2019 Labour Day in Vancouver

[Music] we noticed in the past a lot of Labor Day events really just get to a very small section of our membership but some what we wanted to do is get back to our families get back to our members and so we’ve got thousands of members coming here today to join with us at Labor Day we’re all going to the P and E together bro where you know for sure it’s with pride and it’s just a great family event and a great way to give back to our members we have over 40 volunteers that are helping us do this we had our first thousand batch of tickets was sold out in four days we have to open it up and go right to 2000 and even that was done we are glad that you know único can provide the members with entrance tickets plus the food vouchers this is a great example of how a strong union is supposed to be [Music] it’s important to celebrate Labor Day to sit there and go through all the challenges that the labor movement has had to bring us these kind of benefits such as Labor Day in the holidays in the weekends and vacation you know it’s just important to be able to celebrate Labor it’s happy Labor Day for everybody unions are critical to our economy to our society and I’m proud to be a union supporter and I’m proud to support uniformed [Music] solidarity isn’t just something we sing about solidarity is something that we have to experience and what you provide here and what Labor Day provides is an opportunity for people to experience solidarity this is what we do as uniform members

Stephen Childs

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