Stephen Childs


  1. Love the tours. Dean you can pull off white pants.💗 This is my new dream. I would love to see one of these with the gray or Pebble interior just gorgeous. Only one thing I would change is the shower door. Another reviewer pointed out the plastic slider might not stand up. May be an issue over time. Seriously that's being a little bit nice picky with such a nice camper.

  2. only needful thing now is lots of solar and lithium batteries…otherwise I love it

  3. These things always kitted out in the "Travesty in Brown" style! not so bad this one but brown! The other things is why no permanent full size bed? It's simle enough, those sofa beds are hugely uncomfortable

  4. Hopefully I’ll have enough together for a used one in 5-8Years

  5. All I need is $5 billion, then everything will be in my grasp

  6. You only need a washing machine dryer machine and put a solar panel in the roof to keep the Battery on in any weather condition that's all and the kitchen had to be electrical kitchen please thas the way everything is gonna be much more comfortable and ease for the traveling's family or single person I mean inside a RV just think about it guys.thank youuuuu!!!!!…21century Hight thenology Americans RV….god bless you all of you guys…..

  7. Each and every time I watch one of these videos, I'm pretending to be there and traveling in a great Motor home. 💛💜💛💜💛💜

  8. I did not see an ashtray or one of the older cigarette lighters I shall take my business elsewhere good day sir

  9. جميلة جدا جدا كم يعرها وماهي صناعتها❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  10. صناعتها ألمانية ههههههه❤️🌹👍😃

  11. Some will call it classic I will call it old fashion for an 2017 caravan to be! Notice the door to the storage area with sharp corners. I can imagine to bump my head right into the corner when getting up from the couch. Nah its really bulky for a modern caravan!!!

  12. Best presentation I've ever seen ! Didn't get bored till death !!

  13. My riding lawn mower has a cup holder and it only cost 1500$ . But there is nowhere to sleep on it . Lol

  14. hi dear sear good afternon i need transaction i ca paid cars motorhome serenity model 2017 haw mach sauthend dolars for ech pease we weating from you ansewer contact our adreces thank you

  15. Dean is adorable. I have no idea why I started watching RV videos but the ones I enjoy the most are presented by Dean!

  16. When all of your friends get their memberships to the country club so now you got to buy something new to set yourself apart.

  17. When he said beach with the kids I thought he’s said “if you wanna beat the kids” 😂😂😂😂 anyone else??

  18. Dean for some reason I feel like you should have warn white bell-bottoms instead! Maybe next time!

  19. I just found this channel and I love this guy and these Vans. I am literally watching all the videos like a marathon.

  20. White curved galley upper storage cabinets look tacky against the gorgeous cherry wood.

  21. How much does this cost now, 2019? Maybe I can afford it now……lmao……

  22. اللهم ارزقنا رزقا حلال طيبا مبارك فيه وسائر المؤمنين

  23. I am from Saudi Arabia can I buy one of these moterhome and how please help me

  24. You need a key so no one can Steele the stuff you put your stuff in the out side storage

  25. I love watching these modern RV videos with Dean, plus reading all the comments – I could never afford this, but I can always dream ❤️❤️

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