your website to buy a bike from you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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  29. All bikes you can buy now at the begging of video. Nearly Every bike described on preorder Or is in prototype wtf dude

  30. The Bosch ABS would be nice but it would also make the bike technically illegal, depending on local laws. From my own research on bike laws, it seems to be standard that at least one wheel have a brake capable of skidding the wheel on clean dry pavement. Hard to do with ABS.

  31. Please review any front wheel generators that could be used to charge the Ebike Battery while in use. An inventor in India on youtube has built an Ebike with two batteries, a hub motor on rear wheel and a generator on the front hub to be used to charge the battery, not in use. A simple switch can be used to switch from one battery to the other when fully charged. Allows for a lot more travel miles. Great idea! Perhaps regenerative breaking could also capture more energy.

  32. I love the noise on the ebike why so many don't like it? Just the acceleration on steps sounds so nice

  33. Just like a fat chick these things might be fun,
    But Don't kid yourself.
    It is as much of a bicycle as a moped is a bicycle.

  34. Nice! I like the Luna ebikes. I have a 2016 Cross Current 350W right now, I feel I've outgrown it and wanna find something new, Luna looks like a good move. Thanks! Sub'd & Noted.

  35. TRB 1 has alot of rear shock for a hardtail 😉 Have you looked at some of the ebikes coming from motorbike manufacturers? It looks like everyone is getting on board for 2018. Im only refering to pedal assist.

  36. Some nice bikes but most are overprice IMO…..I guess that is the price you pay if you can't build your own…

  37. Will Yamaha be available with a GPS monitor like the one not sold in USA from Bosch

  38. I commented on a different video earlier then came across this. I love the Blue Monkey videos. I didn't see the PIM Electric Bikes in there. I got one after lots of research. They offer nice bikes starting at $995. I ended up buying a higher end model of theirs that came with Magura Hydraulic Disc brakes and Magura fork. about $1750 ish for price. I have 2500+ miles on it now. Great video and I appreciate all the effort for ebike awareness. I commute almost everyday now by ebike and leave the car in the garage.

  39. i dont get why you spend thousands of dollars on an electric bike you have to pedal lmao

  40. You missed The Super 73 bikes. They have 15-30+ mph and range of 20-50+ miles depending on the model. And they are coming up with a 2018 models in a few weeks.

  41. Hello! Just came across your channel and was wondering if you had a chance to see/try to the besv trb1. I've been looking at getting a full suspension e bike and so far i've found that the besv trb1 has a very great price point and a very attractive design. I haven't been able to find any reviews anywhere so that has me a bit worried that this bike may be too good to be true..

  42. I want a $500 to $800 wide 4inch tire electric motor bike for the $400 cash or credit card I got now and I want to come and get it and take it home today and give you my credit card number and pay the total off next month do what you can and let me know thank you very much and God bless you need it to go to my doctors and to Walgreens

  43. You can help a graphene battery maker demonstrate his product in a 900 mile 1448 kilometer car trip on one charge of his batteries https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fwg-powered-by-paper-roadtrip/x/18349842#/ help bring the future into the Now.

  44. I cant figure out this ebike industry. the longer i research the more brands i learn about. I wish someone could just produce a top 10s best ebike for communing… lol and more bikes with drop handle bars…

  45. The design on the mountain bikes seems to be maturing a little but unfortunately, the city /commuter e-bikes on the market still suffer from terrible aesthetics and crappy impractical design choices.

  46. Hello E-Bikers of the world, i'm here to tell you about about a new e-bike company called GO POWER BIKES. We are based in Midtown Manhattan and are dedicated to making the best, most affordable means of transportation possible. With our countless resources and skilled staff we can ensure that the bikes will have longevity as all of our tools are your tools as well. Our staff will gladly assist you with anything in regards to our products at any time of the day. With Ebikes seeing a rise in popularity we aim to set the bar for quality, that being said we are still young and trying to see how we can improve, so get yours today! Do a review, and let us know what you love about your new bike! type in "SJ10" for an exclusive 10 percent off discount on all items!
    Also if you are ever in NYC, feel free to stop by for a test run! thanks guys

  47. nice video. I am an old time cyclist and new to e-bikes. I feel there are few bikes need mentioning such as Vintage electric and Ariel Rider M-Class. I just watched their video on ebr and they have a stunning product with mid-drive only for $1599 .

  48. Does easymotion make a quality bike? I'm thinking about the neo race.

  49. Which e-bike do you recommend for long range and decent speed with longer range as priority

  50. Like to see more front wheel drive high tech machines. Like to be able swap out different tire/wheel size, motors, brake set up's. Easy change front hub motor conversion kits.

  51. I'm guessing the absence of shopping links
    is due to the platform's hyper policies/

  52. I have 3 Haibikes . All SDURO , Yamaha PW Drive . The kids Hard Four 4.0 ,
    The Hard Nine 5.0 , and the All Mountain 6.0 . All for 6,300.00 As I bought the previous years models .
    Love them all !!!

  53. I've been waiting for your test of Atom X and the Brose S motor that is announced here, Is it far away?

  54. I think this guy is being paid to push these new Chinese companies & get the industry off the ground. Maybe I just don’t know the industry but these brands seem out of nowhere.

  55. You crush crowdfunding in the beginning then talk about bikes that haven’t even come out yet. 😂

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